Manage Add-ons in offline mode

We use Mozilla Firefox in an environment that has NO access to the internet (from intranet sites).
How can manage us add-ons? Rather than install add-ons, is there a file (or files) that we can download, transfer to our work environment by USB or equivalent and then 'install' the add-on manually (offline)?
Is - this scriptable, then we can do it for all our PC in a simple way?


On this add-on

Use the map of Belgian electronic identity (eID) in Firefox. In addition to this add-on, the eID middleware must also be installed on your computer: download the middleware for your operating system on

Did you also install the "middleware"?

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  • Why Firefox 4 for mac crash when you try to manage add-ons?

    Downloaded firefox 4 for mac yesterday. Work very well until I started to add add-ons/extensions. Since then, any attempt to manage extensions or add-ons blocks Firefox and requires a force quite.


    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


    Delete the files (extensions.sqlite, extensions.rdf, extensions.cache, extensions.ini) extensions.* and compatibility.ini in the Firefox profile folder to reset the extensions registry. New files will be created if necessary.

    See "extension corrupted files":

    If you see people with disabilities, is not compatible extensions in "tools > Modules > Extensions ' and then click the Tools button, on the left side of the search bar to perform a compatibility check.

  • Firefox tab disappeared, have mysearchdial. No program of mysearchdial in installed programs impossible to uninstall. no way to manage add-ons with or without tab firefox orange

    Could not find a way to get rid of mysearchdial. no tab orange browser firefox so can't get to manage no Add ons and any program mysearchdial in the installed programs in Control Panel, so it is impossible to uninstall.

    tried to change the home page but no matter what I do, mysearch dial remains there. went to mysearchdial web page, followed their instructions, no use. Tried to run malwarebytes anti-malware and it has not seen anything like that. my browser opens really slow. The Microsoft Security Essentials is not helping either. I tried booting from the ERD, start did not find any problem. the search on my computer for mysearchdial or something unknown shows nothing. ran put utilities at the point in the registry, found nothing.

    What should I try next? Thank you very much.


    The easiest way is probably to make a Reset of Firefox. This will return Firefox to its default settings. Your personal data (bookmarks, history, etc.) will be saved, but you will have to reinstall all your addons.

    Firefox - modules to reset and refresh settings

    If you don't arrive in the Firefox Orange menu to do the reset and then close Firefox and then hold down the SHIFT key while you open it. This will bring up a menu that gives you the ability to reset Firefox.

    The problem is that (as you've identified) there is a chance that Firefox will get hijacked again if you are unable to remove malware from your computer.

    You can try these free programs to search for malicious software that work with your existing anti-virus software:

    I also suggest looking at the list of programs for starting and turning off one you don't want to or don't recognize. All that is originally from the diversion of mysearchdial is likely to be listed in the startup list, because he wants to run as soon as the computer starts.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if not.

  • Why do version appears in IE11 8.1 64-bit manage add-ons?

    KB3044132 watch installed to update Flash Player, and the icon of the control panel Flash Player 32 bits watch installed (I have 64-bit and 32-bit), but the management of Add-ons for Shockwave is enabled and display version! When I check the version using Adobe it only shows 17.0.0 and not the important part, so I can't say if Adobe detects the or! I think I need to know if IE11 64-bit has also. Please notify technical support Microsoft said to contact Adobe about this. Please remove my entry in Adobe, discussion forums general General bridge as michaelh94875078. I don't see Flash Player on the list of communities provided in my first post.


    Ko the number you posted KB3044132 is the March month Flash Player update which was Please see Microsoft Security Advisory: update to fix vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer: March 10, 2015

    Last week we released then you will need to perform your update of windows again to get the latest version of flash player for your IE.

    Also, to the point 8.1 of Windows the icon of Flash player (32-bit) in the display panel as the NPAPI (for firefox) version and version PPAPI (for the browser based on chromium) but not the Activex version (used in IE) If you can't take reference of the version from there for your IE.

    If you have a problem updating your Flash Player for IE, I think that Mircosoft forum would be the right place for you to say the exact number of KB for the update you need to install.


