Micro does not work, no voice not detected

My microphone does not work.  I just had the microphone & tries to use.  I tried everything said earlier & still nothing.  I have SP3.  I try with any application.  I tried Windows Live Mail, Hypercam & others.  When you do the test it is said it had not detected voice.  It is plugged into the mic jack on the back of the computer, next to where the speakers are plugged. It's a new microphone that I received from Amozon. It has a mark on it, only 3.5 mm computer Clip on Mini Microphone. How can I get the microphone to work?

Thank you

original title: microphone does not work


Faulty microphone? Try it on a friends computer.

See you soon,.

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  • My iTunes does not detect my iPad.  I use Windows 10, Norton 360 and the latest version of iTunes.  All software are up to date, and each says it works correctly.

    My iTunes does not detect my iPad.  I use Windows 10, Norton 360 and the latest version of iTunes.  All software are up to date, and each says it works correctly.

    Turn off or get rid of Norton.   I really don't see why you need it.

  • Lenovo Windows B590 8.1 tha camera works, but Skype does not detect

    Dear all,

    I'm new to the forum, where as a lurker I already found useful solutions in permeable opportunities. My technical knowledge, by the way, is very modest...

    It happens that my camera works fine on the laptop (a Lenovo B590 running Windows 8.1), allowing me to make videos, but when I installed Skype it does not detect the camera and asked me to 'connect to a camera'... so now I can't do videocalls using Skype.

    Before trying the remedy proposed in this post https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Notebooks/Lenovo-B590-Webcam-problem/m-p/1572836#... I wanted to ask if he could adapt to my situation or not.



    Hi Cruver solid,

    This morning, I tried to run the software proposed in another post, one related to my question. He solved the problem: everything works fine now.

    Thanks to you and your colleagues


  • Windows XP does not detect any internet at all despite the computer with the modem to work.

    I recently installed Windows XP Professional on my new iMac via bootcamp.  While Windows itself works fine, it won't connect to internet at all.  Despite being connected to a modem ADSL via a Ethernet cable, and also have wireless internet, Windows does not detect any signal.  On the internet in the Control Panel, all connections page that appears is "1394 connection" under the heading "LAN or Internet high speed."  I tried several times to put in place a new internet connection through the Setup Wizard and everytime, no internet is detected.

    I know that the modem works because all the other computers in my house are fine online, including on the side of Mac of the iMac.  If anyone has an idea as to how I should resolve this problem, your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


    Moreover, these are things I've already tried:

    I've tried to manually and automatically set up an internet connection
    I spoke with my ISP, the modem works fine
    I have re-partitioned the hard drive and reinstalled XP

    The "1394 connection" is the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) from your computer.  There should be cable system and under the heading wireless connections "LAN or Internet high speed."   There is no need to run the Network Setup Wizard or set up a new connection.

    Open the Device Manager (Start > run > devmgmt.msc ) and go to the network adapters section.  You may need to install the drivers for them.

  • does not detect external hard disk

    Hey guys

    Recently I update my macbook pro (2014) in the sierra of mac os. Since then, my mac does not detect any external hard drive I plug in it even if these drives are detected by the PC and all the files inside. I tried to open utility disk where the hard drive is displayed but the 'volume' located below is gray. When I try to hit mount said volume that nothing happens. All I could do to fix this?

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi sgerolio,

    I understand that you are unable to detect any external drive that you plug into your MacBook Pro, since you upgraded to macOS Sierra.  How many external hard drives work?  How they are formatted?   If formatted for PC, they would not necessarily be able to be read by a Mac.

    You have a small empty external drive or USB key that you can test?  Formatted in Mac OS extended (journaled).  Using the Finder, you are able to see the external drive and drag a file to it?

    The title of the article includes the Aperture application but apply these tips to format an external hard drive to any software application.

    Drives external format Mac OS extended before using with opening

    Take care.

