Missing WinDVD BD for Qosmio F60

I have a Qosmio F60 PQF65A 065002 for awhile now, and I decided to upgrade to a version of Windows 7 Ultimate, you use a disc that I bought. However, which wiped out all my programs, including those of Toshiba himself.

An installation disc has not had for me in the box when I bought the laptop, so please don't tell me to use a disc.

I wonder where I can get the WinDVD BD for Toshiba Software, because it is not in the downloads section mytoshiba: http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/computers/qosmio/f60/pqf65a-065002/download?os=24

Thank you


> An install disc had no for me in the box when I bought the laptop, so please don't tell me to use a disc.
Sorry, but I must respond on this step. Since long time Toshiba doesn't offer recovery discs in the package and it is clearly described in the document of user s manuals this laptop owner should create recovery discs using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool.

Anyway, with the new laptop Toshiba offers several additional applications to offer all the features from the first start. One of them is Toshiba BD player. This feature is enabled and full version offered for customers of Toshiba. This tool is part of the recovery image only, and as far as I know, it is not available for free download.

As far as I know that Toshiba offers TOSHIBA Blu - ray disc player updates only.

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    The guy that I really need help here... My * Qosmio F60 * has been infected by virus re - run annoying google...
    I think re-formatting my laptop. But I have not any CD. Really, I forgot if my Qosmio supplied with the CD or not.
    Please help me how to re - install windows 7 and re - install all drivers for Qosmio F60 while I do not have any disk with me.
    Thank you

    DAVO Foe


    New laptops are available without disk recovery, but with the option of HARD drive recovery. How to install the OS by using HARD drive recovery option, you can find on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9102IR0000R01.htm

    After completion of the own BONES, please create recovery discs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. These disks can be used if the HARD drive recovery option does not work for some reason any.

    Good bye

  • Which battery is available in Australia for Qosmio F60

    Can someone please tell me what battery is now available in Australia (or elsewhere) for the Qosmio F60/00Y

    Hi mate

    Have a look here:

    You can use the Toshiba battery (6 cells / 4400mAh / Li-ion / 10.8V)
    Part number - PA3757U-1BRS

    Welcome them

  • Car charger for Qosmio F60


    Is there a car charger for the F60 laptop? I have trouble finding a.

    Thank you

    I found the similar thread about car charger.
    Check it out under the http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=223427

    Maybe you can use the same charger. Pick up some googling autour info.

  • Drive necessary recovery for Qosmio F60


    A friend went to the laptop.
    HDD is cactus!
    This means the recovery partion is... cactus!

    Ive looked everywhere, to the ends of the world and almost fell off the edge.

    Because of the power Toshiba recovery disks, and if so, where the frack do I get an a?

    The Australia by the way.

    Recovery disc can be ordered on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    Check it out.

  • Qosmio F60 - decision to buy or not to buy

    I want to buy Qosmio F60, but I saw some people in the forum complaining abuot the noisy fan and the freezing of the system.
    Also, I read this qosmio F60 heats up pretty quickly.

    Some people also complain that the fan turns always.
    I wonder if Toshiba has solved these problems yet or not.

    Someone can help me to decide whether to go for Qosmio F60 or not


    The heat dissipation depends on its portable use.
    Each computer or laptop would create more heat so high performance applications as games to perform
    The noise of the fan speed and fan also depends on the temperature
    By the way; in windows power management, you can control the CPU and the performance module that helps reduce the noise of cooling

  • Sectors defective HARD drive on the Qosmio F60 series


    For about the last 6 months, I struggled to determine what was causing crashes repeated on slowdown on my Qosmio F60, which was aged under 2 months.

    Unfortunately I am currently not in the country of purchase and don't have an international warranty. I had to reinstall the entire operating system and all the software used (think the or not!) more than 6 times.

    Finally, I installed Norton Ghost 15.0 to be able to avoid reinstalling again and back up important data. When you use Norton Ghost I had to run chkdsk /r on the hard drive and now the real problem surfaced.

    This machine had a hard drive which behaved as if it was very old. Continous bad sectors where being generated. Which means that I had to replace the so-called new hard drive.

    What I want now is the specifications for the internal hard drive. for Qosmio F60 14 R machines. Because I don't have a domestic guarantees, I would rather replace the drive myself, than to hire a service charge.


    The new generation of mobile phones are supported SATA drives.
    You can buy HARD drive 2.5 SATA.

    By the way: the Drive Fitness Test Utility is quite nice freeware software that allows you to run diagnostic tests. You can use it to test the fitness of the HARD drive

  • Need of WinDVD 8 BD for Toshiba Qosmio F60


    WinDVD 8 BD for Toshiba Qosmio F60 because on the page I need drivers only an update by download is available.
    And the former player must be installed first, but after reinstalling I don't have the full version of the former player more.

    Thanks for help.


    As much as I know this software is included in Toshiba recovery image that you have with your laptop.
    You use your own version of the operating system?

  • Qosmio F60 - install Windows 8 - missing DVD/CD player

    It is clear from my DVD or CD burner has flown the coop after loading Windows 8, coincidence?
    or defective Toshiba Qosmio F60?

    I can't reinstall it because the drivers missing.

    Where can I download a new drive for the cd dvd
    who works with windows 8?

    Help, please.
    I am desperate to solve this question, because I need it to work



    This topic has already been discussed here in the forum and I also found additional documentation of Toshiba.

