Missing screws in the 3D 2010 image control?

Hey everybody,

I tried to follow this guide to the developer for visualization of Labviews functions:


I discovered that many screws shown here for 3D picture control are not available for (free) module in Labview 2010, even with the control and simulation tool. What is the case for other users?

Examples of 3D picture control screws that I can't find in Labview 2010 block diagram functions are:

'building of toroid.vi '.

'create model.vi '.

'Add a material.vi '.

'Create transform.vi '.

'Add a model.vi '.

'create camera.vi '.

«camera look at.vi»

'create positional light.vi '.

"make scene.vi".

"to scene.vi".

However, I can find the following screw:

Geometry menu

'create cone.vi '.

'create cylinder.vi '.

'create box.vi '.

'create the height field.vi '.

'create mesh.vi '.

'create sphere.vi '.

'create text.vi '.

Object Menu

'create object.vi '.

'find the object.vi '.

Transformations menu

"to rotation.vi".

"set rotation.vi".

"rotation object.vi.

"to scale.vi".

"set scale.vi".

"Object.vi scale".

"to translation.vi".

"set translation.vi".

"translate object.vi.

'clear the transformation.vi '.

Menu of aid

"color change.vi".

"configuration window.vi".

'create a clip plane.vi '.

'texture.vi '.

"new light.vi".

"sensor mapping.vi.

File loading menu

«load ASE geometry.vi»

'load the file.vi vrml ".

"load STL geometry.vi".

So my question is why can't I access the first list of the screws in 2010, are hidden with screws again features somehow? Or am I missing a library or where these functions abandoned for the 2010 version? If they have been abandoned, is it possible to build a scene and drawing from scratch in the 2010 version?

Thank you very much!


Control of the 3D image is natively available for LabVIEW 2010. The question that you are running is because you try to open a VI that uses the first NOR-Labs 3D Picture Control, which was replaced by the native 3D image control. These functions are "obsolete" and manually replace your code with new API of navigation. You can also try using the old Toolbox, but keep in mind that this is not supported:


Examples of the new API is located in:

C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\examples\picture\3D Picture Control

and you should be able to find most of the VI need to change your old Toolbox to the new.

I hope this helps...

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