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Hello, can someone point me in the direction of moderators who can edit a post?

Thank you.


You I think a 5 minute window for editing, after that, we need to create a new post for the correction.

What was it?

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  • 0x0000007E (0xc0000005 0x806a0c04 0x803995ec 0x803992e8) error messages on a blue screen... Please help, 3 days of problems

    I'm not a computer expert, so please exscuse me, 3 days ago, the computer kept freezing, I am running a packard bell intel celeron with windows vista, I have norton anti virus so I don't think my problem is the apparent virus, first Frost was intermittent but after an hour or two , all froze and wouldn't respond, I disconnected the power and he started upward, repair of windows says something along the lines of stacking and told me I had to check my drivers, I rebooted and was able to get back on but after a few minutes it kept freezing up again I went through the process and finally managed to put online, a message popped up on my screen telling me to update vista to service pack 2, I did, the computer seems to work very well so I thought that the problem has been resolved, yesterday when I turned on the same thing happened, yet once I went through the process and finally got the computer to work after several attempts , it would start up then restart itself or sometimes the screen would be just black and nothing would happen, the computer would be buzz but anything in life. yesterday after finally getting to turn on another message came up saying there are 31 important updates for vista, I downloaded once again of course it seremed work very well and I thought it was fixed, but unfortunately not yet today the same thing happens when I arrived to start the computer I decided to write the blue screen messages that include

    0x0000007E (0xc0000005 0x806a0c04 0x803995ec 0x803992e8) acpi.sys - address 806A0C04 base at 80 68 B000
    After that a long stay him to start it in safe mode, which took 2 hours is the same in safe mode, just frozen, I tried again and got to work in safe mode and it froze again and finally I managed to get to the top and works normally, I really have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it I managed to save important things like the photos that I have the impression that he wants to die, I even tried the system restore which is nothing because when it updated 2 days ago, it wipe all old restore points and so I absoloutley no way to restore to a point before he decides to drop , I have not downloaded new software in the last months have so no idea what could the cause of the problem, please help, and remember that while I can work around the basics I'm not an expert so please try to keep it simple :)

    0x7E bug check code (v = VS. 85) .aspx

    Norton could be part of the problem but leave that for now.

    The amount of RAM is installed? Have you recently made any cham = nges?

    Start the computer in safe mode with network and download and install Malwarebytes (free version for individuals only), updated definitions and run in safe mode. Disable other security software while you do the analyses.
    Download and run SuperAntiSpyware (Free Edition)

    Event Viewer reports

    1. normally, when an error occurs on your computer looking in Event Viewer should be your starting point to find a solution. More related system errors are recorded and get an exact copy of the relevant report is important. Unfortunately, is not easy to understand reports and most of the users computer need help with their interpretation. I have to say later interpretation.

    2 Event Viewer includes three main newspapers of Windows. Here's the Application, security, and system. For purposes of troubleshooting system is by far the most important.

    3. to access the system log, select Start, Control Panel, administrative tools, Event Viewer, in the list on the left of the window select Windows and the system logs. Place the cursor on the system, right click and select filter current log. Check the front of the error and click OK and see you only reports errors. Click the Date and time column header to sort. You may need to click a second time to see the last report above.

    4. a tip for posting copies of error reports! Run Event Viewer and double-click the error you want to copy. Select the Details tab and check the box in front of the XML view. Click the copy button to place a copy in the Clipboard and close Event Viewer. Now start your message and paste it into the body of the message. Make sure that it is the first dough right out of the event viewer.

    5. He cautioned against three types of reports, information, and reports errors. In most situations, it is the error reports that offer the best information but sometimes WARNING reports provide useful clues.

    6. all reports have stamps date and hour and when troubleshooting, it is important to focus on the latest reports. Reports of studies from the point when the computer is started, and then check if a similar report appeared in the previous session. If errors do not repeat investigation as to why they happen is wasted effort.

    7. in the individual reports the most important information is the event ID and Source such as these help when looking for help on the internet. The description is just as important and copy the exact text to use as search criteria greatly helps achieve better results when using Google. Not paraphrase descriptions when other people asking for help.

  • Need help reg DBMS job calendar...

    Hi all
    I need to call the procedure as indicated below:

    next date: Sysdate @ 22:00
    frequency: between 10 and 20 of each month to every 2 hours.

