models of real estate

Interested in some real estate flyer templates.  Any recommendation appreciated

Search for them.

You can always open the Word in page templates and resave them as templates of Pages or make your own samples you have found and then share those for others to use.


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  • Hi, I can to create a real estate website?

    Hi, I can to create a real estate website?

    Do a search for the MUSE MODELS and choose a good real estate, one that you like, then change things the way you want.


  • When I click on an image or map that is Kijiji real estate pages, open Firefox all crunched on the right side of the page. How can I fix this?

    When I click on an image or map that is Kijiji real estate pages, open Firefox all crunched on the right side of the page. How can I fix this?
    For example, I discovered an apartment ad that has various attached photos. It said click on the images to see an enlarged version. FF opens the page however the majority of the page is white and the image seems to be pushed on the right side of the page and watch as if it were bundled up against the right side shows is not the whole picture.
    What can I do to fix this?

    Thanks Cor - el,
    Just set the police minimum votes to zero, did the trick. However, I also appreciate other suggestions that I'm following now. Non-strabisme already installed. A little more difficult to find this file user.js. It any suggestions?
    Thanks again for your great help.
    See you soon,.

  • I have an EOS 7 d, I need to be able to take pictures of the inside of homes. I am a real estate agent. So to get a p

    I have an EOS 7 d, I need to be able to take pictures of the inside of homes. I am a real estate agent. It is difficult to obtain an image of a small bedroom or bathroom.  What lens wide angle do you suggest. The price is a concern, I don't want to spend more than $500 I am an amateur photographer, I do everything on Auto.

    Thank you

  • I can't get my attachments to open, for example to open an attacment real estate form to show me a picture of a habit of the House, what can I do? Thank you

    I can't my attachment to an e-mail to me to open, for example, real estate, of that I'm sent me some pictures of houses but I can't seem to open. What can I do? Thank you CG-942

    Save the attachment to the office and see if you can open it by clicking on it.  If not, then right-click on it and see what is the file extension and that help you find which program you may need to open it with.  If it is a pdf file, then you must have Acrobat Reader on  If not, ask your real estate agent what format the pictures are in?  If you can't see all the images in emails, then see


  • I didn't look real estate tab.

    I didn't look real estate tab. How can we recover the listening tab?


    I suggest you follow the steps below in order to view the devices turn off and then search for the question:

    (a) type sound in the start search box.

    (b) right-click and select Show devices turn off.

    (c) go to properties and check the listen tab.

    If steps above does not resolve the problem, I suggest to update the sound card driver and check if it helps.

  • bought the Tower in real estate sales. need to reset so I can use

    original title: reset

    bought the Tower in real estate sales. I can use so you will have to reset it. don't have the papers or the disc. don't have password for the other owner.

    Friday, January 7, 2011 15:28:44 + 0000, onthegobarb wrote:

    bought the Tower in real estate sales. I can use so you will have to reset it. don't have the papers or the disc. don't have password for the other owner.

    If I bought a used computer, no matter who previously owned, the first thing I have with it would be to reinstall the operating system itself. You don't know how the computer has been maintained,
    which has been improperly installed, what's missing, what virus and
    There may be spyware, etc. I would not live with someone of another errors and problems, possibility of kiddy p0rn, etc, and I would not recommend anyone else to do.
    If you reinstall Windows properly, you are playing with fire. If
    you do not have a Windows CD, you will need to purchase a.

    Ken Blake (MS-MVP)

  • Take bus was considering screen real estate

    The bus brings upward of way too much real estate in the track editor when you want to display their envelopes.

    What's all that empty above the envelopes for? That's twice the height of the area of the envelope editor, but as far as I can see useless either. They do not have to show the waveforms, and yet they absorb more vertical space than an audio track.

    To make matters worse the difference with an audio track, which overlays the envelopes on the waveform when you reduce, if you reduce a bus lane area envelope gets unnecessarily small and white area just stay there, smirking at your feeble attempts to mix your audio files. To have a good control over the levels in the track editor to stretch the bus follow until it's huge.

    2016-04-21 14_39_03-Adobe Audition CC 2015.png

    Or I do something wrong? I hope I am, because it is precisely the kind of inconvenience that corrects Adobe NEVER.

    stib_at_work wrote:

    If they just put in place the same behavior as the audio tracks there so wouldn't hurt.

    But they do, exactly. There are two types of envelopes in the Audition multitrack view. There is the basic envelopes Clip Volume and Pan (which of course doesn't apply to a Bus lane), and the Automation envelopes that appear under the railway when spin you down the track of automation.

    Envelopes Clip can only be handled manually by the mouse. Track automation envelopes can be controlled by the mixer sliders and external control, as well as devices manually by the mouse.

    stib_at_work wrote:

    I put in a bug report,

    But it's as expected. So it is not a bug but a feature request. They are treated as separate and more useful features like this get a peek in my humble OPINION.

