Migration to the new machine - CC manager taken to reinstall loop!

I've migrated to a new Mac Pro desktop and apps CC2015 copied on but I can't get CC manager to work and he asked me to reinstall it, but when I do, it says it can not reinstall and I need to download and reinstall - I am basically stuck in a loop - I have removed all applications and adobe content in the Utilities folder, and I always get this message : "Adobe Creative Cloud is necessary to solve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged. Please download and install a new copy of the creative cloud... ' - How can I get a totally new start and install apps?

do not migrate the adobe programs.

Uninstall (using programs uninstall) your programs of cc.

clean through the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems

Install the application of cc, Download Adobe Creative Cloud apps desktop | CC free trial Adobe

install your programs from cc using the desktop application.

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    I just used Migration Assistant to transfer my account (including Fusion) of my old MBP to my new MBP. My VIsta 64 - bit VM Fusion is and resides on an external HARD drive. so, after the migration successful (apparently) I connected the external drive to the new machine and (ii) grown up merge.  Fusion has seen the virtual machine, I selected to motorise the. Merge request now:

    Did you move this virtual machine, or you copied it?

    It seems to me that I did, nor as the volume disk external DRIVE containing the Vista VM was not mounted at the time of migration (in fact, the drive has been disconnected). I copied the platform, including the Fusion, from one physical machine to another.

    I know this is probably an easy answer, but I don't want to blow up this very important step in getting my new machine, running and functional.  ?:|


    Instant wrote:

    Thus, it is "moved", even if no bit VM have been transferred or altered in any way and the virtual machine remains resident in the same volume on the external hard drive?

    Yes, it's "I moved it" in order to maintain the same UUID and MAC address, which should keep the machine virtual Windows FRO Windows Product Activation trigger.

    Now to the other...

    As I pointed out in the original post, and you noted in your response, I transferred Fusion to the new machine (for the internal HARD disk) via the Migration Wizard. What should I do now? Uninstalling merge on the new machine, and then download and reinstall? (I'm on v2.04; I guess I would upgrade comes in support of w/SL v2.05...) ? Or NOT uninstall but rather update to v2.05 (easier)?

    I run the uninstall and then install Fusion 2.0.5. (Note: Fusion 2.x is not a dynamic update)  Uninstalling/reinstalling also Fusion will not delete your Virtual Machines.

  • Migration via the time machine (old imac) to new imac done numbers keynote pages and other programms disappear

    Migration via the time machine (old imac) new done imac numbers keynote pages and other programms disappear - what is my mistake?

    You should be able to re-download your apps purchased on the Mac App Store.

  • I recently bought a new computer. How can I migrate Creative as a result of the new machine?

    I am a student who has recently had to buy a new computer and I want to transfer my Adobe Creative Suite applications to the new machine. When I did a general search, I found the click to the discussion of clouds but was unable to find the option in the preferences for starting this process. This is the procedure to follow if I want to the Creative Suite on the new machine? I am a beginner at the same time the use of these applications and the data migration process from an old machine to a new and will probably call customer service, but I thought I would try the forum first.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


    Canon Rebel user

    It's just a matter of installing the software on the new machine, nothing in the way of migration is necessary.  Just repeat the same process you used for the old machine to the new machine.  Given that your license allows installation on two machines, you have the possibility to leave it on the old machine.

    If you prefer you can deactivate the software on the old machine so that you always have the option to install/activate the software on another computer if necessary.

    If you happen to require the download of the suite to the new machine you can do using the site below to download the demo version then use your serial number to activate to use fully.  Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important article Instructions on the pages to download to this site or the download may not work properly.


  • Migration of models for the new Machine...

    Hello dear colleagues,

    I put out of service from a dated 2009 iMac and passing his duties to a new and I wonder if someone can help me find a reference who will help me get my animation models fly over and correctly placed on the new machine for FCPX discovered / recognizes their and their associated media? I intend to copy the files and place them in (user) / films/motion templates/generators /... but have you done this before? If so, the pointers?

    I'll check in and share what I've learned once I have set things.

    Thank you

    Eric D - CoralVision

    Copy the (user) > movies > folder models of animation as a whole on the new computer.

    This only works with free templates and those that you made yourself.

    Third party models with their own Installer are not in these files, and you will need to re-run the installation program.

  • question: How can I open CS5.5 after the migration to the new computer laptop w / Mac OS 10.8.4?

    question: How can I open CS5.5 after the migration to the new computer laptop w / Mac OS 10.8.4? I got a dialog box indicating that I had to run Java SE runtime (or something to that effect), when I approved it, then try opening cs5.5 Indesign, the program closed unexpectedly at startup. If I uninstall program & reinstall, my documents will be free, or are they toast? Help!

    Hi rabbit Art,.

