Managed to remove the NI923X example DMA continues


as described in the topic I managed to delete the project. I'd be very grateful if someone could put this example. Don't ask not even how I could delete the example!

Thank you


Here it is!

Tags: NI Software

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    I managed to remove the icon to display all open windows one behind the other.  Where can I find it now?

    Also, my laptop keeps getting an error when I try to restore to an earlier date and told me that it is impossible to complete.


    Which, in my view, that you have a problem with, it's called windows Flip 3D!

    Try this first and see how you go...

    1. To turn on the Quick Launch bar, follow these steps:
    2. Right-click anywhere on an empty spot on the taskbar.
    3. Choose toolbars from the menu that appears.
    4. Select Quick Launch in the following menu so that it is checked.

    You should then be able to click the icon to switch between Windows now and use the 3d Flip...


    . Right click on the Quick Launch toolbar, but not on an icon
    2. Select the folder from the context menu. It will take you to the Quick Launch folder that should live:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

    3. right click in an empty area of this folder
    4. Select new, then shortcut from the context menu
    5. for the location text box, enter the following text:

    C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe dwmapi #105

    6. click on the next button
    7. appoint. (Flip3D, for example)
    8. click on finish

    The shortcut will now be in your Quick Launch toolbar.



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    Lightroom - all versions



  • Manager Windows 8.1 and the HP recovery disk manager cannot remove the recovery partition

    I have the following computer: HP ENVY h8 desktop PC - 1437c.  I used the HP Recovery application to do a recovery on a flash drive disk. When you have finished this operation it was not an option to remove the recovery partition (drive D on my computer. I tried to reopen the HP Recovery Manager and try to remove it like that, but to remove it is greyed out. I also tried to delete it using the 8.1 windows Disk Manager, but there is no way to do there either. If I right click on the recovery Partition, I get only an option 'help '. How can I get rid of this partition and recover lost space using it now on my hard drive. Windows and HP did not want to provide more records with their computers, but they do not have a problem of screwing of MY hard drive that I bought and paid for. I should start to charge rent for the space.

    I just used the software and created another partition as drive D using all unallocated space. I can delete probably once again, or maybe I'll just use it as a storage device for my files instead of recovering files sofetware... Thanks for the help

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    I tried to allow a Web site in NoScript menu, when I must have accidentally pressed something and the bar menu all disappeared. While I was trying to fix it, I managed then to remove NoScript option in the context menu. So now I can't access my NoScript, and I tried to re - install but nothing works. How to make a comeback?

    menu bar is missing:

    You can see in TOOLS then modules noscript

    Thank you

    Please check 'Resolved' the answer really solve the problem, to help others with a similar problem.

  • managed to remove the entire folder from left panel system

    Trying to solve another problem, I managed to delete my entire file system in the left panel. Can not seem to find a way to restore it. I immediately tried to cancel it, but it wasn't an option. The photos are still in the catalogue and on my hard drive in their respective folder. Tried to import a folder (on the move) but the main panel is grayed out.

    The word FOLDER no longer exist on the left panel.

    There, any help would be appreciated.

    Click on any panel header in the left panel and select new folder.

  • How to remove the keyboard in a m6 desire?


    It's all in the title really. My 'f' key does not work and I would remove it to check I have here something is poorly located below. How should I proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    The keyboard is not a collection of parts that can be repaired or replaced individually. It is a unit. If you don't know what's down there, so there no reason to delete a key. What is that a flat area in metal. The wheels are on circuit inside the keyboard where you can't reach. I've seen too many people is back in a corner by removing the keys that are pretty darn almost impossible to replace. They stand in a easier way that they return. It is not uncommon that keyboard problems appear as a simple failure or keys just a couple defective.

    The only thing you can do is to reset the computer. Remove the battery and the AC adapter / CC. Press and hold the power for 30 seconds. Replace AC and power. Go into the BIOS and reset the default settings to the output. When it does start, go into the Device Manager and remove the keyboard as a device, restart again and let the driver to reload. This means maybe 5% chance of restoring function.

