Method of charging battery

Today, I buy a computer laptop lenovo. In pilot energy management it is a 'conservation mode' option, it is written that if I activate portable battery may charge only 55 to 60 percent. And it should operate only when we do not use the laptop more 7 days. In fact, I want to know the good loading and unloading procedure to obtain a good long battery life.

1-100% charge and discharge up to WARNING

2 activate the mode of conservation so this laptop will charge that 55 to 60% then it unloads up to warning.

Please help me.


Saving activation mode will be your best bet, and then charge completely, maybe once a month if use you it constantly on the current and then reactivate the conservation mode

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  • Manual control of charging battery for notebook

    Hello, is it possible to manually disable my laptop in charge battery?

    What I want to do is to store 100% charged the battery on the laptop, but they have the laptop powered only via the AC charger. It is important that the laptop is trying to charge the battery at any time while in use without determined action from me. The operating system is windows 7. I realize that this question may seem without purpose more, but if it is possible to keep the battery installed on the laptop using the AC charger only using the software, it would be great. I read that the ACPI Microsoft control battery method, in the Device Manager can be disabled, but what I've read, I'm not sure whether this action will be enough. I would be grateful if someone is able to answer this question. Thank you very much

    What power is supplied to the system of the laptop works on AC power because the battery voltage will be slightly lower than the AC voltage. However, the power supply can trickle charge the battery at all times even if it is less frequent.

    What tends to happen in practice is when the laptop is 1st turned on even with essentially a completely charged battery some load will take place. This is necessary in order to confirm that the battery is actually charged, the charge current indicates the battery status much better the just measure the voltage.

    The degree of control available to the operating system is very limited with it first and foremost a function of portable electronics (it still applies even if you do not pass).

  • Satellite L850 - charger / battery problems, not normal...

    Hi all.

    First post and all, I had a glance through to see if I can find my particular problem, and I don't think I can.

    I posted this in another sub-forum, but then realized it's here... oops!

    A L850. It will work fine on battery, but only supplies not the charger cable. Helpfully, a colleague also has an another L850 (I bought two together) so I can charge my battery of separately in his machine.

    If I start the machine on a charged battery, it works fine. If you connect then the power adapter, the led is lit on the front of the machine, but it's clearly not load the machine works until the battery is flat and then turns off and will not turn on back until you charge the battery apart and put it back in.

    Whenever the machine is powered, it also complains that the RTC battery is flat, and you will need to set the time in the BIOS. It is the coin cell CR2032 internally on the motherboard isn't?

    what I don't understand, is that the unit understands clearly that the charger is plugged, as seers to say it is the battery. Except that it isn't, and is not to be unity. Œuvres battery for about 40 minutes of our days, after that, dead machine.

    Any ideas? I suppose that there is something wrong with the internal charging circuit, but the fact that the LED lights up when it is plugged suggests otherwise...

    Thanks for all the ideas.


    More information on this type of bit. When it is plugged in, the icon on the screen says "Plugged in, charge", but battery icon animates not charging about 10 seconds, then stops, and battery is clearly not charge as % drops away slowly.

    I found a Google one of them is the "remove all, hold for 30 seconds, reconnect power. This made no difference. I also found advice to uninstall the battery from the device manager driver software and allow it to re - install. This done, still no different.

    I got the hard drive and in a USB enclosure to retrieve all my files and am doing the 'factory restore' option I think that this is a restore hard disk partition. This work is far away, but in my opinion, is still running on battery only, so do not know if this is going to end!

  • Connection charger not charging battery

    connection charger not charging battery

    "Connecting to the charger" - do you mean the adapter?

    The phone load using a computer USB ports?

    Have you tried a different adapter?

  • Not charging battery Camileo S10

    Bought an S10 and I am very satisfied with the quality and performance when he is married with a class 6 SD card. The receipt first came it that I plugged it in to recharge the battery and the round red record switch. After the inspection being plugged all night as planned to indicate that the witness has no flashes. I used the S10 and the battery ran down and plugged in and again once the light red came on however the battery recharge. If I plug it to my pc, I can read all the files but unplugged, it's as dead as possible!

