Map to the tag?

Anyone know if it is possible to invoke the application of tags on BlackBerry 10 to scan a bar code?

All the best and thanks in advance


No, it isn't.

The community is working on an extension.  You can follow the current status now:

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  • latitude longitude coordinates SQL Server and the plot on the map of the brochure

    My question is basically:

    How to transform the data from SQL Server and map by unfolding?

    TIP: We run 11 Coldfusion, SQL Server 2000, flyer and JQuery if that helps somehow. If I need to download a javascript library, I can easily do.

    I ambulance and fire events in a database with the xy coordinates. My goal is to ask them about the news and place them on a map of the brochure. All our ambulances and fire trucks have gps in them and they broadcast at all times their location and status. Here's my query to get the latest data from gps for each truck;


    SQL Server 2000

    David Kulpanowski

    June 4, 2015

    Lee County EMS




    RTRIM (CallSign) AS [Guide]

    RTRIM (UnitStatus) AS [UnitStatus]



    CONVERT (VARCHAR (15), DateTimeStamp, 106) AS [CurrentDate]

    CONVERT (VARCHAR (10), DateTimeStamp, 108) AS [CurrentTime]

    OF FireEMSGPSDatabase




    RTrim (CallSign) AS [Ambulance]

    MAX (DateTimeStamp) AS [MostRecentTime]

    OF HISTORY_201506

    WHERE RTRIM (CallSign) AS "LCM__".

    RTRIM GROUP (CallSign)


    LIKE [MostRecent] on DateTimeStamp = MostRecent.MostRecentTime



    Shown below is an example of this query output;

    Call DateTimeStamp Latitude UnitStatus Longitude CurrentDate CurrentTime

    2015-06-04 17:14:17.357 LCM01 QA 26.56428 - 81.87044 June 4, 2015 17:14:17

    2015-06-04 17:14:17.357 LCM01 QA 26.56428 - 81.87044 June 4, 2015 17:14:17

    2015-06-04 17:14:18.670 LCM02 QA 26.64074 - 81.86507 June 4, 2015 17:14:18

    2015-06-04 17:14:34.420 LCM03 AR 26.64157 - 81.90973 June 4, 2015 17:14:34

    2015-06-04 17:14:20.420 LCM04 TA 26.63885 - 81.94159 June 4, 2015 17:14:20

    2015-06-04 17:14:21.297 LCM05 QA 26.4377 - 82.07806 June 4, 2015 17:14:21

    Below is my Coldfusion page with the flyer plan added in and the cfquery with cfoutput;

    <! DOCTYPE html >

    < html lang = "en" >

    < head >

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; Charset = UTF-8 "/ >"

    < meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, original scale = 1.0" >

    " < link rel ="stylesheet"href =" "/>

    " < script src =" "> < / script > .

    < / head >

    < body >

    < cfquery datasource = "GPSDatabase" name = "AmbulanceLocation" >



    RTRIM (CallSign) AS [Guide]

    RTRIM (UnitStatus) AS [UnitStatus]



    CONVERT (VARCHAR (15), DateTimeStamp, 106) AS [CurrentDate]

    CONVERT (VARCHAR (10), DateTimeStamp, 108) AS [CurrentTime]

    OF FireEMSGPSDatabase




    RTrim (CallSign) AS [Ambulance]

    MAX (DateTimeStamp) AS [MostRecentTime]

    OF HISTORY_201506

    WHERE RTRIM (CallSign) AS "LCM__".

    RTRIM GROUP (CallSign)


    LIKE [MostRecent] on DateTimeStamp = MostRecent.MostRecentTime


    < / cfquery >

    < cfoutput query = "AmbulanceLocation" >

    < table >

    < b >

    < td > #DateTimeStamp # < table >

    < td > #CallSign # < table >

    < td > #UnitStatus # < table >

    < td > #Latitude # < table >

    < td > #Longitude # < table >

    < td > #CurrentDate # < table >

    < td > #CurrentTime # < table >

    < /tr >

    < /table >

    < / cfoutput >

    < div id = ' map' > < / div >

    < script >

    var = map ('plan' {Center: [26.5641867068354,-81.8704100173261], fullscreenControl: true, zoom: 12});

    L.tileLayer ('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png').addTo(map);

    < /script >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    To sum it all up - I have a SQL Server query that retrieves the last my ambulances xy coordinates. I have a Coldfusion page that has a map of the brochure and the cfquery. My question is how to plot coordinates in a flyer plan. I can't understand the middle of the book to get the results of my query in terms of the brochure.

