Missing Pages and Numbers after upgrading to El Capitan.

I have spend Lion, El Capitan, expecting the apps, Pages, and Numbers to be installed as part of the upgrade. I understand that these applications have been made available in the upgrade to Yosemite. If it were, why haven't they installed when I upgraded to El Capitan. Thank you!

Pages, Numbers and Keynote (iWork alias) applications were never part of any Mac OS X. They came with the new Macs, in previous days on the CD/DVD/card reader, later as a free download from the Mac App Store. In the App Store, it must be associated with an AppleID downloading for the first time.

Usually an update/upgrade does not remove these applications. But if they were very old versions (not compatible with El Capitan), they could have gotten deleted during the upgrade process. The latest versions are only available via download on the Mac App Store. Check your purchases if you have purchased or registered before. If this isn't the case, then you will need to buy them.

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  • Pages and numbers - white police and photos of models

    After the update new OSX, on i' 08 work when I type something on Pages, numbers as it NEVER appears in any font color other than white or transparent, so I'm having a problem. I have highlighted and change it to any other color or black and it says it's black, but he never shows up. And it gets frustrating. Start of classes today and I still can't seem to fix to take notes! Any help/suggestions?

    iWork ' 08 v 1.0 for iMac

    El Capitan 10.11.3 OSX

    iMAC 24 2007

    Hi almis1,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    It seems that you have upgraded your iMac OS X El Capitan and your version of Pages and Numbers shows only white/transparent fonts when you type.

    If this happens in all new documents, I would say that the behavior of test in a new user on your Mac-How to test a question in another account on your Mac useraccount. This can give us more information about the cause of the behavior and how to fix it.

    In turn, since there is a newer version of the Pages and Numbers created for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later, you can look in these versions on the Mac App Store.

    See iWork: System requirements and Mac App Store: frequently asked Questions (FAQ).

    Best regards.

  • How can I copy Pages and Numbers to ICloud by car?

    I just upgraded my IPhone 6 Plus and my IMac (running OS X El Capitan) the reader to ICloud.  I thought that my documents Pages and Numbers would be automatically copied in ICloud drive.  They were not.  How can I copy my documents Pages, and existing Numbers to ICloud drive?  I have read some material, and none of them explain how to copy my documents in ICloud without removing them from my computer.  Is it possible to have documents in ICloud and on my IMac (like ICloud library works)?

    Thanks to all those who can help you.

    Move them to the folders of Pages and telephone numbers in the drive in your Finder to iCloud.

  • Why the Pages and Numbers do not use the default printer?

    Recently, I added a second printer to my home network and selected as the default printer. But when I try to print, the correct printer is selected in the dialog box print only part of the time and apparently depends on which application to print from. I believe that Safari, Mail, Contacts and calendar properly use the default printer, then the Pages and Numbers and instead do not the old printer unless I have change the selection in the dialog box impression every time I print.

    How can I get Pages and Numbers to correctly use the right default printer?

    The problem that is happening on my machine (OS X El Capitan 10.11.2, 5.6.1 Pages and numbers 3.6.1) and my wife (running Maverick 10.7.5, Pages ' 08 3.0.3 and Numbers ' 08 1.0.3) and has persisted through a reboot. The old printer is a HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, accessible via WiFi. The new printer is a Brother MFC-7340 connected by USB to a Time Capsule that is accessible via WiFi.

    In the print... dialog you select

    View the Presets...

    in the menu presets. In the sheet drops down, uncheck the box marked

    Reset the Menu Presets for "Default settings" after printing

    Click OK. Then select

    Last settings used

    or a custom preset that you created in the menu.

  • How can I get IWorks or Pages and Numbers for my MACBOOK PRO running Mavricks?

    How can I get IWorks or Pages and Numbers for my MACBOOK PRO running Mavricks?

    They are available in the Mac App Store.

  • Use iCloud settings shuts off when I opened the Pages and Numbers

    I have docs Pages and Numbers in iCloud (no road to iCloud) I want to access. There, they were stored on my old iPad 2 current running iOS 7.1.2 2.2.2 Pages and Numbers 2.2.2. I do not use iCloud Drive, just the 5 GB of storage free iCloud.

