Mgr of office blackBerry Smartphones do not recognize my Outlook

I have Outlook 2000 that I used with my 8830.  Now I have the tour with the new version 5.0 of Bishop Office and is not at all recognize my Outlook.   I am about to install Outlook 2007 but would like some advice from this forum first.  Is it possible that I have a bad CD for Office Mgr?

So my 2 questions are:

Should I install Outlook 2007?

I could possibly have a problem with the CD of Mgr Desktop that accompanies the tour?

It drives me crazy because even though the store (Verizon) has managed to transfer all of my contacts, I can't sync anything because it does not find my Outlook.  VZ has never heard such a thing happens.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Let's see... How can I say this without throw themselves here for a bad language?   Install Outlook 2007 has been a bloody nightmare!  The software does not recognize my e-mail name, he made me run all over the computer trying to make changes and I tear my hair out me!  Fortunately for me, I have a friend who is in the high-tech industry, so I called her and she went on my machine remotely and fixed almost everything!  I say ALMOST, because this is that later that I realized that even if syncing seems go perfectly, much of my appointments do not transfer my BlackBerry to the Outlook/Desktop Mgr hostel.  She and I will have to face another time unless you have other ideas.   We did the synchronization in both directions so I have no idea what went wrong.

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    Maybe this will help. That's how to get BlackBerry Desktop Software to recognize your phone but if BDS recognizes, does your computer. Have a look here: .

    I hope that helps you.

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    Hi there, I really hope you can help me with the following. My bb8250 all of a sudden does not recognize my password. It all started when I downloaded the BB desktop - manager on my mac. My mac wanted my password device but does not recognize. Then I unplugged both and now my bb does not recognize my password either! Be precize: it does not recognize my password device. But I can't get the lock handheld. When I type my password, it does not show the normal stars but shows letters I enter cijfers rather than the stars. When I use the alt key to enter the right code my bb is not recognize it in any case. I tried to restart it to take out the battery. That did not help. Now, I have only two shots left to enter the correct password. I'm trying not to panic, but it's a half life of a child in the photo is here, so I really really really really want to go into my bb again. Please could you help me? Thank you so much in advance! Best regards, K.

    I'm back in! Always thought I had a 4-cijfer-password. I was wrong! I have changed every cijfer in the letter on the same key and who filled out my password and it worked! Yeeeh!

  • Phone of blackBerry Smartphones does not recognize contacts

    I downloaded my sim contacts on my pearl 9105, but if I get a text from one of them the phone does not recognize the number. Their name does not come to the top, only his number and it is difficult / impossible to remember dozens of phone numbers leaving me at a loss for who is still trying to contact me.

    A way to solve this problem?

    $ 1 million for any help thanks!

    It could be one of the three solutions... Try these:
    1. make sure that you set your own code to the Dialer phone screen > Options > smart dialing.
    Set your country Code in this format: "+ xx" where xx = country code. Some countries have two or three-digit country Codes. Do not place not the '+' in the entrance of your contact.
    * In the United States, the value of this country as '+ 1' Code and place your code in the appropriate box (this normally the default setting in a new BB).

    2. in the same place, change the length of National number for the number of digits corresponding to your country (since some countries have less than 10 as that set by default in the BB). Check out the total numbers, less country code. Do not place not the '+' in the entrance of your contact.
    * For example, some countries have a total number to 8 (more than 3 for the country code). You must enter '8 '.

    3. you probably have "Content Protection" located on your address book.
    OS5 devices: look at the Options > Security > General settings. Scroll down to the content Protection > include addresses = no
    OS6 devices: Home screen > Options > Security > encryption > uncheck encrypt.

  • Restore blackBerry Smartphones will not recognize file

    Successfully saved Curve 8330 DM V 4.1.   (advertising to wipe the Pocket due to an upgrade of the server.)  Tried to restore to 4.7 V curve and does not recognize the file.

    First thought is to restore an old 7130 telephone first and then make a return upwards on a newer version of DM to then restore on the curve.