  • Manage Add-ons within IE

    My question is can modules managed in IE Thinapped and broadcast on the network.

    Perfect example is Flash v10.

    Just a bit of history. In my office we use VMView with linked Clones. The pools are configured to use persistent settings for the same user hits the same box at the signing in sight.  Well not everyone uses Flash and we want to run as lean as possible pools (pretty bad when you start targeting IE Add-ons). But if the user goes to a site that needs it, then he will pull this add-on on the network.

    Any help is appreciated,

    You must first read through these blog posts...

    Start with a Windows XP SP2 with IE6 (if the IE7 should be used on a Windows XP). Run Setup Capture and install IE7. It's the settings mentioned in the items above, which is the trickiest part.

    Please keep in mind that IE is one of the most difficult to capture applications. You should do this only if you know ThinApp in depth and really need to virtualize IE. Most of the time, you can IE just run inside a bubble. Do not enter IE.

  • Alerts when a managed device is in offline mode?

    OME can be configured to send an alert message when a managed device is offline for a period of time or number of attempts to vote?

    We have branches who have lost the power of building recently and we would like to be alerted when these managed servers are offline.

    Thank you


    Hi Brent,

    When OME is not able to reach a server in the status survey, OME automatically generates an internal alert to say that the system is broken. All you have to do is to go to the preferences page > parameters alerts and make sure that enable state alert internal connection. Point to note, it is enabled by default.

  • Manage Add-ons

    In Manage modules under the toolbars and Extensions, where it says show there is an inscription that says that downloaded Controls.What is? When I click on it nothing happens.

    I'll assume you're asking about Internet Explorer, even if you send messages in the Windows forum.

    Nothing will happen unless you have installed otherwise downloaded control that you will see in the list...

    My understanding is that these are modules that are downloaded every time as needed.

  • After Firefox upgraded to version 6, just now, my Add-ons Manager crashes constantly when I try to access it. How to solve this problem or downgrade to version 5?

    During the update process, it said an add-on, java console, was not compatible and would be disabled.

    It is a common problem caused by a bug in the process of updating Firefox 6. Fortunately, you should be able to solve it by clicking one of the tabs on the left side of the Add-ons Manager (Add - ons get, appearance, Plugins...).

  • management system is again in offline mode

    Hi, so, Ive had my readynas system for a little more than two months now and im still the problem I sent the papers a few times to try to solve, but no suggestion seems to remedy.

    about every day or alternated the management system is in offline mode. While its in this mode I can access just like usual locally and at least I look specifically at the unit or raidr is open, I have no idea it's his same crushed. 9/10 times after ive restarted one of the discs degrades and begins to synchronize. I never find her in this mode when I try to access the readycloud and the readynas shows offline and I can't access that either remotely, which is a huge convenience as Ive now had to start copying the files I might need my drive to icloud so I can access them at work that goes against the point of this system.

    I would point out that I use digital red West which are on the comptabiles lists all were new when I bought and logs for the hard disk has no errors

    I've updated to the latest beta before 6.5 is released as an admin has said that I should because it would fix the other problems I had and since then the actuall firmware was released that I installed

    IM pretty good at the end of the test and is considering sending the unit back. and goes with another manufacturer alltogether I got this nas to make my life easier and its been nothing but a headache. IM constantly having problems with it I'm not a computer expert and it looks clean which one you must be.

    I sent my logs earlier, I hope that we can settle this once and for all.

    Thank you very much

    Your logs show that your system is OOMing. Plex is using a lot of memory. You can contact technical support as proposed by StephenB.

    It seems that you have two different versions of installed Plex.

  • Problems with Explorer 8 and Add - ons for

    I was experimenting with the deactivation of cookies. Now, my Internet Explorer v. 8 repeat myself that I have disabled my addons. I checked, and they are all enabled. He always said that they have been disabled. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Explorer 8, and he also said that they are disabled. But even once, when I check in 'Manage Add-ons', all are enabled. I'm puzzled as to what to do. I can't open or use gmail for this reason. I use Mozilla in the interval, but prefer to use Solution Explorer. Any advice on how to "activate" these apparently allowed add-ons?

