Meraki guide order?


Is there a guide to ordering Cisco-style for Meraki products?

I know the following sites:

but they don't seem to have information on references, numbers of support/maintenance etc.

I wait with MDM (SM) of 100 places order.

Thanks in advance,

Muralidharan Bertin


MDM for 100 is free.  If you pass then then you will need to purchase licenses. Meraki retains this in-house and you will need to contact a partner in order to get the license or sale.

This is a 3 year, for example:


Please evaluate the useful messages *.

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  • UCCX ordering Guide

    Hi my friends,

    Please help me

    I get confused

    1. What is call Cisco Workforce Optimization (WFO) (CR) vs MediaSense different record?

    It's two different products with the same function?

    If buy WFO CR, we buy the operating system Windows Server and SQL?

    If buy MediaSense, buy only license and UCS server?

    2. is it possible buy only MediaSense for UCCX of voice recording?

    3. what document "CCX-90-N-CR-LIC. ' DESC: CCX 9.0 call NEW Rec appointed seat Qty 1 LIC ONLY.

    This is a license for voice recording products Cisco WFO CR?

    1 officer, 1 need this license?

    4. for the new installation (dan UCCX of CUCM), must buy the mediakit 'CCX-90MEDIAKIT-K9 ='?

    What is c?

    5 is it possible CMBE 6000, deploy UCCX with 150-400 agents?

    CMBE 6000 datasheet, said "up to 100 officers.


    Purchase CMBE 6000 bundle, with UCS C210/C220 series.

    installed CPIC 150 agents.

    6. I see on paper wiki, on the eggs of MediaSense server.

    SRE: 2 vCPU

    Primary/secondary: 7 vCPU.

    What is SRE?

    MediaSense required vCPU 7, so that's way I can't implement UCS even with CUCM?

    7. I read UCCX guide orders.

    Said, for HA, each server must license HA.

    So must buy 2 pcs/qty of 'L-CCX-90-N-PHA-LIC. ' DESC: CCX 9.0 PRE NEW HA (Dual Server Cluster) Qty 1 LICENSE ONLY?

    But when I put the QTY: 2, unauthorized CCW. only QTY: 1.

    1. WFO - QM is a Calabrio OEM product that allows you to capture audio and provides an interface to USER enough extended to search for, read, and in the case of the QM/AQM licenses mark calls. MediaSense is simply a platform for audio/video capture. He plans to act as a network of abstraction service responsibilities of media capture and allow that products such as WFO - QM to focus on experience user, after the media has been captured. If you use purely WFO - QM or MediaSense coupled with WFO - QM (or another supplier) is a design decision.

      1. Two distinct products
      2. Yes
      3. MediaSense has two licensed server software.
    2. Yes but the INTERFACE is extremely limited. I believe in 9.0, they added a search and playback application, but it is nowhere near the functionality of the QM products.
    3. Record of compliance is a license for WFO - QM level that records purely, without quality management (i.e. rating) calls is included.
    4. Yes
    5. Not on the same server of C200M3; they do not have test the user 300 or 400 EGGS. You use the solution sizing tool to think through this; across the superior CCX imposes a heavy load of CTI.
    6. Engine ready, aka UCS Express services. They are servers x 86 Module-Service running in VMware ESXi form factor. OK, at the seven vCPU is wrong to fit on your C200M3 BE6k box.
    7. You only need a quantity one.

    Please remember useful frequency responses and identify useful or correct answers.

  • Are WHAT SMP driver licenses applied to BE6000?


    I intend to deploy the conductor on BE6000.

    Then I have my doubts. Are WHAT SMP driver licenses applied to BE6000?

    Guide order BE6000 version 11.0, there is no description on SMP.

    Similarly, in the guide to Orederin BE7000 version 11.0, it has no description on SMP.

    Conductor on BE6000/7000 only allows PMP?

    Thank you.


    SMP and PMP licenses are ALWAYS installed in the driver, whatever the solution 6 K, 7 K, etc.

  • The FM10, 11 or 12, the range of standard unwearable items?

    Possible task: generate a guide-order / price list that pulls all prices from an external source master, while prices are always current on the new rendering.