    Any ideas?  Solutions?  Thank you!

    ON the device itself, look at the Options > Advanced > Service books.

    Located and scroll to the [sync] service book entry. Press Menu > delete.

    Perform the backup to the device and when filing for Service books and locate this book menu and press of servcie > UNdelete.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not sync with Outlook 2010

    Recently, we have made a number of hardware upgrades on our computer and installed Windows 7 and Office 2010 about 3 weeks ago (no updates full versions). I was unable to sync my BB since then and after reading through the discussion forums have discovered that I am not alone. I downloaded the latest update of the BB which I understand would make my BB and compatible Office.

    I don't know if the problems are related to the office is not compatible and BB or if there is another problem with my computer. This is what I did and meets:

    -downloaded the version of BB update; BB would not recognize Outlook, when I tried to organize my Contacts and address book. I tried to fix it and then uninstall then reinstall this update several times.

    -abandoned and downloaded CompanionLink; Message received error "Click-to-run Outlook has no ability to the API. You must install Outlook on your computer for synchronization. I asked for assistance from CompanionLink, but continue to have no chance. The link 'Add-Ins' in my BB Desktop Software was available when I first downloaded CompanionLink, but has now disappeared and I don't know how to get it back. I tried to fix the update of BB to see if it would solve it.

    -in the BB Desktop Software Applications tab, she says BB 5.0.0 software version 5.0.0 system and Core Application Version 5.0.0. are necessary, but it does not give me the option to install it. I thought that the updated version replaced version 5.0.0. I don't know if this is true or if it is important.

    I don't know if there is a problem syncing between my BB and Outlook or if something else is happening. I'd appreciate any help or advice that can be given. Thank you for the advice,

    Info re: Outlook 2010-14.0.5113.5000, 32-bit Version


    I found a solution to this problem.

    FYI - Blackberry cannot synchronize with Outlook if Outlook is in mode "click to run. Follow the link below to get instructions on how to install a full version of Office 2010.

  • Office of all blackBerry Smartphones software not recognize Outlook 2000

    I am running Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000 (SP3) platform.

    I have a BB Storm.

    I installed Desktop version 4.7. (Failed to install a newer version on Windows 2000.)

    Installation went well. The software recognized the storm. When I go to sync, and click on the box in front of calendar (or one of the choices), the only 3 choices I see are:


    ASCII Impoter/exporter


    I have read every word of each manual and cannot find something that will help me get Outlook on this list. According to the help section, Outlook is supported, but it does not appear.

    Any suggestions on how to get prospects on the list?

    Thank you.

    Fabulous! 4.7 removed, installed 4.2.2 and life is good.

    Thank you!!

  • BlackBerry locked blackberry Smartphones does not recognize the password

    Hi, I put a password to unlock my bb device. Three days ago a friend had the bb and tried to discover the password, he has tried 8 times. After that I tried to unlock the device by inserting the correct password but it doesn't recognize it. Now, I'm worried so lost all my data, casue I have not recently made a backup. I hope someone could help me I have a lot of data in it and I can't lose them. Whoever tried to unlock the device, said that after the 5th attempt, asked him to write a blackberry and now instead of asteriks appear as normal characters.
    PS Sorry for the bad English, I'm Italian.

    This right.  You must use the word blackberry to continue.  When you put the password again, it will appear as letters regular to avoid typos, etc.  Oonly you get 10 chances and the password is case-sensitive.  If the password has a number, remember to use the ALT key first.  I don't know if the number of password retries reset to 10 if do you a battery pull, but you can try.

