Menu appears on touchevent click EditField. CONSUME_CLICK is not an option to the edit field.

The Menu appeared on a touchevent click an EditField.  CONSUME_CLICK is not an option to the edit field.

He always did, but I still have to figure out what caused change to happen.  Maybe because I went to GridFields.  Anyone has any ideas on how to avoid that the menu when I use a touchscreen device and click the EditField?

Thank you!


When you override navigationUnclick, return false - return super.navigationUnclick (status, time). It is a cleaner way to do it and it saved my day several times.

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  • Previous screens Menu appearing after button click

    Hi people,

    Do not know how to solve this problem... I'm probably just not to consume an event somewhere.

    My application is a multi-screen application. The user navigates by selecting (especially) options menu or clicking / tapping on the ButtonField. I find that when a user clicks a button in the application that pushes a new screen in the stack of navigation (in his listener to change) the following happens:

    • The new screen is displayed
    • Menu of the previous screen is displayed immediately

    If the user cancels the incorrect menu... Then opens a new menu, then the appropriate menu appears.

    I Build menu on the fly by substituting the screen makeMenu method. I call super first, and then create my own menu items.

    Buttons just run a FieldChangeListener that grows the new screen in the navigation stack.

    This behavior occurs both on my BB 8350i physical device and in the BB Storm Simulator. I use the component package 4.7.0.

    How can I stop the previous screen menu to appear immediately after a button click event pushes a new screen?

    Thank you!

    Add CONSUME_CLICK in your ButtonField constructor style bits.

  • I use view all bookmarks to set up a menu. When I click on something it often becomes hidden behind the menu page. This started to happen with the latest Firefox upward

    I use view all bookmarks to set up a menu. This page is now tagged library.
    When I click on something it often becomes hidden behind the library, rather than to the front where it is supposed to be. It started to happen with the latest update of Firefox.

    Can it be fixed?

    Sometimes, I noticed when I open a link in Firefox that the window that I expect to appear and stay out in front did not stay in front. I have not been able to identify a model, and just try once your script, it's not happened to me.

    If you have a widescreen monitor, another option for the use of bookmarks, in addition to the Library/Organizer and the dropdown menu, is to use the sidebar (press Ctrl + b to open and close).

  • Menu appears with each click

    Howdy, all.

    I develop a form by using the API of the RIM, and for some reason, whenever I click outside of a field in the storm, a submenu appears with several choices (show the keyboard, exit, etc.).  It's embarrassing.  It also happens when I push a new screen in the stack.  How can I avoid this?

    Here is an example of code, but I think it's more a question of a general nature.

            VerticalFieldManager vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(Field.FIELD_VCENTER);
            vfm.setPadding(20, 20, 20, 20);
            // Continue Button
            ButtonField exit = new ButtonField("Agree and Continue", Field.FIELD_HCENTER);
            FieldChangeListener exitListener = new FieldChangeListener()
                public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context)
            exit.setMargin(20, 0, 0, 0);

    To be clear, replace the line with this:

    ButtonField exit = new ButtonField("Agree and Continue", Field.FIELD_HCENTER | ButtonField.CONSUME_CLICK);
  • Mobile navigation - drop-down menu that closes after click and scroll to anchor? Am I the only one looking for this feature?

    Well, the question is a bit in the subject:

    But the problem is that I have a Compostion Widget with a menu inside. On my phone a tab in the menu opens - click on a menu item scrolls to the anchor - but the menu keep an open - I want it closes! So if you need to go to a new anchot - you open the new menu etc.

    How do I do that?



    Hi Mike,.

    Please make sure you have selected options as follows in the drop of the composition:

    Kind regards


  • Photoshop, not an option in the menu "open with...". »

    When I right-click on an image file in Windows and select "open with...". ", Photoshop CS 5.5 is not listed as an option.  Even when I find a program to open with and select the file "Photoshop.exe" appropriate, it will still not appear in the app menu.  I can't practically JPG in Photoshop without using "file: Open" of Photoshop.

