Make the midi recording when the track is not selected

Hi, asking for my friend and will try and find a solution when I get home, but...

My friend (using logic 9.1.8) made some record with about 12 actors/singers alive. I suggested to him that he must save the midi for keyboard player (who is also the composer of all parts) as well as the audio just to give them some flexibility later. It is a great keyboard player and uses its own external keyboard. (i.e. not logic instrument). All the other singers/actors are all audio.

So it is easy to implement but as such sessions can become a little hectic and although the midi for keyboard track is in record mode, the midi does not record unless the track is selected on the left. Sometimes, in the madness of him the entire midi track remains not selected and if the midi data does not get saved. Is it possible to routing in the environment where the midi will get recorded although the midi track is not selected? Don't forget, the midi track is always made armed.

Thank you very much


Looks like you entered only followed for the targeted track has allowed...

This picture isn't in X 9 - but it's the same setting...

Make sure that this is not the case-

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 14.35.26.png


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    Thanks for the help!

    I think you're right, if it's a group, you get this problem.

    If she is divorced and the outer glow efffects are applied to a selection, the artboard adapts to the area, including the effects.

  • How to make the handles visible direct selection on the pasteboard?

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    What happens is when I choose a lively menu of the library (or fact), listen to samples of here is rendered, it makes to the last frame, then the green bar is reseting and ends up in a loop continues. The green bar go all the way and then go back a little and never go to menu. If I do Alt + drag my avi. file to create my own animated menu and try to make it done exactly the same thing. When I try and build the DVD, the accident of renderer in a perpetual loop.

    Although this kind of behavior more common with transcode, this FAQ entry might be useful.

    Good luck


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    Make a movie on Windows DVD maker, the only problem is my music, which I have added to the menu does not work. He played during the preview. But not after the film was burned. (The music file was an MP3 of a complete song in my Windows Media Player file) Also, is there a way to make music to play more of the song that I added, as he only play on a second clip 10. Can I do play together somg as long as I keep the menu screen?)

    It is possible that you have a problem of compatibility with MP3 files...
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    I was able to help a user with a similar question. Please see my suggestions, through the following link.

    If you would like more information, please answer and we will be happy to help you.

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    Hi donw50735963,

    Please try the steps in the following article: Acrobat and Reader help / troubleshooting PDF printing | Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader

    Thank you


  • Try to make "the file is not found" go away

    Hi all

    I have a problem with some pictures.

    My external hard drive crashed with a lot of pictures on this topic.

    I can see the files preview in Lightroom, but the boring text "the file is not found" interrupt to take screenshots of lost so photos I have, even if they are not good for printing.

    Can someone help me with this issue please?

    This is the only copy of the photos that I have and they are of a marriage.

    Best regards


    Thanks for the update.

    There is no such way to do that "File not found" message go away.

    It can only go away when you move these insights with the original images.

  • What is the best way to make the uniform skin (not necessarily blur it!)


    I have some photos where the skin of the leg of the model is not uniform brighteness. Without this vagueness, I tried the clone stamp, but it is very difficult not to introduce new variations of brightness.

    What is the best way to make the uniform skin of brightness (in fact, the same color!)?

    Thank you

    Juan dent

    I know EXACTLY what you mean.  I was doing something exactly on these lines just yesterday.

    It is not trivial, but it is doable.

    For 'hard points', you can try the Spot Healing Brush first.

    But here is a tip that I use sometimes which may well increase overall finesse:

    1. select just the surface of the skin.

    2. selection a little market and soften the edge, just to make sure that you don't mess the edges.

    3. median filter - noise - and set the RADIUS to be big enough.  Look at the image to see the level of smoothing.

    4. change - bland and knock back effect, while it is not perfect, but makes a subtle improvement.

    Then, for clearing-up soft darkening, try the burn and Dodge tools, at a low level of exposure (and possibly with Airbrush Mode).  Work slow.

    Cloning with low opacity can sometimes help as well.


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    I am DVD authoring in Encore. I made a menu with a background of film and two separate buttons (each links to a separate movie file). I did the buttons by selecting the text tool in the upper left of the screen, type a Word, and then selecting object/convert to button. My two buttons are placed one above the other. When I preview the menu in encore, I can select each button with the mouse. But when I press the remote virtual dvd, I can't select the second button. Any of the arrow keys of the remote control will allow me to get the first touch to the second (and vice versa). Also, whenever I press one of the arrow keys (or put my mouse on a button) menu glitches, of the music and stop for a second image distortion.

