Make the disk image using disk utility and the message "Apple_HFS: 0" is displayed

I'm doing a disk image to try to work on that later. This is an image of a failed disk drive. Some areas can only be read, I know and the process takes a long time because of this, so I'm willing to be patient.

I get messages in the disk utility window that says "Apple_HFS: 0" and "Creation of image xxxx.dmg.

The disc has about 700 GB. I started it about 20 hours ago, and the blue bar is about 5% of the way, so not much happened.

I fear that the message "Apple_HFS: 0" means that the disk image is not made. I am concerned about the part "0". I don't know what that means.

I don't want to do it for days and days and find that there not to make a disc image all this time.

I realize that the fact that the external drive is damaged (probably damage) means that this process will take longer than normal. I am willing to leave it for a week so that he can make a disk image. But not more than a week because then it is not worth my time.

So my question is: does the message ' Apple_HFS: 0 "means something bad, or that the message normally during this procedure?

Apart from this message and the message "Xxxx.dmg imaging", there is no other message.

I think I'm making progress because the bar has moved since I started the process. For a long time I couldn't see a bar at all. And today, after spending the night, there is a small bar, as I said, about 5% complete. But it's very slow. It would take at least a week for the disk image to be made. I just want to know if the messages that I see are normal or not.

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