Maximum size of the hard disk for Pavilion a800n


One last question, I replace the hard drive (160G) in my old Pavilion a800n and wonder what would be the size (well at least 500G) max. Guess I could partition if necessary...

Win. XP (32 bit), Phoenix BIOS, LTD. 3.11, 09/02/2004.

Thank you!



Sorry, based on the following specifications, I would not be to HARD disk. If you need more space for data/files, buy an external HARD drive. & Tab = specs

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    I have a pavilion dv7-6c60us entertainment pc, processor intel core i5-2450 @ 2.5GHz with a 64 - bit processor, windows pro 8.1 operating system.  I bought a WD 1 TB 2.5 inch SATA 3 HDD 5400 RPM drive that I would like to install.  Is my compatible PC to this hard drive?  Can I add this as a second hard drive?  I'm new to this would be appreciated all the instructions to update from my PC.  Thanks for your help.

    Yes the PC is compatible. You can install it as a second hard drive. But to do this, you need a hardware kit (cable), you can buy here:

    YouTube video:

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  • Replacement of the hard disk for pavilion dv9574 gt433ea

    I know it's an old round top, but I like it. My main hard drive died, then I replace it with the secondary drive waving back, or use an external drive it is up and running.
    Or is a possible replacement part no451867-001 sata200 GB 4200 RPM and where I get it. Oou can I use a different hard drive or upgrade.
    I'm going to buy a new computer hp laptop pavilion g6 2211tx that any comment would be appreciated.
    However need to get old laptop upward and the execution of first AID!

    If you upgrade to Windows 7, you will be able to access your secondary hard drive and backup of files that it contains. You can also put the secondary drive in another computer that works to recover the files from the backup drive.

  • Size of the hard disk on the Pavilion 873n


    I would like to know what is the maximum. the size of the hard drive for a Pavilion 873n, Pentium 4, XP SP1 (to start) running.  The current hard drive is 120 GB and has errors and bad sectors.  I would like to replace it with a drive hard at least 500 GB and after recovery, upgrading to SP3.  I have the recovery disks.  He will manage this old computer?  Thank you.


    Hi WEG.

    Some of the former PC have problem with hard disks of 160 MBs.  Check this post.

  • After you install Windows Vista, the maximum capacity of the hard disk reduced 80.0 GB to 3 GB

    Original title: reinstallment recent Windows vista has me to the maximum capacity of my hard disk (80.0 gb) why? __

    I recentlyreinstalled my windows vista, everything seemed to look and will work perfectly, so I decided to see how much space was left on the hard drive. My surpise there was only 3 GB of 80.0 gbhard drive. Now I'm sure that you would agree wiyh me and say that there is something wrong when installing on if so what can I do about it? You, I noticed there are some files like programs program then theres (86) below I see only in a few different places, as well as many files sent a text message if they are from my old program as if they never got deleted or formatted.

    Thanks for listening


    ·        Did you do a clean install of Windows Vista without formatting?

    ·        How many letters pilot are there on the system, for example C:\, D:\?

    ·        The number of records your C:\ drive?

    Open C:\ drive and select all the files that are present and check what size is (of all files). Let us know the size.

    If you did a clean installation without formatting then, it may be a folder named windows.old. If you have the folder on the system, then follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    How to use the disk cleanup feature to delete the Windows.old folder after you install Windows Vista

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Impossible to reinstall Vista on a new hard disk for Pavilion dv9700t


    Recently, the hard drive on my Pavilion dv9700t (p / n: KL086AV) began to fail.  So I bought a new hard drive and created the recovery disc (I didn't realize that I had to their creation until now, but I got lucky and my computer handed her long enough to do so).

    However, when I installed the new hard drive and tried to launch the recovery discs, I received the message, "this PC is not supported by system recovery disks.  You can continue to recover this system with these discs. »

    I have vista 32 bit, my old hard drive was 320 GB and a new one, I bought is a Seagate 500 GB.

    Through researching this problem, I came across different answers.  Some say that the size of the hard drive must be the same, others say recovery discs do not work on a new drive hard unless a special action is taken by a technician, and some say that there is no problem at all.

    I can't find any consistent information on this problem.  All the tips, I would much appretiate.  Thank you in advance!


    Sometimes the discs just do not work.

    I have not met a problem where if you have a bigger drive they don't work, but if you get a smaller drive as an SSD, so it's almost a sure bet that they do not work.

    As I see it, you have two choices: buy a set of HP recovery disks, if they are available and hope they work.

    Or if you can read your Vista product key on the sticker COST MS 25 characters on the bottom of your PC, you can make your own Vista installation disc.

    If you are in a fault light but rewarding you can do yourself if you can read your product key of Vista on the PC of 25 characters.

    You just download the 3 files you need on the link below and read all the instructions to create a Setup bootable DVD disk using imageburn.

    Do not take into account the part of the text in the first screen shot about "extract the files in the folder of Vista."