    Migration from one machine to the other problem most of the time. So I recommend you to reinstall the software. Concern is that none of your documents will be made.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

  • Personal folders not visible in Thunderbirds after the migration to the new computer

    I moved my computer to a new Thunderbird profile (and edited profiles.ini to point to the saved profile. Now, in Thunderbird on the new machine, I have the records box receipt, feels Local, Trash, but file folders with my registered and categorized mail subfolders is not visible in the left panel. It seems to be intact in the Mail/Local folders/Personal Folders.sbd/Archives.sbd folder, simply not visible when I run Thunderbird.

    What should I do to get these folders and their subfolders again.

    ... Doug

    You store the mail belonging to "a folder for each email account" in the profile?

    In other words, have you changed the "Local Directory" setting for these accounts?

  • problem with the copy of the mots de passe from the old to the new machine.copied key3.dd and signons.sqlite from the old to the new profile, but firefox does not recognize their

    a lot of hassle copying old profile to the new machine... Finally overcome bookmarks but failed to get the passwords recognized... followed advice old conversation community how much/little to copy from the old to the new, with no success

    You copy both files to the correct location?

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: opens showing the file

    If you still have access to the old computer, then try this extension:

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    Please click the button solved it next to the answer that solved your problem of Firefox support, it appears when you are connected, so this thread is marked as resolved to help other users who may have this same problem.

  • Copy the registry entries for the cookies saved from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the new machine.

    Original title: the registry entries for the saved cookies

    Can someone tell me where the registry entries are saved cookies?  I want to copy those to my new PC so I don't have to manually enter the web address.  I created the privacy to block all cookies and manually authorize those I want.

    I'm spending XPSP3 to Windows 7 on the new machine.

    Hello bbran,.

    Can someone tell me where the registry entries are saved cookies? I want to copy those to my new PC so I don't have to manually enter the web address. I created the privacy to block all cookies and manually authorize those I want.

     If you use Internet Explorer, you should be able to select the file and select "import and export" to move this.  Everything you have saved is located in your profile.

    Please let us know status.

  • Directory disappeared when I copied the directory to the new machine

    I bought a new computer and was moving files from one to the other. I copied an entire directory - subdirectories and files - on the map, and then copied that data on the new machine. The original computer runs Vista. The new computer running Windows 7.

    When I did this, the directory has been eliminated from drive C visible on the original Vista machine. So I tried to overthrow: all that the copy of the new machine back to the existing one. When I did, the existing machine informed me that the files that I had to put on her already existing. I could not just see them. That's nice!

    So, I tried a search in Windows Explorer for files that I knew. Do they not appear unless I did a 'Advanced' search and checked the box "Include non indexed files hidden and system (slower). They came, and so did the directory that I had tried to find.

    This leads me to think that I should re - index the first machine, which is something that I discovered clicking around. However, I'm a little scared of this and thought I'd better ask first. As you can imagine, it's frustrating, because I'm just a regular computer user and not someone who knows a lot about the details. Thanks for any help.

    Win7 has its mysteries.

    Here are a few things to try:

    option 1 - type the address in the address bar in the Solution Explorer and see if the invisible folder will appear again on the list of folders.

    -If Yes, then sometimes the case will resume on the list of files.

    -also check its properties and see if the folder attributes are set to 'hidden '.  you could try to switch the hidden on and out attribute to see if it committed the file to be seen again.

    workarounds are:

    option 2 - create a new folder on the drive as MyFiles and copy the contents of that unstable.  then delete this unstable, c:\files.   If it is still not visible by the browser, then try the delete command via the console drive prompt.

    option 3 - create a shortcut of desk top of the page with the address in the unstable folder which will give you quick access

    option 4 - create a new folder, as MyFiles and copy your files to another computer.

  • Save files to *.csi on the new machine


    I saved my files *.csi on a single machine. Now, I don't want to put them on another machine. Is this possible. I read the thread, what should be safeguarded during the relocation of machine:


    but it covers the case when reinstalling the same machine. What I do when I want to install the files of *.csi on the new machine?

    Transfer all the *.csi and sigtool.* files to the new computer JDE/bin folder.

    That's all.

  • How to check if the virtual machine is managed by vCloud Director


    I need to find a way to check in Orchestrator so the virtual machine is managed by Director vCloud.

    I can't verify this with PowerCLI command below:

    (get - vm Vm_name *). ExtensionData.Config.ManagedBy.ExtensionKey


    .. .but my goal is to check in the orchestrator workflow.

    Help, please.

    You can get the same information from the VC:VirtualMachine object in vCO.

    Create a workflow or action with a named input of type vm VC:VirtualMachine and the snippet of code below would get the information you are looking for.

    var extensionKey = vm.config.managedBy.extensionKey;

  • Error when installing SSO 5.5 on the new Machine

    I tried to install VMware vCenter Single Sign-On VMware-VIMSetup-all 5.5.0 - 5.5.0 - 1312299.iso, and like others, I have a problem. I want to install on a VM Windows Server Datacenter 2008 R2 SP1 64 bit new.

    The first time I ran the installer, I display Single Sign-On prerequisite vCenter and realized that my network on the new machine settings were a bit off. So I canceled the installation program, fixed my network, started the Setup program again and this time I got the message "DNS resolution is effective."