    In addition, it is a dynamic environment. Ambulances are constantly in motion. This page must be dynamic, so that the page can be updated to show the latest data.

    You must create the map and tile layer prior to place markers and then run your loop inside of the script tag.

    I highly recommend reading through the tutorials on the site of the brochure.  They go on these things in detail.

    Quick start - leaflet guide - a JavaScript library for the mobile environment maps

  • How edit you the Tags in 11 elements

    Hi Forum

    I use 11 items and can't see how to edit the Tags in the Organizer



    Ohkk... I get that now...

    If you try to change the tags people use in the right panel in the media view. Yes, she does not edit here.

    All of the associated People tags editing is limited to view only people.

    Since the places and events tags form previous versions are not immediately mapped to the view of places and PSE11 events, their treatment had no change. They are treated as tags only. But for people tags, their corresponding people stacks are worked, to give you a clean organization by people in sight.

    So to answer your question, edit the label of people work exclusively in view people... Through the operation "Rename" from the context menu.

    Thank you


  • How to refresh the tags in PSE8 Organizer

    If I update a label or change a side outside the organizer of items, for example in Bridge CS4, Windows Explorer, or a photo editor, how can I get the PSE8 Organizer to recognize the latest IPTC information? Can I get re read the file information without re-importing?


    The command Edit > update thumbnail will be re-read a time photo, caption, rating, number of stars and GPS/map location.  But unfortunately, it is not re-read labels - for the tags, you must re - import the photo.

  • Netscape and Mozilla do not recognize the tags

    Hi, I do an image map and drew contact information using links and fancy ToolTips and it works fine in MSIE but ToolTips do not show up in Netscape 8.0 or Mozilla 1.0.6. Dreamweaver is telling me "the title attribute of the tag BOX is not supported in Netscape 4 & 6". Anyone know what the alternative is so it does not work on all browsers? Thanks in advance!


    Thank you. I got help from the list of Overlib and it worked very well.

  • The page content of the mapping in the setting of the models

    I am faced with the task of remapping on a thousand web pages to a Dreamweaver template. Each of these pages has three main areas that should be maintained in the new model page. Here's the page metadata block and the title in the < head > section and the contents of the body section. Some elements, such as navigation and elements of the identification page are not required as the design model revises these features of the page.

    It's pretty easy attach the model to the original page, but it's pretty disastrous, like the attachment process allows the remapping of the head and the body parts and it is not refined enough to be useful. The alternative is to create a new page from a template, and then copy these three parts of the old page to the new and save the new page under the name of the old page. It works fine, but it's really a lot of time with a large volume of pages and I whereas Dreamweaver would provide a method to automate this.

    I tried to define the editable regions in the original pages to map to the blocks can be changed to the new model without success. I tried to manually insert the code that seems to be used to link the model but all my attempts to fix the template and keep the required content fail with errors.

    It is quite easy to use Dreamweaver's search and replace functionality for trawl fishing in the existing pages and insert tags marking the limits of the three areas required of each page, but I can't find any way to map these areas required for the editable area of the model.

    Is it possible that a web page can be prepared so that when a Dreamweaver template is attached to the specific page content in an existing page can be mapped to an editable region in the template and kept once the attached template? I have checked the documentation online, my textbooks and space of the forum but can not see all the techniques that deal with this issue.

    Tips or advice on how this could be done could save me days of work manually convert existing web pages to use the model. I am currently using Dreamweaver MX 2004.

    Thank you

    Four-ks thanks for this suggestion. I had not thought about extensions and it is even possible to record a few sequences of simple commands to simplify the process. I did not write the extensions but it seems an interesting exercise and something I should try at any given time to improve my skills in Dreamweaver.

    It is looking as if the feature model in Dreamweaver cannot directly support y attach a template to an existing document while retaining elements or content of the document in the process.

    See you soon

  • HI: I accidentally deleted maps from the dock. Is it easy to replace? Thank you.

    HI: I accidentally deleted maps from the dock. Is it easy to replace? Thank you.

    Yes. The Finder, choose Applications go to menu and get her back.


  • Updated to 39.0 curser now do not show marker titles in the API Google maps unlike the previous version, what has changed?