  • How to remove the account from Ghost boot not valid

    Hi, I've just updated from Vista to Windows 7. Now ofter powered, the first windows screen I see is a connection attempt has failed.  When I chose to change user, it gives me two options: a former user account that I had deleted several days ago and another one called "other users".  Is it only after registration on the other user through my personal one account, then choosing change user again, show my child user accounts.  I don't know how come directly to the account of the world.

    Helpdesk Dell says I need to re - install the operating system, but I hope for more simple somehtin.

    Thank you.

    Hi again, I just connected to check for responses and saw the same problem several messages below.  I managed to remove the software from the Microsoft digital experience and it fixed the problem.  Much better than reinstalling everything from scratch.  Very good site.  Thank you

  • Unable to connect, detect, remove the bluetooth mouse

    I have a bluetooth mouse that appear in devices and printers, but I can't connect to it.

    That's what I tried.
    1. I tried to search (add a device) and the mouse discoverable/visible. Windows does not detect it.
    2. I removed the mouse devices and printers. Rebooted yet portable windows, then I tried step 1, do not judge.
    3. once I find the hardware changes in Device Manager, it automatically adds the mouse to devices and printers. I am not able to uninstall this mouse from my system.
    4. I've seen devices hidden in Device Manager and removed the mouse and all bluetooth HID, same enumerator Bluetooth devices. Then I rebooted. I tried the first step. Windows does not detect it. When I check for changes in the Device Manager it add the mouse again.
    I can't figure out how to remove this mouse. I think if can remove it from the registry or somewhere, I can add it again. Therefore, I am unable to remove it or connect.
    I've been using bluetooth during a period of long devices now. I know that for to connect/pair of the device, it must be visible. The mouse is also very well, I can connect to other systems, I can use it even with my cell phone.
    Other information that may be useful.
    Windows 7, Logitech v470
    Service Bluetooth starts automatically. under the local system account logon
    Bluetooth support service will start automatically, logon under the local system account.
    Enumerator Bluetooth is installed.
    I'm using icons improved in devices and printers

    Same problem with the same mouse. Found in some way, by using the system account Local indicates that the Bluetooth service is started, but it doesn't seem to work. I changed Local Service as a user to start the Service of Support of Bluetooth and there's. Everywhere it is documented to change the Local System account, and this does not work! Likewise, it does not detect my BB Phone! Now, all is well with the Local Service.

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

  • How to remove the program of computer libraries

    I had an old computer with windows 7, I managed to remove the taskbar libraries program and the computer.

    I want to delete libraries in my new computer windows 7.

    How can I do this?

    The libraries are not programs, they are just search results.  If you press Windows-R to open the run and go to this place (replace shawn by your user account folder name)


    Here you will see the library files.  These searches are saved.  When you run a library file, it executes a search and shows you all the search results as defined in the library search parameters (try to open one of these files with Notepad to see that).
    Since these are not programs, you are free to remove them.
  • MX:ComboBox get the hang after that continuous click top (Flex 4 + Halo)

    Hi all

    Pls check the following example. Continuous once click on the ComboBox it gets hang. It is located in the Halo theme only. Any idea on the issue?

    My customer has reported this problem. Pls help...

    <? XML version = "1.0"? >
    " < = xmlns:fx s:Application ' "
    xmlns:s = "library://".
    xmlns:MX = "library://" >

    < mx:ComboBox >
    < mx:ArrayList >
    < fx:String > AK < / fx:String >
    < fx:String > AL < / fx:String >
    < fx:String > AR < / fx:String >
    < / mx:ArrayList >
    < / mx:ComboBox >
    < / s:Application >

    Sounds like this bug:

    Will be set at 4.5

  • Remove the screen on the menu Manager, click

    Currently I have a screen, the user can bring up the menu and select an option that displays a series of buttons in a fieldmanager.  It works very much like on click menu create and add buttons to the Manager then the screen.  I want to do now is if the user selects an option in the menu to delete the buttons I'd remove the screen Manager.  I'm trying to do the following (taken from another thread)

       private MenuItem _hideGraph = new MenuItem("Hide graph",110,10)
            public void run()
                    UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable(){
                        public void run()
                }catch(Exception er){

    A mistake is not printed, but made a mistake.  Is it possible to remove the handler in this way?

    initialize in the constructor of your display manager, for example. Another option would be to return, but I prefer the first one for a better overview.

    in your case:

    declare the handler as a class variable in the class of your screen. initialize it in the constructor. Add and remove it from your menu methods.

    a general Council: instead delete, you can use replace. at least if you use several insertion/removal routines you can lose the correct index quickly, and if you add a field then rewriting half of your code. for this reason I use a NullField who is not active, I add them to the places where I want to dynamically insert managers.

