missing mail

After installation of Sierra and opening mail 10, the database has been converted and lost about a year-old mails saved on my mackbook pro.  Use the reconstruction and did not retrieve that email post November 2015.


I had the same problem. To be clear, the records that were missing for me are personal folders and all existed for pop accounts

I solved it by first creating a new personal mailbox with a distinctive name "on my Mac".

With Mail quit, then I went to the folder ~/Library/Mail/V4 and watched in folders that have various alphanumeric names until I found a new one with the distinctive name.

I then open my drive Time Machine from the Finder and drilled until the last backup of El Capitan and is gone in the ~/Library/Mail/V3 folder and found my mailbox personal registered previously and dragged a smaller folder in the hierarchy of the V4 with the mailbox created in. I just use a mailbox to verify if the process worked.

Once he had copied everywhere I went in the ~/Library/Mail/V4/Maildata folder and delete any file with "Envelope" in its name.

I then restarted Mail and got a dialogue that it was important to mail and when it in place, my personal mailbox has been recreated in the Mail of Sierra of macOS application.

Then I repeated the steps above with all other other boxes to my old V3 messages and letters once they all copied everywhere, deleted the files of 'Envelope' again. It takes quite a long time because there was a certain worth years of mail move above but it worked perfectly since that date (as far as I know).

Hope that helps.

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  • Trash, missing mail

    Well Yes, this still happens.

    Suddenly, missing the basket of e-mail on one of my computers. Don't know if it happened in Yosemite or El Capitan, but he disappeared for months.

    Anyone else?

    Make sure you have created a Trash mailbox

    Mail > Preferences > accounts > mail box behavior

  • Send to shortcut - Missing Mail recipient

    original title: send to shortcut

    IE8 + Vista - Windows Explorer.

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    Hello 56vla,

    This is the living part and the easy way to do it.


    This should do it for you.

    Thank you.
    Uday $012

  • Plist missing mail

    On a MBP upgrade Sierra retina I was getting no audio alert when I did the update that made me go and look at the prefs. and here there was no plist for Mail just a 'shared '. (I have no idea how long this has been the case). So, what should I do to get it back. All new mail loading did not he nor did a reboot.

    Sound alerts for mail can be enabled by going to the Mail > Preferences > general - new sounds of messages and also checking the checkbox for the sounds to the other actions of the mailbox.

  • Missing mail messages...

    Don't know if it of a question of Sierra or not, but it's the first time it's happened and in 2 days to upgrade to Sierra.

    My mail main account of IMAP e-mail was working fine this morning.  About 49 000 messages.  I looked on the message window this afternoon and it was completely empty.  No messages.  Title bar displays "0 filtered messages.

    Messages appear on my phone/ipad/webmail, but not in Apple Mail for this particular account.  Other accounts appear correctly.

    I tried to rebuild the mailbox, without change.

    I deleted the IMAP account and she recreated, it again downloads the messages from 49 000, but does not display them.

    The messages are still on the IMAP server, I can do a 'about this account"and it shows there are 49 000 messages in the Inbox.

    So, now what?

    With Mail leave...

    Navigate to the folder of the user library. This folder is hidden by default. In the unhide: select the Finder in the Dock. Less go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you will see the library.

    • Access to containers.  Drag the com.apple.mail desktop folder

    • Navigate to the Mail folder.

    Select the V4 > MailData folder.

    Delete all files in MailData with envelope in the name. (or 3)

    Open Mail. It will re-index your files.

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

  • Restoration and upgrade missing mail


    I restored ACS config and later, we went to 5.5 patch 11. Before that, we have received emails during backup and purge of the database have been carried out. But because we did this restoration and improved 5.5 patch8 patch 11 we do not receive these emails. Where is made this config? I checked the config and it seems fine. How will I know if these emails are sent to the ACS? Where in the config set us this up? any advice?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Jesus,

    I'm suspect Alert Manager is not started correctly. Could you please restart the "view-alertmanager" (stop view-alertmanager, start alertmanager view acs acs) and check if we get alarms or not?

