Modal calling report that calls another Page to the APEX 5

I have an interesting question here for the community...

Using APEX, theme 42 5.  I have a report with a button that will call a modal form.  on the form modal is a LOV which will set a value to the calling page.  If the value returned to the calling page, I then need to redirect to another page in the application by assigning a page element on the new page with the value that I have just received from the modal page.

I have everything up to the second rec = direct working in a test environment and I have problems with redirection...

All those who want to watch here is the information:


workspace: homeworld

user name: demo

password: demo

application name: emp demo test (143)

I have built dynamic actions to get the value of the page where I need but when try to redirect to the page and set the page item, that I don't get the redirection to work...

Thank you

Tony Miller
Los Alamos, NM


Hi Tony,.

I'm just curious... If it worked for you?

Thank you


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    What version of APEX are you using?

    Solution for this should be simple.

    Just edit the button element. Assign it "Action when the button is clicked" "redirect to the page of this application.

    "Then set: Set on these elements ' with the name of the target element and the 'with these values" with the name of the source element.

    The same works also for reports. But instead of the nom_element, you must add the column name as: #COLUMN_NAME # for 'with these values.



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    Thank you

    Hi guy,

    It is quit simple
    in your P5_TASK_NAME
    in the first text section text element:


    Replace ' # ' f? p = & APP_ID.: 2: & SESSION.

    in the post text element:


    and this is

    Published by: Martijnke on March 11, 2009 12:21

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    adeletsang wrote:

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just need to click on "object > insert html ' muse and paste the code there?

    My video ID is video_background which is defined by the widget by default, I should change the code below:

    The site I posted has no video in there and I don't have the widget that Peter sugested however, you can replace the startup code Nacy O made (the black with bit blob going around it) and it should work... understand that a ve\ideo will have to be downloaded by your browser clients before they can see it, so it's another delay for them.

    The code you posted is the code of downtime and that seeks a DIV not called "intro" so no do not change his name...

    A mandatory opening text

    After 5 seconds, this block will disappear.

    Everything between the two div tags is startup code and replace you it with you video and then use the muse "object > insert html" tool to place on your page.

    The demo includes three bits;

    • the body or the div tag is the code shown above and goes into the tool "insert html".
    • a header code that defines styles i.e. the yellow background and text... cela goes in your location of metadata page

    • The final code is the timeout in jQuery you had but do not change the name to the background image unless you also change the name of your div to match... Nacy O put it in its footer code that is correct for DW, but Muse has no footer as such area so I used a master metadata slot to the same effect. The important point is that it descends UNDERNEATH other codes.

    Have a play with it and see how you go...

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    ▹ System Preferences network ▹ 

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    I'm implementing a dynamic PL/SQL action that is triggered by clicking a button.  Dynamic action sets two values in a table and then I want to redirect to another page.  The works of fine setting values.  The code is below:


    l_information VARCHAR2 (255): =: P94_FILENAME;




    SET CREATEUSERLISTNAME = l_information,

    CREATEUSERLISTON = sysdate().



    owa_util. REDIRECT_URL ('f? p = & APP_ID.:81: & APP_SESSION.:NO :::');)


    The redirection fails with the following error:

    "Error: parseerror: JSON.parse: not just a space unexpected character after JSON data.

    I tried several approaches, using the suggestions in this forum on how to redirect to a page of PL/SQL.  None of them lead to success.

    Can anyone tell me: what is the system to complain?  And is there a work around?

    Thank you.


    I recommend the addition of another true action in your dynamic action that executes javascript.  the logic would be just redirect('f?p=&APP_ID.:81:&APP_SESSION.::NO:::');

    Remove everything after the validation of your action of pl/sql.


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    Thank you very much

    Hi Maggie!

    I imagine me, that you have a html text and you want to have a hyperlink to another page in your application.

    For example, you have a text like: "I want to create a hyperlink to a page.

    Now, if your mouse passes the word 'hyperlink', you want to see this magic 'hand '.

    First copy the URL of the target page: something like this-> " ' p = 100:2:3122716493255005:NO:

    Changing your text to html in this way:

    I want to create a hyperlink to a page

    I hope it helps


  • view the HTML source of a page of the apex

    Hello world

    I'm looking at how I can view the HTML source of a page of the apex and to be able to change it. That's why reading the html source code in the browser when the application runs don't suits me.

    Someone at - it an idea how it can it be possible?

    Best regards


    Loga is correct on the use of firebug with firefox. However, if you use IE (version 8 or later), press f12 to switch to developer mode. For Chorme, click the right button of the mouse, you'll get a context menu, you can see "Inspect element", which will have the HTML for this object. Yes as Loga said, if you can simulate changes by using these three, you can bring the apex thro generator only changes required, applying changes to CSS, script, models etc. Hope it will be useful.

    Kind regards


  • How can I add images to the Pages of the Apex?

    Hi all
    Can someone tell me how to add an image to a Page of the APEX? We have an application that is ready to be deployed, but bed looking a bit spartan. Its a finance app but some graphics would be nice.

    We have uploaded an image named ID - 10038362.jpg for the shared components > application Images. Reference on page 101 > Log In HTML area > attribute region Image < img src = "ID-10038362" >

    We are on APEX 4.1.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    lilhelp wrote:
    Hi all
    Can someone tell me how to add an image to a Page of the APEX? We have an application that is ready to be deployed, but bed looking a bit spartan. Its a finance app but some graphics would be nice.

    We have uploaded an image named ID - 10038362.jpg for the shared components > application Images. Reference on page 101 > Log in HTML area > attribute region Image

    We are on APEX 4.1.

  • Hyperlink HTML to call another page?


    APEX - 4
    Version of DB - 10 g
    Web - OHS server architecture
    Browser - IE8
    Theme - 5
    Number of demand = 129

    I created a new page of the chart (50), I can call from a button and it works fine, but I would like to call from a hyperlink. Should I create a text element and
    use the text element of pre and post text of item to change to a link, and if so what should I put in the text of element pre if box I would say 'picture of the box', I guess in the message item
    text I would put < /a >

    It would be something like
    graph of the box

    I tried this and I get a highlighted label that indicates the chart of the box and a text box and if I click on the label it displays the page of connection of Apex. There should be a configuration button to convert a hyperlink.
    It seems that the simplest thing a person would want to do, but I can't understand it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    I tried to use & P14_R1_URL. and it works you miss something. Just check that P14_R1_URL comes before the other element in the sequence.

    MaxApex accommodation

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    Hello and welcome to the Skype community.

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    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
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    With a button, its simple because its built-in, but I don't want a button, just that: register

    I also want to have the text in colour not black.

    Thank you.


    Like this

    "Register " 

    Use your Page URL ' f? p = & APP_ID.: 2: & SESSION.' instead of #.

    Thank you

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