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I have iPhone 6s running IOS 9.3.1.  I have four e-mail accounts but only three show up like an Inbox.  An Inbox simply disappeared. How to restore? I can get these messages through the accounts section, but not the inboxes.  All four mailboxes appear on my iPad.


On the iPhone, open your e-mail application and go to Edition. From there, you can select mailboxes you want to see on the screen. There is a selection for all of the mailboxes and inboxes of the available accounts that you have on the device.

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  • List of missing mailboxes

    I use El Capitan and earlier today on my list of mailboxes (those that I generated), disappeared. When I search, I can find individual emails. Help, please!

    Clarify the question - are the missing mailboxes, you created the mailbox on my Mac or that they are the mailboxes for the account?

    Try re-indexing of mailboxes mailbox. This can take some time if you have a lot of mail.

    Reindex messages           For El Capitan, try looking in V3.

    Reindex messages (2)        See post by Linc Davis

  • Missing mailboxes

    I copied the folder Mail and Mail downloads from the library of Snow Leopard in the folder of the library of the Sierra.  I launched mail and he told me it was the upgrade file of mail, which seemed promising.  I then created an Exchange account to Sierra and Mail downloaded my Inbox folder and sent.  However, all the mailboxes stored "on my Mac" are not displayed.

    I checked the mail inside the library folder is the correct size.

    I deactivated and activated the account.

    I even added and deleted the folder of the Spotlight Privacy tab.

    I can't rebuild the mailbox because that command is dimmed until you select a mailbox.

    Suggestions how to display the mailboxes stored on the Mac, please?

    OK, here's the answer incase anyone else has this problem after a new installation.

    I moved the folder "Mail" from the library of SL in Sierra, but it resulted in the loss of mailboxes stored on the Mac.

    To solve the problem I used the command "import" in Mail, choose the option "mail" and robbed on user > library > Mail > Vn, where n = a number.

    This is the missing files appear in the application, however each folder contained a subfolder named 'Messages' within which were copies of the messages.  The subfolder of Messages can be deleted manually by using the command «Delete the box...» "and then you're back to normal.  NB, I did not remove the messages from the message list, just the mailbox subfolders called "Messages."

  • No valid mbox files were found. Missing mailboxes

    I changed the titles of original 3 mailboxes and I created 2 new mailboxes for a total of 5 email addresses different in Mac Mail.

    A few days later, I decided to run disk utility and restart my computer. When I reopened it Mac Mail the 2 new mailboxes have disappeared, but .mbox are still inside the library > Mail folder and titles for 3 mailboxes changed back.

    I tried to not re-import the new 2 mailboxes, but no dice, error message "no valid mbox was found.

    All welcome solutions.

    Have you added 2 new accounts, or did you create the mailbox on my Mac? Where are the mailboxes you are trying to import?

  • Smart mailboxes endangered, but get offered in context menu search

    Hello community,

    I use a lot "letters/smart folders boxes" to organize e-mail. Sometimes a "mailbox smart" simply disappeared from the sidebar, but when I search via the search box (top right) the context menu search watch box missing mailbox and when selected works. I can't find a way how to get the missing 'mailbox smart"visible in the sidebar. I recreate it, since the original "smart mailbox" had never disappeared from the system, all the recreated "the smart mailboxes" appear in the popup of search.

    So, how do I remove all duplicates, and what causes this problem in the first place.

    I tried to expand and collapse the "smart mailbox folder", restart Mail.app and reboot the laptop. I also read the old posts regarding missing "the smart mailboxes", but they are quite old.

    I am rather lost at this point, that's why I hope someone has an idea or even a solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    Some problems with mail are caused by iCloud drive. If you use the service, open the iCloud preferences window, click Options... next to the practice of iCloud area and in the leaf that opens, uncheck that Mail. See if there is an improvement.

  • Missing under mailbox on a new Mac.

    I recently got a new macbook pro (early 2015) with El Capitan.

    Once I logged in iCloud on that, I realized all my mailbox folders were there, except a custom I did there on my old mac.

    I am connected at all, so I wonder why this subfolder (sub archive) does not appear?

    Hello H_Miri,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support and congratulations on your new MacBook Pro! It's very exciting to get a new computer.

    I see that you access iCloud, but you are missing a file box custom mailbox that you made on your old Mac. Of course, I don't understand how it is important that you have all your e-mail folders. I want to assure you that you can get that back.

    First of all, you can try to restore this folder on your Mac, if you have a Time Machine backup. Please see use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac, more specifically, this section:

    Restore from a Time Machine backup

    Restore specific files:

    1. Enter in Time Machine, choose the Time Machine menu , or click on the Time Machine in the Dock.
    2. Find files to restore:
      • Use the timeline on the edge of the screen to see your Time Machine backup files, as they were at this date and time. The timeline may also include a snapshots the.
      • Use of the screen and down arrows to reach the last time the content of the window changes. You can also use the search field in a window to find a file and then move through time, well that centered on the changes to this file.
      • Select a file, then press the SPACEBAR to preview the file and make sure it is the one you want.
    3. Click on restore to restore the selected file, or Ctrl-click the file for other options.