  • Does not detect the hdmi cable more (very specific scenario)

    Well then...

    Got a monitor 15-HD to hdmi cable and a mac laptop (13 in the retina).

    So when I got all that I put it all together and it worked. I left because there a little bit, everything is plugged in and did not return for some time, so my mac fell asleep at the time wherever I went. Disconnected everything to relax on the couch. I went back and all plugged together again except that now the mac does not detect the cable. Tried a bunch of things with it. Restart, unplug the unit, detection manually, etc...

    Since the monitor is used and recently purchased cable, I thought time to them to test first. Got a laptop PC and plugged into the cable. The monitor and cable worked.

    Tried to connect my mac to the TV with my ps4′s hdmi since I did that a lot before. Also works.

    The problem is literally the combination between the cable and the mac. Which is a problem since I got the reason was to serve as my mac.

    During my research, I saw that specifically leaving the connected hdmi where sleeps your laptop can spoil it supposed to be... I saw it one time so idk if it's true, but it happened to me... and no, it wasn't really a solution when I came across that. Tried Googling this specific problem, but did not meet anything since my problem seems so specific.

    Fast forward to the next day and tried again now that both had little respite between them. Plugged into the HDMI and my laptop starts fading and return to a black screen. The screen would go black usually and so the laptop screen and the monitor would appear once again. sauf_que this time that there not, he just kept it and the monitor has not changed (Yes) it's). Not wanting to let him do that too long I unplugged and tried a different port with an adapter, I have also, since I did 3 holes I could use this for might as well try them all again. But unfortunately, I don't have it trigger anything again. So I went through another round of troubleshooting to try to make it work, but here I am, trying to see if anyone else has had this problem and solved. I am back to wait another day I guess and just hope. If not idk what to do, except maybe to get another cable? I don't know if this would solve it well.

    Hello Kaida W,.

    Thank you for reaching out to the Apple of community support. I'll do everything I can to help you get your monitor works as expected. Our first step would be to restore your System Management Controller (SMC) that allows to manage systems of different material on your Mac. This article will guide you through reset:

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

    Try it and tell us how it goes. The entire community is here to help.

    Best regards-

  • Cannot install Win 8 - Satellite Pro C660 does not detect HARD drive


    My HARD drive died, so I decided to upgrade my Satellite Pro C660 - 1 9 to an SSD.
    I made a USB bootable with Win8 and starts very well.

    The problem is that it does not detect my SSD, so I can proceed with the installation.
    SSD appears in BIOS but not in Windows Installer.
    He said that there is a missing driver.

    I downloaded the AHCI drivers (XP, only ones available) and even in this case, after you have selected the only rider that appears, it says no new device found.

    I tried to change the SATA from AHCI mode to compatibility mode and it's the same thing...

    What can I do?

    Thanks for the help.
    Best regards
    Bruno Moreira

    More old Windows XP need a driver AHCI Intel's but I think this isn't a problem with SATA driver missing because as far as I know Windows 8 as well as Win 8.1 already contains the drivers to recognize the SSD or HARD disk drive.
    In addition, the installation of the OS should be possible even if the driver would be added for this procedure, you must use the "compatibility" mode
    As you say, the compatibility mode is not working too, so I think there is another problem.

    However, page driver Toshiba also provides a driver Intel RST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) (Windows 8 - updated) you can try to add during the installation of the OS.

    But I m wondering if you would be able to install this Win 8 on common SATA HDD.
    Have you tried to format the SSD using a different computer, then install Win 8?
    Give it a try.

  • HARD drive does not detect the Tecra R940-1JG


    I had double partition on the HDD for win7 pro and Win 10, but after update Win 10 that he was unable to start.

    I disconnected the drive and connected to my office and managed to recover the data.
    It works find in desktop, but it does not detect my Toshiba Tecra.

    I had an another 120 GB and tested in my Toshiba laptop and it works and detects ok.

    I change the settings of UEFI and AHCI but no joy.

