Mobile device does not synchronize with Windows Media player

My mobile device (Pharos Traveler 137) running windows media 10 mobile player is not detected by Windows Media Player 11 running in Vista.  Connected and synchronized correctly for months, it is not so now, even if the mobile device is detected by the computer and synchronizes correctly for other purposes such as outlook, files, etc..   How to get Windows Media Player to detect once more unit (specifically the card 8 GB storage) in the window of synchronization?


1. don't you make changes before the show?
2. is the device detected on the computer?
Step 1: We recommend that you check if the sync settings are correct. To do this, follow these steps.
1 open Windows Media Player.
2. click on the arrow below the Sync tab, point to the device, and then click Advanced Options.
3. the Properties dialog box for your device is displayed. Tab sync, box start sync when device connects checkbox.
4 restart the media player.
The next time that you want sync, connect the device to your computer and click on the Synchronize tab, then click Start Sync.
Step 2: Add a device to sync in Windows Media Player.
1. start Windows Media Player and connect your portable device into a USB port on your computer. A box of "Windows Media Player ‑‑ Device Setup" appears, showing that he recognized the device and provides an opportunity for you to name your device.
2. read how the player will sync your device, which is directly under where you type the name of the device. If storage of the device is more than 4 gigabytes, for example, and your library on Windows Media Player fits on this device, the player chooses automatic.
3. selection of automatic synchronization means that your device will reflect all your Windows Media Player library and it will do so that whenever it is connected. Click on "Finish".
4. to synchronize only some of your library when the player chose automatic, you can choose what will sync when you open Windows Media Player. Click on the portable device in the right pane and drag the items you want to synchronize with this device.
5. selection of a manual synchronization indicates that the player has detected that the portable device has no place for your entire library. Click on "Finish". Open Windows Media Player, select the portable device in the right pane and drag the items you want to synchronize with this device.
For more information on "Windows Media Player sync: frequently asked questions" visit this link:
I hope this helps.
Kind regards
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    Hi v4r5m0,

    (1) it works fine in other applications?

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    Hi Barbararuth,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, it looks like you are unable to sync music to iPod.

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    If you need Windows guru, do not hesitate to post your questions and we will be happy to help you.

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    Do you mean the command buttons from Toshiba which control the WMP function such as play, pause, stop, etc.
    On some Toshiba laptops, Toshiba command buttons can be configured manually.
    Please check in the control-> Toshiba Panel controls.

    If you won't be successful I recommend reinstalling the Toshiba utility again

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    Windows Media Player is not designed to work with iPods/iPhones. You need to run additional software.

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    I suggest that you update mouse drivers to their latest version. Don't simply check Windows Update, but the Logitech site as well.

    If this does not help, then run the SFC scan once more with your installation of Vista DVD inserted in the computer. He is able to repair the missing and corrupt files then?

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    Hi shawnwhite,
    -What is the model number of the IPAQ device that you are talking about?
    Media Player 10 is supported by the following models (h1930 and h1940) of the IPAQ device:
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    You save the skin before applying it or run it directly?

    If you save the skin before applying, you must double-click it to apply. Other wise, you must change the mouse settings to use the single click.

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    Hope this information is useful.

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    Music is expensive nowadays and the multiple formats and thus loss of music bought and in the cloud, or itunes 'cannot locate the source' will not play, and when devices in the event of a failure or who are upgraded drives me crazy.  I have more music in my life and I wish that we would go back to portable music as CD.

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    Hi Dylan.

    Thanks a lot for your answer to my question. My computer is a 32-bit computer. So I contacted CyberLink and they refund my payment. Thanks again.


  • The volume on my MP3 player is too low after extraction and synchronization with windows media player. What can I do?

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    I tried also exactly the same with an IPOD shuffle, but again, the volume is too low.

    Try the steps in the article provided

  • MP4 does not work in Windows Media Player

    I'm working on a project that has videos on built-in slides.

    When I save the project as a swf or exe file, it works fine. I need as an mp4. When I try to record it in a mp4, it works on a mac computer, but not on a Windows computer. I tried on Windows 7 and Windows 8. On Windows 7, I get a message saying "Windows Media Player has stopped working". On Windows 8, the message says "element not found."

    Some Captivate mp4s works; others do not. I don't understand what the difference is. Videos seem to better operate the videos embedded in the slides.

    I use 6 Captivate. I create projects on Windows 7.

    Thank you

    I got it work. All I had to do was resize the project to a smaller size.

  • video streaming does not play on windows media player 11

    The troubleshooting site suggests running the windows media player 10 instead of 11. Is it possible to to the lower grade media windows player? Is there a fix that will allow me to run video streams using the drive I have? It looks like my satalite TV when there is a big storm. Image is everything broken upward and very slow.

    In Windows XP, you can restore the version of the player that was previously on your computer.

    S.Sengupta Media Center MVP

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    Download the latest driver Chicony and the software for the Toshiba page and install it.
    Don t forget to remove the old version.

    In addition, if you get the error message like webcam is used by another application or "device is not ready you must start the msconfig and should turn off and turn on webcam chicony and process service.»

    Good bye

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