    My question:
    How to plan between the date described here for each month at intervals of 2 hrs?
      X NUMBER;
      ( job       => X 
       ,next_date => to_date(sysdate,'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss')   ---?
       ,repeat interval  => 'freq='sysdate+2/24'; byminute=0; bysecond=0;',
       ,no_parse  => FALSE
      SYS.DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Job Number is: ' || to_char(x));


    Here's a way

    , next_date => SYSDATE
    , interval  => 'CASE
                       WHEN  TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, ''DD-HH24'') BETWEEN ''10-00''
                                                     AND      ''20-22''
                  THEN  SYSDATE + (2 / 24)
                  ELSE  TRUNC ( SYSDATE + 12
                              , ''MONTH''
                        ) + 10

    If the work ends the or after the 10th of the month, but before 22:00 the 20th of the month, then it will run again in 2 hours.

    If the work ends between the 1st and the 9th of the month (for some reason any), then adding 12 days from the date will be results in a DATE in the same month.
    If the finihses of work after the 20th of the month (or after 22:00 the 20th of the month), then adding 12 days will result in a DATE in the next month.
    Whatever it is, you want the job to run again the 10th of this month, so truncate this DATE (SYSDATE + 12 days) at the beginning of the month and add 10 days.

    Consider using instead of dbms_job and dbms_scheduler.

    Published by: Frank Kulash on October 21, 2012 12:10

  • Help key online job search no control

    Hello world

    I tried to open the perticular key in the .chm file using the command-line But it does not work. Here, I have attached the file (.chm) VI and help to take a look at it and let me know what I missed.

    Hello world

    I founded this solution. the problem is creating chm file. You must bind the key and the topic in the help file creator. Most of the help file generator have this option.

    In the first time, I did not notice this option.

  • Why do I need to reboot between print jobs? I downloaded a patch for my printer, but it did not help.

    Why do I need to reboot between print jobs?  I downloaded a patch for my printer, but it did not help.  Print jobs appear in my queue of the printer but does not print until I reboot between each job.

    I downloaded a patch for my printer, but it did not help.


    This patch you downloaded and whence?

    I suggest that you do the following:

    Go to your printer manufacturer's Web site > key in your printer model number and operating system.

    Uninstall/reinstall your printer using the latest drivers from here your operating system.

    Most of the manufacturer will also have troubleshooting steps for you to take registered there, too.

    This can also help you:

    "Solve printer problems.

    "Solve printer problems.

    In the upper right corner, select your operating system from the menu drop-down.

    See you soon.

  • Looking for help of Flex

    I'm looking for someone to work with me for a flex project. I'm well-studied in Flex (all the books and familiarize tutorials and Flex in a week several times tutorials), but can't put the pieces together to finish my project. I've posted questions on this forum and people have been incredibly helpful and responsive. The problem is that whenever I have a question, I have to review the entire project to get to the point where I have a question, so I'm looking for someone to become familiar with the project to help me over the hurdles. I looked at individual support options in the Adobe support section but I can't to go round trying to make that support work for using the option. If anyone is interested (I expect to pay for this support) please contact me at [email protected].

    I have provided this type of basic support to others at $50 / hour. I charge sliced 15 minutes, so for quick questions you would pay in general
    $12.50 per issue, $50 / hour for more involved questions.

    One thing, I'm more a front-end guy, so that I can help with HTTPService connection to PHP scripts, I'm not aware about ColdFusion,.
    Java, etc.

    I have a day job, so I have to answer outside the hours of 9-5 hour standard Pacific.

    I have you emailed about this, please respond to this email about this.

  • the windows support software could not be saved, please help

    I have searched for help for days and am really in need of it. I tried to install windows 8.1 on my MacBook Pro 15-inch mid-2015, and every time the update of the software download fails to save on my drive. I tried to download it by clicking on Action in the toolbar just by pressing download Windows support software, but always make the same mistake, so I doubt that it is related to windows. Do I need to use a USB key? Need help please

    1 - is the ACO invites you to a USB key?

    2. If you run disk utility, you see an image listed containing this software?

    3 - is during the installation of Windows of BC or using the method of Action?

    4. can you initiate Internet recovery and run diskutil repair utilities-> Terminal disk0?

  • DeskJet 3070 ceased to print a few days after replacing the black print cartridge

    Please help me, I have HP Deskjet 3070. There works well since then, but I replaced just the black cartridge with original ink and he confirmed that it was a real ink, I printed a few documents and everything was fine and it's just less amonth ago.

    But unfortunately I turned on the printer a week later, but it prints, it only passes through the paper as if it is printing but instead he brings her on a white sheet.