    If you open this link a map with markers. When my cursor hovers over the mark a title appears. If you click on the marker of a pop up will show newspaper when you click will opens a page of newspaper on the date indicated in the pop - and there will be a map included in Scripture upwards to this day here.

    The roadmap also has markers with titles. Before 39.0 I could hover and see the title, now I can't. When I move the pointer to the marker cursor turns into a hand, in the previous 2015 map the cursor turns to a pointing finger.

    Example: Click on the marker - 0 - then log. This web page
    December 11, 2015 with a map showing the three markers that all have the title but I can't see them.

    I fixed my problem FireFox 39.0 title of marker. I started using Internet Explorer 11 for all of my web site work and evidence/change what I did. About a third of the visits to my site, use FireFox although I don't know how use the 39.0 version. The problem of the title existed before it got worse and there are probably few of these FireFox users each glance at my cards yet less hover over the marker to see the title. Problem solved!

  • I have most of my emails containing the tag. I need to sort those not marked.

    Are all of my emails in the Inbox and I tag them color. I need to find anyone who is not marked. Is there a way to sort them to show no marked ones all together?

    Make a right-click any button of the column (the buttons at the top of the columns that you click to sort), activate the Tag column, and then click the Tag sort by tag button column.

  • Can you change all the functionality of the tags to the way it was? Once I have mark a mail, I don't like it so appears as black text when I select the tagged email.

    The use of tags is the best way to know which emails I have completed action on. Now when I select an email, it appears in black instead of the selected color of the tag that I assigned. It's very confusing. I make sure that I don't have the selected e-mail to make sure that I have tagged it. This is not good. It takes additional measures and I find myself double checking of things all the time. It's a lot of time. I love Thunderbird, but this feature on the most recent update has to go. Please change back.

    something nonstandard here.

    The text of the selected item must be the opposite of not selected, so if the normal text is black, labeled selected item should be white.selected text see the image as an attachment.

  • Because I downloaded 29 FF, it comes with a map of the world continually and wants me to complete a survey.

    When I log on FF29 web home page gives me a map of the world which then requires me to respond to a survey that I did once, but he continues to repeat. I had to go to Google Chrome because of the nuisance and the loss of time.

    Also FF29 does not seem to recognize PDF forms for printing when they are attachments to emails that I want to print.

    You can also set the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl pref (topic: config) an empty string to prevent Firefox to new excerpts from loading from the server and the default code snippets is displayed. That's what I usually do.

  • How can I get the tags to import bookmarks from an html file?

    I tried to import bookmarks to a Firefox created the html file. However, the tags don't matter. Currently using Firefox 13.0 to import current PC and the same version created the file on another PC.

    Firefox Sync will get all Firefox personal data transferred from the old PC to the new PC.

    See this:

    Set up synchronization on the old PC that has the data you want to transfer to the new PC.

    Then add the new PC as an additional device.

  • How can I change the tags on my post on the support forum?

    My recent post ('start failure after firefox 12.0...') has been marked as a post on Firefox 3.6, but it was a post about a problem with Firefox 12.0. My problem is that Firefox 12.0 would not start once it has been installed. I had to re - install Firefox 3.6 to write the post. Now, the message is marked as a pole of Firefox 3.6. The same problem occurred last month when updating Firefox 11. I would like to remove the current tags and replace them with Firefox 12.0.

    How can I change the tags on my post?

    Added: this post has the same problem.

    I removed the tags in Firefox 3.6 and added the tag Firefox 12.0 to that thread instead.

  • Why always, I received management is not available when you use maps for the iPhone 6 and I live in the Qatar?

    Why I always get direction is not available when you use maps for the iPhone 6 more?

    Currently I live in the Qatar.

    Hi Alison, Sameh

    The reason why you see directions is not available, it's that for cards of Apple, turn-by-turn directions is not a feature that is available in the Qatar. You can search for places and satellite imagery
    Take a look at the link below for more details on what features are available in the Qatar.

    iOS 9 feature availability

    Nice day

  • TomTom map is wrong in vietnam, pls use google map for the ios update, thank you

    Map of Tomtom is very bad in vietnam, please use Google map for the ios update, thank you

    We are fellow users on these forums, not support nor Apple iTunes.

    TomTom are responsible for their own data to the card, if you have problems with their app and/or cards that you have tried to contact them?

Maybe you are looking for