    Restore everything:

    • To restore everything in your backup Time Machine, use OS X Recovery.
    • To copy the files, settings and user accounts for OS X in your backup on another Mac, use The Migration Wizard.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • mailbox opening gives missing ad2mcmpgdec.dll file

    Download ad2mcmpgdec.dll

    Every timeI Activ mailbox andclick toopen the notification onface book, the missing of such filenotification arise, how resolethiss problem?


    1. don't you make changes to your computer, after which the issue started?

    Looks like this file is part of a program Adobe MainConcept.

    Follow these steps and check if they help.

    Step 1:

    Add the ad2mpegin.dll and ad2mcmpgdec.dll files into your Windows\System32 directory.

    This error message appears because the application you are trying to start cannot find the ad2mpegin.dll on your system file. If you see this error message when you start an application and you recently installed Premiere Elements 2.0, copy the files ad2mpegin.dll and ad2mcmpgdec.dll from Premiere Elements Directory in your Windows\System32 directory:

    a. navigate to the Premiere Elements 2.0 folder. By default, this folder is installed in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0.

    b. copy the ad2mpegin.dll and ad2mcmpgdec.dll files.

    c. navigate to the folder System32 of Windows. By default, this folder is installed in C:\WINDOWS\system32.

    d. Paste the ad2mpegin.dll and ad2mcmpgdec.dll files into this folder.

    Note: You need to copy the files ad2mpegin.dll and ad2mcmpgdec.dll to Windows\ehome, in the program folder of the application that you are trying to start.

    Step 2:

    Restore your system to a previous state.


    This problem comes from changes to the system implemented in the Windows XP Media Center cumulative 2. Restore your system to a State before the installation of this update of Windows.

  • On my Mac mailbox missing from El Capitan after transfer

    I have a lot of mailboxes on my Mac on an old Mac and I want to transfer the entire batch to a new Mac.  Basically I want the Mail app on the new Mac to look identical to the former.

    Both performed El Capitan.

    I tried this:

    -a transferred the "Mail" and "Mail Downloads" folder of the old user library folder Mac to the equivalent location on the new Mac.

    But when I open the Mail, there is no "on my Mac" section on the left.  I can create one by creating a new mailbox, but only the new mailbox is displayed - no sign of my other. I can see all mailboxes on the blue/white inside the Library/Mail/V3/mailboxes. So they're all visible in there, but I can't as they appear inside the Mail.

    I have already tried:

    -Remove parameter files "envelope" in the folder Library/Mail/V3/Maildata - this just rebuilt the box of received/sent-my mailbox on my Mac do not appear.

    Any thought-thanks!

    Hello Simon,

    Congratulations on your new Mac! Thank you for reaching out to the Community Support from Apple. There are a few ways you might be able to get these mailboxes moved more by using the Migration Wizard, or by using a backup time Machine.

    These articles will guide you through these steps and you can determine what would be the best option for you.

    Move your content to a new Mac with Migration Wizard
    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac

    If you experience problems or have questions, the community is there to help.
    Best regards-

  • missing mail

    After installation of Sierra and opening mail 10, the database has been converted and lost about a year-old mails saved on my mackbook pro.  Use the reconstruction and did not retrieve that email post November 2015.

    I had the same problem. To be clear, the records that were missing for me are personal folders and all existed for pop accounts

    I solved it by first creating a new personal mailbox with a distinctive name "on my Mac".

    With Mail quit, then I went to the folder ~/Library/Mail/V4 and watched in folders that have various alphanumeric names until I found a new one with the distinctive name.

    I then open my drive Time Machine from the Finder and drilled until the last backup of El Capitan and is gone in the ~/Library/Mail/V3 folder and found my mailbox personal registered previously and dragged a smaller folder in the hierarchy of the V4 with the mailbox created in. I just use a mailbox to verify if the process worked.

    Once he had copied everywhere I went in the ~/Library/Mail/V4/Maildata folder and delete any file with "Envelope" in its name.

    I then restarted Mail and got a dialogue that it was important to mail and when it in place, my personal mailbox has been recreated in the Mail of Sierra of macOS application.

    Then I repeated the steps above with all other other boxes to my old V3 messages and letters once they all copied everywhere, deleted the files of 'Envelope' again. It takes quite a long time because there was a certain worth years of mail move above but it worked perfectly since that date (as far as I know).

    Hope that helps.

  • Mail - some mailboxes have disappeared, where are they gone?

    In Mail - MacBook Pro, a few mailboxes have disappeared. When I search for mail I know lies in the mailboxes, the spectacle of the elements in research and on each message the name of the mailbox, they are archived shows. How can I find the boxes to the missing letters?