    I have acquired a similar happened fully charged battery and the same process as the first happened. Anyone has any ideas - it is a defective product?



    did you remove the insulation on the connections of the battery before charging?
    The red light flashes while recharging the battery? If the charge is complete, the Red led is constant.
    If this is not the case, there seems to be something wrong with the electronic charger.
    Recharging works only with AC charger provided.
    Camcorder must be disabled.
    Clean the battery contacts.

  • I have an Acer 1810tz-4008 and computer won't start battery. New charged battery - what should I do?

    Original title: the battery starting

    I have an Acer 1810tz-4008 and computer won't start battery.  New charged battery - what should I do?


    Check with support from Acer.

    Acer - USA - Service and Support - drivers

    Acer - worldwide


    Other information that might help:

    References to Vista also apply to Windows 7.

    Check with support from the manufacturer of their books online and the drivers and their forums system
    (as applicable) for known issues. Some manufacturer issued BIOS and other updates to help the battery

    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to fix the system files of Windows 7 with the System File Checker

    Then run checkdisk (chkdsk).

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    Other information that might help:

    Control Panel control - plan change Options - power plans - power - advanced settings
    Parameters for the drainage and the use of parameters (this is how much to use and not how much or how)
    long to load).

    In fact, what causes a lot of wear on a battery empties it too low on several occasions. With today
    systems overload are not a problem.

    Here are some tips to help and troubleshoot battery issues.

    Old battery? Unplug the power to the computer - remove the battery and clean the contacts with a pencil
    eraser (do not use this, if your battery is fine slots - just clean up the edges of the knife which fit in)
    them and be careful). Batteries are old, or it could be a problem with the computer.
    Check with the support of the machine system, and many of them have on line forums.

    New Lithium-Ion type battery usually last longer if you do not unload their less than 30%
    However on a laptop that not extend their life a lot. Best is to use the a/c adapter
    When this is possible.

    I use the free version of BatteryBar to monitor my battery. Click on the green button on the
    Yellow box on the right side of the page to download the latest stable version.

    BatteryBar - free version available

    Another good program

    Vista battery saver - free

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    You can also check with the manufacturer of system and forums that many use their own
    proprietary software to monitor the battery and they could be known problems with your battery.


    Battery meter: frequently asked questions

    Battery saver

    Solutions to common battery problems

    What is the precise the battery meter?


    Try this - to make a Restore Point

    How to create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

    How to do a system restore in Windows 7

    Then Control Panel - Manager of devices - Batteries - Double click on each item - drivers - tab
    Update the drivers (which can do nothing) - then do a right click and UNINSTALL each - RESTART
    who will update the driver stacks.

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Probook4540s: 87% charged battery, won't start not computer.

    87% charged battery, won't start not computer. When power plugged in and started it shows not charging. If I remove the power cable, stop immediately.

    There are several complete responses with the steps to follow, which I did. Finally a new battery of bouht and considers the motherboard bringing not at not charge. The sending of the stack of return for credit.  Will just have to use with the power supply.

  • Re: using hp pavilion 15 and it says plugged in not charging battery

    The testing and calibration of the battery link ( is for Windows 7.  Our PC has Windows 8.1.  I tried on the advice of anyway, but it seems holding down the home button while restarting can no longer pull the PC in safe mode.

    How about a reference for W8 and one for the W10?

    Hi @jenolanjim ,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community! Thanks for the information on the links.

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I saw your question about your 15 HP Pavilion Notebook and need information about your system to charge battery. Here is a link to do this for Windows 10 and Windows here 8

    If you need, here is a link to test the adapter. The same goes for any version of Windows.

    Here is a link to the computer in Safe Mode , if you still need it.

    Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones stuck on 'low battery' with a fully charged battery

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8330, I have had for years and never had any problems with it.

    But today, the battery is dead even if I loaded last night, I thought a little weird.  Came home, plugged into the wall, but although it recognizes to be connected with the little zig - zag, he is not required to load.

    I think that "grateful" is a better way to phrase it.  I put the phone battery from a friend, who fortunately has the same model as me, and his recognized the same battery as being almost fully charged phone and had no problem, but when put back in my phone, it says "low battery", guard the radio is off, and as soon as I unplug the wall adapter, the phone stops due to low battery.

