Microsoft LifeCam VX - 700 Webcam does not work with Skype

Original title: Microsoft LifeCam VX - 700 Webcam

I can't get this to work with Skype and he claims that no software download is required.  I tried many options of troubleshooting, but nothing works.  I have Windows 7 - help please



1. What is the exact error message you are getting?

2 LifeCam work with other applications?

Please follow the steps mentioned in the links below.

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  • Microsoft Lifecam vx-3000 webcam does not work with all applications.

    Original title: lifecam vx-3000.

    LifeCam vx-3000, was used for years a couple works very well now it seems to work well for messenger and works when lifecam program is open however does not work if I try and use it on any other web site? Web cam starts picture freezes up with a still image or just empty. Yet once downloaded the software and drivers off microsoft site. Guess it is just a setting. Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    1. have you made any hardware changes or software on the computer before this problem?

    2. what websites you are talking about?

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    Don't troubleshoot bad or no video or problems to start the LifeCam software

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Satellite A500 - my webcam does not work with Skype

    I have a Satellite A500 with Windows 7 installed.
    I installed the Skype Version and well while installing, it seems acknowlegde built in webcam, when I try to test it that appears is a blue background.

    I've searched forums and the problem may be due to compatibility between Windows 7 and Skype.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know how to solve?

    have you tried to reinstall a Skype web cam driver?
    I also installed Skype 4.2 on my A500.and it works perfectly.

  • My webcam does not work with live chat

    Original title: webcam problem

    my webcam does not work with live chat and it happened last time specially when the computer do the update of rutin and I used to restore my computer to bring it back to the work of the web camera

    Thank you


    ·         What is the brand and model of the webcam?

    ·         You're using a built-in or external webcam?

    Method 1:

    Try to run the Microsoft fixit from the link tool and check if it helps.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2:

    I suggest updating the drivers of webcam on the manufacturer's Web site, click on the link below: ' t-work correctly

  • Satellite A300 - built-in Chicony webcam does not work with Win Live Messenger


    I just bought a * Satellite A300-1MC * (works on Vista Home Premium) and downloaded Windows Live Mail and Live Messenger.
    The integrated webcam does not work with Live Messenger; and when you select the tool, Audi + Vieo Setup in Messenger I get thye following message: "we are unable to launch the Audi video installation.
    The webcam works fine with the Camera Assistant Software.

    I tried: 1) killing the AC software and from Messenger. (2) dowanloading one driver webcam Toshiba Web site; (3) update of Windows Vista
    None of the above works.
    Any suggestion received with joy...

    You can try to install the CAM such as ManyCams software -
    Basically, the program to access your webcam video and redistribute it as a video device ManyCam.

    Richard S.

  • the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype

    the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype... Thanks in advance

    Do Skype supported say when contact you?

  • Webcam does not work with windows 7 ultimate.

    Sony laptop vaio: VGN-CR353 winvista Home premium... I've upgraded to windows 7 Ultimate edition.

    Webcam does not work with windows 7 ultimate. Send me drivers & software

    Hello Nipa.  The model seems to be a model for the Asia-Pacific.  Drivers for this model are available from this link:

    Simply click on the 'Support' tab in the middle of the page.

  • Acer Aspire 5536 Webcam does not work with Windows Live Messenger

    My Acer Aspire 5536 laptop with built in Crystal Eye webcam does not work on Windows Live Messenger.  Open the application of webcam Crystal Eye went very well, taking pictures is fine, until I want to use it in a conversation on Messenger.  Is there something I can do?

    A quick response would be much appreciated.

    Hi Tom Hawx,.

    (1) if it works well before?

    (2) remember to make changes?

    (3) you get an error message?

    You can follow the steps mentioned in the article below to configure settings for audio\video Messenger.

    With the help of your LifeCam with Microsoft Live Messenger

    (Article applies to deliver the LifeCam, works very well for the issue)

    If the problem persists always, for more expert on this issue, help post your query on Windows Live Forum.

