Menu mobile with accordion panel will not open when you view the phone's browser

I'm designing a sensitive site using breakpoints to 320, 768 and 1200.  I made a menu mobile with a panel of the accordion for breakpoints to 320 and 768.  Everything works fine with the reactive site on the web browser, except when I open the menu mobile on my windows phone, the Panel will not open.  When I press the menu to open it, the menu quickly opens and then closes immediately.  I was not able to understand what it takes to keep the menu open on the Tablet and phone version.  Any help would be really appreciated.

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OK first off I can confirm that the accordion on this page works on Microsoft phones (Nokia) and my iphone 3

However the site is a mess to navigate and IMO the design must be less congested to operate on a phone... tip, do not use a desktop computer to test your phone designs

with regard to the drawings and models responive. Take a look at these

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    Thanks for your help!

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    public class Bug49 extends UiApplication { public Bug49()    {     super();      Bug49Screen screen = new Bug49Screen();       pushScreen(screen);       ApplicationMenuItemRepository amir = ApplicationMenuItemRepository.getInstance();     Bug49NativeMenu bug49NativeMenu = new Bug49NativeMenu(0);     amir.addMenuItem(ApplicationMenuItemRepository.MENUITEM_PHONE, bug49NativeMenu ); }
      public static void main(String[] args) {      Bug49 b49 = new Bug49();      b49.enterEventDispatcher();   }
       static class Bug49Screen extends MainScreen {     public Bug49Screen() {            super();          setTitle(new LabelField("Hello"));            add(new RichTextField("Hello"));      } }
      static class Bug49NativeMenu extends ApplicationMenuItem  {     public Bug49NativeMenu(int order) {           super(order);     }     public Object run(Object context) {           if (context == null) {                Dialog.alert("context is null -- is this a bug?");            }         else {                Dialog.alert("context not null");         }         return null;      }     public String toString() {            return "Bug 49";      } }}

    It is a problem in the version of BlackBerry device software 4.6.0.  It has been fixed in version 4.7.0.

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    I only found one other report of what happens when I searched online, so it doesn't seem to be a common problem.

    I think I may need to reinstall the program. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Preran,

    I uninstalled Dreamweaver CS6 and installed Dreamweaver CC. Now it works!

    Thanks for the helpful tips.

  • Attachments does not open when you use the browser to open my pdf documents

    HI, guys

    I have a problem, can someone help me?

    Some of my PDFs get attachments, those attachments can be opened while I using Adobe Reader. After that I downloaded these PDF documents in my FTP server and then with my browser to navigate these PDF, I can't open these attachments.

    Thank you

    Hi Miykael,

    You have flash player installed on your system for that browser? Have you tried to access this PDF from a different browser?

    I would also recommend to refer this KB Document:

    Kind regards


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    Hi John,.

    Please let me know exactly what happened when you tried my suggestions of first and second.

    Of your most recent post, looks like you're watching the wrong part of the Device Manager. Optical drive is listed under "readers of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM". The info you gave appear under "drives". If the drive is not listed under "readers of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM" or there is no such section in Device Manager, then Windows do not see. If windows can't see it then this means that there is no power or that the drive is broken.

    When you pushed the drive back in, the player no longer has much of the book or did you have to push all the way. If the latter, it means that the drive has no power or is broken.

    With respect to the opening of the case, I guess I should ask first if it's a laptop or desktop?


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    Let's say I want to move an object to another layer. I click the icon Panel layer collapsed to open it, and then select (click) the object on the artboard and the layer panel collapses to the icon. So I need to click the icon in the Panel to open it again and now I can move the object to a different layer, but the layer panel collapses again, when I select another object.

    I remember having this same problem with Flash CS4 user interface. I messed up a few settings, or is this really how the UI works in Illustrator? I would record screenspace panels collapsed and only keep open one that I need. InDesign works like that, keeping the expanded panels open until they are reduced again.

    Edit > Preferences > User Interface > uncheck Auto-effondrement icon panels

  • I can't open my emails or folders. I have new messages, but they will not open when I try to open them.

    I can't open my emails or folders.  I have new messages, but they will not open when I try to open them.  It says LOADING but it is right here does nothing.  It started about 10 days ago.  It also will not open a file I put in place.

    original title: I can't open my emails or folders.


    I suggest you to contact MSN support center and check out.

    How to contact MSN customer service

  • I just downloaded CC but the two PS and Lightroom will not open when I click on open. using Windows 7 any ideas

    I just downloaded CC but the two PS and Lightroom will not open when I click on open. using Windows 7 any ideas

    Please contact support:

    Contact the customer service


    Megha Rawat

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    Hey @MtVernon1910,

    I have to recommend at this stage that contact you support backup of lizard for further assistance if you have purchased the full version of the Lizard Safeguard software.

    LockLizard - Support

    However, if you use the free to Lizard Safeguard PDF Viewer you are not eligible for the support of Lizard Safeguard and need to contact the site where you download the abandoned coat pattern to go would either have them allow you to download and view a PDF through Adobe unsecured. Or try a different file such as JPEG or TIFF type to print.

    If the Properties window does not appear in the Lizard Safeguard software and you need to change the printing preferences, you can:

    1. Click on the start menu
    2. Select "devices and printers".
    3. Right click on your printer C309a and left click on 'Print Options' to change your settings.
    4. Once your settings, open your PDF in lizard backup and when you print it to remember the parameters that you set under printing options. Once the print job is completed, return to the devices and printers, and open your new product printing preferences to restore everything to the way it was before you print the PDF file.

    If the problem is that the print dialog box does not open for you, try hitting Ctrl + P your keyboard at the same time and should prompt the print dialog window to open.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks in advance,

    Torch 9800

    AT & T


    If you deskttop manager is installed on your computer, connect your phone and go to device > delete data > selected data > calendar (all) and delete... This should remove entries from your calendar completely and should fix this... If you restore a backup of your calendar, however, the problem will come back then you will need to put entries by hand sorry

  • I downloaded bridge in my application, but it will not start when I click the icon

    I downloaded bridge in my application, but it will not start when I click the icon


    Did you try to unsintall and reinstall the application?

    Kind regards


  • Microsoft Pinball Arcade, everything works except the right flipper does not work when you run the game. __Keyboard is very good

    Microsoft Pinball Arcade, everything works except the right flipper does not work when you run the game.
    Keyboard is fine.  Is this a compatibility issue?


  • Acer toggle display does not display when you use the Fn + F5 key secret on my Acer Aspire 5560

    What it does:

    When you use the Fn + F5 key combination on my Acer Aspire 5560, it brings up a screen changes on the laptop screen for the selection of an external monitor, I am currently using Windows 7 Ulitmate

    Before the problem:

    Display mode switch Acer existed prior to the upgrades of the drivers

    The problem:

    The toggle screen Acer does not display when you use the Fn + F5 key secret on my Acer Aspire 5560?

    Additon Information needed to solve the problem or any other information:

    I would like to know what driver or software operates the Acer toggle display Mode?

    Also where can I find this driver for computer: Acer Aspire 5560 to bring this Acer toggle display Mode function?

    Acer Toggle display Mode: this is a picture of it when you use the Fn + F5 combination:

    Thank you very much Ironfly Ace, it has worked Acer hero of the day

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