    Then I continued my way. I select "vCenter Single Sign-On for your first server vCenter Server", it starts to install, the State can "configure SSO components... "and then it shows" restoration of action: ", then"vCenter Single Sign-On the Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. "All attempts to install later resulted in the same thing.

    I've seen some solutions proposed elsewhere, and I've tried:

    • Rename C:\ProgramData\VMware\CIS to CIS.old
    • Run (VMware-VIMSetup-all-5.5.0-1312299.iso)\Single Sign-On\prerequisites\VMware-python.msi (tried right click menu: repair and also uninstall then install))
    • In 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc. \VMware Infrastructure', there is no SSOServer

    I have attached vim-sso-msi and vminst.log of %TEMP%. I also found a vminst.log of a directory longer % TEMP %; I joined who as vminst - Temp.log too, in the case where it is useful.

    Looking at newspapers, in vim-sso-MSI is towards the end:

    MSI (c) (28:DC) [14:08:39:385]: Note: 1: 1708

    MSI (c) (28:DC) [14:08:39:385]: product: vCenter Single Sign-On - Installation failed.

    MSI (c) (28:DC) [14:08:39:385]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product name: vCenter Single Sign-On. Product version: Product language: 1033. Manufacturer: VMware, Inc. installation success or error status: 1603.

    It's the mid:

    MSI (s) (38:A0) [14:07:41:006]: op of execution: ActionStart (Name = BootstrapAll),

    Action 14:07:41: BootstrapAll.

    MSI (s) (38:A0) [14:07:41:022]: op of execution: CustomActionSchedule(Action=BootstrapAll,ActionType=11265,Source=BinaryData,Target=***,CustomActionData=***)

    MSI (s) (38:88) [14:07:41:037]: call for a custom action to distance. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI2A01.tmp, point of entry: VmSetupExecuteBootstrap

    MSI (s) (C 38: 5) [14:07:41:037]: generation random cookie.

    MSI (s) (C 38: 5) [14:07:41:053]: created server custom with PID 1724 (0x6BC) Action.

    MSI (s) (38:FC) [14:07:41:178]: running as a service.

    MSI (s) (38:FC) [14:07:41:193]: Hello, I am your server custom action high 64-bit.

    Action 14:07:41: PostInstallScripts. Configuration of SSO components...

    PostInstallScripts: PostInstallScripts

    PostInstallScripts: PostInstallScripts

    CustomAction BootstrapAll returned error code 1603 (note this is perhaps not 100% accurate if translation happened inside the bin to sand)

    Action ended 14:08: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

    Vminst - Temp.log, I see this, but I don't know if it's relevant:

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 LDAP-Utils: VmSetupMakeLdapsConnection

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 ldap_sslinit attempt...

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 ldap_connect attempt...

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 ldap_bind_s attempt...

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 impossible to establish the LDAPS connection. Error: 1326

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 VmSetupUpdateVmdirCert error: 1603

    VMware Single Sign-on-build-1302472: 25/09/13 14:08 VmSetupVmdirCert error: 1603

    Folder is C:\Users\Administrator.MCI\AppData\Local\Temp\2

    I got vminst - C:\Users\Administrator.MCI\AppData\Local\Temp Temp.log

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try, or any other information that might help?

    So I think that I just found out the real reason, it was a failure. In the above-mentioned documentation, they say that; "" "^-are not valid characters in a password. But they missed a character: space. I was using a space character in my password.

    I tried on the setup of a bunch of times. When one of the invalid characters above is used, Setup will continue anyway. And then launching a 1326 in this another log file that I mentioned. Using a space does the same thing. And it's not as if they are not checking the password at all. If you do not meet the complexity requirements in their documentation, then you get this notice:

    I don't know why they accept invalid characters in the installation program. And I don't know why they missed listing the space character as a character not valid in their documentation. It is an ASCII character, after all (0x20).

    I tried a few other passwords a long time ago, but I think that was before found this documentation, so I used one of the other characters that are not valid. Or maybe I used another invalid character who is undocumented. If the space is not documented as an invalid character, so who knows how many other invalid characters are?

    And so I say to all those who believe that they have the same problem I did:

    First of all, make sure that it is the same problem. Check that you have found an error code 1326 in the other file vminst.log, located in a directory above %TEMP%. If you can't find a 1326, then you probably have a different problem.

    Then, try other passwords. Do not use the documented invalid characters. And keep in mind that there may be other invalid characters without papers.

    The password doesn't have to be the same as the password for the local Windows administrator account. Just, it cannot contain invalid characters without papers.

  • Just got a new laptop, Lr and Ps are on my old, how do I transfer to the new machine? Thank you

    So how should I configure on the new machine? Thank you

    Transfer does not install so as you did on the original machine.

    Download/install the desktop application, connect and install applications subscription.

    Creative cloud to desktop

    Sign out, sign in | Creative office cloud app

    Install, update, or uninstall applications

Maybe you are looking for

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    Card: String, Integer, seems > m; not supported on BlackBerry devices. Is there another way to have a table entry (a pair key / value).