    I used to have Photoshop CS4 installed, so I was wondering if this messed up the installation of 5.5.  I uninstalled Photoshop CS4.  Also uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop CS5.5 (although I kept my preferences).  No luck.

    Does anyone else have this problem?  Is this related to a problem of Windows registry?

    That's all!  The title of l'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Photoshop.exe\shell\, it was 'open\command' on my old version of CS4, while "edit\command" has been set at CS5.1.  So, I changed the 'open' to the same way that 'Edit' value, and it is now appear as an option.

    Thanks for the help!  This is the first time that I never edited my registry, but it does not seem too difficult once you me headed in the right direction.


  • Equium A80-132: do not select options in the Advanced Start menu

    I'm having a problem with my Satellite A80-132...

    When I start it, it continues to go to the page «windows did not close properly...» Start in safe mode, last known good... etc... »

    I know it's an operating system error, but the problem is that I can't select all the options go into the Bios, using the function F2 keyboard...
    Don't know if if anything with the keyboard... even when I press the arrow to select an option, it will not move/work.

    But it does not start when I press Alt + Ctrl + Del to restart shortcut.

    Someone at - it an idieas?

    THX in advance


    Are press you able to launch the advanced boot menu F12 immediately after the laptop was powered on?

    You can boot from CD/DVD drive? You can try to press the C button after the laptop was turned on. This should allow the start of the CD/DVD drive

    Check it out!

  • In Microsoft 2010 how you open all the worksheets at the same time in a folder? 'Open all' is not an option on right click.

    I need to open a month with a value of Excel spreadsheets in a folder. The only way I can understand them open is to open one at a time. My old version of Microsoft has an option 'open all' when I highlighted all the & right click. This is not an option in the 2010 version. I can't imagine that this is not an option in the latest version. Am I missing something?

    Open Excel, and then click file and 'open '. Navigate to the folder containing your Excel files, and select all the worksheets, that you want to open. You can drag a rectangle around them, use control + click, or use SHIFT + click to select more than one. And then click Open. It should open all the excel files.

  • Unexpected menu appears in the earpiece button

    This is my first attempt at development for the BB storm, and I use JDE 4.7.

    I started with a Hello World application, I found and I modified to add a simple button that says RED. When you click on I tried the wallpaper turn RED and change the button to say BLUE, when that is clicked on it turns BLUE changes back to RED button again.

    I've implemented this, use a standard listener ButtonField (which I call bhandler in my code). The program type of works, with the odd effect only on the Simulator is that when I click the button, the background color changes but a little menu appears. Anyone else seen this problem of menu? I don't expect to see a menu and I have not coded anything to ask for a menu appear when I click on this button.

    Here is my source code. The Manager is in bold. Note that the blog mess with the code, then it could be modified slightly by the smileys... All the answers that I see not why only a menu would be most appreciated... Thank you.

    * Copyright (C) 2001-2003 research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved.
    package com.rim.samples.helloworld;

    Net.rim.device.api.ui import. *;
    Net.rim.device.api.ui.component import. *;
    Net.rim.device.api.ui.container import. *;
    Net.rim.device.api.system import. *;
    Net.rim.device.api.ui.decor import. *;

    * BlackBerry applications that provide a user interface
    * must extend UiApplication.
    SerializableAttribute public class HelloWorld extends UiApplication
    Public Shared Sub main (String [] args)
    create a new instance of the application
    and launch the application on the event thread
    HelloWorld APP = new HelloWorld();
    theApp.enterEventDispatcher ();
    public HelloWorld()
    a new screen
    pushScreen (new HelloWorldScreen());

    create a new screen that covers the screen, which provides
    standard behavior by default for BlackBerry applications
    final HelloWorldScreen class extends screen
    public HelloWorldScreen()

    call the constructor of the screen

    Add a title to the screen
    LabelField title = new LabelField ("HelloWorld example", LabelField.ELLIPSIS
    | LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH);
    setTitle (title);

