many applications perform the battery life of the iphone 6.

Hello, I use iphone 6, I just want to know that if I use/install Apps from 30-40, this will affect my iPhone battery timing?

I have recently install Apps 12-15, the battery is fine now, but if I install more apps in my iPhone, is it's going to make my iPhone battery Timing?

Thank you


The point is not in the number of installed applications. The key is how often and how long you use these applications.

Here you will find some useful tips on how to make the life of your device's battery more long. They work for 8 and 9 IOS iOS.


I hope this helps!

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    Unless otherwise indicated by an application or in the description of an update, no.


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    11 pages. If you have more than 264 apps to group them into folders.

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    'Stock' apps are part of the installation of iOS and cannot be removed, so there is nothing to verify or prove.

    When you move to a new phone, just need restoring your old backup phone and compatible applications will be synchronized to the new.

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    Any ideas or anyone have this problem as well?


    Make sure that you follow the instructions here > use of apps on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    And make sure your iPhone is updated. Tap Settings > general > software update

  • How remove the applications on the iPhone 6 s, I'm new to Apple and cannot do as I am use to?

    Can how I remove applications on the 6s? I am new to Apple and the old way I did it does not work.

    Press and hold the app until it wiggles, then click on the X. Native applications can not be deleted, only the applications that you have installed.

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    I was just curious to know because I have a lot of apps on my phone with Web sites and most of them I download after that I have initially sign on the corresponding website. Since I own an iMac I usually invites me with the request to use a suggested password of safari. I want to be able to use them as much as I can, because I think that is a large generator and all my passwords would be different (and it's better that try to think of one, or, worse, by using a password for everything, and I hate you connecting via Facebook) but the problem is that when I install the app and it wants connect me it seem not to be an option on all (app to the) less, I didn't see a) to recover the password in the keychain. As a result, I end up making my own password for a website that has a corresponding application I know id to use more than the Web site. Is it possible to do besides having to actually go to the section passwords saved in my settings on the iPhone whenever I want to do this? As always, thanks in advance.

    No, Safari cannot fill passwords for applications. You can use a like LastPass password manager that allows you to copy and paste the secret codes (I think).

  • Not all applications on the iPhone in iTunes

    In iTunes, I click on the iPhone icon. The left-hand columns shows the summary setting selections, Apps, music, etc... I click on applications. It shows all of the home screens OK on the right. At the top right, it shows I have 156 apps, that's right. The column 'middle' under 'Apps' with sorting options and to remove, install, etc. shows that nine apps, use any method of sorting. Some of these nine have been removed and I no longer use. It seems that something is out of sync or needs to be reset. How can I get it to show correctly?

    New "App thinning" with iOS9: to make smaller applications, they are been customized for specific hardware when you download Apple directly on a device with iOS9. Applications downloaded directly to an Apple device may no longer work on any other type of device. Apple has decided there is no point of synchronization to a computer, because each device should ideally get a customized version directly from Apple. If you want a backup copy on your computer you can transfer a version non-diluted directly from the computer store that has you need may be transferred to any device-i (but will take more space). = The number on your computer may not match the count on your device, unless you download them separately to your computer.

    Here is the technical description: tributionGuide/AppThinning/AppThinning.html - iOS9 App thinning > ' to decide is the process to create and deliver app for devices target different package variants.» A variant contains only the executable architecture and the resources that are required for the target device. »... "The App Store will create and deliver different variants based on the features of your app supports."

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    Try this:

    It looks like you can be activate touch 3D.

  • I can't find many applications in the appstore on my macbook air, HELP

    yesterday, I bought a macbook air, but I can't find a lot of apps that I can find on my ipad, such as and kik and many games, u can help me please?

    All the games and applications you can get for your MacBook are found in the App Store. However, some applications that are available for iPhones and iPads are not available for the MacBook Air - the format is different. This is why you might not see these apps here.

    Some applications can be downloaded online. If you go to in safari on your MacBook Air, there is a download for mac option that can be installed in this way.

  • Why firefox causes 429 block too many applications on the Vimeo site?

    When I try to visit with Firefox (version 37.0) I get a message block server called 429 too many requests. However, I can then use another browser (Konqueror - provided with my Fedora KDE plasma system [fc21]) to access the site without problem.
    I tried to clear the cookies and the cache of Firefox and running in safe mode with all add-ons disabled, but he always brings the 429 error message.
    I'm puzzled. Any advice?

    You can delete all data stored in Firefox with a specific area through "Forget this Site" in the context menu of a history entry ("" history > view history "or" view > sidebar > History "") or via the subject: permissions page.

    Using "Forget this Site" will delete all data stored in Firefox in this area as bookmarks, cookies, words of past, cache, history, and exceptions, so be careful and if you have a password or other data from that domain you don't want to lose then check that back up these data or make a comment.

    You can't recover from this "forget" unless you have a backup of the files involved.

    It has no lasting effect, so if come back you on such a 'forgotten' site, then the data of this Web site will be saved once more.

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problem.

    See "create a profile":

    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a profile already used in the new profile, but be careful not to copy files corrupted to avoid transporting more problems.

  • How can you fix ios 9.3 the battery life on my iphone?

    I have an iPhone 5 c and Ive had for about 8 months now and I've never had a problem with the battery until about 5 days ago I had updated to ios 9.3, the update could drain my battery extremely fast (2 hours to kill my phone when fully charged flight mode). I had downgraded ios back 9.2.1 and the problem would go away, I wanted to see if anyone else has this same problem before going to apple themselves. If anyone has the same problem and fixed it please answer your solution.

    Try using the low power Mode, which can be enabled under settings > farm > low power Mode. If that does nothing, be it to an Apple Store to get to replace the battery.

  • How can not delete an inactive application from the iPhone?

    I downloaded Aegean airlines app. It worked properly for a while, and then she became inactive after update and cannot be deleted be installed again. Please indicate how to remove app...

    I guess that to listen to them and to hold in the icon until it wiggles works. First go to settings > general > Restrictions > removing applications is set to off. If you use no restrictions go into settings > general > storage & use iCloud > storage > storage management. Let the list of load applications. Slide down to find the application you want to remove. Tap on it and then tap on delete App on the next screen.

  • How to delete applications on the iPhone running iOS 9.2.1 6s?

    In the past, I could delete everything except the default apple applications by pressing an icon of the application until all the app icons wiggle.  You could remove an application that has an x in the upper corner.  When I touch and hold now, NO! apps has an x in the corner!  Also I tried to delete via iTunes sync but the remove/install buttons are grayed.  Anyone know what is happening here?

    Thank you

    Check: Settings - general - Restrictions - abolition of the Apps =?

  • HP officejet 8500 has plus: Hp all in one application for the iphone 6 s

    Hi guys!

    I jist downloaded the all-in-one application on my iphone 6s and I can't seam to find where the scan registers in fact. There is to save it in my photos?

    Thank you


    Hello Rocco,

    The HP All In One remote saves scans to an internal folder.

    For easy access to scans, you can click the settings of the app (the icon in the top right 3 points) and then select settings.

    Select sharing, from there you can choose to synchronize Documents and scans will be automatically uploaded to iCloud, then it will be available in your Photos app on the assumption that it is defined on the same iCloud account.

    See you soon,.


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