Migration to a new 10.11 Mac 10.5

I'm helping a neighbour to buy a new MacBook. I will need to migrate their accounts, e-mail, etc. from the old Mac to the new. They have an old iMac PowerPC running 10.5.8.  From my research, so far, I know that the PowerPc Macs cannot be upgraded past 10.5.8.

Should what steps I take to migrate their old 10.5.8 data to a new MacBook 10.11 El Capitan running?


In the sending of the file menu, choose Import the mailboxes, choose Mail for Mac OS x, choose the high of 10.5 user library folder mail folder, wait while he looks for the boxes it can import, choose the ones you want, they will be imported in an area called the import, from there you can move the Inbox or where ever.

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