    The source may be a database or just a spreadsheet or maybe some made, such as an XML file generated from the source. Of course, you could import inserts text of a multitude of individual files produced from the source; That seems excessive.

    FM9 has only file > import > file and file > import > object; and > object uses OLE . OLE is not an answer (any questions, any time, ever).

    Writing an extension FDK probably isn't an answer.

    Adobe marketing pages seem to have a few videos that may or may not address the issue, but these are disrespectful of the buyer time and even do not work on my usual work platform. There are also some white books with titles this suspicion to be maybe on the subject, but they are all hidden behind equally disrespectful registration dialog boxes (ADBE already, I am connected, you already have all that info). I wonder if Adobe will never understand that thing of marketing and merchandising.

    To extract the content dynamically in FM, you can use PatternStream ($$$) or FrameScript ($) - the two would create a query to a database or a spreadsheet link. I am not sure whether Extendscript the same capabilities for posting a link with a database or a spreadsheet as FrameScript (you couldn't ask Rick Quatro, if he is not jumping in here).

    Otherwise, in catalog projects that I've done, prices were always inserted as variables (FM can take charge of thousands in a single file) related to article SKU. Datazone Miramo tool, FM files always dynamically come from the database every time that a new version is needed (usually only takes a few minutes), so the FM files are still "ongoing." There is an edition of Miramo «personal» freebie (works on unix boxes too!) available at:

    You can also manually maintaining a set of FM files with prices as variables and use a script of the event (FrameScript or ExtendScript) on the opened file to the automatic import of variables of the 'ongoing' price list.

  • If we can reuse the Configuration element already created in the model of the ATO... ?

    Dear all,

    Please note that we started using the model workflow ATO for order management.

    Its been noticed that every time when the configuration is done, it creates a configuration item, which will be there in the master of the order of the day.

    In our business case, we can have different configurations each sales order. In this case,.

    Is there a way that we can reuse the same once its created configuration... ?

    Please update... ?

    Thanks in advance...

    Corresponding CTO can be lit. With running, if the same options are selected on a second sales order, then the CTO process will use the existing element rather than create a new item.

    There are several options to enable the corresponding feature. There are profiles that turn it on to a site... or corresponding level can be configured to work only for specific models (via an attribute of the element).

    For more information about the corresponding feature of CTO, see Configure Oracle Guide ordering process to:

    Thank you

  • Need to get the latest news for a group-max (value) of the non-null values


    Here is my table and data

    SQL > desc method

    E-MAIL VARCHAR2 (45)

    SQL > Select * method;

    ------ - ----- ---- --------- --------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------
    1 100 20 RAJA HHH 686678
    2 100 20 [email protected]
    3 100 20 RAJA 134555
    4 100 20 HAPPY [email protected]
    5 200 20 RAM
    6 200 20 JJJ 2345667
    7 200 20 RM GGG [email protected] 1234557
    8 200 20 [email protected] RRR

    8 selected lines

    I want the latest news on the employee, the group id comibnation for the rest of the columns.

    So I want to get the following result.

    100 20 RAVI HHH [email protected] 134555

    200 20 RRR GGG [email protected] 1234557

    If you note here for the family name, we take the previous value non-zero value Eg HHH column and is the same for all columns.

    It's the value of line max (seqid) for empid, combination of guid and if the column values are null, we must get the previous maximum value non-zero.

    The seqid is also there that the sequence.

    Please help me to get the result set.

    Thanks in advance.

    SQL> select emp_id, guid, max(first_name) first_name, max(last_name) last_name
      2    , max(email) email, max(phoneno) phoneno
      3  from (
      4    select emp_id, guid
      5      , first_value (first_name ignore nulls)
      6          over (partition by emp_id, guid order by seq_id desc) first_name
      7      , first_value (last_name ignore nulls)
      8          over (partition by emp_id, guid order by seq_id desc) last_name
      9      , first_value (email ignore nulls)
     10          over (partition by emp_id, guid order by seq_id desc) email
     11      , first_value (phoneno ignore nulls)
     12          over (partition by emp_id, guid order by seq_id desc) phoneno
     13    from emp_info
     14  )
     15  group by emp_id, guid
     16  /
    ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -------------------- ----------
           100   20 RAVI       HHH        [email protected]         134555
           200   20 RRR        GGG        [email protected]       1234557
  • Trying to download my newly purchased Adobe Photoshop elements 14, after clicking on int o 'my account' and 'My orders', the installation guide tells me to click on the order for more information on the product and which works fine as well. However the ne

    Trying to download my newly purchased Adobe Photoshop elements 14, after clicking on int o 'my account' and 'My orders', the installation guide tells me to click on the order for more information on the product and which works fine as well. However, the next step where I press the download button is not possible, because the download button is not there... What should do? Also when I press the "see the recent downloads" and the error message is displayed.

