Max Memory for Satellite Pro L10

What is the maximum amount of memory that can be installed in Satellite Pro L10? When I bought the laptop in 2005, it was 1 GB. This limit is now higher with the new BIOS, released November 6, 2009?

Satellite Pro L10 (PSL15E) can manage with only 1 GB of RAM.
BIOS update has nothing to do with it and after the update of the BIOS, that this value will not be changed.

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  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro L10

    Can I add 512 MB to 256 MB of memory already on my laptop? And also what is the name of the memory supported by Satellite Pro L10.


    Hi Fernando,

    Your L10 has two available memory slots and will support up to 2 GB of RAM (2 X 1 GB modules).

    Check the following URL for details of compatible modules for your laptop: -.


  • Replacing the screen for Satellite Pro L10

    The screen is cracked badly on my Satellite Pro L10. About how much can I expect to pay for a replacement within the United Kingdom. Is this something that I can wait to replace me with a screwdiver and some care?

    How much would a complete hull and the screen?

    Where can get me a - Toshiba service center my best bet?


    The fact is that the screen of the laptop is one of the most expensive neighborhoods that are installed on the laptop.
    But unfortunately, I do not know what will cost repletion.
    This information you won't get form the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    I recommend you ask the service partner.

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro L20

    I use a satellite L20 pro - PSL25E. That this PSL25E means in terms of satellite pro L20 - 102 until xxx. On the support site to keep just the numbers but not this alphanumeric expression. I need this in order to select the upgrade module suitable.
    If this can be answered, could someone tell me which module to upgrade should I choose in addition to the existing 512 MB?
    Thanks in advance


    It of nice that you have found the laptop model after your own investigation.
    However, in my opinion the portable Satellite Pro L20 all support the same kind of memory, if it s L20-259 Pro or Pro L20-174

    The units are supported on these modules:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)

  • Which module memory for Satellite Pro M70?

    Hello! First post here, happy to join :)

    So, here is my question:
    I have a laptop M70 and want to upgrade the memory from 512 MB to 1 GB. I checked Toshiba online store and found that in fact 2 memory of 512 MB with the same characteristics (512 MB PC2-4300 DDR2 533 MHz) are supposed to do the job...
    The only difference is that the PA3412U - 1 M 51 is mentioned as "dual channel" and the PA3412U - 2M 51 is "RoHS compl.

    So, what is the good? Another problem is that I can not really get any of these two because the first one is "sold out" and the second is 'exhausted '! Laughing out loud

    But finding the correct for my system is a good first step, in my opinion. Thanks in advance! ;)


    In this unit are 2 slots available and you can upgrade the memory for max 2048 MB (2x1024Mo). You can use DDR2 memory modules.
    I found information on the modules of memory support

    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    I would recommend to google for this part numbers and I m you will find an online store that offers this module.

  • Lost drivers for Satellite Pro L10 etc - where to get the software?

    I had to reinstall windows xp on my Satellite Pro and have managed to install drivers etc for evrything but the WiFi. Device Manager displays an error of the pilot against Ethernet controller and although the Wifi light is on it does not appear anywhere even in the taskbar.

    Where and what software do I need to download it please?

    Thank you very much


    On the Toshiba driver page, you will find all the drivers!
    I checked the page and found different utilities Wireless LAN!
    Please check you card making WLan. Especially the Wlan type has been mentioned on the label at the bottom of the unit.

    I think that the correct driver is the key!

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro 6000

    Can anyone help? having trouble getting the straight bar.
    I tried Uk Crucial, sent bad module. I tried logical Orca, was sent bad module.
    The manual says to use PA3126U - 1 M 12: 128 MB part number only. Anyone know where I can get this?

    Hi Bob

    I found this memory module compatible info for your unit is:
    PC133 512 MB (PA3108U - 1 M 51)
    PC133 256 MB (PA3086U - 1 M 25)
    PC133 128 MB (PA3085U - 1 M 12)

    You can order from service partner in your country and also by some portable online parts dealer. Google around and you'll find a lot of online stores where you can order. You can also try your local dealer.

    Good bye

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro L20 problem

    I buy a 1 GB, 200-pin SODIMM crucial (marked on the module as 1 GB 2Rx16 PC2-4200 s-444-12-A0) and added to the existing module 256 MB (marked as 1Rx16 256 MB PC2 4200 s-444-12-C3)

    I can't get the 1 GB module memory I bought the work with the existing 256 MB module. The PC will recognize the 256 MB module in each slot and it will also recognize 1 GB memory module in the other location. However, when both modules are installed the PC doesn't recognize any order they are installed in the module 1 GB. The essential tool memory online seems to think that a slot is empty when it scans the laptop, even if both slots are filled. The BIOS also reports that only 1 GB is present when both modules are mounted.

