Measurement Studio 2015 Installer creator vs WIX

What is the reasoning behind the development of the new measurement feature Studio Installer?  I have never had any problem using Wix for mixed deployment c#, C++ that use Measurement Studio products.  It just seems like an odd sense to send the development resources, opossed say, improve support WPF?  Or documentation of the product and samples for WPF?

Mark DeArman

Hi, Mark

The reasons that we have dedicated development resources by creating a builder application to install for Measurement Studio are:
1. Once Visual Studio has diminished in favour of their native installation project, the number of support requests involving the deployment of Measurement Studio has increased considerably.
2. Apart from the Setup project, the only other method of deployment which Measurement Studio is fully supported is Windows Installer XML (WiX), which was not well received by customers. Almighty, WiX has a steep learning curve, even to accomplish a simple deployment.
3 measurement Studio does not support InstallShield, among other popular solutions to WiX for the deployment.
4. the supported deployment methods, no guide customers what drivers OR and components attached to their application to ensure good run time behavior.

Builder installer helps to solve these problems and has already received positive feedback from many customers.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about the Builder installer; We would be happy to help you!

Thank you

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    I upgraqded my MS2013 MS2015 and now intellisense on MS all controls is no longer works. For all other controls language intellisense works normally. When I open an existing project using MS control (Gauage, plots, etc.) all the properties of control NOR and methods are of red color. When I press period after an instance control no properties or methods appear. Exisitng with methods and properties valid projects still compile without error.

    Hi Frank334,

    I tried to recreate what you see by creating a project using measures Studio 2013 for Visual Studio 2012 that mimics the code in your screenshot, installation of measurement Studio for Visual Studio 2012 2015 and again opening the project. Here's what I see:

    Everything seems to work. Can you walk us through the process you used to update to Measurement Studio 2015? Have you tried anything to refresh the IntelliSense information for your project? I found this article of stack overflow that can help:

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    It turns out that it was an indirect exception related to a few of my files that I still need to change "NumericControlCommands" to "ControlCommands".  The project seems to work fine now.

    Thank you

  • Measurment Studio 2015 Builder installer not conditioning not DLL Analysis.Professional


    My application uses the package MS Anaylsis I want is not included in the Installer Setup Builder installer. I checked the "OR Measurement Studio Anaylysis .NET language runtime 2015 for .NET 4.5" in the Section of the driver NOR.

    After the execution of the installation on a machine of own generation Win8-64 my application generates a "could not find error Assembly" to "NationalInstruments.Anaylsis.Professional, Version.

    A careful review of all available libraries does not suggest there is a more appropriate library to include in the build. My installation Builder is for a mixed environment, but my request is built as x 64.

    Can anyone suggest a solution?

    Thank you, Frank.

    Hi, Frank

    On your deployed machine, can you check the following directory and take a screenshot?


    It is possible that this happens because your application was built against the version of NationalInstruments.Analysis.Professional, but the version installs the OR Measurement Studio analysis .NET Language Runtime install. If this is the case, you can do two things:

    • (Recommended) Rebuild your application against the Measurement Studio .NET assemblies 2015 versions before you redeploy using the 2015 runtime installation programs.

    • Create an application configuration file that redirects 13.0.45.xxxx to NationalInstruments.Analysis.Professional.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 - installation problem

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  • Cannot find IMAQ functions: IMAQ in correlation, analysis of particles IMAQ able Studio 2015


    I wonder if someone is able to help me with my questions as I am a little confused with what packages are available for my intention. I use LabView 2015, .net 4.5 and Measurement Studio 2015 (for .net), Visual Studio 2013 update 5. For LabView, I installed IMAQ Vision Acquisition Software February 2015.

    After installing Measurement Studio and try its features, I am able to find functions like Savitzky-Golay LabView signal processing in Measurement Studio under the namespace NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise in .NET.

    However, for functions of LabView IMAQ as convoluted IMAQ, IMAQ in correlation, analysis of particles IMAQ, I am unable to find corresponding calls Studio 2015 able. How can I get these functions?

    Thank you.

    Nevermind, I think I've found my own answer. Measurement Studio 2015 contains only the LabView functions that can be called in the c# language. However, if you need features IMAQ, you can buy NI Vision Development Kit. The kit only supports .net 3.5.

    For new projects, use the NI Vision OpenCV support.

  • WiX Installer Measurement Studio merge modules

    Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to create a WiX Installer for a Measurement Studio application similar to the Base article? I have an application Measurement Studio c# which I am creating a WiX Installer for and I have problems to get the measurement of inside studio merge modules. I get errors ICE30. I'm using WiX 3.0.

    Hi d_sdl,

    Our merge modules should work in WiX, as I have tested this several times. When you say that you have found ICE30, that fails your build? As you probably already know, one of the nice features of WiX is that you can set a flag so that whenever WiX compiles and links your source, it works ICES on them. This allows you to catch problems early in your development process. I guess you do is put the WiX linker fails if ICE warnings/errors are thrown. You can configure WiX for actions based on ICES advice you get. What is important is that you can turn off this setting, but it depends on how you are nvoking WiX (i.e. through NAnt, MSBuild, Votive, etc.). In any case, there are different ways to disable this option. What I would say is to disable the option, or be specific about which ICES to ignore. This decision would be to the you. The key is to understand what actually means ICES and determine if they are legitimate questions.

    ICE30 can indicate a variety of different things, but a common reason corresponds to the entries of the SFN. Some of our merge modules are always generated through Visual Studio deployment projects and VS created RFU very well. Thus, you're left with SFN entries duplicated in the MSM. Long file names are different, but the short file names are the same. WiX does this correctly which is nice, but unfortunately we can't convert some of these modules more MSM because of VS restrictions and limitations, that we found. It would be nice if better RFU created VS.