    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • Channel showing incorrect programming once the service provider has changed the order of the range Guide

    Guide for Media Center channel problem

    I run vista with the latest version of media center.  My kansas city

    Both Pitter and bariley:
    in particular, given that your lists as Zap2It are correct, you must submit a Guide data quality feedback form to (these are sent directly to the persons concerned to the millisecond).

    For Pitter:
    Be a CableCARD card user, you are reliant on two updated data Guide to day, and on your cable company sends a card channel updated timely (and, it varies depending on how it works, as the case may be, you may or may not have a Tuning adapter)
    If you do not have a TA, there is a 'clear channel map' function in the web interface of the InfiniTV4.  If you don't have a TA (or two), then you should do a power reset on him (them), to force them to download a new map.


  • Could not find a reference guide in order for the Visual Studio plug-n

    I've worked with this for about 3 days.  I have a web application I'm trying to put at the disposal with a widget with the latest beta of Visual Studio plug-ins.

    I don't know what functions/objects and syntax that is available for me in this plug-in.

    I worked the samples... I have this installed in a 32-bit windows 7.  I know that windows 7 is not yet supported, but it seems to work.  I was able to get the sample applications for work.  I can run pages of my .net website with browser Simulator 9700 very well.

    IntelliSense does not work for me in JavaScript... So I can't choose right around with an object browser to see what blackberry objects/functions are available within Visual Studio 8.  I tried to reinstall, and that he will show me that there is a syntax error there is no ability to search or auto complete objects as in c#.

    I looked and looked and I can't find a reference to command or something like that.  For example.  I created the menu items in my widget by using the 'new' variables and can call a function actions.js to print an alert, but it's only because I could find for this syntax in the examples.  I would call the pages of my web site from the menu items, but I can't understand this.  I have a simple link which can make a web page for me, but I don't know the syntax to make HTML calls of in the plugin since the black berry for example menu items.

    Is there a kind of complete command reference that can show me all the functions and syntax in the library of for example?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Scott,.

    In our first review of the plug-in, we do not support Intellisense.  It's on the right track, but it won't in version 2.0.  It will be a version of follow-up.

    The complete API reference can be found through a hypertext link on the Start Page that appears when you start everything first to create a BlackBerry Widget project.  It is on the right side of this page.  The hyperlink to access the following URL:

    There is also a link to the documentation of complete widget including the reference of the JavaScript API on the same page where the samples, tutorials and labs are.

    The URL for the documentation complete widget can be found here:

    These links should help you get started.

    See you soon

  • CTS-INTP-C60 order Guide: additional Camera


    Need you advice on that.

    CTS-INTP-C60: C60 Integrator package with two additional x 12 cameras

    For additional camera SKU: CTS-INTP-C60, which to choose?

    CTS-PHD1080P12XS2 = PrecisionHDMC 1080 p 12 X Gen 2

    CTS-PHD-1080P12XS = PrecisionHDMC 1080 p 12 X

    CTS-PHD1080P12XG = PrecisionHDMC 1080 p 12 X unit - dark gray

    CTS-PHD-1080 p-KIT = PrecisionHDMC 1080 p 12 X camera Kit

    Please advice

    Best regards


    For the kit or the camera 12xs Oreder.

    12xs2 camera specifically would be that if you have a deployment planned on hdsdi port of rest of the camera the camera is exactly the same

    Ravi kr.

    Sent by Cisco Support technique Android app

  • Why is there no 'user guide' for Thunderbird?