    + * Why my CD/DVD drive does not work after upgrade to Windows 8? * +

    The solution is simple:

    Uninstall programs from Toshiba
    TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
    TOSHIBA Disc Creator

  • WinDVD BD for Toshiba Qosmio X 770-107


    A few months ago, I purchased a Qosmio X 770-107. We found a "Authentiek Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit (voorgeïnstalleerd, Toshiba-HDD herstel)" and "WinDVD® BD for Toshiba" to play Blue-ray disks. In order to use "Windows 7 64 bit Pro full" I bought a second drive (SSD) so I could install Windows 7 Pro version and downloaded all the drivers from the Web from Toshiba website. So far everything has worked perfectly.

    But... The software + key to install to install the WinDVD® BD for Toshiba, which was automatically installed during the first installation (recovery discs), is missing and I can't watch Blu-ray discs on my second drive. Now I have to change discs every time I want to watch "a film about Blue-ray disc!
    Anyone know where I can find the missing software distribution + installation key for "WinDVD® BD for Toshiba?

    As you can see the original Toshiba recovery image contains additional software as WinDVD BD drive.
    This software is for use with the recovery image only and can not be used if you are using clean install of the OS. Player preinstalled (unlimited version) is somehow gift on visitors to Toshiba laptop that allows the use of the entire laptop.

    If you use own OS, you must also use additional software.
    Many people here think with my money I paid for it and all the pre-installed software belongs to me. It is not the case.

    Install the image original recovery on the new HARD drive and everything will be OK. Before you Exchange disk create recovery DVDs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

  • Need serial key of Windows 7 for the Qosmio F60 - 10J


    Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 7

    I need to reinstall my Qosmio F60-10J. Reference: PQF65E-007026FR
    but my serial number windows 7

    I have the Toshiba serial number, how do I find information for windows 7?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi, I'm also in the same boat.

    Try to do a HARD drive recovery, but my post got renegade to the subforum "valorisation" (where no one responds to the month) even though I submitted it specifically on win7 forum.
    A link for those interested:

    That's what I've learned so far...

    Option a. You have the recovery disk media or a partition:
    You're lucky and you won't need the product key anyway (it won't be asked during the installation it is 'embedded' kind of talk in image of toshiba).

    Option b. You deleted the partition or replaced the drive and does not follow the manual where Toshiba claims that should have backed up the recovery partition that you probably didn't know that you had in the first place:
    B1. Congratulations, you've reached 80% of the users of this forum which will remain unanswered!
    Here's my sanity check even if the product key was visible on your sticker it would still "invalid" since win7 iso doesn't work for 'standalone' keys then the key to your Toshiba is "pre-installed", i.e. If you do not use the installation of official manufacturers, the I am afraid to say, the key that you have already paid is well... useless!
    B2. But don't worry not toshiba has covered you! for an affordable price of 60 euros, they can send you the installation that you have already paid for.
    ... Wait there's more. Unless you don't have you can use the language option when you try to buy your recovery media. Perhaps, it is still ok if you are ready to learn to finish!

    Good luck ignoring!

    P.S. for stealth Toshiba employees here: never underestimate the damage that an angry customer can bring to your brand!

  • Connection dial-up for laptop Qosmio F60/05F

    I need dial-up connection.
    This external modem will work with Qosmio F60/05F laptop under Windows7?
    Hadou none taken for phone cable, not dial-up modem not built inside this Toshiba laptop.

    Visit your local dealer and buy the new external dial-up modem compatible with Win7 64 bit.
    I assume that each of them should work properly. Just be sure that they are supported to 32/64 bit operating systems.

  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Qosmio F60 - 10J


    I can't find drivers for WLAN for Win7 64 bit for my computer Qosmio F60 - 10 days in the support center and download!


    AFAIK drivers WLAN you can find on the Toshiba WLAN portal - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/

    Check it out.
    By the way: do you know what WLAN card has your Qosmio laptop?

  • SSD for a Qosmio F60

    Hello, I have a Qosmio F60, and I want to change the standard sata HD for one SSD. Is this possible? Should what kind of specs of SSD I look for?

    Thank you for your help advabce

    SSD upgrade is possible, but I assume new SSD will not work at maximum speed. It isn't so bad because the SSDS work faster mach and you'll notice more performance gain.

    I updated my old P500 with SSD and I'm happy with it.
    More info on SSD, you can find on http://storage.toshiba.eu/cms/en/index.html, but of course do not SSD Toshiba. You can also check other manufacturers, compare prices and choose the one that suits.

  • Qosmio F60 - 11F - problem of failure of HARD drive for the 3rd time


    My Toshiba Qosmio F60 - 11(f) does not continue 6 months with me until a HARD disk failure that happens with the same massege (failure of HARD drive on disk0 hard to predict Intel SMART)

    I took my laptop to the service center for 3 times now, and I would like to fix this kind of problem for good and do not reproduce.

    Qosmio F60 - 11F
    Serial number: 6A093786H
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Thank you


    The HARD drive may begin to malfunction because it s a part not reusable.
    I'm not very well why the HARD drive starts to malfunction in these times early in any case the party m can be replaced very easily and usually you don t we had to send the laptop to the ASP.

    Get in touch with an ASP and ask compatible HARD drive. If it s covered by the warranty, you should get so much for free, otherwise you will need to purchase these parts.

    However, here you can check how to replace the HDD:
    * Qosmio F60 HDD *.
    + http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/CRU07030A0000R01.htm+

    welcome them

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