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in the latest version of Garageband 10.1.1 it is said that this version of Garageband for OS X now supports music notes Morland (CAFs) - but it is not possible to open these using the option 'import the music file Morland. The files are all grayed out. Why?

Do not go directly to iCloud by car, but use the menu "file > iCloud > import a file memo music.»  It should work.

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  • I have an ipod touch 128 GB... but I'm almost to reach its maximum.  I want to do is buy a new ipod touch 128 GB and add new music without synchronizing the entire library to it... I have 2 ipods in conjunction with other copies

    I have an ipod touch 128 GB... but I'm almost to reach its maximum.

    I want to do is buy a new ipod touch 128 GB and add new music without synchronizing the entire library to it... I have 2 ipods in conjunction with the other copies of the other.

    is this possible?

    What should I do?


    When you get the new iPod, you can use iTunes on your computer to select and synchronize the music you want on it, in the same way that you synchronize your current iPod - your iTunes will recognize them as different devices and will remember your choice of synchronization for each, it will not (unless, for example, you restore the backup of your current on her iPod) put the same content on both.

    (I asked for your post be moved to the iPod Touch forum, where you have posted is the iPad forum use.)

  • Lack of shot-up music/Audible in iOS 10 controls

    As a regular sound listener, I regularly used blow-up controls music on pause or go back as you drive an audiobook to keep my GPS map display on the screen. Since the update to iOS 10, shot-up music control buttons disappeared. Unless there is a more simple solution, I spend Waze audible, which is much more distracting and may be dangerous. Has anyone here found a solution?

    Hello chemess,
    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand your message that you want to use the audio controls in the control panel to control your audio books using a GPS navigation app. I understand your desire to not have music controls in the Panel. Controls the music is accessible from the control panel by opening Control Panel and slide the Panel to the left.

    Control Center to use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Swipe Control Center left to play quickly, pause and control the volume of your favorite song, podcast and more.

    Best regards.

  • Library icloud music isn't on my iphone

    Our family has recently enrolled in music apple and came to know that my son's iphone is not able to connect to our share of apple. It can be downloaded on his laptop computer.

    I noticed that the option to toggle the music library of icould is absent from his arrangements of music. It is not at all!

    In any case, to get this back such that there the option?

    Thank you for all the advice!

    Take a look at this article and see if it helps.

    Turn on iCloud music library

  • How to access UpNext in music?

    I'll start by saying that I hate this last update to the Apple's music. As far as I know, they removed features. (Not to mention ugly new style "Jitterbug", with a larger text more "BOLD") How the hell can I add a song to "to the top next? The option 'more' is no longer available for my songs! It's infuriating!

    Please help if you can.

    I thought about it. You press hard on the song for the options 'more '. I forgot about this feature.

    So there go if you have the same questions.

  • Why Apple have downgraded app music in iOS10?

    I have never written a comment or opened a discussion here but I felt compelled after the last updated iOS10...

    I do not understand why Apple have passed their music app when they are competing with major players such as Spotify etc.

    As a music lover, I can create now is no longer lists Genius playlist with the music I record on my iPhone and it doesn't I have songs with stars rate - there is just a useless 'like' and the button "hate" frustrates me a lot. We used to be able to delete a certain song in a playlist as well, now, you can only delete the song completely from your library. UH no, stupid option! The music app has just become more simplified and boring application to use, ever. I was considering the permutation of Spotify for Apple music but there is no way so I do now.

    Nobody knows how to get the message to Apple so that they sit and recognize that they made a huge mistake and start on a new update iOS10 to bring these great features, now disappeared?

    I would like to hear from anyone who feels even though I know I'm not the only one there!

    Yes, where EXACTLY E-X-A-C-T-L-Y is this dislike on the app button? I have iPad 3, do not find the option in the latest version for iPad 3 (not 10). ??? Very frustrating!

  • I have a music library of about 7.6 GB.  I have an old nano iPod which has a capacity of 8.0 GB. When I try to sync my library on the nano it accepts only about 1.68 GB.  How can I fix?

    I have a library of about 7.8 GB of songs iTunes music.  I have an iPod nano to 8.0 GB.  When I try to sync my music on the iPod the IPod does accept that about 1.68 GB.  I tried to restore and re-synchronization-the same results.


    Are all your songs stored locallyin your computer's iTunes library?  iTunes cannot sync the songs that are accessed by streaming from Apple servers ("iCloud").  To check, find a song that does not sync your iPod to your iTunes library.  Do a right click and get information.  On the tab of the file Info window, browse to the location.  This site shows a path of the file to the location the file of that song on your drive, or should I say iCloud?  Expressed the iCloud, download it.

