Migrate from ACS 3.3.2 SE to 4.2.1 for Windows

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I know that the two platforms/versions are dinosaurs and we should be upgraded to something more recent like ACS 5.x.  However, I am consultant and is not part of the decision to make this migration.  I've just loaded to run.  The customer going to ISE and purchased in one of their regions.  However, this specific pair of ACS servers provide services GANYMEDE + then they will be around for some time.


I'm contemplating how to for migration.  There are about 30 local users and more than 2000 devices.  There is integration of ads through a pair of remote agents.  We want to entry a sweet/new configuration as opposed to a full backup and restore so cleaning may occur on the current arrangements of 8-10 years.  So, the best-case scenario is that I have set up new devices (v4.2.1) by hand and import users and network devices.

If I wanted to do, how I'd go to export only the devices and users from the 3.3.2 engine solution?

I thought to reproduce the current 3.3.2 install on a v3.3.2 to install windows then upgrading the windows temp install to 4.2.1 and replication only users and groups to the 4.2.1 new platform but I have access to old media.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you.


The best would be to install v3.3.2, reproduce the configuration and it in path/procedure to upgrade next since you do not have access to OLD media. You can import users and devices using the RDBMS feature.

To export devices network of ACS 3.3.2 engine solution. Go to network setup > Search > maintains the search that is default parameter to search the entire. Press search. There will be a 'Download' option that will appear in the left corner of the search results. Click on save this list.

This list will include,


-IP address


-Name NDG (if applicable)

NOTE: This will not contain customer AAA Shared Secret keys have

Once the devices are exported, you can import this file to ACS for windows.


You may not be able to export the ACS SE users. You may need to manually create with the new passwords.

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    Mohammed (useful rate of messages)

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    There is no problem to migrate from the device of the CSA to ACS for windows.

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    You can do a backup on device ACS and restore it on ACS for windows.

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    Hello luckyduck, as is the case with xmarks too, the overwhelming majority of the addons is not created by mozilla, but by independent third-party developers. so if you want to know if it is planned an extension for firefox on android porting or have other requests for features, please communicate with the developers involved directly in order to get a better answer. Thank you for your understanding!

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    Yes, if you want to free up your internal disk storage moving two libraries of the iPhoto library you have migrated your external drive and the new library of Photos.

    The two libraries share the storage for the original images and previews.  As long as one of the libraries is always on the internal disk and using storage, storage is not released: see: Photos saves disk space to share images with your iPhoto or Aperture - Apple Support libraries

    Drag the two libraries to your external drive, then double click the pictures library to open it in photos and test it. Once you are convinced that the copied library works well, you can delete the original in the internal drive.  Do the same for the copied iPhoto Library if you have installed iPhoto.

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    Original title: due tapes dpm powershell online


    Can someone please? I migrated from DPM2010 to DPM2012 and reporting does not work. The mmc console crashes.

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    I searched through Google on all day, but found nothing so thought I would ask here.

    Thank you very much



    It would be better if you reposted the question to the Forum 2012 DPM.  Professionals will help you resolve the problem you are experiencing.

    DPM TechNet

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