    Hello martinjohnharris,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand that a few mailboxes disappeared on your MacBook Pro and it does not display the messages you're looking for. I use my Mail app so much, so I can imagine how eager are you to retrieve these messages. I'll be happy to help you with this.

    If you select the mailbox in the Mail box, please use the article Mail (El Capitan): rebuild the mailboxand try a reconstruction of each mailbox, specifically, this section:

    You may have to re-create a mailbox to update the list of the messages it contains. For example, if messages seem to be missing or garbled, or if you don't find any relevant messages when you search by using the entire Message search option.

    Select a mailbox in the Mail sidebar, then choose BALL > rebuild.

    When you rebuild the mailbox for accountIMAP or Exchange messages and attachments stored on your computer are discarded and then downloaded again from the mail server to your Mac. Your mailbox is empty until the download is complete.

    Best regards.

  • Trash, missing mail

    Well Yes, this still happens.

    Suddenly, missing the basket of e-mail on one of my computers. Don't know if it happened in Yosemite or El Capitan, but he disappeared for months.

    Anyone else?

    Make sure you have created a Trash mailbox

    Mail > Preferences > accounts > mail box behavior

  • Gmail spam folder missing

    I can't see my "junk e-mail" folder for my gmail in apple mail account.  All my other files make evidence - see below, but on the last image you see in the box that gmail is missing.  Any ideas?  I enabled imap in my gmail settings and configure the gmail account in apple mail using their pre made the import method?  I see my gmail inbox, sent, trash, drafts but not junk - according to the pictures below. Any help is appreciated!

    You have configured to store junk messages on the server? If this isn't the case, you should have a mailbox of spam under the gmail account in the sidebar. If you have defined to store messages on the server and the junk e-mail folder is located under the gmail account, select the mailbox of spam then go to the menu, mailbox store and select use this mailbox for and choose junk.

  • Missing old messages in the folder / let's go to the balls

    I have a Macbook Pro running OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite. I have my e-mail Application set up for my Gmail account. I'm Secretary of an association and I have a lot of emails with each year having its own folder/mailbox. All my emails before July 10, 2015 are missing.

    On the left side of the 'Mail' in the top window, it lists the "Boxes" under the present is, Inbox, sent, etc. There are "Smart mailbox store" I have none there "on my Mac" - zero, then "Gmail", then in Gmail is a long list of folders/mailboxes where I store my messages.  All my emails in these folders before July 19, 2015 are missing.

    I tried to rebuild each and nothing happened.

    I tried to use Time Machine and it has either crashed or all my mailboxes are empty, including my "Inbox".  What he says "click on restore to recover"Mailbox""or select another box in the letters or special message to recover"but nothing is displayed.» If I click on restore and I now I have Mail, "on my Mac" "Time Machine" and the box the letters, but of course, it's like Time Machine showed - empty - no messages.

    When I looked at 'Today', in Time Machine, the mailboxes are empty and he is saying the same thing.

    It seems that I have 2 problems, where is my old mail, and why are the empty mailbox in Time Machine? I used Time Machine into the past to retrieve messages, new Yosemite?

    When I added some new folders/boxes to letters, I used the sign + downstairs, I noticed that I could also go up to the Menu bar and select "Mailbox" "New mailbox", then a list where I wanted to add it.

    If my mailboxes appear as "on my Mac" instead of under 'Gmail '?

    I can access all my old emails on my web Gmail account, should I stop using the ' Mail? I wanted them backed up with Time Machine, but it does not either.

    Thank you

    Cindy Boyd

    You said that you can access your old emails on gmail Web site. Your also set records highlight on the gmail website? If so, this means that folders that you speak as lost were never on my Mac. Seems they were IMAP mailboxes. They should have been in the gmail account in the sidebar. Place the cursor on the name of the gmail account and click on view to extend the account if it is hidden.

    You can also hover over on my Mac & smart mailboxes, and the click to show those as if hidden.

  • iMac mailbox folders

    The folders and all their contents have disappeared from my mailbox of the iMac.  Can someone help me to get back them please? SM

    Please look over these wires for some clues:

    Email folders after update of the Mavericks.

    Apple Mail represents & boxes missing

  • Missing emails in Mail for Mac


    I was forced to recreate a POP mailbox account as he had stopped downloading mails from the server for some reason any (another POP account continued to function perfectly, download of e-mails from the same server).

    Now, I find that the re-created mailbox contains only a tiny proportion of emails that have been in the old mailbox, however.  The emails it contains are a random selection of these last two years, however, not quite recent.  I checked e-mail in the library, and they seem to be missing too.

    That's happened?  Is it possible to recover the missing emails?

    Thank you

    Try to rebuild the mailbox.

    Rebuild the mailbox

    If this does not work, try re-indexing of mailboxes mailbox. This can take some time if you have a lot of mail.

    REINDEX messages

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