    Add the text "Hello World!" to the screen
    Add (new RichTextField ("Hello World!" );
    First define the button handler
                    FieldChangeListener bhandler = new FieldChangeListener()
    ' Public Sub fieldChanged (field field, int context)
    ButtonField buttonField = field (ButtonField);
    If (buttonField.getLabel () is 'RED'
    Bottom newback = BackgroundFactory.createSolidBackground (Color.RED);
    getMainManager () .setBackground (newback);
    buttonField.setLabel ("BLUE";)
    on the other
    Bottom newback = BackgroundFactory.createSolidBackground (Color.BLUE);
    getMainManager () .setBackground (newback);
    buttonField.setLabel ("RED";)

    Define the button itself use Manager above, this one called RED
    ButtonField buttonField = new ButtonField ("RED";)     Create a RED button
    buttonField.setChangeListener (bhandler);               Implement the handler for button defined above
    Add (buttonField);  Adds the button to the screen.


    Override the onClose() method to display a dialog to the user
    with "Goodbye!" when the application is closed
    public boolean onClose()
    Dialog.Alert ("Goodbye!" ;
    System.Exit (0);
    Returns true;

    You must add the CONSUME_CLICK to your style of button, like this:

    ButtonField buttonField = new ButtonField ("RED", ButtonField.CONSUME_CLICK)

  • Firefox now requires stopping at the end of the session, otherwise does not open by clicking on ikon. Previously, he opened all the time.

    I use an iMac running OSX6. The ikon of firefox in the dock requires the closing and re-opening every time
    I have access to firefox. Previously the ikon would remain open and my firefox home page appears after
    by clicking on. Showing my bookmarks, etc. in the Apple toolbar. How can I return to this setting?

    You still haven't the Firefox (open) visible bar menu and may open a new window via the file menu?

  • Option "Lock the Note" not available in the sharing of the note (iOS 9.3) menu


    I've just upgraded to iOS 9.3 and want to take advantage of the new functionality of notes of locking. It is not immediately obvious how to set a password so I looked at a few online instructions. The instructions say to use open a note, press the button share and then select Lock Note in the lower part of the action menu. Problem is that I don't have this option in the menu share. All I have is copy, printing and more. By pressing on the right reveals a list that contains only the above two options - copy and printing. Is the same for new and existing notes. I have an iPhone 5.

    Did someone please explain how to get the "Lock notes" option appear in the menu share?

    Thank you!

    Hello jump289,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you have difficulties in the new note lock feature on your iPhone. I suggest you take a look at the following article to ensure you are not missing something in the process.

    Secure your notes with password protection

    My original question is possible spare part. See the following article:

    You can't lock notes having PDFs, audio, video, documents, Keynote, Pages, or numbers.

    Best regards.

  • Is not scrolling screen when the virtual keyboard is opened by clicking an edit field


    I have searched and tried many things, but not got success.

    There are three managers of verticalfield in my screen.



    = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) Manager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT | Manager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected voidpaint (Graphics grphcs) {}

    if (imgBG! = null) {

    grphcs.drawBitmap (0, 0,

    imgBG.getWidth (), imgBG.getHeight (), imgBG, 0, 0);


    Super.paint (grphcs);


    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}

    maxWidth = UIConstants.


    maxHeight = UIConstants.


    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);





    = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) Manager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT | NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected voidpaint (Graphics grphcs) {}

    if (imgBGCoverInternetHome! = null) {

    grphcs.drawBitmap ((UIConstants.

    SCREEN_WIDTH - imgBGCoverInternetHome.getWidth () / 2, 0, imgBGCoverInternetHome.getWidth (), imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight (), imgBGCoverInternetHome, 0, 0);


    Super.paint (grphcs);


    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}

    maxWidth = UIConstants.


    maxHeight =

    imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight () / *-UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT (UIConstants.LABEL_HEIGHT + UIConstants.FOOTER_MENU_HEIGHT) * /;

    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);





    = new VerticalFieldManager(USE_ALL_WIDTH |) USE_ALL_HEIGHT | VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}

    maxWidth = UIConstants.


    maxHeight =

    imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight () - imgButtonFocusBig.getHeight (/2/*UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT - (UIConstants.LABEL_HEIGHT + (UIConstants.FOOTER_MENU_HEIGHT + VERTICAL_GAP))) * /;

    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);



    I'm addidng all fields in the Manager of scrolling that is vfmScroll.