    If this is the General reason why much of the music library will not sync to the iPod, you can select the pieces all affected at the same time, right-click on the selection and download.  Once all the music files are stored locally, they sync to iPod.

    If this is not the cause of your problem, thanks for posting back with all additional details, such as any error message that appears when you attempt to sync.

  • I just new iPhone 7 & when I transfer, none of my music is available offline (purchased and apple's music program), trying to figure out how I can download it all at once, without having to enter each individual album and click the cloud

    Just got the new iPhone 7 & when I transfer iphone 6 iPhone 7, my music has arisen on the phone, but none of my music is available offline, try to understand how I can download all at once for use offline, without having to enter each individual album and click the cloud.  I have a lot of music on my phone, would take me forever to individually download each album one by one for offline use.

    I have both bought albums/songs itunes and also many of the monthly music apple package.  In any case for all it all at once?


    You must use the same identifier apple

    Go down homepage itunes page where it says more about this music bought to display

    And download

    For music apple if its does not sign of apple ID then sign.

    See you soon


  • Update for Sierra and now my Apple music does not appear I have a subscription and I am unable to get my music on the cloud?

    Update for Sierra and now my Apple music does not appear I have a subscription and I am unable to get my music on the cloud?

    Hey there Scotchman2926,

    I understand that you are experiencing some problems with Apple music on Sierra. I have a few suggestions to help you solve this problem. First of all, if you are unable to access the iTunes Store as well as music from Apple, use the information in this article to help resolve this problem:

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store - Apple Support

    If this does not resolve the problem, you might try signing out of your Apple ID in iTunes and then connect again.

    Thanks to be come to the communities of Apple Support and let us know how it goes.

    See you soon.

  • Music app will make no sound

    The music on my iPhone app 6 will not make any noise. When I insert a track, it is said that he plays, but no sound. Happens if I play with nothing hooked up, or if I have a headset in, or if it is connected via the speaker or car charger. The phone always say he plays I like, but no sound comes out. This does NOT happen if I use an app like Spotify, so I know that my speakers and other audio devices are not the problem. It's incredibly frustrating. What exactly should I do to get it working again?

    Hi there 1glazeddonut,

    I understand that you encounter some problems with your application of music playing songs you want to listen to. I can help you solve this problem. First, lets start by closing the music app and restart the iPhone:

    Force an application to close on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Let us know how the behavior changes after you complete these steps. Thank you for coming to Apple Support communities.

    See you soon.

  • The list view in the Playlists of music

    As a DJ, I rely on iTunes for my music catalogue and allow me to get the best information on each song as quickly as possible. We chose all likely what parts of the ID3 tags, we want our vision of library to display...

    but in the Playlists of music, it doesn't seem to be a way to change this info is displayed. I need to be able to see the Album, Bitrate and comments in my Playlists of music... not just title/length/artist/Genre/year...

    If anyone has found a solution to this let me know... or I ask Apple to allow us to display our playlists just like we would songs within our library...

    When your reading list is open, go to view > view > songs.

    That should fix it.

  • Music file won't save

    I just installed the new software for iTunes and lost all music except what I had bought in the shop.  I can't record albums when I try to add to my library.  I get the error message "cannot save files to the iTunes library.  An unknown error occurred (-50), I restarted, computer and software to uninstall/reinstall but no help.

    This article of turingtest2 can help:

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  • Apple's music

    Today, I wanted to join Apple music using Montreal 3 months, but after indicating the card number, $0.99 comes from my account. I want my money because I do not understand for what I pay.

    Apple will place a wedge of authorization on your card to verify that it is functional and can be loaded. This expectation should be restored shortly.

    Any payment holds card authorization in the iTunes Store - Apple Support

    For example, in the United States, you can see $1,00 USD authorization hold. If you live in another country, you might see a different amount in the currency of your region.

  • where is the music I received via airdrop on my phone?

    Where can I assign music I received via airdrop on my phone?

    Have you checked in iMovie? You can't drop music directly in the music app unless it's Apple's music links.

  • What is the composition of music apple for?

    The only question I have to answer is "what apple music membership for, what called me?  The only answer I get is how to cancel or manage my account!

    It allows you to listen to or download the Apple music titles as much as you want, but you must remain a member of songs downloaded through it to read.


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