    Attached is a zip file that contains two projects that are:

    • C# project that produces the binary file that the Setup program will install
    • Project of WiX that creates the MSI file

    First, be sure to build the c# project. I tested the MSI that result, and it works very well on a target system.

    Note If you want to load the wix project, you must have the final version of Votive on your system.

    Best regards

  • Visual Studio 2008 Pro takes a long time to start after the installation of measurement Studio 2009

    After installing Measurement Studio 2009, I noticed that it takes a long time (30-60 seconds) to open a Visual Studio project.

    I do not have an internet connection on my development computer and suspect he might be waiting on some kind of operation of the network to time out.  I had problems with Visual Studio in the past as well and had to work around them by adding entries to my hosts file (to redirect some addresses of Microsoft to the local IP address - this causes network operations to expire immediately).

    Just curious if anyone has encountered this kind of slow startup time and found a solution.

    Thank you!

    I found an article referring to a question similar to MS 8.1.  I don't know if the problem has simply not been corrected or why I am still having this problem.  Workaround "per computer" listed in the article solved my problem. I have

  • OR e/s 14 Instrument installation wizard is not compatible Measurement Studio


    I want to create an Application for Windows OR VISA using Visual c#, but I can not find this new project dialog box template.

    I also read this post (, but it seems that it is not my problem.

    When I tried to reinstall Wizard NI Instrument of e/s, I found that it provides no support for Measurement Studio.

    I installed MS Visual Studio Ultimate 2012, Measurement Studio Enterprise 2013, NI-VISA 5.4, OR-488. 2 3.1.1 OR August 2014 by this order device driver. My OS is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.

    What should I do now?

    Thank you

    Hello thangvq,

    I took a look at the Release Notes for measurement Studio 2013, and it seems that the Instrument i/o Assistant OR not is not supported in versions of Visual Studio 2010 at the latest.  Take a look at the Support section of the drivers on page 5 for more information.


  • Problem with the installation of visual studio 2015 community

    I try to install visual studio 2015 community and having an error in the screanshot below. any help please.

    Hello Patrick,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    This question fits better to the developers on MSDN forums.

    I suggest you post your question on the following MSDN forum.

    Thank you

  • DAQ Assistant does not appear when starting a new project in Visual Studio 8 with Measurement Studio


    I have installed a system with the following configuration:

    Windows 7 Prof

    OR MAX

    Visual Studio 2008 Standard

    Measurement Studio 2013 (evaluation)

    Device drivers OR Feb 2013

    When I start a new project in Visual Studio, I can choose a model with NEITHER Windows forms application. After that I get an overview of the classes, but after that, I get no DAQ assistant. What Miss me as is actual references in the Toolbox, with the exception of the buttons and graphics of NOR.

    Someone at - it a solution for this problem?

    Thanks in advance,


    Dear Erik,

    I saw the same problem and I think that you can solve with the installation of the DAQmx 8.8 and make sure to include the Visual Studio integration.

    If you have any questions just reply to this email.

    Have a good time.

    Kind regards


  • Elements of measurement Studio will not work on other Machines


    I hope someone can help me on this one:

    I use Measurement Studio 8 with Visual Basic 2008 Express. Everything works fine on the pc I'm programming.

    But after the deployment of the project and install it on other machines, some items seem correct, or they have completely disappeared.

    I have attached a few screenshots for demonstration.

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Thank you in advance!


    Thank you very much for your quick response and the indicator with the 3D styles. With the new information, I also found this article on the same issue:

    Unfortunately, everything seems to be a little different with Visual Studio Express. I can't do the installation project, I can only do a very basic installation. However, I can chose which modules should be integrated. As you can see even in "modules.jpg".


    is included.  Eventually all the files appear in my folder to deploy (see "installfiles.jpg").

    Kind regards


  • Measurement Studio

    Hello NO,.

    in the past Measurement Studio was included in the SDS CVI - has made this change or is-wrong this document ?

    Thank you!

    Hi, Wolfgang

    The SSP for LabWindows/CVI 2015 letter reads as follows:

    Note: Measurement Studio is no longer included in the complete edition of LabWindows/CVI. For more information, please contact customer service at the 1-866-519-6285.

    On the page you have linked, I don't see what a contradiction to this policy change so I think that the information is correct.

    I hope that helps!

  • Measurement Studio 8.6 Setup error

    Hi, I get an "unknown error" in an attempt to upgrade of measurement Studio 8.5 to 8.6, which causes the installation fails.  I tried to uninstall all products of OR, but this has not helped (error persists).  I use Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 (2005 given that I needed controls ActiveX Studio measures in my projects and I was told it was the only way to do it:  Anyone have any ideas?

    So, I still is returned to the registry and removed any mention of National Instruments Measurement Studio or "nidaq.  This seems to have done the trick.  The MStudio and device drivers are install without "unknown error."

  • Cannot install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015


    I recently installed a game (Grim Dawn) and when I try to run it, I get this message:

    "The program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. »

    After some research, looks like it has something to do with Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 so I went here:

    and tried to download it, but after uploading, click on execute to install it, nothing happens, you see do not just install the progress bar or anything like that.

    When I look in my installed programs, I see a lot of Visual C++, but between 2005 and 2012, 2015 No.

    No idea why I can't run the installer?

    I am running Windows 7 SP 1

    Link this is the support forum for the game I'm playing, I said my problem here and some people have tried to help me, maybe the answers he could you guys give some advice

    Thanks for your help

    Nope, ended up having to reinstall windows after having looked for a solution for 2 weeks. :(

Maybe you are looking for