    By clicking on the edit field, virtual keyboard opens on the screen, change the field leathers and screen does not scroll.

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply of Peter. Instead of UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT, now I use Display.getHeight () - headerHeight-footerHeight. Given that Display.getHeight () is calculated accordingly when the virtual keyboard is open, so his works well for me.

  • PSE 13 - activate the Edit menu options

    I just installed 13 PSE and want to put a single border around a photo.  The selection of line under the Edit menu option (in fact, almost all the options under the Edit menu) are greyed out.  I go to the menu Select and selected 'all' before I went to the Edit menu.  How to activate the options in the Edit menu?


    You are in Expert mode?

    Stroke is not available in fast mode.


  • ListField: menu appears after clicking navigation

    Hello members of the community.

    I have a problem with the menu displayed on the screen with ListField after navigation click event is raised.

    Here is what I do to reproduce this problem:

    -navigation click on the selected entry of the ListField control,

    -a new screen appears,

    -on this new screen, the menu appears which is defined for the screen on which is placed the ListField control.

    The click of the navigation is managed in the following way:

    protected boolean navigationClick (int status, int time)
    Field = this.getFieldWithFocus ();

    If (instanceof ListField field)

    MyAnotherScreen an another = new MyAnotherScreen();

    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .pushScreen (another);

    Returns true;

    Return super.navigationClick (status, time);

    protected boolean navigationUnclick (int status, int time)
    Returns false;

    The ListField is declared as follows:

    lstData = new ListField (0, Field.FIELD_HCENTER);
    lstData.setMargin (2, 2, 2, 2);

    Reminder is set in the more standard way - there is nothing special in it.

    I looked for a something, that allows to consume the click for the ObjectListField as ButtonField.CONSUME_CLICK the fact for ButtonField controls, but... so far without success. That's why I decided to write a post here.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    I solved the problem.

    It was caused by the fact that the screen, on which the ListField control was not closed. After you have added the line, it works fine now:

    If (instanceof ListField field)

    MyAnotherScreen an another = new MyAnotherScreen();

    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .pushScreen (another);
    This.Close ();
    Returns true;

  • Context menu prevent from appearing when you click on?

    I get the context? menu (the one with the full Menu and options Show/Hide keyboard) when I press (touch screen) or click on a field in a listechamps.  I don't know why.

    I extended ListField as follows:

    public class TableField extends ListField {
        TableFieldCallback callback;
        public void setTableCallback(TableFieldCallback callback) {
            this.callback = callback;
        protected boolean trackwheelClick(int status,int time) {
            App.DEBUG("CLICK START " + time);
            if (null != callback) callback.onclick(this.getSelectedIndex());
            App.DEBUG("CLICK CONSUMED");
            return true;

    The domain manager that contains this field implements TableFieldCallback and sets the callback object.

    The scope of the list does not contain child field, rather than the 'data' are set for each field.

    I press list (click on) a field (line) in the field and trackwheeClick() is called calls my onclick() method in my object and is processed (it loads another opinion), but the context menu is displayed, even if I returned true from trackwheelClick() of signs that I have consumed the event.

    This behavior is unacceptable, I need a way to be able to disable the context menu when you click on the field ofc.

    Note: the full menu appears sometimes, but I guess that's because I also accidentally click / tap the full menu option in the context menu that... maybe its because the context menu Gets the event of publication in the press / click don't know.

    Hey to return true on nothandled touch clear also

    and for the contact not returning true not managed navigationClick should do the job.

Maybe you are looking for