    The task of mentenance using I could see the State of health, says the good. Show full of ink cartridge ink level. Device report - derniŠre indications affixed some pink, blue, yellow rectangles and the printed report print 4 holders.

    I noticed someone has posted a simlar here question one obtained help same day via private message that he has fixed his problem, I commented here a week ago and had asked for help, but have had no response to date.

    Today, I installed a new black ink, thinking that he could be in ink, but she does not always print anothere.

    Please help me.

    New replacement printer arrived today with the new inks, installed game machine with the new inks and everything works as it should. Old machine is to immerse for recycling as advised.

    I'm relieved and I appreciate the after sale HP just rendered services. Although I am a little worried and now fear that it could happen again "after the guarantee" since no clear explanation is given in what concerns what could have caused the failure. And judge with an option of replacement is the best solution, it seems like the cost of the den could be greater than the value.

    Finger is crossed, I hope that it will serve this time or at least give reseonable service before getting on my nerves.

    Thank you HP.

  • Bluetooth does not connect after iOS 9.2.1

    Since the upgrade to iOS 9.2.1 I could not connect my iPhone 5 to the communication system Bluetooth BMW for hands free phone calls.  I have turned the phone off and on, switched Bluetooth off & on, unpair and re-tried, disabled Siri and have reset all networks, all to nothing does not.  Bluetooth works very well in my wife Ford and streaming for a soundbar works also; It's just the connection of BMW.

    I read that Apple has improved its Bluetooth protocol in front of others, which may require software updates to other devices.  While I understand that software updates are possible in BMW manufactured since 2010, this isn't help me with my 2008 vehicle (3 series).  I hope that iOS 9.3 will fix this problem because I am not willing to pay for a technician BMW to change their software to match Apple (or devrais I have to buy a new car to match my phone!).  Anyone can shed light on this issue?  I am based in the United Kingdom.

    I tried everything above that all in my X 3 nothing helps.  I'll try the forget all network setting option to see if it works.  Can anyone think of anything.  I do a lot of phone calls from work on my trip and this will impact seriously on my day job if I can't make it work.

  • Unable to get the port forwarding on LRT224


    Can anyone help with setting the port forwarding on a LRT224 - he drives me crazy!

    I have a mail server running on the internal network listening on port 443 using SSL. I want to expose it to the internet on port 450

    I tried to configure the following Port Address Translation entries:

    TCP: 450 an external Port internal Port: 443 host LAN:

    UDP: 450 an external Port internal Port: 443 host LAN:

    The two rules are enabled.

    I have not setup additional access rules, since I realized that the Port Address Translation is circumventing them.

    The setting "Block WAN request" on the firewall is disabled.

    Result - NOTHING! No link, no ports open (verified with ShieldsUp!)

    FYI - the LRT224 was purchased to replace 2 DD-WRT-flashed routers, each connected to a different ISP - 1 want to automate failover rather that physically Exchange connections of my passage to the routers.

    On the other hand, the requirement for transmission of port above took 5 minutes to the configuration via DD - WRT and worked as required from the beginning.

    I spent 2 days playing with the LRT224 and have no configuration work.

    It is a basic feature! Why is it so hard to make it work?

    All help gratefully received...

    Hi Chad,

    Just to say thank you to help get that job!

    To confirm, the resolution for anyone interested:

    The configuration of Port Address Translation was correct, but the internal server that was targeted had bad default gateway on its network card (it was targeting my other router), which meant that he was not talking to the LRT224, which means that the latter did not open the ports connected to the Internet.

  • Tide during the night planning scenario

    Hi all

    I have a specific day after scheduling scenario I could use some help, with details of this example are below:

    (1) job A runs every day, from 10 minutes after midnight (12:10)

    (2) positions B, C and D every Wednesday and Friday, starting at 21:00 and track in a sequence B > C > D

    B job runs in 1 hour (9-10 am), C work is performed in 1 hour (10-23:00), but job D runs 3 hours (23:00 to 02:00 the next day)

    Tidal 2) is set to cut classes to schedule the next day at midnight, which means that on Wednesday and Friday, job D still will run at the start of the next day calendar

    (3) if job B work ever since the day before, I don't want my day job (A Job) to start the next day until the work of the eve B

    If I schedule task A to start every day at 02:00 to avoid this conflict, then every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I'm wasting 2 hours of our schedule between 12: 00 and 02:00 day this job does not work.