  • Hi all, after happily using CC for almost a year he no longer works: the creative cloud icon continue on spinning and when I try to open ANY CC applications a warning saying "Adobe Application Manager is needed to solve this problem. However, he

    Hi all, after happily using CC for almost a year he no longer works: the creative cloud icon continue on spinning and when I try to open ANY CC applications a warning saying "Adobe Application Manager is needed to solve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged. Please download and install a new copy ecc ecc. Tried all that but I'm stuck. any help, please? Thank you.


    Please try following steps depending on your operating system


    (1) close adobe all processes in the Task Manager (Core sync services for the desktop application adobe, adobe office, broker CIB Adobe updater AAM service)

    2) navigate to the following locations and assign all permissions to the adobe folders to the current user.  (Right click on adobe folder select properties then click on the Security tab, click on edit and select current user, that you are connected to, select full control, click on apply and then ok)

    C: / / program data (to view hidden files to see this folder)

    C: / / program files 86 x files / common

    C: / / program files x 86.

    C: / / program files common files

    C: //program files.

    Go to c:/programdata/Adobe and oobe and rename it oobe.old

    Go to c: / / programfiles86x/common files/adobe/and rename the oobe oobe.old and aamupdator to ammupdator.old and delete the folder Adobe application manager

    Go to c: / / Users/username/appdata/local/adobe/rename in oobe to oobe.old and aamupdator.old aamupdator

    Go to Control Panel/Add or remove programs and uninstall cloud creative app

    Install app creative cloud from link according to

    Run it and it should work.


    (1) close adobe all processes in the activity monitor (cloud Creative), synchronization of the base, CC, ccx, services for the desktop application adobe, adobe office, CIB Adobe updater AAM Broker service

    2) navigate to the following locations and assign all permissions to the adobe folders to the current user. To navigate, click on go in the bar on then click goto... type/library/application support of / and then click OK.

    (3) to assign the authorization right click on adobe folder and click on Get info... A window will open. Then click on the lock symbol to allow editing. Then click on sign + to add your user name. Then change read only to read and write. Then click gear icon on the bottom and click on apply to the elements included and click ok... Go to the next step then.

    3) navigate to the location following support/adobe application and rename in oobe to oobe.old and aamupdator.old aamupdator.

    (4) place you ~/Library/application support/adobe/oobe and rename in oobe to oobe.old and aamupdator.old aamupdator.

    Cloud creative library and remove 5 open application).

    (6) open utility library of the application itself and delete Adobe application manager and creative cloud

    (7) install creative cloud from link according to

    (8) launch cc app and it should work properly

  • How to remove the old plugins in the add-on Manager

    That is my question. Add-ons Manager shows all of those I want to delete as persons with disabilities. The existing responses do not work because when I get home the Manager of the page the word "delete" is not there. (see attachment)

    Plugins are part of third party software that you have installed on your computer. To uninstall the plugin, you need to remove the application that has installed the plugin in the first place.
    This is not always desired. So I'd keep just those unwanted plugins disabled. They won't hurt.
    There are ways to fix the Windows registry so that these plugins are no longer visible for Firefox and therefore will not be displayed in the Add-ons Manager. But unless you know exactly what you are doing, you should not start playing with it.

  • How can I access the dialog "Manage search engines", after you remove the search bar?

    I removed the esarch bar, since I can get exactly the same functionality through the url bar (also called awsome bar, I think). I use several search engines but select the default ones with key words.

    The only thing I'm missing is the ability to access the dialog box "manage search engines". The only geto him he seems to be the drop search bar icon. Is it possible to access this dialogue without having to add (and re - hide the afterwords) the search bar?

    You can create a bookmark with this chrome URL:

    • chrome://browser/content/search/engineManager.XUL

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