    Try this:

    "Internet Explorer 8 starts in"no Add-ons"mode when you use the desktop icon to start Internet Explorer.
      <> >


  • When I select 'tools' 'Add-ons' my extensions won't poster and Add-ons won't load what can I do to view in order to change the options?

    I have the 'Add-on' and 'the extension manager' Add-ons installed. Extension manager does not display the extensions that I use and the add-on Manager shows it loads the page but will not charge. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions but none will fix the problem. How can I fix this problem so I can manage my Add-ons

    try to remove/rename the following files, if present in your profile folder - they store information about your extensions & might have gotten corrupted: extensions.ini, extensions.cache and extensions.rdf, extensions.sqlite extensions.sqlite - newspaper (they will be regenerated the next time you launch firefox).

    ALS see

  • When you are looking for WeatherFox, I discovered that my bottom bar everything was gone. I can't figure out how to restore. The Add-ons are still installed.

    I just noticed this morning that the lower tool, including weatherfox, Hebrew calendar and several other modules, has completely disappeared. Maybe it's a matter of having inadvertently clicked on something one day when do not not paying attention. When I checked under Firefox preferences earlier, I went to < manage add-ons > and saw installed at all the modules have been installed yet. I can't find a way to restore the tool bar display lower.

    Having a back-up, I opened the time Machine to see if a previous Firefox homepage included the bottom bar. I don't know if I did not go far enough or if Firefox is somehow the opening to a new default value, involuntary without the lower bar, any distance back I go.

    During this time, writing this, I went back to Firefox preferences, and now the General Preferences dialog box is completely ruined, as if the size of the content of this dialog box had grown up, in two dimensions, so it is no longer within the area and parts of it are not available. It is truncated, in other words, as well on the side right and on the bottom. I can isn't even access the section modules. The last visible thing at the bottom of that box is the upper part of the line of text that is displayed as follows: 'Pick your add-ons Preferences.' It's as if someone came with an Exacto and sheared to the lower part of this line of text. And then there is in the lower left corner. Along the right side of the box, under the "Home Page", there are three buttons: use current Pages >, < use a bookmark > and < restore Dfau >, which is the point where the text ends.

    What the hell is happening? Now, it's not only a question of restoring the lower bar on my page of Firefox, with display modules, but apparently I need to figure out how to resize the preferences General dialog box, as well. I just checked: other preferences dialog boxes appear to be rising correctly.

    I use a Mac PowerBook G4 with Firefox version 3.6.13.

    See view > status bar [X]

  • How can I continuous remove add-ons and downloads?

    someone downloaded and on my computer and cant now remove them? Any help would be great, I can't seem to understand and they slow my computer down and get in the way when research interntet

    I open the window manage add-ons and go to the tab search providers.  Click on the ones you want to remove, then click on remove from the bottom of the box.  If this does not work, open the window desinstaller uninstall programs in Control Panel, select them, and uninstall them there.  I wouldn't use a removal tool because I heard that they can damage your computer or be impossible to uninstall when you are finished with them, but it's your decision.

  • Aurora &amp; Manager of nocturnal Add-ons don't is not loading?

    I use the two Aurora and all night on my laptop (especially Aurora), Windows 7 32 bit and I am frustrated by the fact that I can't access the Add-ons Manager without running the browsers in safe mode. When I go in the menu click on "Add-ons", nothing happens. Both browsers are updated, this feature allows to work with Aurora 8 a 2. Any help much appreciated. In addition, nothing happens when I click on help > troubleshooting information.

    You have installed TabMix Plus?

    If so, install the latest version of development of the TMP.

    http://tmp.garyr.NET/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3 & t = 15740

  • ICAN can't see add ons in firefox 9 Add-ons manager

    Everything is working but add on the manager, I see not installed add ons. I can see it in safe mode but not in normal. I use win 7. at the same time to add on bar I see greasemonkey

    --> Updated Firefox to version 10

    -> Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems

    Check and tell if its working.

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