Missing Message of blackBerry Smartphones icon

When I get a text message, it appears combined with my email list, with no separate indication that this is a message.

Since I get a lot of emails (which much unnecessary to respond to), the message gets lost in the e-mail list.  As far as I know, the message only adds to the email envelope icon, which is pretty useless to distinguish a text message.

Is it possible to have a separate mention when appears a text message?  And/or a record separated for text messages?


Hello and welcome to the community!

By default, all messages (e-mail, SMS, BBM, etc.) are put in the Messages main/app icon. Some people prefer this approach "unified messages", others prefer to keep things separate. Fortunately, the BB offers the possibility to split things according to your wishes.

On older OS levels (for example, breast and below the level of OS5), there has been very little control over this split... basically, only being able to split the TEXT Messages from Messages to an icon that is theirs (controlled by the Options settings in the Messages app). But, with the later levels of the operating system, several orders were provided:

For BES users, your BES Admin can push an E-mail BES icon only to your device. This solution is free, but must be conducted at the level of the BES server and will affect all users on the BES server.

  • KB15003 How to create an icon on the BlackBerry smartphone to BlackBerry Enterprise Server messages

If your device operating system level (starting in OS5 and above) has the possibility, you can dictate what shows in Messages:

  • Home screen > Messages > > Options > (the main Message list settings) or (parameters of the Inbox) or (management of the Inbox)
  • Uncheck the box that you want to delete Messages, which allows a separate for those icon that uncheck you

Good luck!

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  • Message text blackBerry Smartphones icon does not disappear and the message is empty

    I (now 2) incoming text messages icons on my screen that won't go away.  The messages are of the same person.  When I opened the message there is no text, but when I close it, the icon remains as if I did not open the message.  I deleted this person as a text contact conversation and others with her, from my phone and put his back as a contact.  I turned the phone market.

    I tried to delete the message by clicking on the screen of the app and tapping text messages and delete the empty message from there.  I went in the messages folder after the message and is not here, but still on the screen "unread".

    Help, what I did?

    Tips to clear the message unread... try them in the order.

    If you have a new icon rogue Message on your home screen, or a negative number (-1), one of these solutions could erase or reset:

    Try these options:
    The main Messages folder and select today's date, click on the menu button and then select Mark prior opened.
    * Hard Reset BlackBerry now ALT CAP (right Shift key) and DEL (or with the BlackBerry power, remove the battery and reinsert the battery)
    Messages > saved Messages
    Messages > view folders, check each folder (calls, SMS and MMS, and boxes, saved missed boxes, browser, phone logs etc.)
    * Scroll at the top of the folder, on the title menu, click or tap to MARK PRIOR OPEN date
    Change your theme and see if it persists and return to your desired theme. (Options > theme > select.)
    * Connect to Desktop Manager > backup/restore > advanced. On the right pane is the list of the data on your device. Scroll to the e-mail highlighted messages database, and then below, select TRANSPARENT. This will clear your system of all messages.
    * Clean and reload your OS.

  • Message "Mail" blackBerry Smartphones icon opens "SMS".

    When I press or click on the "e-mail" (envelope) icon it opens my text messages.

    I can re - program to open my real email?

    Hi dlhend

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    First perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery while your device is turned on, wait for a min. then reinsert back. After the reboot, please check again.

    If the problem persists then on your home screen, open main Message icon, press the Menu key > Options > Inbox management > on this screen make sure that under any other Type of Message header > text Message is disabled or Unticked.

  • Missing messages from blackBerry Smartphones

    I've been texting back last night and when I went to look at messages this morning, none of the messages are on my phone.  It shows here and there a few emails but none of my text messages.  I know that I don't remove any of them, so what could happen to them?  This happened to someone else?

    It is a common problem with this phone.  On the forums I've read, the main question is related to memory.  On the phone memory is limited.  The more programs you have installed (especially if being run), then the most often, you will have this problem.

    A few things that I found to help (other forums) with this problem on my phone:

    1. Go into "Options: Status" it will show you "Free File" and "File Total" If you have less 12 000 000 bytes of free space, and then your phone isn't really enough memory to function optimally.  This means that you have too many programs, or too much memory is used on your device.
    2. Go to: "Internet browser: press blackberry: options: cache operations ' then 'Clear history' and cache then erase content, clear pushed content, disable the cookie cache.  This will free up a lot of space.
    3. Go to "Options::Advanced Options::Applications" and delete the apps that you don't use. for example I do not brickbreaker or Notes or Sprintstore, etc.  In addition, delete the various language modules that you do not use.
    4. Go to: "camera: Hit Blackberry button: access options: click on the images to store"-change this in "On Media Card" so that the photos are saved on your memory card (providing you have a).  This will free up memory resources on your device.
    5. Come on in "Media::Hit Blackberry button::scroll up to options: devide all limit memory 12 MB: value reserved pictures memory 0 MB" this will ensure that your device does not use memory by recording media on the device itself, rather it will store it on the map.
    6. Remove all old text messages that you don't want.  However, if there are messages you want, SAVE THEM! (must be done individually)  To remove all previous messages you can scroll to the date and the hit blackerry button, then 'delete forward' - it will delete all messages in this folder before that date (do the same for sent messages).
    7. Finally, do a hard reset from time to time. (once a week)  This means removing the battery for 10 seconds and put it back in and wait for only 3 minutes it takes to begin the terrible backup of.
    8. Repeat step 1 and see how much you free memory!