    I understand perfectly that the mode of Organization for Mozilla software is quite different from that of commercial software, so please, don't think not that I expect Mozilla behave like, say, Microsoft (I thought). That said, it is even more regrettable that there is not consistent, well-ordered guide, organized topically for Thunderbird so that the user is not required to address each issue, as it can occur in ad-hoc mode.

    You would think that now, many volunteers who answer questions here could easily set up a user guide for Thunderbird (and Firefox) as well, besides which could gather all the documents scattered in one wonderful unit. Naturally, such a user guide was no, answer questions, but it could certainly flag and help with those involving the use of basic and intermediate.

    For example, in preparing to send e-mails, I couldn't understand how to fill "To", "Cc" and "Bcc" fields in several recipients of messages without a laborious process which seemed unnecessary. There was no clear direction on the side great menu that appears on the 'Write' mode simply by pressing F9. Finally, not whereby this be intelligent that I did it, I managed to fall on the information about this. The vexations that i have experienced in become accustomed to Thunderbird, this has been the most important. But he and all the rest would have been easily successful if ordered and consistent guidelines were available in the user guide.

    Thank you.

    1. maybe I'm wrong but I don't see you said where you started to look for the information you think is missing? URL alias

    2. you ask a "tutorial"?
    -There are many examples on the web
    - from there to 'Learn the basics' aka

    3 or you are looking for a manual? as

  • Power supply selection guide

    This MOD can make a post-IT.

    Here is a general guide on how to select a power supply for your HP desktop computer.  The majority of the standard ATX power supply (PSU) must fit in an envelope of HP.  The exception would be a slim casing or the esoteric Merle.

    Looking for a certification 80 + on the PSU to save electricity.  A PC is normally idle or operate at low load 75% of the time.  Therefore, to find a power supply which is more effective in the range 50 - 90W.  A power supply 80 + 350W reaches the level of efficiency of 80% at the exit of 70W (20% of rated output).  The output must be greater than 140W to achieve the same level of efficiency of a PSU of 700W 80 + equivalent.  So choose a power supply that is rated at 25% more than the maximum load of the ACTUAL spending of the rig you will save more of $ on electricity.

    A modern PSU is designed to achieve maximum efficiency between 20 and 80% of the nominal power.  Running a power supply above 80% charge level will result in excessive heat, noise and premature failure.

    A platform Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 (1024 MB of RAM) will rely on 350W max to the wall.  Taking into account the effectiveness of a block of power SUPPLY 80 +, the actual load on the power supply is only 280W (350 x 0.80).  To calculate the required power supply, multiply the actual load by 1.25 (25% margin).  In this case we only need a PSU 350W (280 x 1.25) to run this GPU.

    Let's apply what we know of a rigging of Radeon HD 4870 (512 MB RAM).  290W max to the wall.  Actual load is 290W x 0.80 or 230W.  Now, apply the 25% margin rule and we come to a requirement of 290W PSU (230W x 1.25).  Even if we apply a safety margin of 50%, the power required is always under 350W (230W x 1.50).

    There are no overspec need the power supply by 50%, unless you run your PC up 24/7.  Don't forget that there is a huge variation in the quality of the PSU and side.  Maybe a good 500W PSU is not able to provide as much energy as a quality 350W.  Antec Earthwatts/NeoPower/TruePower and Corsair Seasonic are widely available at several American retailers of quality units.

    High-end power supplies number will need additional power supply PSU in the form of one or two 6/8 pin plug GPU.  You can buy an adapter to convert a molex 4pin to plug 6-pin power of GPUS., 2122 - 3.html

    Hi Nautsj,

    You need to open your PC and measure the physical dimensions of your diet. Here is a list of the things to consider:

    1. technical characteristics
    2. the total power - important
    3. amperage 12 + v - important
    4 modular - is not required, but I like the flexibility
    5. guarantee
    6 i7 and SLI ready
    7. energy efficiency
    8 cost
    9. size - standard ATX PSU is 5.5 "by 5.9" by 3.4 "give or take a few tenths
    10. a single + 12 volt rail is a better choice. has many choices of power supplies. Corsair, OCZ, Rosewill, Thermaltake...

    The typical EVGA GTX 570 in 9 "long.  The adjacent slot on the PCI-E x 16 slot must be vacant.  Open your PC and do some measures so that you know for sure if the card fits.  According to me, it will fit.

