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Problem with messenger error code 80072f0d is still unable to solve, also 0 error code x 80090305 impossible to solve, tried fix from microsoft but still one time trying to open the download file yet another error code 800700B 7 now it seems, ive tried to disable the firewall and anti-protection against viruses, but still without success, please advise!


The Messenger IM application is being merged in Skype and is removed from March 15, 2013, and in a few weeks, it will be gone.

Your contacts and preferences must be migrated when this happens and you can use your Skype ID or your Live ID account to sign in.
Some features of Messenger will continue not in Skype.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Messenger signing error

    When signing to BB Messenger, this message appears: "enter the username associated with this smartphone.

    I went on the web and had no problem with signature on the account from there, but using the same email address and password won't let me account on my Torch 9800, even after restarting it.

    Any suggestions?

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    For some reason, the BBID associated with the device is not the one you want to use. To change the BBID associated, you must WIPE the device and then attach to your desired BBID. Of course, a WIPE will be completely destructive to your configuration and existing data, so you should first back up... you can find instructions at the link in my sig auto on this post.

    Good luck!

  • Latest version of windows update caused problem with Live Messenger sign-in

    I noticed that, since the last Windows Update, my Windows Live Messenger won't connect automatically, even if it is configured for this purpose (double checked this).  It has also caused some changes in my Outlook, but I managed to fix that.

    Thanks for any help that can be provided!

    Quote your full version of Windows (for example, WinXP SP3;) Windows XP 64 - bit SP2; Vista SP1; Vista 64 - bit SP2; Win7; Win7 64 bit) when you post in a forum or a newsgroup.

    You will find support for Windows Live Messenger in this discussion group:

    .. .through your News Reader: news://

    Windows Live Messenger Support Forums (News March 8, 2010)

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Live Messenger sign in problem

    When I login to Messenger Live, I login as "offline".

    All is well until I try to read/send an email, when I click on the email icon, my status becomes available.

    Why is this?

    When I login to Messenger Live, I login as "offline".

    All is well until I try to read/send an email, when I click on the email icon, my status becomes available.

    Why is this?

    Hey Grifoto

    Here is the vista forums

    Try the repost in Messenger forums

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • How to remove Windows Live Messenger sign in box?

    I have windows 7 (64-bit) and every time I start the computer I get the sign in the box open and I don't want it. I checked msconfig and unchecked returned a few programs Windows Live and it worked for a startup, then the pop up. When I checked the config, one of the programs that United Nations checked, I had been checked again. I guess all I have to do is uncheck an item and click on apply.

    I don't use the program and would remove from the Control Panel / Add Remove Programs, but don't know what its name.  The closest I see is "Windows Live Essentials" I use Hotmail, but this seems to be an instant messaging application.

    I found the answer. do you this via the Remove programs and it is the program "Windows Live Esentials" and you will be asked to remove several components and instant messaging is the one I choose and now the box pop up seems to be gone for good... fingers are crossed.l








    Hi Mark Mancini,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    To provide a proper resolution, I would need more information on your side.

    1. What mail client do you use? That is, Microsoft outlook, Windows live mail etc?

    2. how you access your e-mail account?

    Please provide us with more information to continue troubleshooting as a result.

    Thank you.

  • Yahoo Messenger does not work

    installed yahoo Messenger. signed in but after a few minutes, said that there was a problem with sign, said to check the internet connection, which is good but it will not again sign

    Ask Yahoo.

  • Connect to problems with Windows Live Messenger. Get the 81000494 error.

    error code 81000494, how to fix

    Please help me solve the problem Windows Live Messenger sign. I tried some methods I got from forums or the internets, I couldn't have signed it ot it. I don't know if it's the blocked server connect to Windows Live Messenger. He said "signed on Windows Live Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later."  However, this had been the last for several days already. Could someone help me solve the problem.

    Thank you

    Yours faithfully,

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi wongiking,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forum. For any question on Messenger, please visit the following site:

  • How can I stop the windows Messenger Connect automatically

    When I click on messenger sign automatically someone can click it and go to my e-mail.

    CrystalBall © SEZ...

    You will find support for Windows Live Messenger in these forums:

  • Messenger 80048883



    have u tried the following steps?