    Tried with its battery too, recognized both as low battery.  She apparently is not the batteries or the charger or the actual usb port, and I am at a loss what to do.

    I have not downloaded applications, or updated the operating system during the weeks, so I don't know why you would choose now to start doing this.  Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong, and what I can do about it? Or is my blackberry doomed?

    Well, after the one on the desktop without the battery in it, it started fine this morning with a fully charged battery and is fine.  Hoping that he'll be fine next time I try to load it.

    Problem is at least temporarily resolved, thanks for the suggestions of things to try.  At least she stopped me from throwing my phone something = P

  • charge battery after installing the new battery does not exist

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate Spk1 32 bit on my laptop (big mistake)
    I recently installed a new battery & put it through the cycles of preparation 3 times following the instructions.
    The next time he went down to the alarm of low level newly together and I added the power adapter, nothing happened, the battery wouldn't charge.
    After many attempts to do nothing improved load, especially my temper.
    They advised me to install another battery which I just did, and this SECOND new battery just sits there & will not charge either.
    When he arrived he had 10% fresh rate showing so I removed the AC adapter and let him draw 8%, but when I replaced the adapter he had served on 8% & does not load.
    What is going on? How a simple thing like recharging simply disappears. ?
    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

    See you soon

    The charging circuit inside the laptop and recharges the battery while the laptop is plugged into the mains. If the load circuit does not have the laptop is running on a charged battery or the power cable, but won't charge the battery.  The fact that the machine failed to load two new and old battery suggests the charging circuit has failed.

  • HP Pavillion DV4-1199th: laptop not charge battery

    Dear Sir.

    My laptop a DV4-1199th does not rotate if the power light is on when the battery is out. When I installed a charged battery, it lights, but the power light is off and the battery won't charge (in fact that it discharges).  I have to recharge the battery when the phone is turned off. Laptop also only lights up the battery (disconnected from the power supply. What should be the problem?

    Hi @cbsantos722 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. It's a great site for information and questions. I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv4-1199ee Notebook and the problems with the battery. Here is a link to calibrate and test the battery.  Here is a link to solve the problems of the battery on a laptop. You should be able to complete these with the laptop plugged into the AC adapter.

    Please let me know what happens with the tests.

    Thank you.

  • Palm Pre crazy symptoms: 'phone in offline mode', won't charge battery, won't start, message error "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved.

    This is a long description of a series of problems with my new Palm Pre. You can search text to find your specific problem. There is no solution in my post. Looking for possible answers in future responses.

    I bought my Palm Pre 4 days ago and it arrived 2 days ago. Phone was working fine. Last night I plugged the phone and updated the operating system. After, I've selected "Done" and went to bed.

    -First set of questions: 'Phone offline', will not charge battery.

    In the upper left corner of the phone, there is the message "phone offline. Although the phone was in charge all night, it reads "battery of 26%. I called the general number of on the Sprint tech support and we tried the following things:

    (1) the phone reboots (press on and hold the power button / stop, then select 'Disable'. After setting down, hold down power button / power stop.)

    (2) to reset the phone (several ways - call tech support so that you do this properly)

    The individual Sprint and then sent me to another tech support person, likely to level 2.

    -Second series of questions: message error "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved;

    #2 Sprint tech support person had me also to restart and reset the phone in a number of ways. In his own words 'we tried all the palm pre stuff I know' and whenever the phone was insensitive. Often, we received the message error "the phone is in offline mode. We did a full erase and after that the phone will not re-start is no longer. At this point, the error message came up saying "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved" that referred me to for assistance. I think it's important to note here that this was not the typical error message (black screen with white letters) but rather the blue sky with a translucent box on background with white text.

    #2 Sprint tech support person then me connected with the support of the Palm and the dance continued. Yet once, we tried a whole bunch of reset and restart and the erasure of the options. Palm support asked me to go to: to download WebOS Doctor, which I did. I downloaded the file. Although that was the case he had hold the button "volume +" and connect the phone to the charger. This caused a USB symbol will appear on the phone. When the record was complete, I got an error message which could not run the file. Palm tech support person seemed surprised. I mentioned that I was on a Mac and he said he couldn't help me. He me transferred to another person from Palm support that works with Mac users.