    On my new iPad 2 Air 2.6.2 performer 9.3.2,and 2.6.2 and number Pages when I opened two app, their desktop computers do not show the docs to iCloud. When I go to the settings in the applications of bot and activate using iCloud, as soon as I open an app, when I look in settings, with the iCloud button automatically turn off the coast. The only pop-up menus to choose from for iCloud on the new iPad 2 Air must use iCloud Drive, which I don't use.

    Is there a certain limitation in these apps that only allows to use iCloud drive and not the 5 GB free iCloud I use?

    Tips on how to connect to these docs Pages and Numbers in iCloud on my iPad 2? I know that I could email them to me, but that would be a lot of work.

    You do not use more of your space free storage on iCloud by using iCloud drive. iCloud Drive is simply the latest, most updated to access your documents in iCloud iOS 9.

    I suggest to turn it on and use it.

  • Import old box Inbox and sent in the Mail after upgrading to El Capitan

    There has been much discussion about the e-mails lost after upgrade to El Capitan, but I have not seen this particular question.

    I discovered that, like many others, all emails in my Inbox and in my sent folder to leave before the upgrade had disappeared. The issue has not affected the emails I had moved to folders.

    Open the mail library file (in the Finder, hold down the Option key selecting go to the top menu and the library appears), I discovered that Mail was created a new file V2, account, while the old one, V3 (created in 2013), sitting next to her. Go by the size files, it seems fair to assume that the V3 still contains my "lost" emails

    So, I don't know if the bug is that a new V2 should have been created at all, or is it a sync error, or something else. What I know is that when I try to import the items from Inbox and sent from the V3, I get an error message telling me that no mbox valid was found. This is patently false.

    I also tried to copy on an external hard drive, gave them a different name, but even then I couldn't import them. Reconstruction did not help either.

    Anyone able to help? I have a few crucial e-mails out there, and I try to avoid the upgrade...

    Address postal (El Capitan): import or export the mailboxes

  • How to save Pages and Numbers documents?

    I have an air of the ipad 2. I do not use the cloud rather synchronize with itunes on my laptop.

    How to save pages and numbers documents I created.

    Sync to itunes will do it?

    Thank you

    Should be

    ITunes sync keeps a snapshot of the content on your iDevice

    Understanding, iTunes backup - Tenorshare

  • Pages and Numbers crash when print drivers Toshiba

    In my office, I have a black and White Copier 857 of Toshiba e-studio and a Toshiba 4555C color copier, who never gave me problems printing on the network from a PC or Mac before El Capitan. Since he joined some of the Mac (some MacBooks, some iMacs, liberation of the years from 2011 to 2015) to El Capitan (all versions up to and including 10.11.4), I met a strange behavior when you try to change printers in Pages or in number on all of these Macs (no problems with the PC, regardless of the version of Windows). The exact location is:

    -Open the Pages or numbers and starts with an existing document or a new document

    -Bring up the print dialog box

    -Change the printer active 857 c 4555 or vice versa

    -Pages/numbers instantly crashes with the following error report (I don't publish the complete stack trace unless someone finds it useful):

    Crashed thread: 0 dispatch queue: com.apple.main - wire

    Exception type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL)

    Exception codes: 0000000000000001 0 x, 0 x 0000000000000000

    Note the exception: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Request for clarification:

    Crashing on the exception:-[NSMenuItem supportedPPDOptionKeys]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7ffa04cbe8d0

    Note that this happens only (so far in my tests) in Pages, Numbers and curiously, Google Chrome (but only if you use the dialog box print system). It does not occur in Keynote, Safari, TextEdit, or all the productivity applications from Microsoft, nor when printing test pages from the printers and scanners preferences window. It also does not occur when moving from one of the problems Toshibas completely different printers (HPs, brothers, Epsons), or vice versa - only between the Toshibas. I tried:

    -Delete the printer preferences

    -Configuration of the drivers of Toshiba to "pretend", that printers are different models

    -With the help of Hello, PPI or LPR to connect

    -Remove all equations in partial derivatives of Toshiba and SDPP/library and re - install the drivers from scratch

    -New and old drivers Toshiba

    -Ensure, Pages and Numbers are the latest versions: 5.6.1 (2562) and 3.6.1 (2566) respectively

    -Various updates of El Capitan

    -New installation of El Capitan

    No luck. Same behavior, no matter what machine or El Capitan version I try on. Unfortunately, I don't have other models Toshiba to test. I would be recognizing all thought - I understand that the answer could end up being 'complain to Toshiba of their pilots', but I thought it was worth a try here first. Thank you!