  • Unable to save my ID Windows Live ID and the password for the new version of Windows Live Messenger

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I had to modify my Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 registry to prevent the total number of unread count email to display next to the photo of my administrator account Windows XP on the Windows XP Welcome screen.

    My current version of Windows Live Messenger not save my ID Windows Live ID and my password automatically whenever I have to disconnect my Windows XP Home Edition of the administrator account.  I have to re-enter my information in Windows Live ID and password text boxes, but also by clicking the Remember Me and not sure my checkboxes password on Windows Live Messenger Sign In screen, each time before you manually start Windows Live Messenger.

    I don't know what the problem is.

    Please reply back soon.

    Thank you.

    Eganreport as abuse

    Hi etow,.

    I suggest to go to our support forum for Windows Live Messenger for the care of this issue:
  • Remove the Windows live messenger

    I'm not very computer so pls excuse and stupid questions I can ask.  My cousin has used my laptop to check emails on MSN and from the windows live messenger sign in the window if poster every time I turn on it is pinned to my taskbar.   I can X out of it but he returned the next time I turn it on.

    Is there a way I can remove it permanently as she never came before she had used?


    The Windows Live messenger icon cannot "permanantly" removed, unless you wish to uninstall.


  • my windows live messenger does not work. HELP__its been like this for months now!

    Hello so I tried to understand what is the problem with my msn, but I can't understand it!
    whenever I am trying to connect, he said: "we cannot connect to Windows Live Messenger, signing windows live messenger failed because the service is temporill unavailable, please try again later.
    the "error code" is: 8e5e05f6

    but the thing is if one of my friends try to to connect to my computer (using the same msn just for their account) it works! Help?

    and also when I try to look for it in my uninstall programs, my computer can not find what it... as there is no! but when I try to install a new msn from the internet it is said that I installed everything already! so please help! its driving me crazyyyyy!

    What WLM version do you use?  I think the latest version is Version 2009 (Build 14.0. 8009 7. 26)

    Windows Live Messenger will appear in programs and features in Windows Live Essentials, you click on it and follow the instructions in the wizard.

    If that's the problem with just your user login then that may need to be set at the end of the Server supported by WLM, or you can create a new Net Passport for yourself.

    I have error 8e5e05f6 of code for the new msn live messenger. Today's date is March 21, 2009. I need help! Anyone?

    See what this post says "Remove Windows Live Contacts folders in Windows Live Messenger".
    Error: 8100030d! 8B3F39C76A8B853F! 13937.entry the: IE-SearchBox & ie = & oe = & redir_esc = & ei = year-VS67lH42TkAW_1bipCg

    Other errors to connect to Windows Live Messenger! 8B3F39C76A8B853F! 15622.entry

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista

    Messenger support

    Test your files system corruption.

    How to repair the operating system and how to restore the configuration of the operating system to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista

    Check your file system and the hard drive for errors.

    Try running ChkDsk to check your drive for errors. Right click on your drive icon / properties / tools / error checking.  Try first by checking do not each box (that it will run in read-only mode) to see if it reports any problems file or hard drive.  If so, restart it by checking both boxes and restart to allow him to attempt to fix any problems found.

  • Cannot connect to Yahoo messenger

    I can't connect to my yahoo mail

    Start here:

  • Unable to connect to Messenger services

    my computer went dead after a coffee spill. has been restored after that some ic have been changed. It is a vio of sony with windows 7. After the restoration and the window updated on 18/07/2012 to the yahoo Messenger and msn messenger do not work we cannot connect message appears. These two messengers were working well before the restoration. Uninstall ad reinstall the yahoo Messenger has not solved the problem. neither helped disabling the Firewall setting. How can I fix the problem. even post this question a window pops up saying there is a problem with the sites security certificate.


    I suggest to read the following article and check if it helps.

    Why can I sign in to Messenger? :

    Troubleshooting sign in questions with Yahoo! Messenger for the Web:

    Troubleshooting problems connecting to Messenger 8, 9 and 10:

    If you are always faced with the question, I suggest you to contact Yahoo support and check if it helps.

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Note: I suggest you to re - check as you type in the right id and password.

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