    No idea how I can get the two recognized modules?


    Hello John

    I assume that there is a compatibility issue. If possible, try to get the 1 GB of Kingston RAM module or module recommended by Toshiba.

    If you have time take a look here

    By the way: 1 GB of RAM is sufficient for your laptop L20. In my opinion with 1 GB of RAM, you can work on this model of laptop.

  • RAM for Satellite Pro L10-103 PSL15E


    I'm looking for a few product details so I can pass this laptop RAM: 256 MB origin, although I'm having a hard time locating information online.

    I was wondering what the max size and type I should get. Any information is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Just for info: Please make sure that you buy high quality product and not some products without cheap name. 512 RAM modules are more expensive and buy good quality.

    It may also be the module of RAM Kingston.

  • Need a graphic driver for Satellite Pro L10 to play Caesar IV

    I have problems with the chart to a new game (Caesar IV) element on my laptop. The game requires "hardware T & L" for 3D graphics, but the forum games tells me that computers laptops with the chipsets are not configured to run these types of games. Apparently I need a graphics card any.

    I don't understand why my (relatively) new Centrino laptop with a processor is unable to use the graphic chipset.

    Where can I find a driver for the type of chart using my game?


    I think that the Caesar IV is a game that requires a graphics card with better performance than the Intel 855GM graphics card with 16 MB to 64 MB shared memory.

    The game asks for the graphics card with graphical support entirely in 3D and in my opinion the laptop card is not able to support these graphics to full power.

    I put t know if the driver update will help you.
    It s more case of hardware as a software issue

  • You are looking for a new graphics card with 1 GB of memory for Satellite Pro A10

    I am looking for a new video card with 1 GB of memory, preference but is RIMM memory ram in my office, but has a different type of memory in the description of the video cards.

    Is it important at all, the video card would work always?
    Thanks 1million

    I put t know exactly what you want to do, but I assume that you need this card for an upgrade.
    New bad guy! Laptop graphics cards are often fixed on the motherboard and cannot be deleted!
    In addition, you must know that the mobile graphics cards are simply different and you can't compare these chips with adapters for desktop PCs.

    Best regards

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite Pro A60

    I would like to put in a chip memory of 1 GB in my current A60 because it has only 256 MB built in.

    When you view the pieces on the Toshiba site, it does not show the available portion. These are no longer available?

    Thank you


    Compatible PC2700 1024 MB of RAM except the number PA3313U-1M1G. You can add it to existing 256 MB.

  • Wi - Fi for Satellite Pro L10 Cel - M 360


    I just ordered one for my mother.

    Can anyone recommend a decent wifi router for use with it, she's on BT's ADSL broadband.

    Am I right in thinking that the Wifi at the end of the laptop is ready to go and we just need a router? Or I have to put in place the book somehow.

    Thank you very much.


    If your laptop is ready for Wi - Fi in the lower side there must be a label of Wi - Fi. You can also check in Device Manager if the wireless card is already integrated. If there is no wireless card, you have two options to upgrade your laptop. The first is to use a PCMCIA wireless card or buy mini wireless PC Card. You can find a suitable on under the heading products.

    I don t want to promote any router or any producer of router but there are many of them on the market. Please take a few local dealer information. Only I think I will recommend to you is to use standard g wireless (802.11 g). It's fast enough and there are enough speed for data transfer.

  • Extension memory Satellite Pro L10


    I have a satellite Pro L10, which has only 128 MB of RAM. I want to wear this but can't find any information about it in the manual.
    I would like to know,

    How much RAM, I put in the L10?
    What type of RAM the L10 take?
    It's like a stick or two?
    Where can I buy this type of RAM?


    David U

    Hey there,

    It has no internal memory, 2 locations available, 128 or 256 MB at 1 location, PC2100 DDR - RAM 333 MHz, 1024MB max

    You can buy the RAM from all :) any store on the computer or online from Toshiba.

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro L10 Memory Upgrade


    I have a Satellite Pro L10 Celeron M Processor 360 1.4 GHz / XP HE / 256 MB / 40 GB / 15TFT / DVD-CDRW / OneNote. I wanted to upgrade the RAM, and I noticed that in the manual it says:

    Before installing a new module memory 512 MB do not forget to remove already installed memory modules.

    Does that mean that I can not install a 512 MB module and more the 256 MB is already a total of 768 MB?

    Thanks for any advice,


    Hi Luis,.

    The specifications of your laptop indicates that it can accept up to 1 024 MB of RAM. If you have 2 RAM slots, so you can use any combination of modules of RAM as long as you do not exceed the maximum quotes. Of course if you have only 1 RAM slt then you must remove the original 256 MB module before insert you new 512 MB a.


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