Maximum RAM in a DV7 7205tx? I want to upgrade the RAM in my DV7-7205tx 8 GB to 16GB.

Hi, I would like to upgrade the RAM in my DV7-7205tx 8 GB to 16GB, but the specifications say that the maximum is 8 GB. I am intrigued by what the DV7-7304tx has been released with 16 GB installed and it has the same processor and the same chipset. Can you please explain why the manual tells me that I can't spend my 2x4gb chips to 2x8GB?

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Although not conclusive, the following information suggests strongly that the dv7-7205tx is capable of 16 GB (2 X 8 GB) memory.

Surfer is part of HP for the product number: C7E80PA - model name: HP ENVY DV7 - 7205TX NOTEBOOK PC lists;

HP 670034-001 manufacturer / 8 GB 1600 Mhz PC3 - 12800 memory module (SHARED)

the HP ENVY dv7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service of Guide;

Two customer accessible/upgradable memory
module housing

Supported dual channel DDR3 - 1600 MHz
Supports up to 16384 MB of system RAM

Supports the following RAM system

16384 MB (8192 MB × 2; not supported
on computer models equipped with a 32-
bits of the operating system)

12288 MB (8192 MB × 1 + 4096 MB × 1;
not supported on computer models
equipped with 32-bit operating system)

8192 MB (8192 MB × 1 or 4096 MB × 2;
not supported on computer models
equipped with 32-bit operating system)

6144 MB (4096 MB × 1 + 2048 MB × 1;
not supported on computer models
equipped with 32-bit operating system)

4096 MB (4096 MB × 1 or 2048 MB × 2)

2048 MB (2048 MB × 1)


(Page 28 - Chapter 3 - Illustrated parts catalog)

(2, PC3 12800, 1600 MHz) memory modules:
Number of component spare
Module of memory of 8 GB 670034-001
Memory 4 GB 641369-001
Memory 2 GB 652972-001

The OP needs to open the memory Bay and check whether 1 or 2 modules of memory are installed and that the part (s) was/is. If a single p/n 670034-001 is installed, the system should have no problem taking another module of 8 GB, the maximum of the motherboard is rated to 16 GB. If two p/n 641369-001 modules are installed, something is fishy, as it departs the HP part Surfer information.

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    Kind regards

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    Best regards

    Don t mix for laptop and desktop PC.
    There are two different things and upgrade CPU for laptops is not easy all this is complicated, as the motherboards are designed only for the specific model laptop.

    So far as I know the A350D manages only the processor Dual-Core AMD TurionTM 64 X 2 or AMD AthlonTM X 2 Dual-Core Processor

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A300D-161 - I want to upgrade the RAM to 4 GB

    Hello, I want to upgrade my RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB.

    The laptop box, said the other: 2 GB DDR2 800 Mhz, but when I check the CPU - Z it says 400 Mhz

    The website of toshiba says also 800 Mhz, so wich 1 I need to buy?
    1 x 2 GB DDR2 - 400 Mhz
    2 x 2 GB DDR2 - 800 Mhz

    Also, I wonder when I switch to 4 GB, the amount of memory will be dedicated to my video card?

    Thank you


    CPU - Z is definitely wrong! Satellite Pro A300D-161 needs DDR2-800 MHz to upgrade according to the specs on the Toshiba site.
    If the information on the laptop box is correct.

    More video RAM will be assigned automatically and with 4 GB of RAM you will get more memory video too.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120 - I want to upgrade the RAM


    I'm looking to upgrade the RAM in my Satellite Pro A120 Model No.: PSAC1E-05C00VEN

    I'm getting conflicting reports as to how this can actually take, some sites say a 1 GB maximum per slot max so 2 GB while most of the others say max 2 GB per slot

    I was hoping you could advise me.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


    Your Satellite Pro A120 is equipped with the Intel 945 GM chipset and so you can upgrade it to 4 GB of RAM.
    Only models with ATI chipset can be upgraded to 2 GB and I think this is the reason why some sites say that it can be upgraded to 2 GB and others at 4 GB.

    However, for the upgrade of RAM DDR2-RAM PC2-5300 (DDR2-677). You can buy 2 GB modules for a maximum of 4 GB.
    But don t forget that only a 64 bit OS supports 4 GB of RAM.

    Good bye

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    I want to increase the RAM memory using 2048 DDR2 RAM (1024 + 1024).

    Laptop manual can not find if support * _dual-channel memory_ *, which requires a dual-channel-capable motherboard. Theoretically, this technology double data rate of the memory.
    Someone has the manual for this laptop motheboard, or may indicate the site for download?

    Apologies for my bad English.
    Thank you.


    Satellite L40-139 can be upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. You can buy two modules with 1 GB of capacity with the specifications of DDR2 at 667 MHz.
    If you use two modules, they run in dual channel mode.

    The manual of the motherboard or repair for Toshiba laptops cannot be downloaded. They are only available if ASP.

    Good bye

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    I'm new to this forum but have owned this laptop new a moment right now. As time has passed I noticed he has aged rapidly in recent months and needs a boost of speed.
    I upgraded the RAM, a matching pair to 1 GB (896 MB showing, guess that's graphic shared?), but still not quite quickly enough.

    My question is, can I upgrade the processor to a Pentium M or at least a faster Celeron?
    If Yes, then what is the best possible processor that will be compatible? Autour Googling, I see I'm not alone on this idea, but all the info and comments where other L20 and not my model 196 in question.
    Do I have reason to believe that the limits are 400 Mhz FSB, 1.5 GHz and 478 pins for this laptop?
    Finally, I replaced and rebuilt a lot of PC in the past. A laptop (my L20) is much more difficult to remove and replace a CPU?

    Thank you and look forward to any comments thereon.

    In General, the CPU upgrade is not supported. More info on what you can read under

    To be clear. Your Satellite L20 is really not the best laptop and on the scale of 1 to 5 when 5 of the best, I give your laptop 2. This laptop is designed for day-to-day activities like Office, internet, watching movies, listening to music and writing emails. So I think that with the preinstalled operating system and well set to own and 1 GB of RAM, it must have enough power for this.

    I don't know what you want to do with this good old classic, but if you need laptop with more power for games or multimedia activities, I think it's time for the new laptop computer.

    Please don't be crazy on me because I did not offer exact answer, but I just want to be realistic and honest with you.

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