    The files were extracted already in this folder when you ran the X14.exe file by reading the text on top of the first screenshot.

    The other thing I noticed is on the 4th page, where it shows Developer ID Microsoft Corporation. I had to type Microsoft Corporation in me, and then other codes already filled in.

    When I went to compile the ISO file, ImageBurn gave a message on a WIM file, file and ISO, and if I wanted to burn it in a different format.

    I selected no, make the ISO file.

    It was not so hard to do. I burned both the disk of 64-bit and 32-bit disk in case I ever need them.

    I tested both of them one my hp dc7100 CMT desktop PC, worked flawlessly.

    When you enter the product key, he knows which version of Vista you have.

    After you install Vista successfully, you can then install the drivers for your PC and driver page support.


  • Try to migrate from the hard disk for ssd drive

    Hello, 4 days ago I bought dell inspiron with windows 8.1 5748 and a 1 TB hard drive.

    I also bought samsung 250 GB of ssd drive 840EVO to replace the disk of 1 TB of the laptop. I cloned the HARD disk drive and restored the image in the ssd drive and when I mounted the SDS disc and shot to the top of the laptop I got an error that it cannot detect a drive... Press F2 to enter setup F5 for diagnostics and F1 to reboot.

    First I made sure to rise properly. After I checked I entered the bios where I noticed that the drive is recognized in the details of the system. The model was correct, the capasity as well. Fashion was ahci.

    I ran the diagnostics and they couldn't locate a drive.

    So, is this an incompatibility? I checked for updates to the bios and I see I m to date on that. The player is surelly ok as I have tested on another pc...

    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Add1ctiv3,

    We recommend that you use the recovery disks that are you ready when you got your system to restore the image of the original on the SSD hard drive. Since they have the same size, it should work without problem.

  • Capacity of the hard disk for NX9030


    I have a laptop HP Compaq NX9030. The hard disk starts to show errors so I intend to replace it. Does anyone know if the laptop has a limited capacity for replacement hard drives?

    Thank you


    You have the Intel 855 chipset. In order to launch a hard drive larger than 137 GB, you need help for 48-bit Large Block Addressing in the chipset, BIOS and operating system. I find contradictory information on the ability of the chipset 855 doing of 48bits LBA. I also wonder if ever taken HP worth of produce a BIOS that would make 48 bit LBA in this model being the biggest hard drive offered 60 gigs. In other words, I think you should assume 120 GB is size max hard drive you can use and the only way I can think to prove otherwise is to buy the largest disk and install it. Windows XP Sp1a and superior does not large drives.

  • Increase the size of the hard disk on the Image of VI


    Is anyway to increase the size of the HD on an image that I have already downloaded on my server ESXi (3.5)? I tried to power on to the bottom of the image, and change the size of the hard drive under settings, but this makes no difference.

    I am familiar with how to change the size of HD on VMWare Workstation images. It is similar to this or is there an easier way to do it?

    This image is an application server and I foolishly deleted the original of my laptop, so it's the only copy I have. So is there a way I can increase the size of HD on this image easily?

    Thank you.

    You have a backup of the virtual machine that you can go back?  It looks like something I messed up with the partitions during the expansion.

    I would try attaching the C drive of this virtual machine to another virtual machine and it turn on.  See if you can use diskpart to extend the volume or if he thinks he is already extended.

    For future use, with Windows Server 2008, you do not need assistance VM or even need to power off the virtual machine itself to develop the hard drive.  You can simply extend the space using the VI Client, and Windows Server 2008 has features to extend hard drive built in.  Goto, right-click Disk Management and select Rescan disks to see the new size of the drive.  Then right-click on the current partition and select "Extend Volume" and a short wizard guides you through the rest.  You can do it without interruption.

  • Satellite 1700-400: maximum size of the HARD drive?


    the hard drive of my 1700-400 has collapsed.
    Initially, it was a 10 GB HARD drive.
    What is the maximum size of the 1700-400 can work with?

    grobi Oxford

    Hi Grobi

    Maybe someone exactly news upgrade HARD drive on this unit, but, in my opinion you can use up to 20 GB hard drives with no problems.

  • access all information on the hard disk for all users.

    I tried to set up a link today from my new laptop computer Windows 7 my most top of desktop running vista.  The liaison program stated that the administrator on my old computer was only a temporary user.  I tried to set up the account as a permanent user without realizing that it would replace the current account.  I have now no access to programs from hard drive of the main user I was using.  I was wondering if there is anything I can do to access the hard disk with this user and import files?  I forgot almost all programs appear on the computer but open to anything.

    Hi kismet.

    1. What do you mean by link program?

    2. What have you tried to do?

    3. how many accounts do you currently on the computer and what are they?

    4. what happens when you try to access the files on the hard drive?

    It seems that you do not have permissions to access the files on the hard drive.

    I suggest that take you the files and folder try to access.

    To take ownership of a folder

    (a) right click on the folder you want to take control and then click Properties.

    (b) click on the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the owner tab.