    I would say that you are looking for in a bug report. A all Pages, a copy of the numbers.

    In each, open the app, go to the menu of the application (Pages or numbers) and choose to produce (application name) return. Use the bug report category and give a detailed description of how to reproduce the results you've met. Repeat for other affected applications.

    Kind regards


  • Mac Book (end 2008) not dΘmarre after upgrading to El Capitan 2016 (1511.3.1)

    Mac Book (end 2008) not dΘmarre after upgrading to El Capitan 2016 (1511.3.1) in order to prepare for Sierra

    I tried safe mode > disk utility, which took a lot of time and the disc seems to be OK.

    Extensions have nucleuses, almost all these .kext, but I'm not able to get rid of them.

    -What do you mean by? "Extensions have nucleuses, almost all these .kext, but I'm not able to get rid of them."?

    Did you delete anything?

    -The Mac can't you start mode (boot with the SHIFT key) safe?

    -Try to reset memory NVRAM/PRAM and SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management


    Subject of memory NVRAM and PRAM


    -Try to start safe mode

    OS x: what is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?


    -Start to recovery and repair the startup disk

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support


    -If it is repairable reinstall the OSX

    How to reinstall OS X on your Mac - Apple Support


    -If you do not have a backup using disk utility to restore the internal drive to an external drive, so that you can try to recover the data.

    Format the boot disk and then do a fresh install of Mac OS x

  • Office jet Pro L7780: Office Jet Pro L7780 stopped scanning after upgrading to El Capitan

    After the upgrade to El Capitan I can't us the scan function.  I deleted and reinstalled the driver.  Scanner does not appear.  I tried to install HP "Easy Scan" and it says that the scanner is not available. What to do?

    Thank you


    Hi @danorske,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you have problems of analysis, after upgrade to El Capitan. I will do my best to help you with this problem. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

    Please try the steps listed in this document, Printers HP - Scanner USB connection is lost (Mac).

    If the network printer, please use this document, Printers HP - Scanner card WLAN is lost (Mac).

    Probably the step to reset the printing on Mac system, will help you in this situation.

    How is the printer connected?

    Please let me know the results and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you.

  • I can't import my LR6 RAW files after upgrade to El Capitan...

    I can't import my LR6 RAW files after upgrade to El Capitan...

    External drive is formatted in NTFS in Windows format, and you HAD a utility installed in your earlier version of Mac OS X to what OS X write on a NTFS formatted drive. Mac OS X cannot do it by itself. As you upgrade to OS X 10.11 is removed and or disable this utility causing OS X see this drive read-only (OS X can read NTFS disks formatted in native mode, but cannot write to them natively). You will need to reinstall this utility and or get a updated version of this that works with El Capitan.

  • MacBook Pro(MID-2012):Issues after Upgrading to El Capitan

    I use Macbook Pro mid-2012 version. After upgrading to El Capitan, I am facing a lot of questions.

    (1) the DMG files does not open. said hdiutil attach has busy resource failed.

    (2) my Macbook Pro will not stop completely.

    (3) my systems updates install completely. They hit each other between installation (had to force quit)

    ' (4) ' about this Mac ' gets hit when trying to access storage tab.

    Any suggestions?

    Your MBP was working perfectly before the update?

  • I have a model end of 2013 13 MacBook Pro with 4 GB or RAM retina and think to upgrade to El Capitan. Is this enough RAM

    I have a model end of 2013 13 MacBook Pro with 4 GB or RAM retina and think to upgrade to El Capitan. Is this enough RAM

    Of course you can upgrade to El Capitan. But I think better if you can change the internal hard drive (SATA drive) in the SSD drive. You will get better results, faster than still, you only have 4 GB. This is mine... MacBook pro in early 2011.


    Help.  I got my drive hard MacBook Pro has increased, and then I upgraded to El Capitan 10.11.3.  Now I can no longer launch a PDF file. I'm not very computer. Any ideas?  Thank you very much.

    Hi atailabove,

    Uninstall the drive, drag & drop Applications folder drive icon to the trash. Restart your Mac & install Reader using this link Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions

    Kind regards

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