    HARD drive is seen by BIOS?
    HARD drive appears on the first page of the BIOS?

  • Does not detect my HARD drive in the BIOS

    Yesterday, I bought DT01ACA300 of HARD drive and it does not detect.
    I've tried it on two motherboards (different ports and different controllers: AMD, Intel chipset JMicron chipset) with different powers and signal cables (which do not work with my player Samsung HDD and DVD SATA Lite-on), but it won't do no good...

    It seems that the only thing that might have caused it may be the power supply, but I can't check it out because I don't have a spare. I tried to disable most of the unnecessary controllers on MB to lower energy consumption, but it did not help.

    From what I've read on the Internet, it seems that it is not I can do by myself and it is very likely defective drive, but I still have some hope that I can make it work...

    It would be a big problem to return to calm: I'll have to send in another city in the authorized service center so that they would check it, and then only, I can get a replacement (if noone will fly it by then, which can happen...).

    Which machine do you have?

  • Satellite M105-S322 - HDD does not detect

    My laptop does not detect the hard drive. I press F2 to go into BIOS and it says hardrive No. I reinstalled the hard drive, but it still says the same thing. I have test the SATA hard drive on the desktop and it detects its.

    What seems to be wrong? Help, please.

    > I have test the SATA hard drive on the desktop and it detects its.
    This looks like your HARD disk on the motherboard controller is faulty
    But before that you exchange the motherboard but I would test another HARD drive maybe the HARD drive is faulty and will recognize only on certain computers or mothers.

    If a new drive HARD doesn t work too, your motherboard needs to be replaced.

  • Designjet 110Plus NR: HP Designjet 110 Plus NR Maintenance Utility does not detect printer


    I have a Designjet 110 Plus NR printer that prints, but when you use the maintenance utility, it does not detect printer. I downloaded the latest version H.06.0 and am able to install it. but when the search for the printer it will not find it, and I have no way to pinpoint it too my printer. I have the printer connected to my computer via the USB port on a docking station HP residing in my laptop (Elitebook 800 G1 win 7 pro x 64). Also, it is connected via a parallel to the NIC dongle to make it available on the network for everyone to print too so. All can print, I can print but the Cyan is not always print and before you buy new print heads, I would like to clean and align with the Maintenance Utility. I tried to use the printer in the dock station, plugging directly into the laptop and the network to connect, but won't find printer. I tried the alignment of the front that I found in other forums, and it did not work. Whenever I went to the printer, I uninstalled all drivers and and the computer and rebooted system maintenance utilities. I installed the drivers from the HP website, from the disc initially supplied with the printer and our network, still no change print server. Am still able to print but not to run diagnostics or alignments. I've scoured the forums HP and all the "recommended" patches have never someone who in fact confirms the
    'Fix' worked. Can someone help with this problem? It has been about 4 days that I'm looking into this and frankly it's kinda ridicolous saw that it's a plug-and-play printer. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

    Well, the network adapter has failed. I managed to install the software, but he gave a generic IP address of the printer and gave me the same mistake of not being able to communicate with the printer. So, I pulled up an old laptop XP downloaded the drivers from the HP site, rebooted, printed the test page with success and installed the system maintenance utility. And WHOLA, I saw the printer immediately in the USB of Maintenance section and was able to run the diagnostic page and determine our problem. Thanks again for your help Mike!

  • Qosmio F10: Driver Installation does not detect the wireless network card

    I wonder if anyone can help before I phone supported again. My motherboard is dead and ASP replaced and recovered my laptop qosmio F10. Since having back, my wireless card did not work.

    Windows detects a "network controller" whenever it starts and gives me the opportunity to install it. I tried to install it by navigating in the 'tools and utilities' records CD rom for folders and subfolders of "Wireless network driver" and it still does not detect the card.

    I also tried to install using the cd rom web gui and selected the 'Pilot wireless network' link and then tried to install it. It opens a dos command prompt and try to install but comes up with the error "failed installation.