    Is it possible to configure dependencies like this, where a my current day job depends on D of the previous day job?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Best regards

    Doug M.

    Since the definition of dependent employment screen, change your dependency and select the last occurrence (instead of the Match occurrence) and Date Offset 1 - this will look at the standby

  • BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone Sync the Outlook calendar


    As the subject says, I can't sync between devices. It was fine last week, now I get the message "a program error occurred at line 131 en.\error.cpp.

    Can anyone help because it makes my day job particularly difficult.

    Thanks in advance


    andyamitex wrote:


    Thanks, but I have seen it and I don't have any recurring appointments?

    I even tried to delete all appointments of my phone and then try to sync, but it could not yet?

    This is all time consuming! I don't really have the time!

    Thanks again


    Have you tried to download the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software on the site? You can uninstall and reinstall the desktop software you have on your computer.  Just be patient as systems and devices may be unpredictable.

    If all else fails, you can contact your carrier or service provider for the other troubleshooting steps, because they have a BlackBerry trained technical support team that can help you with this kind of question.

  • BlackBerry App World insensitive on my Bold 9700 smartphones


    Can someone help me with this?

    1. in an accidental action a rash skin and not calculated, I deleted the Blackberry App World, (who had hitherto worked perfectly on my Bold 9700).

    2. I found a link on the site Web of BlackBerry to download the App World and the download/install seems to work, but when I tried to activate the App World icon, nothing happened.  Even after a reboot sweater and battery system.

    3 I deleted App World again - intentionally this time-"BOLD" connected to my PC and download App World via the site Web de BlackBerry again via the PC.  This version of App World was as insensitive as the first download.

    4. I deleted App World again--again--and for the devil, downloaded again via my 3 G network connection, this time choosing an option of different language: French.

    5. the French language to download/install seems to work, and I could not even the icon App World to launch the App World app, when I clicked on it.   Despite App World seeming to know who I was and accept my payment for an application, it would display just NOT a list of the applications that I have bought/downloaded in the past; It would display only the two apps I had downloaded with my last (French-but-en-English) version of the App World.

    6. then the App World icon has stopped working too: the screen would Flash when I clicked it, but would not launch the application itself.  Not only that, but some piece of it continued to run in the background, draining the battery: the App World icon would not leave my screen Application Switch.  Even after system reboot and full battery pull, the icon remained in my Application Switch screen.  But by clicking above all remember to screen all Applications.

    7 so now I deleted App World again, just so that my "BOLD" is not run out of juice before that my day job is completed.

    All suggestions/help someone on this forum has to offer will be welcomed.

    Thanks for your time and your interest to help; Maybe one day I'll be able to return the favor!

    Well, it was a bit of a drag, but I solved the problem by reinstalling my OS.  Thanks for your interest to help me solve the problem!

  • Adobe Creative Cloud still does not

    I was asking for help all day today with Adobe Creative Cloud. The software does not open on my comput r. I restarted my computer at least 5 times now. I even turned off for an hour and then tried again. I tried to uninstall it, and for some reason, it won't let me. It isn't working and I really need help to fix it. I can't get in touch with someone here, which makes this situation even more frustrating. Can someone please help me because I need this job.

    No need to continue to create new debates for the same problem.

    Answer (several times if necessary) to the existing thread to keep the top of the page.

    Cannot open the creative cloud - no error

  • In the modern world today's Marketing, how can stand out you as a certified Eloqua "newbie"?

    I really, really like Ahmad Eytan' discussion Eloqua wages & experience that it highlights the challenges facing modern Marketing organizations trying to hire the right person with the right skills AND experience to make a fairly immediate impact. He had me looking back at the time--way, way back - when I started as a Consultant Marketing Automation for Astadia, knowing very little about Eloqua, but with a strong background in marketing database, marketing communication, the customer service and sales soft (Yes, I wrote 'soft', 'social' as 'social' not has not been invented yet--at least not online social).

    It started with a five-day immersion in Eloqua and then plunges us straight on working alongside our practice for missions of client Manager. We have rapidly graduated (or been thanked) at the main customer commitments ourselves. I learned so much, so much--more than I want to go right now and not roughly Eloqua - but the fact is, it took that I immerse myself in the experience (at least what I demanded of me).

    Thus, in modern today Marketing environment, accompanied by a certificate of the Eloqua University a topical... (A small side bar here...) I would like to go on record as saying that I like very much the value of the Eloqua University and although there could be some improvements, it's never been marketed as ' all you need to do is get these certifications to earn 6 figures - unfortunately, that the fault is on the people who chose to be known this way after being certified). .

