Mobile phones thought numbers are phone numbers

If I create a signature of e-mail using Dreamweaver.

Legally, I include some information about the licenses in signatures.

Unfortunately, these license numbers are detected as phone numbers when I send the signature to my iphone.

Is there a way to prevent devices think each number is a phone number?

Thank you


A few methods here should work (Zero-Width Non-Joiner and style tags work properly in email)...

How to Ban the blue links on iOS Devices In Email

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    With the mobile phone connected to the computer, access to the workstation. Locate the cell phone device that will likely be in the volume storage, otherwise by Samsung. Right-click and choose explore.

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    Sorry - all Skype are landline numbers.


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
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    I did a long time ago, but I'll try to help you.

    1.) entry GSM as modem in the modem list
    Start > Control Panel > phone and modem options > tab Modems > Add
    (I'm not sure but is must be set to 6 COM)
    2.) create a new connection > under step select a device select your mobile phone. Watch all the ISP phone number
    3.) activate the Bluetooth and start Toshiba Bluetooth service Center
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    Sorry if I forgot something. It is many years ago I used my mobile phone as a modem.

    Good luck!

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    willynl wrote:

    Do you have plans to adjust your mobile phone tariffs so that they will become once more clearly competitive?


    At present, there are no such plans.


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

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    Any help would be appreciated :)

    HM, I think that no one could give an answer to your question from a mobile phone in conjunction with a third party software... OO... Not good.

    I think it would be better to buy this cable nice, not only to solve this problem, also because the more infrared transfer rate is SLOW so incredible. Wouldn you have any joy... Believe me.

    Welcome and good weekend

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    Mobile phones are also recognized as bluetooth devices, only the logon key wireless implemented the procedure shows:
    "No mobile phone not found, check if bluetooth is enabled" (in German, so this formulation is my translation).
    To my confusion, I tried to connect with someone elses phone to make sure that this isn't my phone (MDA) and this foreign phone has been recognised at the time. I'm not throughout the implementation of procedure, as I didn't want someone elses phone to log on my computer.

    Now, a few days later, I decided along with that foreign mobile, just to check the operation of the entire wireless log on procedure, but now the phone that worked a few days ago is not recognized, too?

    I can't find out what is the cause. Is there anyone who has an idea?

    Help would be very appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Have you turned on the Bluetooth on the laptop with FN + F8?

  • F20-137: Bluetooth does not work if connect my mobile phone

    I recently bought a F20-137 for my son and when I hack with her at Christmas bluetooth apeared in configfree, but today I decided to try and connect my mobile phone via bluetooth and there is no bluetooth option in configfree where it should be according to the configfree help file.

    It's like bluetooth is not yet installed.

    someone knows how to solve the problem? I tried to look for drivers for my model of laptop bluetooth stack, but it was not available on the toshiba site and configfree versions I found on the toshiba site are and build older than the version already installed.

    Hello Luke

    According to the specification for F20 - 137 the unit doesn't have Bluetooth. To be sure to check if you can find the label of BT in the lower corner.

    It looks like

    Good bye

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    * Original title: how taking mobile phone pictures snd put them on craigslist ad?

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    -What version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    Please follow the steps given in the following link and check if it helps.


    Download images to craigslist

    For more information, see the link:


    Working with digital images

    I hope that helps!

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    I found a set vpn in place on my android last night.  I did not put there, but I think I know who did.  Why is - that someone would install a vpn on another mobile phone?  I recently bought this laptop compaq from the same person and support cox could not believe how much malware was on it.  This person sly connects to my pc or perhaps his own through a vpn on MY cell phone while I'm SLEEPING?

    Details of this issue: I've only known this person for a few months and we are dating.  For me, it has proven that he can really trust,

    especially when it comes to "all technical" esp  computers and cell phones.  He is 10 years younger and knows that I'm a little late

    on computer literacy.  I don't really have something to fly while it is confusing to me.

    We can not help you with your personal problems.

    But when you buy a second hand laptop you always have to reinstall the operating system, due to the possibility of malicious programs and the fact that you never know exactly what the phone has been used for.

    We cannot help you with Android; Contact them directly.