  • My computer blackBerry smartphones does not recognize my blackberry


    I need help with this, my computer does not detect my BB when I try to open the memory card from my computer, there is no icon for it ...  I tried to remove the battery for a minute, but it did not work, the USB cable works fine because whenever I connect the usb cable from my computer, there is a clock on the screen of my Blackberry... I don't know what else to do!

    any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Make sure that:

    (1) you have already installed the RIM desktop software:

    (2) you have enabled the mass storage Mode:

    • KB11879 What is the mass storage mode

    Are you able to see the memory of your device? With the foregoing duly filled, you should see drive extra two letters in Windows... one for the memory of the device and the other for a press card.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones do not recognize my password on login ID

    I have set up an account ID and used it when I got my 9300 BB a few weeks ago, but now I can't get the login to accept my password on my BB or the laptop. even when you are prompted with the question of security it will not accept it and keeps of locking me!

    He won't let me reset it and I can't reset it as I can't talk to anyone on the phone because there is no apparent figures in Blackberry!

    I tried restarting and take the battery without success!

    I'm really frustrated now and get angry with her... BB are losers because I can't buy any application!


    Given what you describe, I would recommend that you find your original welcome email. In this, there is a link use to remove your BB ID use and then recreate a new BB ID using the same exact email address. This allows re - link your previous purchases.

    Only sometimes, things go wobbly and restarting is the only way to fix it.

    Good luck!

  • My curve blackBerry smartphones does not recognize my phone #.

    just got a curve 8320 (at & t).  I started to use it with my old sim card, and it recognizes my ph #.  I just have to move on to a new SIM (always at & t), but now the camera doesn't recognize my ph # more.  It just says: ' my number: unknown number. "  the phone works very well, I am able to dial out and receive calls, but it's a little annoying that he does not know my ph #.  any ideas?  Thank you.

    go into Options > advanced > SIM card

    Press the Menu key (to the left of the trackball) > change the SIM phone number.

    Enter the phone number and then SAVE.

  • Mgr of office blackBerry Smartphones don't synchronize, install, modify or repair

    Maybe a hammer would work.

    I have a BB 8800 and have been using BDM (because something more recent would not work so I went back to this version) on a Vista PC until recently.  He has been to synchronize automatically when connected.  Then she stopped doing that, without the slightest trace of an error message or something else - I opened the Sync window and clicking Synchronize now - nothing.  * sigh * finally decided to uninstall / reinstall, but it doesn't get better.

    I get an error message at half way through the installer / Installer:

    'Error 2738 impossible access VBScript Runtime for custom action' (custom?  If you say...)

    I tried these tips and you tried the suggestions.  I can't not instructions clean uninstall that uninstalling will not, two Windows Control Panel 'delete' and with the 7Zip-unpacked Windows Installer Package Blackberry Desktop Software (.msi), such as recommended somewhere in this forum.

    Help.  Please, I beg you.


    I agree with the hammer when I saw that it's Vista (sorry couldn't resist, diehard XP!)

    I googled "error 2738 could not access VBScript run time for custom action" it pretty well referenced.

    It's a solution in two different forums. I also read the discussions about this error here.

    Thank you


  • My blackberry 9000 blackBerry smartphones is not recognize the lowercase 'i '.

    I have a strange problem with my BB 9000, which began within the last week.

    When I am text input in any area as the lowercase 'i' is displayed without the dot at the top, is having the effect of making the search for contacts etc very difficult..

    For example, if I'm in the address book and then type it in the ' if ' says that there are no contacts.  I know that there is!  However, if I type in "IF" using capital letters I it works very well and finds all contacts with "If" at the beginning as you expect.

    When I enter text in a message again box for this, do not put not the point above the i.

    If I get an email manually address that includes a lowercase "i" I get a non distributable error return, with the 'i' replaced by a '? '.

    I tried to change fonts, but this has no effect.  I also searched the kbase but not found anything.  Any suggestions gratefully received.

    I had this problem, in my case the input language was incorrectly.

  • Phone of blackBerry Smartphones does not recognize my new calendar

    I installed the new update and now the synchronization to Outlook ignores my calendar. It happened a few months ago so I repeated the procedure to uninstall and reinstallation of any software... No luck this time. Any ideas?

    In case anyone is interested, I found this solution posted by Sanders J 26/01/2009 15:01

    Thanks J! It worked!

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