    Thank you


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  • Mail missing after restoring the messaging profile folder

    Hello, I had problems with my file sent and had to restore my profile folder to an old copy of 3 day, but after that my Inbox is missing mail for 16 days, the mail is extremely important because it contains all my orders and working material and I need a way to recover. Please help me! At the moment there is no earlier version or which folder to restore once I open his options on the file to the Inbox, what do I do now?

    restored what and how is the first question. If you mean windows restore, I'm from here. It's a mess of Microsoft, with that I want nothing to do.

    The only constant I can suggest is the right click on the folder in Thunderbird, select Properties, and then store the button fix to force a re-indexing of mail.

  • Mail does not display correctly

    My messaging screen was like that for a while with the description of missing mail.  I have not yet found a solution after going through all the menus and preferences.

    10.11.2 OSX

    MacBook Air 1.4 Ghz Intel i5 8 GB RAM 250 GB HDD

    9.2 mail

    MailTags 4.24

    Mail Act-On 3.24*

    * This problem before these two was installed

    I do not!

    I just went to the post office - preferences - Viewing - check conventional configuration - layout classic unchecked - everything is back to normal

    That felt like a moment of Windows!

  • Help with missing folder blackBerry Smartphones

    Hello. I have an account taken on my phone plus two other internet e-mail (Yahoo and AOL) accounts. I had two folders - one that would list all incoming calls as well as mail that came on behalf of the company and a folder for the account of the company.

    The record for one who lists incoming/missed calls, calls with missing mail the other day. The phone should not have been locked, was in my wallet, and did her own thing.

    Now, I received phone calls, it shows that I have "e-mail", but when I check the accounts, all mail was read. I can't access the "folder" where calls are listed to delete missed calls.

    How can I fix?

    On the home screen press Menu page (key BB), and select Show all.

    Check now if your main Message folder showing or not, if present, then just select press Menu, and then click Show.

    I hope this wil help you... !!

  • I don't see any emails in the archive folders that I created in my 'local folders' or on my main drive once the e-mail has been moved to the appropriate folder.

    I change a POP server an IMAP. I changed the location of the archive to be in my 'local' folder on my computer and installs the files and folders to the new location of archive. I have subfolders appear under the local folder 'tree', but when I look into them they are empty, except for the most recent. All my files from 2013-2015 are empty.

    Now when I open "Explorer" to search in the directory that I did for my local folder location, files are there and so are emails... way of sorts. They are not separate emails, each folder contains a large super file. When I try to open this file, it just opens as if I try to send an email and the file is linked as an attachment.

    When I try to go into the file--> open--> recorded message etc there is no emails to open and no record. Is there a way to see my archived messages using the open saved email? Is it possible to see the emails in the folders in the tree view under the Local folder in the Thunderbird application? I'm afraid I can have lost 3 years of archives if I can't, and I really need TO HAVE your emails. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    I have lost 3 years of archives

    Have you created a backup of your Thunderbird profile before starting changes?

    I change a POP server an IMAP.

    This change has already happened or you're going to do?

    I changed the location of the archive to be in my 'local' folder on my computer

    Please explain in detail what you were doing.

    and moved the files and folders to the new location of the archive.

    Please explain in detail what you were doing.

    on your screenshot of Internet Explorer, you have for example a 2014 (without file extension) file. Who is supposed to be your mail. But he has only 140 KB in size, so there may be a lot of mail in there. The 2014 file is supposed to appear as a 2014 folder in Thunderbird, but it's not. So, what is the content of the file 2014?

    There is another file 2014 ' Archives' with a size of 1.7 MB. It looks like he has mail in it, and it appears as a folder in Thunderbird. What is the missing mail? If this isn't the case, whence this file?

    Essentially in the same goes for the 2015 * files. "What is ' Archives 2015 - shortened? Have you created the shortcut? If so - why?

    What is the empty file 'Email Archives' for? How she came here in the first place?

    And why did you put the holding the filter rules file in the folder to archive?

  • Thunderbird has lost all my accounts and settings

    I have been using T-bird for years with only the default profile. I have my personal Setup account separately 2 corporate accounts that are grouped in the local folders.

    Yesterday, when I rebooted and started the T-bird, it was as if I had never set up all the accounts. There is no folder or messages and all my accounts had disappeared.

    I checked the C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default and the files are still there. It is just that my default profile is not to use them, even if the correct folder is displayed when I go to help/troubleshooting and click on 'display the folder '.

