Master Collection uninstall problem


I downloaded and installed the trial version of Adobe Master Collection CS6 some time ago and now I want to uninstall some of its feature that I do not like Flash Cs6, but I ran into a big problem:

When I look in my list of programs (on Windows 7), I no longer see the file Master Collection! So I can't open the unistall program, where I simply select Flash and unistall it!

How can I run the utility manually?

Please help me!

Thank you!

Pierre Romani


You cannot uninstall selectively, so it would be useless, anyway. Run the Creative Suite cleanup tool, delete the files of Adobe, reinstzall with only the opations you need.


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  • CS4 Master Collection installation problems

    Hi all

    I got an old Mac Book pro, since 2008, who recently had his bloating of the battery upwards and die... No new battery no longer exists for this old model so I had to buy a new Mac Book Pro 15 "." It is running under Yosemite, OS X 10.10.5

    Adobe CS4 Master Collection, I bought it in 2008. And I'm trying to re - install on my new computer. I have the original install CD as well as the serial numbers.

    But he does not want to install... It blocks a bit during the process of installation at the end of CD 1. It said please insert CD 2 or quitting smoking... When inserting my CD 2, nothing is recognized... and I can't stop the same... I tried to install individual programs off the CDs diffΘrents, its does not work... Also at one point, he worked for individual programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator and Indesign, (which are the only programs I really need with Adobe Acrobat Pro), but then I met problems with serial number, and programs would not launch...

    Please help me, I need these programs... I read that CS4 is no longer compatible with Yosemite? is this true? Why?

    What can I do? I don't have thousands to spend on a new program, or in particular a rental program through clouds... Are there discounts for upgrade to the current version? I like Adobe, but it isn't very easy sale to make a program that is not compatible with the current operating systems...

    Help, please!

    PS: I know not how to use a computer, but not a wiz! as simple as possible

    My solution: after inserting the DVD 2 go to Menu > edit > select all
    and the installation will run. Repeat this procedure after DVD 3 and 4.
    PS. : I also installed Java 6 Download Java for OS X 2015-001
    But I don't know if this is really necessary.

  • CS5.5 Master Collection installation problems

    I have a master collection CS5.5 physical copy, but when it installed on my Mac Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash could not access it. I uninstalled these 3 possibilities of use and now that I am trying to reinstall the applications I get and error 7 message. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Creative Suite cleanup tool

    Run it, reinstall all correctly.


  • Adobe creative suite 5.5 master collection install problem.

    Can someone suggest a solution to the problems Im having install creative suite 5.5.

    I get the following error after installation, is this a faulty drive or something to also get these install errors on my pc both home and work.

    My cd rom is my d: drive, it seems that it does not install files

    Exit code: 6

    -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

    -0 fatal Error (s), 4 (s), 8 WARNING (s)

    -Payload: {CFA46C39-C539-4BE9-9364-495003C714AD} standard Adobe 2.0

    WARNING: DF029: ARKServiceControl::StartService: standard Service not started or stopped. Current status: Exit Code 0: 0 Service specific exit Code: 0 (Seq 1)

    -Payload: {2EE4F060-CEE6-4002-AA8B-91B791541767} Pixel Bender Toolkit -.

    WARNING: DF035: file CreateAlias:Icon does not exist in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Adobe Utilities - CS5.5\Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.6\windows\pb_app.icofile:\\\C:\PIXELB~1\source\winwood\Staging 0 x 1. BE5583P-1018rea\windows\pb_app.ico42178f80493091e8e552c84a2897e9da68fce32_32_f8049309 1e8e552c84a2897e9da68fce for 2.6.lnk C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Start Master Collection CS5.5\Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit icon with target C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Adobe Utilities - CS5.5\Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.6\Pixel Bender Toolkit.exe (Seq 89)

    -Payload: {7202D4A7-F7E6-4e7a-B77D-7B1C4E8B5CA6} Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX

    ERROR: Error 1722.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the Setup did not finish as expected. Contact your provider to support personal or package. Action NewCustomAction1, location: C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Temp\InstallAX.exe, command: - install activex - msi

    ERROR: Install payload MSI failed with the error: - 1603 Fatal error during installation.

    MSI error: 1722.There error is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the Setup did not finish as expected. Contact your provider to support personal or package. Action NewCustomAction1, location: C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Temp\InstallAX.exe, command: - install activex - msi

    -Payload: {47CE893F-A0FF-4094-AA16-5209AEA7C7E0} Firefox Plugin CS5.1 -.

    WARNING: DF012: file/folder does not exist in D:\Adobe CS5_5\payloads\AdobeContribute6.1-FFPlugin\OEM(Seq 32)

    -Payload: {208DE3D5-541C-41B0-8595-7A608A6E4306} IE Plugin CS5.1 -.

    WARNING: DF012: file/folder does not exist in D:\Adobe CS5_5\payloads\AdobeContribute6.1-IEPlugin\OEM(Seq 26)

    -Payload: {4A4F91EA-5951-4C5C-B911-027D802817EB} Office Plugin CS5.1 -.