    General "maintenance of memory."

    1. Do a hard reset often, especially if you think you have been browsing many Web sites or send/receive a lot of texts.
    2. Clear your internet cache often.
    3. Delete text messages you do not want to register, often.
    4. Instead of hitting the button 'back' (the button next to the red end call button) to leave applications... click on the blackberry button (button next to the talk button) and scroll down to "close" or "exit".  This will STOP the application, freeing the memory.  If you only use the arrow to the left, these programs will continue to run in the background, so using your memory.

    Finally, make sure your BlackBerry software is on the most up-to-date OS (operating system) as possible.  Connect it to your blackberry desktop and see if there are updates...

  • Problems blackBerry Smartphones icon - icon shows I've got 9 emails - there is no emails in my box of reception, or missed calls

    I have the BlackBerry 9630 smartphone v4.7.1.40

    Recently, I went out of State and had not experienced this problem before leaving the State.  I was out in the glue and often not there where there was a signal to receive messages.  I noticed that my icon said: I have messages.  I saw a few and opened and deleted if necessary, however when I went back to the main screen, it says that I still had 7 messages.  There is no unopened messages or missed calls.  I looked in all the missed messages files and that you have not found a.  Is there a way I can reset my icons?  Is this a known bug?  My SMS icon and icon facbook work perfect so far.  Please advise?

    Try the method in this article to reset the icon


    Alternatively, you can try to perform a hard reset if you have not already. With the machine on, remove the battery for 30 seconds and replace it. See if the icon will reset once the device to finish starting up.

  • Messages from blackBerry Smartphones that do not exist?

    My phone is a BlackBerry curve 8520 and I get alerts of messages from him and when I look, I see nothing.

    He spends a lot of time

    My BlackBerry will make a noise and when I take a quick glance at my phone, nothing is there.

    Can someone please help me understand this.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I suggest a search of message:

    • KB21879 How to search messages unread on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Full message SIM blackBerry Smartphones

    For some reason any my BOLD 9780 has started to display the following message is displayed when you receive a text message:

    The SIM card is full!

    Please delete some SMS messages.

    After removing MANY messages and check the status of the memory, I understand it's a system error message. I still have on my 2 GB card free avout and more than 250MB to free up system memory.

    I'm still getting the messages, just anoyed by the message...

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you, there are all the

    TheDuck wrote:

    After removing MANY messages and check the status of the memory, I understand it's a system error message. I still have on my 2 GB card free avout and more than 250MB to free up system memory.

    Your SIM card is not the device memory or Media Card... everyone is different.

    Please read this for a resolution:

    Article ID: KB13465 "SIM card is full please delete SMS messages" appears on the BlackBerry smartphone

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones: MTP Device Mode is enabled on

    I just did a hard reset (remove battery) on my Storm2 9550.  When it finished start, I started the Desktop software and connected the phone via the USB port.  I received the following message:

    This Blackberry device using a connection of the PSG.  Some features of media for your device mass storage mode, which interrupts all active media transfer protocol (MTP) connections.  You want to mass storage mode?

    I don't know exactly what that means or if I should answer 'Yes' or 'no '.  (I had a bit of luck you are looking for this particular online message).

    The BlackBerry Storm smartphone can connect to a computer in one of the following ways:

    • USB mass storage mode
    • Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)

    MTP allows a BlackBerry smartphone user transfer media files between a computer and a BlackBerry smartphone and provides support for multimedia files that have specific requirements, such as restrictions associated with the management of digital rights (DRM) technologies.

    A BlackBerry smartphone appears as a Portable device in my computer when connected to the computer using the PSG. It does not appear in the devices with removable storage section and has not assigned a drive letter.

  • Error message of blackBerry Smartphones that I don't understand

    Hello Blackberry community,

    I have a Curve 9300 and so far, it has worked without problem but the other day I tried to send a BBM and received this message:


    I have no idea what this means and why I receive.  All I can do is press 'OK' and it brings back me to my normal screen.  All other functions work correctly.

    If anyone can help that would be great.

    Thank you.