  • I need help, try to understand what adobe product to use for basic website design.  It will be an application of real estate.  Want to include text, photos, video, etc.

    You want to start with an application that is most basic to accomplish such Web site application for real estate to show a property, photos, video, etc.

    Click here to see what is in the whole of clouds and click on individual programs to find more information

    Muse or Dreamweaver would be the ones to look at first

  • Real estate photography

    I'm looking for a product straightening the vertical lines in indoor real estate photography. The problems of distortion caused by wide angle lenses.  To debut on a pretty tight budget.  Suggestions as to which product to buy PS?


    You posted this in the wrong forum, this is a vector subspace of the instance of Captivate and you need to Photoshop or Lightroom. I would like to use Camera Raw or a Raw filter in Photoshop, but will leave a more detailed response to the PS experts by moving this question on this forum.


  • search for real estate criteria

    I have to add a search for real estate criteria on my site, I do not know how?


    There is no output from the box solution to add a search in Muse area. However, if you decide to host your site on Business Catalyst, you can use the feature given in British Colombia search box. In addition, if you want to use more than one search form field, you can use webapps in British Colombia to do. For more information, please see the following links:

    Kind regards


  • Muse vs Wordpress for real estate site?

    I need to make a site quite complex for a real estate developer who has several subdivisions and offers extensive services.  I would like to use Muse to the flexible design, but I don't know how I can do a database of properties that the owner of the site can be updated.

    Do I really need to use Wordpress to achieve?


    With Muse, you can design the site, about content management for this on the platform accommodation where you are hosting the site that use you the crm/cms feature where customers can manage the content.

    You can use any hosting like wordpress or Business Catalyst platform, where we publish the site and then manage the site backend cms.

    Let me know if you need more details.

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry smartphones so CA Real Estate Agent trying to access MLS

    After registration in my MLS at homepage and enter the login/password information, how can I actually connect me? Pressing Scroll does not work. In addition, this site is fully functional without any add ons?

    Thank you.

    I saw a real demand for MLS somewhere but can't find it now. Here are some other information can be useful

    Other things you might want to look

    Open your browser, click menu, options

    configuration of the browser

    the first line, which is next to "browser:"click on it and see what other options are available.

    also, do scroll down for the emulation Mode, which is there and click it and see what other options you have

  • Models and real space used


    Can someone tell me if some provision of thin disk space is possible in templates using Lab Manager?

    The context in which this question:

    -We have 2 t byte organization areas

    -Say a model is a starter of XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 SP1, 2008 R2 OS with very little on it but set to say have a 30G hard drive

    -Lets say the need for OS boot's say 4G

    Ideally, we want our models to consume 4G disk and when a clone of link is used, the clone starts to use additional disk space.

    = > Is this possible?

    Don't we have to live with the consumption of 30G model? So if the area is important to us, can we do the following (I know that it works under ESX)

    -in the example, create a 5G model

    -After link cloning, extend the disk space to 30G, and then inside the BONE, expand drive C: to 30G?

    I'm new to Lab Manager and trying to get an idea of its internals on ESX or local workstations.

    Thank you

    UH... it's already out there:

  • Is it possible to address HR Frameset real estate, such as the border?


    Where in HR files collection is the set of defined project management and is it possible to change its properties?

    One of the ugliest things in all HR models is the frameset border. I speak NOT of how executives are defined, how broad or narrow, or what percentage of the window they occupy, or how much image is overall, what pages are allocated to load in each default or how they are presented. I know that there is a kind of primitive interface to resolve things, at least 8 HR.

    I'm talking on the properties of executives and the Executive game, specifically at the border, sickly grey line that works only with titanium (black & white and grey) model and any other model of fat. Is it possible to have no border? A thinner border? A different color border? It is even supported in CSS or in current browsers?

    Also, what ugly models, is there anyone or any company out there that offers HR models skin average, much better than those who are included in the box of HR? Who will be the custom build a skin based on your design personalized? Or design a do match the design to support existing website?

    Seems to me that all of these HAT take courses of ugly ;-)

    Thank you very much.



    "I am but an egg."

    -Stranger in a Strange Land


    You can set options such as the border in the frameset dialog box. The most powerful option however, is to directly edit the HTML code of your games of executives. You set frameborder and framebordercolor as attributes to set the color. You can try putting in CSS, I've never tried. Personally, I always disable frameborders by definition frameborder = "0" see also

    Regarding the skins, it depends very much the output that you use. CHM is quite stuck a devoloper AIR to AIR you need and you can create skins for WebHelp.

    You can create a custom look and feel to WebHelp using the skin editor in the project configuration. Skins (at least they are in RH7). WebHelp is just a bunch of .htm and javascript files. You can greatly customize hollow Robo and still more by editing your output files. For any questions about the latter, see skinny on skins or post in return.

    Take a bow


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