    For what is a PSU, Corsair CX600has very little growth, but the Corsair HX650gives you plenty of space to grow.

    I use the HX650 in two PC.  It is a modular model in order to have better options with the selection of cable.

    "How-to" HP articles should be useful.

    TIP: When installing the power supply, unlock the scanner and slide it forward to facilitate the removal and installation of the new power supply.

  • Troubleshooting Guide: Audio does not work after a Certain period of time

    Hi all

    Thank you for choosing the HP Forums!

    If your sound recently stopped working on Windows 8.x or Windows Server 2012 and you suspect an update of Windows is involved, then look like! This is the troubleshooting guide that will explain how to solve the problem!


    Currently, there is a Windows update that may cause the sound on your computer to stop working. The update is KB2962407, and it is now an "Important" update This means that it will be installed by Windows Update unless hide you it.

    This thread also covers generic sound troubleshooting which can solve the problems of "no sound".

    Before the update itself, since an update of Windows cannot be the culprit, there are a few troubleshooting can be done.

    A round of troubleshooting:

    1. run the Audio Troubleshooting in Windows 8 may solve the problem. It does not contain the possibility of eliminating any parameter that affects sound. Here are some steps on how to perform this troubleshooting:

    (a) hold down the key "Windows" and "R" and type "Troubleshooting" and then press ENTER.

    (b) a window will open. On the left, click on "Show all", then "Audio playback".

    (c) click on 'Advanced' and run it as an administrator. Then click on 'Next' to complete the process.

    2 try to create a new user account. The changes forced by the update that is likely to affect only a single user. This HP document shows you how to create a new user in the section "creating a new account in Windows 8": users and connections (Windows 8) account management

    3. try a pair of headphones or external speakers. This is set by the whole issue if the sound does not work via an output of second or third device.

    4. an alternative is to uninstall the driver manually and then force to be installed again:

    (a) open the Device Manager and go to the section "audio, video controller and game."

    (b) make a right click on your audio driver and select "Uninstall".

    (c) restart the computer. This will force the material to write a new driver at startup.

    5. Finally, to ensure that the remaining steps that you have not tried this document are tempted: no sound from speakers (Windows 8)

    New inclusions:

    Deactivating and activating the audio driver has been tested with success results enough for me to post here. Here are the instructions to do this:

    (a) open the Device Manager and go to the section "audio, video controller and game."

    (b) make a right click on your audio driver and select "disable."

    (c) wait a minute, then right-click on it and select 'enable '.

    Also, the restoration of the system is also a valid troubleshooting step. This will return the computer to a point before the update or an external source of the issue has occurred. Here is a document on how to perform a system restore: System Restore

    If you want something strong, an update of Windows completely refreshes Windows 8, without affecting the files: refresh your PC to solve problems (Windows 8)

    Also, this is a sound of Windows troubleshooting tutorial. Just out of curiosity, I've recreated the problem on a Windows 8 and went through this tutorial. He has been able to solve the problem: no sound in Windows

    *Everything in italics is currently untested, but will be tested as soon as possible. I believe that these steps will help:

    In the search bar, type "services.msc" and press ENTER.

    Hold down the 'Windows' and 'R '. Type "services.msc" and press ENTER. Look for the following services:

    -Audio service

    -Windows audio

    -Windows Audio endpoint Builder

    I want you right click on each of these services and select "Stop". When they all stopped, right-click on each other again and select 'start '. So, make sure that the status of each service is "started" and their startup type is "Automatic".

    Troubleshooting of the update:

    At this point, unless you want to reinstall the operating system, the only other option is to tackle the update, KB2962407. Please note that the following troubleshooting is ONLY a workaround, for now and should be done only if the computer has installed this update.

    First of all, you can try the hotfix package content in this document from Microsoft, specifically at the KB2962407 address: RT of Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 cumulative hotfix: June 2014

    If that doesn't help, then uninstall the update of Windows and then hide it, are the only way to eliminate the question if she caused by this update. Here is the procedure to uninstall the update:

    1. go in Control Panel, then click on "programs and features".

