Microtek ScanWizard 3700 error message on Windows 7, "cannot find the scanner, use scanner probe...". »

I recently bought a new computer running Windows 7.  I was able to use the ScanWizard 3700 on my old computer that worked on Windows XP.  I have installed the Scanwizard software, checking compatibility, and he said: 'no change necessary. "  But... I can't use it, I get an error message "cannot find scanner, scanner using the probe...". "The probe scanner can not find the scanner either.  I see that other people use ScanWizard on Windows 7 without any problem.  Anyone have any ideas why I can't make it work?



The Microtek ScanWizard 3700 is not compatible with Windows 7.


Download and install the Windows 7 compatibility-mode drivers and check.

Make older programs in this version of Windows (Windows 7)

Hope this information helps.

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    Hope this information is useful.

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