    These two problems were confirmed when I burned a DVD and played in my DVD player on my TV.

    The first video file is linked dynamically to Premiere Pro. The second is a .avi, imported and exported first in yet. The video for the menu background is also a .avi.

    First export Media Settings:

    PAL widescreen

    100% quality

    16-bit sound

    48 kHz

    Reminder settings:

    Maximum Audio/video bitrate: 8.0 Mbps

    Audio transcoding scheme: PCM.

    I suspect that the way I created buttons is false, and that which could explain the two issues... However, both problems could also be separated.

    If you have any suggestions on how to solve these problems, I would be very happy!

    See you soon!


    Select the routing in menu mode button and confirm that the navigation is configured correctly. If you want or need to change it, make sure that the auto routing is turned off.

    If it isn't, or if you have difficulties to check that, post a screenshot of the menu with button selected if routing visualization you can.

  • using the remote control of the DVD does not select the correct buttons?

    Hey Ya'll,

    Project is almost complete, but I ran into one, which I think is a very simple problem...

    On my main menu, I have a total of 5 buttons on 2 rows.

    Line 1 to 2 buttons and Row 2 has 3 buttons.

    The links are correct, because they work fine in preview mode, using the mouse, but also view the version on the pc using Cyberlink DVD Viewer, once again, using the mouse to select the button.

    The problem is when you use the remote control, either on the copy engraved in the DVD player, or in preview mode, if I use the directional buttons of remote controls, that he does not want to go to the buttons I suppose it must

    (Top row left to right, then down row from left to right)

    On each of the properties of the buttons Panel, I chose the right (I guess) option number (just below name) for each button... IE top left set the right value top of page 1, 2, bottom left 3, the middle value 4 downstairs and down to the right the value 5.

    Type is set to Normal, the button name and Synch text is checked (although the No button is real, each is just a Word text, in photoshop, when I did originally the menu..)

    Also the low middle button never gets selected with the remote control of the DVD... Preview, using the buttons on the remote control, he finally gets selected, but it takes a bit of comes and goes, and the highlighted button is rarely what you would expect, since direction button your pushing.

    #1 button (top left) is set to the default button, which I want, but do not know how I set that, unless it's because it was the first button, I myself made/converted to the button)

    Here, any help would be greatly appreciated... that should finish this project!


    Cowboy Bob,

    No, what you did with the binder is actually linking these buttons to the assets.

    It shows a Menu with several buttons, icon manually road buttons depressed. Once you choose manually the buttons of road, they can change exactly what will make the remote control.

    As said, when you create a Menu, buttons start at # 1 and progress upward. Each Layer Set button plus up in the Layers Palette. This is the routing of the buttons Auto gets its information and it usually works. However, if you move the buttons around, removes some, etc., the en can get confused, manually their routing is the best way to go.

    Good luck and we hope this helps,


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    Hi ~!

    I have a question on the follow-up of the camera in After Effects. I followed this stage/photo before and it worked fine, but I could have pushed a button that turns off the ability to select the points tracking / hovering above them does not give me a target/bubble either. (I'm still able to view all the points of the track, just cannot interact with him!) I tried in a different project and it works very well, but every time that I open it again my project the same continues to be even after I retrack and still solve it.

    Any tips? I would like to know if my problem is understandable! appreciate the help, thanks

    It is Ctrl/Cmnd + shift + h. If this does not work go to the view menu:

  • make the flame does not

    I have Photoshop CC2015, 0.1.  When I do a trace with the tool pen and try using the filter > render > flame. I get the option box, but the preview screen is empty. If I click OK, nothing happens.  I have a laptop Dell XPS with 6 GB of Ram. 2.30 Ghz processor. Windows 10. A Geoforce GT555M GPU.  What could be the problem?

    Thank you


    Finally! Got it to work. You were on the right track. In the Nvidia Control Panel, I went in ' manage 3D settings and changed 1, select program to customize "and chose to Photoshop and"2. Select the graphic processor preferred for this program. I restarted Photoshop, entered in Preferences > performance and I saw that the Nvidia GPU was registered. The filter has finally worked. Now... Is that what I wanted to do with him?

    Thanks for having me on the right track!


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    Thank you!

    Select all, then use [or] shortcuts.

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