    Well, back to the modern Marketing of today environment - after reviewing of Eytan, stimulating discussion - how can a 'newbie' certified Eloqua stand out?

    NOTE: my definition of a "certified Eloqua newbie" is a person who now works for a client of Eloqua that met certification requirements Eloqua University but has little experience 'real world' in the execution of Eloqua. I am open to changes to this definition.

    There are many things that you ("you" now refers to all beginners Eloqua certified) can do... Based on my own Type A self admitted trends of OCD, I think that we need a plan for success. As in "you build your own plan for success of"how to become a superhero Eloqua".» Top priority? A mindset 'always learning' - and perhaps total immersion - to the point where a day's work does not stop at 17:00 (or it is sufficient to say, your "day" job ends then, but your mindset 'always learning' and then goes into action and work into the night, creation/copy of key marketing use cases and work to solve for them in Eloqua).

    I'm not giving any secrets when I share away this is how I did it - and it was not easy, but if it was - come on, everyone, say it with me - If that were the case, then everyone would be doing... And today, it's even easier then way, way back in my day - because today, you have the most amazing resource at your fingertips - Topliners. You get to pick the brains of some of the biggest space - leaders thought to those running require centers everywhere in the world and everyone in between - all with a few clicks on your keyboard.

    I have complete empathy for you - I have been there and done this-- but an attitude "I want it all and I want it now" you will be pain if you try to increase your career from the only certifications. You need to do more. Perhaps, more is to create your own plan for success to emerge. Maybe it is something different, but in all cases, take what you have learned in Eloqua University and ON BUILD IT! This is an incredible Foundation to succeed - OPPORTUNITY TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE TO A POSSIBLY CHANGE! You know now that you're not deceive everyone being certified Eloqua newbie - it, that is, certified, helps a LOT - but you've learned to preach by example. And again, you are not alone in the construction of your walk - you have all of the Topliners community at your fingertips!

    So, my friends Topliners, what other words of advice can add you to my rantings? How can we help many newbies Eloqua certified in our community and we hope to reach those outside it--to become the next superhero of the modern Marketing world? Or the less than non-so-desirable-to-hirable as a short term goal?

    As always, I look forward to your comments! See you soon!

    Oh, did you raise many good points. Not to take us off-topic, but I could rant all day on Eloqua consulting firms, which let employees at low altitude (Eloqua skill-wise) loose on customer projects. It just not fair for the employee or customer. There was a company that does this for me, a few years ago, and since then dozens of people asked me to their subject for reference.  Needless to say, they have never get a good me and probably lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in projects because of this. Not worth it in the long run to cut corners.

    Back to the question at hand...

    You really hit the nail on the head in many ways. Really it comes down to one thing: work. There are no shortcuts. Always continue to learn. Embrace every challenge Eloqua you can and never say never.  Never be afraid to err by asking something "stupid", or "stupid looking. I remember several times that I submitted Eloqua support tickets or tickets to other providers related to things that I was convinced were bugs/key issues. Turned out to be my mistake. But that's ok. You brush, straighten and learn from them.

    And finally, be modest.  You will never know everything about Eloqua. Be willing to learn from others, knowing that there may actually be a better way to do something that you spent a few days or weeks working on.

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  • Browser does not allow me to open attach

    I use Firefox and comcast mail. When I try to open an e-mail attach (form an envelope) I get a message that browser will not open...

  • 200609 error on upgrade of PCMCIA 6036 - E USB 6212-M

    We recently replaced a bad card PCMCIA 6036-E with a USB 6212 M-series. Since we use NEITHER-DAQmx, the upgrade was supposed to be plug-and-play.  However, I get an error 200609 (too small buffer size) when you try to run a program, Labview 8.6, whic

  • Download request "what file you want to open with.

    I had a software auto update this morning. Since then, if I try to download something, he asks "what file you want to open with?"  He has never done this before. I tried to download Skype and Firefox, since he has stopped working after the automatic

  • How to cancel a screen keyboard

    somehow or other I accidentally triggered the on screen keyboard.  Now, whenever I turn on my pc it shows, my system is a vista on HP thank you

  • BB10 10.1 gold Cmake toolchain file

    I'm trying to transfer a library that uses QT (looks OK, nothing inside, which is not standard on BB10 of dependencies), and it must be built using cmake. I know how to use cmake and compile, simply work in the toolchain.cmake file BB10 to cross comp