    WARNING: DF012: file/folder does not exist in D:\Adobe CS5_5\payloads\AdobeContribute6.1-OfficePlugin\OEM(Seq 34)

    -Payload: {DD309051-FACF-4A5E-87F1-C57154BB3DE8} Adobe Contribute CS5.1 -.

    WARNING: DF012: file/folder does not exist in D:\Adobe CS5_5\payloads\AdobeContribute6.1-mul\OEM(Seq 8283)

    -Payload: {8DADF070-FE60-4899-8EF0-4242E7702F7D} Adobe Fireworks CS5.1 -.

    WARNING: DF012: file/folder does not exist in D:\Adobe CS5_5\payloads\AdobeFireworks11.1.0All\OEM(Seq 1215)

    -Payload: {1C9D6B02-8B92-4E40-8B22-37D8C95430F0} Adobe Fireworks CS5.1_AdobeFireworks11.1.0en_USLanguagePack -.

    WARNING: DF012: file/folder does not exist in D:\Adobe CS5_5\payloads\AdobeFireworks11.1.0en_USLanguagePack\OEM(Seq 74)

    ERROR: DW050: the following payload errors were found during the installation:

    ERROR: DW050:-Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 10: installation failed



    I finished downloading the suite on the adobe web site and installed no problem at all.

    Must have been a faulty drive.


  • CS6 Master Collection trial problem

    I run a 3.10 GHz AMD Athlon II X 2 255 with Windows 7 Premium, IE 9 64 bit on a meg 3 DSL.  All my firewall and protection antivirus are disabled.  I use ADA to download in a file I created in C:/Adobe Master Collection.  About 6 times in the last ten days, I tried to get the download, but around 35% ADA seems to stop and never go beyond this point.  I have let it run at some point for 17 hours.  I hate to be otherwise vulnerable on the net, especially for something that I can't buy.  Any suggestions?

    Try the direct approach:

    Direct download links for Adobe software


  • Try to uninstall CS5.5 Master Collection, but programs do not appear in the standard location of Windows programs and features

    Uninstalls CS5.5 after deactivation in order to save space for the CC, I have problems doing so.  I am on Windows 7 64 bit and installed from the Master Collection drives on my desktop and laptop - no one has all of the Master Collection uninstall programs appearing in the standard location, which is the only recommended uninstall Adobe, method.

    If I run the original installation disc, it recognizes the existing CS5.5 of programs, but gives the option to install other options of the program rather than existing uninstall - is possible to use the disks to uninstall programs?

    The fixed - used the disk to reinstall a CS5.5 existing applications, and then the Adobe Master Collection, presented as an element in the location of programs and features, I could select and uninstall applications.

  • I'm trying to uninstall Cs6 master collection and I can't because this information is displayed ERROR: DW040: the product '{E8AD3069-9EB7-4BA8-8BFE-83F4E69355C0}' is not installed. Cannot proceed with the uninstall. How can I solve this problem?

    I'm trying to uninstall Cs6 master collection and I can't because this information is displayed ERROR: DW040: the product '{E8AD3069-9EB7-4BA8-8BFE-83F4E69355C0}' is not installed. Cannot proceed with the uninstall. How can I solve this problem?

    Hi Paulov53532347,

    Try to use the cleanup for the same tool: use of the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems

    Let us know if that helps.

  • I have CS6 Master Collection there is an error with PS6 of impression crashes PS6, how can you uninstall SP6 only

    It's on a windows 7 PC there is no option to uninstall individual items to the Master Collection

    Can someone also tell me how I can know how many installs I have left?  I want to install on a mac.

    Where I can down load the master collection for mac.

    I have to disable each component in the Master Collection so I want to install on another computer

    Thanks for your help


    I solved the problem by uninstalling all of the CS6 Master Collection because it was the only option (your not able to uninstall the indivdual components).

    The ran CC cleaner.

    Finally reinstall and apply the updates.

    PS6 now allows me to print without crashing.


  • I can't use my software to reinstall CS6 Master Collection. What is the problem?

    I can't use my software to reinstall CS6 Master Collection. What is the problem?

    just uninstall cs6, own (use the CC cleaning tool to solve installation problems |) CC, CS3 - CS6), then reinstall.

    If this fails, will get back it what you see when you try to reinstall which indicates that there has been a problem.

  • Major problems CS6 Master Collection.  In real trouble... need help.


    I got a Macbook Pro running CS5 and CS6 Master Collection very well, never had a problem.

    Then I got a new and faster the Macbook Pro.  I followed the instructions and set up my new Macbook from the old.  Everything worked fine EXCEPT CS6.  I received reports of frequent incidents, but it was still usable.

    I called Adobe.  It was in May.  The guys at Adobe did everything he could, even, he went so far as to connect remotely to my computer and looked around.  He could not find a problem... you need a permit from Apple.  So I called AppleCare.  They're too remotely connected to my computer, checked a bunch of things... said that it is not a matter of Apple because everything works on their end.

    Adobe says it's Apple, Apple says that it's Adobe.  So I just kept trucking, tolerate incident reports.