    Windows Live Forum -

  • VN7 - 791G webcam does not work with Win10 app

    After the upgrade to Windows 10 in my VN - 791G, webcam does not work in the Windows 10 camera app.

    * The exact error message is in Swedish, but a rough translation is 'something was wrong. Please check that the unit is plugged and it is not used by another application". It was after I closed BTW Skype (see below).

    * The camera works in Skype.

    * Driver version is "Microsoft HD Webcam' 10.0.10240.16384, the last found through Windows update.

    I can't find any driver here in the Acer site.


    My suggestion would be to remove the installed drivers and install again to see if that solves it, this is clearly a driver issue because it works with another application. I also wonder if there may be an update for the application of the camera through the Windows store, maybe.

  • Webcam does not work on Skype with Ubuntu 12.04

    I have a Philips SPC700NC webcam that does not work on Skype in Ubuntu 12,04. He worked on the 10.04, but after the update it doesn't work. The camera is ok with cheese as it was before the update, but not on Skype.
    Any help to solve this problem is welcome.
    Thank you.

    Check out the tips for this issue to:

    The Instructions worked for me.

  • Satellite C660-1NW - Webcam does not work with the facebook chat


    My doughter recently bought a Satellite C660-1NW youcef.
    This laptop has a webcam on board.
    When you use Facebook, webcam chat, webcam does not work.
    The webcam indicator led is active come on, but the facebook app remains blue without screen webcam.
    Audio works.

    Skype using the webcam works.

    I have updated the drivers but when same no go :(

    Please help move facebook webcam


    If Facebook does not recognize your webcam right away when you want to share a video, click on the eye for cameras new button.

    Your Adobe Flash Player settings will be displayed.
    On the tab, make sure you only select the right type of camera you use with your computer.

    On the tab, you may also need to 'allow' Facebook to access your camera and microphone.

    If your settings does not work, try to uninstall Adobe Flash Player on your computer and download the latest Flash Player.

  • My built-in webcam does not work with any program

    My webcam has not worked with any program. My computer says that my webcam is disconnected, not lit, etc..., but because my webcam is integrated I can't change it. I tried Fn + F6 and I tried just turned my computer off, but it still does not work. Please tell me how I can remedy this.

    Without doubt, you have a laptop? Drivers are provided by your manufacturer of laptop, specific to your model.

    In winupdate settings turn off recommended updates, allow the important updates. Re - download chipset and drivers of the webcam from your laptop manufacturer

  • dedicated on microsoft 4000 keyboard back button does not work with firefox


    I have a microsoft 4000 keyboard.

    He dedicated the buttons back and next to the navigation of the browser:

    the back button does not work with firefox

    other info: the next button does not work with firefox. buttons next and previous works with IE, tor and chrome. the keyboard shortcut for back in firefox (alt + left arrow) does not work.

    I've tried clearing cache and cookies and start firefox in safe mode.



    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand you have questions only by using the back button in the Firefox browser.

    But I would like more information on this topic in order to help you.

    (1) the back button worked before with Firefox?

    (2) don't you make changes before this problem?

    According to your description, there is no problem with the material since it works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Previous key does not only work with Firefox. Therefore, I would advice you to check with Firefox and see if that helps, because they have more expertise on products here to help you better.

    Support for Firefox

    Hope this information is useful. Please write us back for assistance.

  • Webcam does not work on Skype, but I can get a preview in the video settings

    My webcam is not working for Skype calls, but I can get a preview on the Skype video settings and it also works on the various programs and services that use the webcam. This problem occurred recently when Skype has updated to the new layout


    Sorry for wasting time, but the problem was that were far too many people in the Group call and that smaller groups make the video work

  • My built-in webcam does not work on Skype - latest version

    Hello everyone.

    I hope you can help me.

    My web cam does not work on Skype. The camera itself works - I checked through Lenovo web conferences.

    I have attached a txt with the DirectX Diagnostic tool information.

    I hope you can help me, Skype is really great, everything works perfectly, except for the video...

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Try to update the drivers for the built-in camera:

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