    (c) click on Edit. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    (d) click on the name of the person you want to give to the property.

    (e) If you want that person to be the owner of the files and subfolders in this folder, select the check box Replace owner subcontainers and objects .

    (f) click OK.

    Troubleshoot "access denied" when opening files or folders

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Increase the capacity of the hard disk for VM


    I use ESX 4.0 with vSphere 4.0.

    When there is no snapshots more I would like to increase the capacity of the hard disk of the virtual machine in the menu to change settings / Hard disk. There is MS Windows Srv 2008 R2 64-bit installed.

    What is the right way to do it? Operating system, there is no problem with this increased disc? Primary partition will automatically increase as or what I have to do it myself later?

    There should not be problems with the guest operating system when you increase the size of the virtual disk. After the increase in size in the settings of the virtual machine, you need to resize the NTFS partition in the VM Windows 2008 disk management.


  • How to change Pavilion DV2000 hard drive? What brand/size of the hard disk works?

    I have a Pavilion dv2000 I bought in 2006 (waaay out of warranty).

    My current (original) hard drive is completely filled. It is 80 GB. Fujitsu SATA

    I tried to upgrade the hard drive me. I bought a Western Digital SATA 250 GB hard drive is cloning kit.
    The kit seemed to do what he was supposed to, but when it was time to put the new drive in, I ran into problems.

    Do not match the connectors on the ends upwards. Metal "teeth - like ' connector end face on the new hard drive instead of to the bottom." (I couldn't find another way to navigate the hard drive cradle to get the connectors to face down so that they connect with the rest of the computer.

    Predictable when I tried to boot up the laptop, it wouldn't read the new hard drive. So I put the old hard drive in and that's what I use now as I type.
    The old hard drive did not fit into the cloning kit which makes me think that this hard drive configuration is obsolete and this laptop can not be upgraded at all, which sucks considering how much $$$ I've spent on this equiptment upgrade...

    I can't find info on internal hard disk of purchases on the HP website. Anyone know what new hard drive will work in this old laptop?

    Thank you for helping!

    I found the answer. It turns out that my computer is so old that about a year after I bought it, HP changed the configuration of HDD on their laptops all line of Pavilion in the future. The HD config in my laptop is now part of a line that was interrupted for more than 2 years. This old line goes only up to into space at 120 GB if you can find an old still sold online. Retailers do not sell them more.

    And I can't use the clone HD product that I bought since my hard drive is obsolete and does not.

    So I'm pretty much stuck with what I have now. It's not worth the hassle. I'm going to do with this for a year (with an external hard drive), and then get a new machine.

    Please help guys!

  • Replacement hard disk for Pavilion a1410n.

    I have Pavilion a1410n desktop. Only the changes that has been done is upgrading the memory to 3 GB.

    The hard drive in the computer, which is a 200 GB (SATA) has been restored several times, which does not give me much space left. I am wanting to replace the hard drive with a larger. What is the most important I can go with, without causing a lot of problems? Can I put a 500 GB or more of this computer?

    I have the restore disc that I ordered for this return of the computer when I bought it. So, I would not have problems with drivers and others. Am I right in assuming that if I leave the restore disc to do their work, it configures the disk partitions and all?

    Please can someone answer back me as soon as possible. I need to return this computer running as soon as possible.


    I don't know the answer to your questions, except to say that no hard drive (at least in Windows Help) has never its total size available.  And the larger the hard drive, there seems to be a larger piece of unusable space.

    Of what you have said, you still have a lot of free space available. Once your hard drive becomes 60-70% full, then it's time to look for a bigger.

    In addition, please note that if you do not install a bigger hard drive, you will not be able to put the partition recovery on it.

    Another idea for you would be to install a new drive hard more to one that you have and use it to store your files, music, photos, etc on, and you can continue your the original one for the OS and programs.

    You will need to make sure that if you do that, you buy a hard drive which comes with a cable SATA data.

    There should be another SATA power cable to hang it, and you would plug the data cable into the SATA port labeled SATA1.

    Just make sure you have a player available to install and screw location or what is needed to mount the drive inside the enclosure.

    To help you do this, I enclose the link to your guide of upgrade and maintenance, which will give you step by step instructions on how to open the case and install the various components, including hard drives.


  • Size of the hard disk automatically decreases

    My drive Th hard 'C' smaller automatically. It sometimes shows size in GB and sometimes in MB. The actual size and the size that is displayed is different. For example, I have total data of 75 GB out 121 GB but it will show that you only have 2 GB left. Please give me fix for this problem.


    This free program allows you to see what is taking place.

    Here's how to understand Treesize Screenshots:


    Also check how much space system restore uses:


    You can clean your hard drive using these two methods.

    "Delete files using Disk Cleanup"

    Using the free CCleaner program:

    In NO case use the registry cleaning Option in CCleaner


    Download, install, update and scan your system with the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware:

    And Norton Backup, if you are using Norton, can do strange things with filling of hard drive space.

    See you soon.

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