    Fast forward > > > a few days ago, I was working on a project in After Effects.  I noticed that all my models were missing as well as some standard effects.  Tired of all these questions, I decided to uninstall CS5 and CS6.   I also ran the Adobe cleaning tool.  My theory was that it probably has little weird file buried somewhere (or absent) which is at the origin of these headaches.  A fresh new installation of CS6 (more updates) would do the trick, right?  EVIL!  It's worse than ever.

    Following programs will not open and immediately report problem: hearing, first, Media Encoder, SpeedGrade, Indesign.

    * AfterEffects Version 11.0.4 - I get this message: "cannot rename file" / User/editstation/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/11.0/Workspace.945.44549865121.xml' to "Workspace.xml". "." So don't let me open it.

    * Photoshop, Bridge, Illustrator, and Flash all seem to work fine.

    * The Macbook Pro OS X 10.9.4, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, 1 TB Flash.

    Thanks Mylenium.

    SOLUTION FOUND: I did this and solved this problem: ml

  • Should I uninstall CS4 master collection before installing the master collection CS6?

    I bought CS6 Master Collection (DVD) and I wonder if I need to uninstall CS4 before installing the new version?

    Depends on what plug-ins and tools you use, and whether or not they are compatible with the CS6. If this isn't a problem, and you are reasonably sure you don't need a fallback option, to uninstall CS4 before installing the CS6 is indeed the way to do it. It is completely optional.


  • How to manually uninstall CS3 Master Collection?

    I started to have problems with, then Premier Pro. The programs worked OK for a few years, but began to fail for some reason there is a few months.  When I run the Setup program to uninstall it starts OK showing a bar of progression, but after awhile, it will fail to progress and stops. I then tried the CS cleanup tool, but the increase in problems, so now I can not launch the installer at all, and I get a notification that my license is no longer valid. Seems I need to manually uninstall all CS3 programs (Master Collection).

    I have a MacPro, version OSX 10.5.8 (Leopard), as I ve said that never versions of the operating system does not work well with CS3. (I also own worm 10.6). I ve long searched on the internet for a solution without beein able to solve it, so grateful for any help

    I can't say that I have conclusive to offer help.  At some point a few years ago CS3 started to go flaky on me and eventually led to forbidding me to access all products that accompanies it, claiming that my license was not valid.

    Here are a few notes that I threw down that served to help me... I can't say if they will be a help to you.

    One thing that I found disturbing, it's that he mentioned no Adobe for CS3 support more at various locations along the line while trying to find a solution - which is difficult to accept that a default license would be ignored.  I think that the last piece of info that I show below refers to a person having found at Adobe who was willing to try to help despite this... but I managed to patch things up with the first bit of info, I have the list before this person back for me.

    If normal fails, reinstall CS3-
    ------------- (worked the first time, she does not) (see last posting)

    The person who offered help were found via this discussion:

  • Win 7 64 bit fails to uninstall cs6 master collection

    I want to uninstall CS6 Master collection on my Windows Seven 64-bit. I can't do it through Windows because he says he has already been uninstalled, but it's still there... The clean tool Adobe has not as well. I need a tool from Adobe that allows me to uninstall everything!

    Unistallman wrote:

    The clean tool Adobe has not as well. I need a tool from Adobe that allows me to uninstall everything!

    Uninstall and then running the cleaner of the Creative Suite from Adobe tool should eliminate all traces.

    How is the cleaning tool failed?

  • Problem installing Master Collection


    Having a few issues with Photoshop and I am trying to isolate the problem.  I have the CS4 master collection and tried to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop to see if that helps.  In any case, when I try to reinstall, I get a message saying that it is been installed with errors.  I downloaded Adobe support advisor, and he gave me the following advice: I'm working with solution 1, but this path: program files Files\Adobe\Color\Profiles does not exist (specifically, there are no 'Color' file under the 'Adobe' file).  If anyone has any advice on how to proceed, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you


    You have a 64-bit operating system?

    If so, the path you're looking for is:

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\Color\Profiles

    Note the (x 86).


  • Uninstalling CS3 and install CS5.5 (Master Collection)

    I bought CS 5.5 master collection so that I could use this CS3 master collection on another older machine.  My question is this: what is the best way to uninstall CS3 Master collection on my current machine (Windows 7-64 bit) so I can then install new version full CS5.5 master collection? Also, should I be aware of as much as on the old settings of backup software?  Just try to avoid headaches.

    The only thing you need to worry is all "presets" that you have created yourself. So actions, swatches, brushes, etc. must be saved. Its best to uninstall before installing cs5 cs3 and not after, as this can cause problems with file associations.

    If the second computer that your intend to put cs3 on is your only other computer, you should be able to use cs5 on it instead, that the license is supposed to be for the 2 systems, but only one can run at a time. To my knowledge, this license does consider the version number of the software. So if cs5 if on your new system and a laptop for example, do not put cs3 on a third computer because the license is for what I assume to be an upgrade.

    If you have paid the full price, then the last paragraph is a moot point.

Maybe you are looking for