    Try the following:

    Pull your battery from your BlackBerry Smartphone and then re back into place for the restart of the power.

    Let it Idol for a long time to restart.

  • Missing language of blackBerry Smartphones entries on the Blackberry Curve 9300


    I lived a few problems with my Blackberry Curve 9300 (very slow and low application memory, etc.) and so I decided to restore the factory settings. After that, I restored my backup file but when I finished the configuration and tried to change the input language, the Portuguese file was missing (I only have English and English WE available).

    I have instaled the firware once tried to restore a backup completed yet another, but nothing has worked so far.

    You have any other suggestions? I am really annoyed at this...

    Thank you very much



    From your post, I can't say whether you have followed all the necessary procedures. Therefore, you might need, some, or none of this...

    Language support on a BB is a combination of:

    1. Installation on your BB, a bundle of BONES which includes the language of your choice
    2. Including, in this installation, the language you want (two locations, I recall)
    3. Activation, on the BB, the language of your choice

    So, please, start here... it's how you choose the package operating system appropriate for your needs:

    • KB05305 Location of support for BlackBerry smartphones

    Then choose your package via this Portal:

    Then, from a PC, you can install any compatible OS package (for example, for your BB model number) to a BB via this procedure:

    Note Although written to "recharge" and the storm, it can be used to upgrade, downgrade or recharge any BB device model - depends on the operating system package you download and install on your PC. If this OS package comes from one carrier other carrier for which your BB was built, then remove, on your PC, all copies of the SELLER. XML... There will be at least one and maybe 2, and they will be located in the same way or to (it changes based on your version of Windows) these files:

    • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    • C:\Users\(your Windows username) \AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

    Don't forget that you remove, since your PC, any other BB OS devices as packages with more than one installed on the PC can cause conflicts with this procedure.

    If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

    • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Messages from blackBerry Smartphones

    It's a bit embarrassing to have a missed call appears on the icon on my phone and my messages icon. Is there a way to disable things to be sent to my General messages folder?

    Press the green phone button.

    Press the menu button and select Options

    Scroll until "call logging".

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones that will not disappear every 20 minutes

    Hi I get of "[email protected]" he says don't not to open the attachment and it wil be processed by the server. This changes every 20 to 30 minutes and lasts for weeks. My e-mail works fine, but it's very annoying. Any help!

    Hello AlanW,

    While, I stumbled on this thread today that describes the same problem as you:


    try to follow that proposed contributors to do this, it might be useful

  • Message from blackBerry Smartphones blackberry storm 2 is full try to delete messages

    I have not a lot of messages only 4 or 5 of them why it says full, please help because I need to keep some message

    Thanks in advance

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Please indicate your device OS and the carrier.

    In the meantime, read this article.

    Thank you


    KB13465 "SIM card is full please delete SMS messages" appears on the BlackBerry smartphone

  • Error message from blackBerry Smartphones?

    Hi im new but dose, anyone know what this error message is all about when I turn on my bb after removal of my battery [eception exception: error profiling.fill url: null]

    IM baffaled

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    There is virtually no diagnosis of those - they are the equivalent of random errors in Windows for which trace the root cause is futile. Basically, here's the last out in the programming code - some event occurred for which there is no event handler in the code. The patch is an update of the code that handles the event... but, again, what is the event is almost impossible. So, there are a few things to try:

    Sometimes, the code simply is damaged and needs to be updated - just like a reboot:

    • Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    There may be a code updated to the value of the carrier - check out them through this Portal:

    The toughest possible causes are a bad application behave. To find it, there are two options. Is to see if you can read the log file:

    Go to the home screen. Hold down the ALT key and type "lglg". (You won't see anything as you type). This will bring up the log file. Scroll down (probably a lot of pages) until you see a line that says "eception execption. Click on this line. The application name will be in the info. Alternative methods to implement the newspapers are in this KB:
    KB05349 How to activate, view, and extract the the event logs on a BlackBerry smartphone

    The other method is to remove the apps one at a time, wait a while between the two (I usually recommend a week), until the problem stops... revealing the offending application.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Missed calls from blackBerry Smartphones appears


    I have a problem with my "BOLD" is not showing me my missed calls. I see the call missed out on the top icon, but when I look at the phone ad I don't see no number.

    I tried to change the parameters of logging of the call but nothing helped.

    This problem started pover the past 4 days... it worked fine before...

    any help with this wud help! Please

    Maybe resembles the call log database my be corrupt. You can try to clear the database to see if that fixes the problem. To do that you can open the Desktop Manager and go to the backup and restore icon. Then, click on the Advanced button. On the right side, find the log of the calls or phone call log database. You can tap the Clear button. In doing so, you delete all entries in your call log.

    Then try to see if you are still having the same problem. If so you will need to back up data from your phone and wipe the unit

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