    With a laptop Compaq by pressing F11 at startup is expected to begin the resettlement process.

    If it is not in contact with HP that make computers laptops Compaq for relocation assistance.

    See you soon.

  • Can I download photos from my computer to my mobile phone

    Can I download photos from my computer to my mobile phone.


    1. What is the operating system installed on your computer?
    2. What is the brand and model of your mobile phone?

    Yes, you can upload photos from your computer to your mobile phone.

    You can connect your mobile phone memory card to your computer to transfer photos.

    Click on the link below.

    Also, you can connect using the cable USB or Bluetooth as well. You need to install the software which will allow you to connect your mobile phone to the computer if you are using the USB connection.

    I suggest also refer to the manual of your mobile phone.

  • How to download pictures from my mobile phone via bluetooth

    I have pictures on a samsung mobile I want to download via bluetooth on this laptop - how do ido please?

    Hi marsettepalmier,

    (1) what version of Windows you are running on the computer?

    (2) what is the model number of your mobile phone?

    Method 1: you can see the steps in the link below

    Send or receive a file using an infrared connection

    Method 2: you can consult the documentation provided with the Samsung mobile to transfer pictures to a computer.

    You might want to know

    What version of the operating system Windows am I running?

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    my cell phone does not connect using bluetooth. The security settings are not defined to enable image transfer, but I can't change to enable. Security shield shows at the point of transfer that activate it for the transfer of the image does not work... using mobile phone of nokia att and lifebook ah530 computer mobile laptop.

    Hi classic,.

    ·         What is the exact error message/code?

    ·         Did you the latest changes on the computer?

    ·         The Bluetooth service is started on the computer?

    I would suggest trying the following steps and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Put the computer in a clean boot State to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Note: After the boot minimum troubleshooting step, follow step 7 in the link provided to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    Step 2: Run the hardware and devices troubleshooter.


  • How to generate a call via mobile phone connected to the pc by usb


    Comment on the call of the UN peut-on generate via mobile phone (nokia6680) connects to the pc by usb from labview?

    I have installed "nokia PC suite". is possible perhaps-this one starting from the palette "Connectivity/library and executable" start this app and automatically generate a call to a predefined number? It sounds complicated and ca me don't think so that it works...

    Apparently these are the commands that allow a cell phone from a PC of Girardon. Y ' there way to use a hyperterminal type program pay to try their hand and then be able to use the VISA features in labview? Pour the moment, I don't see how start. Ports of HyperTerminal manages the communication with RS232 type but comment Girardon the USB Installer takes it a soft pour mobile phone USB connection behaves as a virtual RS232 port?

    I have seen comment importer a dll in labwindows on another project but we must have the description of the dll, the functions name pay to use. In this case, I have all this.

    Thanks if qq can help me car the, I'm blocking (I saw that there were messages on this topic but ca don't allowed me to establish a communication with the phone outside the nokia PC suite software).

    My but is send an alert by such pour a data acquisition application that runs on a computer laptop not connect a network of the United Nations.


    Finally, it runs. When the telephone connection after installing nokia pc suite and a usb cable, the phone appears like adding a virtual COM and another element: "Nokia 6680 usb modem cable. Select the line corresponding to the additional virtual COM port, in my case, it appears as "COM17. Configuration is easy: choose transmission speed (bps 9800 or else up to 115200bps, apparently the phone can detect the selected speed of the rate), 8 data only bits, no parity, no flow control. Then you can send orders to:

    Xxxxxxxxx ATD. followed by the return to call a wagon phone (the phone number is xxxxxxxxx), at the end of the command is required to call (if there is a detected error 'NO CARRIER')

    to send an SMS, send:

    AT + CMFG = 1

    AT + CMGS = "xxxxxxxxx".

    then tape the message to send, followed by Ctrl-Z (ASCII code: 0x1A)

    If you are interested in this subject, I advice allows you to start the test with hyperterminal or another program to easily implement a serial communication, and then implement in Labview. I guess the AT commands are a little bit different with other phones like Nokia.

    Note: to send Ctrl-Z with Labview, right click on the array of strings in the scheme of hexadecimal code, then select Add 1A and re - click to print the normal code...

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