    Palm #2 tech support person advised me that I should have selected the download option 'mac' on I verbally walked him through the series of Web pages, telling him it is said that you need Windows (any version) or Mac (whatever version), but that at no time was there a possibility to download another WebOS doctor for different operating systems. After an exchange of views over she told me that she would have to have someone call back me tomorrow.

    -Third series of questions: phone stuck on the USB symbol.

    So for the moment, the phone is completely useless. Not fantastic. I started the mac on Windows 7 and downloaded WebOS Doc and received the same error message. I also ran Windows Vista virtually and received the same error message. Later this afternoon, I head into work to try the same thing on Windows XP.

    In the meantime, I got on this forum and found a thread that has provided a direct link to the necessary file:

    After downloading this file, I realized could totally be a virus, I was able to get WebOS Doc work on my computer. It took that I recharge the phone before, and now it's on the screen that says 'do not disconnect your phone' and the full file of 3%. Only... it was completed for almost 30 minutes to 3%.

    I hope that Palm will follow-up with me tomorrow, but I'm leaving on a business trip at 7:00 and I would love to have the thing work. All suggestions are welcome, even if you can just tell me how to get her think disconnected safely before my flight tomorrow. I want to get through security with my phone plugged into my laptop.

    Thank you.

    I picked up the phone at the local Sprint store and the sales ago replaced the phone. They were unable to understand what went wrong and, essentially, has declared a complete failure of the unit. I'm sorry that I'm not able to offer better news, but I hope that this info is useful to you.

  • Please specify the charging battery

    I read about or-Cad batteries must be completely discharged and then recharged. NMH batteries suffer memory also effect, but to a lesser extent. Lithium-Ion battery do not suffer and do not need complete discharge.

    I read somewhere on this forum, probably in the post of batteries with hundreds of entries which it is OK to top off the entire clip.

    Is topping off clip still the recommended charge method?

    The Clip battery is a Li-ion polymer FYI

  • Method for controlling battery Microsoft acpi disables my battery on update.


    I work with a Lenovo Y530 computer laptop (ab00216104). After a few years, the battery ceased to maintain a charge so I ordered a new third party like Lenovo temporarily stopped selling them. The new battery worked fine at first but, after a few minutes I get the message "battery plugged in, does not support" of the battery lower-left icon. It just stops charging the battery, but it will take place off the coast of the battery until it is unloaded. At first, I thought it was a bad battery however by many trial and error, I discovered the battery works fine. Let me explain.

    If I uninstall "control method battery compatible acpi Microsoft" in the Device Manager and reboot my computer with my card wireless off then the battery will work perfectly. It is not up to what I connect to the internet that it suddenly stops to load again. It is in the case once my computer is able to access to the internet and update of "control method battery compatible acpi Microsoft" that the problem occurs.

    As much, as I know there is no way to prevent it from updating once he establishes a connection and no way for "rolling back drivers" as long as this option is grayed out. I would be very happy any advice on this situation, thank you.



    I suggest you to perform the following methods.

    Method 1:

    To enable or disable Windows Update driver manually on a single computer to research

    1. Click Start, right-click computer, and then click Properties.
    2. In the tasks list, click Advanced system settings.
    3. On the System Properties dialog box, click the hardware tab, and then click Windows Update driver settings.
    4. Select never check for drivers when I connect a device.
    5. Click OK twice, and then close the System dialog box.

    Method 2: install the latest drivers for chipset for laptop and the Coachman.

    If the problem persists, contact Lenovo support for assistance.

    Hope this helps!

  • Re: Satellite C660 - new slow charge battery

    A few days ago, I bought a new battery (10.8V, 4400mAh) on Amazon (from Batterytec) for my Toshiba Satellite C660-13 q PA3817U-1BRS, 10.8V, 4200mAh.

    The problem is that this battery takes approximately 12 hours to charge: it is very very slow!

    I've done a complete charge cycle to calibrate and the battery life is 2 hours and 25 minutes, after calibration. With the original toshiba (fault) battery, I never had this problem.

    What can I do to solve the problem of the "slow charge"?
    What is a battery fault?
    such behavior is normal?

    Thanks in advance

    Have you bought original Toshiba with sticker Toshiba battery or it is another brand (universal battery)?

Maybe you are looking for