    I ran the customer service and they told me to run the qosmio recovery/then recovery of product/recovery of qosmio and again...

    I still don't the card wireless not yet installed. This happened to someone else?

    I tried already shot the drivers from the web, but with no luck... If a representative of customer service with the help of good technical knowledge that would be great, or if someone has encountered the problem too and he had fixed to the give me some advice...

    Thank you very much



    you see the card wireless as an unknown device in Device Manager? If this is not the case, perhaps that the card was not properly installed after replacing the motherboard.

    Sorry I have no other idea.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A500-19W does not detect battery


    I have a portable Satellite A500-19W which is 6 months old.

    I bought this laptop while I was in Egypt and now I've moved (Dubai) UNITED Arab Emirates.

    Lately my laptop started suddenly does not detect battery.

    To remedy this that I have to remove the battery and clean the terminals then re - put the battery and turn it on and it's OK.

    This happened twice this week and caused my data loss because the charger is disconnected (if the charger is connected, the laptop computer continue to work, but the battery indicator does not light up)

    Now, my questions are the following
    1 - is this problem under warranty?
    2 - should I pay for anything when getting this laptop in service in Dubai noting that I bought in Egypt?
    3. is there a cure for this problem without going through the service center?

    Thank you

    1 / Yes. These questions should be covered by the warranty. Material is junk.

    2 / the nearest service contact and ask, but I'm sure you don't have to pay for the repair. The two countries are countries in EMEA, and avoid any kind of problems.

    3 / it is not much, you can do about it so please contact and explain the situation. They should check your laptop and find a reason why this happens.

    Don t waste your time and contact the closest service. If you have need for addresses and phone numbers you can find on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads > find an ASP.

  • Portege M200 does not detect the Modem PCMCIA card

    I have the Portege M200, when I insert a PCMCIA card (LAN or wireless) the pc detects it ok but if I insert a modem PCMCIA ANY, as a standard 56 k modem, modem card v620 air verizon or a sierra wireless aircard 710, the pc does not detect any, nothing happens when I put it in or out.

    V620 Verizon is the card that I have to make it work as soon as POSSIBLE, others, I used for the test, it seems that modems do not work for some reason any on the PCMCIA.

    any help?

    If the WLAN card manufacturer supplied driver with this card please read manual how to install it on the right track. It is possible that the driver must be installed first.

    Sorry, but my opinion on the laptop PCMCIA port is OK and if you need support try to contact the manufacturer of the card. They should have enough experience with own products.

  • Qosmio G50 does not detect the connected Bluetooth devices

    The qosmio g 50 (windows vista ultimate) detects more devices via bluetooth
    Until two days ago, I pointed out quietly via bluetooth mouse. And then, do not know what is success does not detect any more.

    I did a test to see if it could depend on the PC or the mouse.

    I took the phone with bluetooth, I turned and qosmio, is not detect the phone.
    And the phone does not detect the qosmio via bluetooth.

    What checks can I make on the qosmio while ' I detect devices via bluetooth?

    Tank you


    BT has been successfully activated on tis G50?
    Have you used the FN + F8 key secret to switch on the BlueTooth?

    Please check if the FN key works correctly, otherwise, go to the button start-> all programs-> Toshiba-> Flash Cards Support utility and restart the software.

  • Satellite A300-24Z - windows does not detect connected sata hdd


    Ago that I bought the new laptop Toshiba Satellite A300. A few days ago, I decided to plug in my old laptop HARD drive - drive is Toshiba MK1234GSX - my new laptop via sata to esata cable. Problem is that windows does not detect a new device, by itself, nor in the Device Manager. Is it possible to do this drive works?

    Thanks for help.


    Have you tested other drives?
    This should be checked!

    Please go to BIOS and adjust the default BIOS by pressing F9 button in the BIOS settings.
    Save the changes, and then try again

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