Menu of startup is displayed every time when I started my Equium L350D


Whenever I go on the computer laptop (Equium L350D) I get the Menu start, and just, it is there and does not start automatically.

It will start if I select the HARD drive very well.

There is no cd or USB devices connected to confuse it, nor is it network.

I tried pressing F2, but this does ' t seem to work and instead of the only way that the configuration utility is to choose in the Start Menu. Once in the "InsydeH20 Setup Utility" all that I can do is change the order of boot devices.
Once I have quit the utility, it will start normally.

Anyone can shed some light?

Enter the BIOS settings and check the boot order. How is it defined? What device is set as the first boot device?

Set the BIOS default settings, save the settings and check again.

Tags: Toshiba

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