    I suspect a main index file (prefs.js) is damaged or has been deleted, which should bind the T-bird to all other files in my profile. How to make T-bird to reconnect with my data files of this profile?

    Found my own answer, even though none of the research or the pages of support.mozilla.org were of no use either.

    Google found Disappearing mail - MozillaZine Knowledge Base led me to retrieve a profile that suddenly disappeared - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

    In this last article, I found this text

    • A quick way to say what problem you are suffering from is to look at your personal address book in Thunderbird. If it seems correct, proceed to the section corrupted or empty prefs.js . Otherwise, follow the instructions in the lost profile section.

    After going to the section corrupt prefs.js or empty , I found this is my answer:

    • Otherwise, you need to rebuild prefs.js. You can do this by creating the same accounts again in the existing profile and Thunderbird to use directories that contain always the missing mail, by this article that Recovering deleted accounts e-mail - MozillaZine Knowledge Base. Another option is to create a new profile using the Profile Manager, create the accounts again and then migrate your e-mail, address books, filters, and other related files of mail of the old profile by this article.
  • I did not receive my email on OE

    I am the OE 6 and I get "an unknown error has occurred. "Account: 'pop.cox.net', server: 'pop.cox.net', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, secure (SSL): no, error number: 0x800C0133.  In addition my inbox has now been emptied.  Help, please.

    When I check the properties of a dbx file, I see both.

    That said, am I right to say your current Inbox has all messages since it began?

    1. Create a new folder and move all messages from the Inbox to it.
    2. Close OE.
    3. Open the store folder and drag the Inbox.dbx file to the desktop.
    4. Rename the Inbox.dbx file Inbox.bak.
    5. Open OE and you should have a new Inbox with all the messages that were in the bak file.

    Unfortunately, given that you have not saved your mail, you will be still missing over a years of messages. The only tool that has a chance to recover the missing messages is DBXpress. It is a very good tool, but it comes with no guarantee that he will find all messages and there is no refund. More makes the messages disappeared, the less chance of recovery.

    I look forward to 'promote' pay - for programs, but it was (and still may be), used by some alphabet agencies in the United States to find deleted data on hard drives.


    You may need to run in the extract from disk Mode if its normal recovery mode fails to find lost messages.

    Otherwise, this chalked it up to a learning experience, start OE backup and grit your teeth for the missing mail.

  • Mail for Mac OS Sierra missing attachments

    In many of my emails, attachments are missing. I have about 10 imap and pop3 accounts in my mac mail.

    I use this for work and get 50-100 emails with attachment of accounts per day.

    I know it's a bug, but someone already have a practical solution until the bug is fixed?

    Thank you

    Hi Apple supports,

    Can we have your attention, please? One of the main messaging features does not work, it is a crucial issue.

    See you soon,.


  • the option of missing e-mail from in safari

    the option of missing e-mail from in safari

    This just happened.

    It was available

    Turn on Safari and your Mac. If she does not return, open the sharing sheet, click on the «...» "" icon and make sure that Mail is enabled. ""

  • Mail disappeared for a month in 2015. I tried the repair and reconstruction of the index file. Still missing but now emails have sporadic several copies.

    The Inbox file is currently 1.9 G, upward of about 0.85 G in September of this year. Probably due to a large number of parts attached. I have noticed that emails for 3/2015 for most missing although I find answers, etc., in the folder "sent" for the same period. The gap may occur after the last operation of compaction.
    I tried both the 'fix' and deletion of the msf index option and rebuild. These emails are still missing, but now I have sporadic cases of multiple copies of an e-mail, 8.

    Inbox included 2013 as part of the day and I just moved the files from 2013 to a folder to archive but have not yet run the compaction on the Inbox to eliminate those emails that I fear that I could also inadvertently delete emails 3/2015.

    Cannot open the raw file from Inbox in Notepad... get a too large file error, but it opens in wordpad even if research is extremely slow and basically unusable. Any thoughts?

    More information on the compaction. It is recommended to leave Thunderbird cela automatically by setting a threshold (e.g. 1 MB). See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Compacting_folders

    Also take a look at the archiving functionality.

    When your problem is solved, can mark the thread as "solved" Please?
    Thank you.

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