    2. click on "view installed updates". Look for the update with ID KB2962407.

    3. right click on the update and select "Uninstall". Restart the computer.

    Then, here is the procedure in order to hide the update:

    1. go in Control Panel, then click on "Windows Updates".

    2. click on ' Check for Updates '. When the process is complete, is expected to find important updates available. By clicking on the message will open a window where is the important updates.

    3. right click on the KB2962407 update and select "Hide update". This will prevent the installation update next time that Windows updates are installed.


    At the end of this guide, you will have the sound works again (assuming that the cause was the update of Windows, or the less focused on the software). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


    I worked on behalf of HP.

    @Charlton26 ,

    As @vhawk1 recommended, please give my long post suddenly. You should have a positive resolution when you are finished. These steps are tested and solve the problem

    And @vhawk1 , thanks for getting the word


  • order on Hp PartSurfer for HP State10HD


    I need to change the BD w / USB CABLE to my HP State10HD

    On the motherboard, the reference for this part is BONAMO USB BOARD B1.1

    is that the alternatives belong is the right? is USB BOARD B1.1 BONAMO = 744536-001

    If this isn't the case which is the right spare part, and where I can buy it

    If so where can I buy it

    I try to buy it on this web site, but cannot add to my cart

    awaiting your response


    Hey @Sandsfr ,

    Welcome to the forums of HP.

    I understand that looking for information on the repair of the USB card on your Slate 10 HD tablet.

    Information for the service on HP products are available in the Maintenance and service guide available in the Guides for the use of your devices support page section.

    In the guide it lists such as 744536-001 replacement part number so you are right. If the part is not classifiable on PartSurfer you can try to call telephone support to order parts or looking for the part number on sites like Amazon or eBay.

    Thank you.

  • Laptop HP Pavilion TS 15: change boot order - using recovery media

    I'm having a problem with the use of the support of the recovery disks. 1st disk works perfectly, 74% in 2nd drive, said copy file fails. Recently, I replaced the HARD drive.  If I change the boot order to CD-ROM first, it will make a difference? Help!

    [email protected],

    Welcome to the HP's Support Forums. Best platform for all kinds of solutions, tips and settings for your questions/problems.

    For the best experience on HP forum, see our Guide to HP Forums to learn more.

    Need help to install Windows. Is this fair?

    Thank you for sharing the details of the problem. I want to help you.

    The question seems to be for various reasons. I ask that you are looking for the following.

    • Check if all the disks are clean and there are has no scratches what so ever.

    Also, try the HP Diagnostics first on the hard drive to see it passes or fails. Use the link below to perform the diagnostics.

    I hope this helps. Please update the State.

    Happy announcement.


    Happy to help you. I work for HP

    Please click on " ""Accept as Solution " " " if you feel my post solved your problem, it will help others find the solution.
    Click on the " Bravo Thumbs Up" " " to say 'Thank you' to help! "

Maybe you are looking for

  • Mac is infected by the virus (types +++ automatically)

    My Mac Mini has been compromised. I downloaded files & videos of uTorrent and after that the machine has started to behave abnormally. Whenever I have started typing something, '+' sign Gets types automatically. How to detect and remove this virus?

  • Want to b/w standard printing only - HP Officejet Pro 8500 Plus.

    Only - want b & w HP Officejet Pro 8500 more. I wonder how to enable this machine to use the black and white ALWAYS mm cartridge. I heard that the printer can use color cartridges even if I print in black only. I want to save color to photo print car

  • XPS 13 whistling hiss of motherboard

    Someone else with a Dell XPS 13 hears a whistle/whistle noise that changes frequency at random? It's very embarrassing for me. A Dell technician has replaced the mobo and disconnected the screen, battery, keyboard backlighting, speakers and disc, so

  • no wireless option

    Hello I just bought the following PC - "HP 600 G1 SFF I5 - 4570 PRODISPLAY & HP P221 21,5"MONITOR (C9E49AA)". I tried to connect to my wireless internet at home, however the PC even allow me to select a wireless connection. That is to say. When I got

  • the USB device is not recognized

    Hello I have a problem with one of the USB device and I don't know what to do! I use Sony laptop, Windows 7! I was using the front USB and it worked! Help!