Modification of trailer models

I am trying to create a book trailer, but iMovie offers only an editable models.

(Not enough boxes and two video slot machines a lot!)

Is there anyway to change the layout to better meet is this another failure of OS x from apple software?


You can convert your trailer in a movie, and then you can change it if you wish.  See:


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  • My models are unable to find their page in Dreamweaver

    How to reroute a model so that it can find the pages that were derived...

    I have a site that got screwed up somehow and I need to set the paths of the models of their child pages... the message that

    I get when I make a change to a model and it does not find its child page is the following:

    File access error

    "macintosh_hd:Users:elizabethwallace:Desktop:mtti:mtti:Templates:news.dwt": Ferrell not found (error code - 43).

    someone would be nice enough to help... Thank you very much.


    Before doing all this, make a backup of your site files (not the definition, the folder and the files themselves) and keep them in case something is wrong in the process.

    1. First of all, make sure you that your site is correctly set and all content in a site folder.
    2. Then, make sure that the models are all in the Templates folder.
    3. Make sure that each page is where you want it to be in the structure of your site files.
    4. Go to each model and correct the paths need tweaking. If your site has been seriously baffled (technical term!), you'll want to check and fix all the links to search for a file or the liaison Point. Don't try to type paths to the model yourself manually.
    5. Open each page in succession and re-apply the model must be bound to. You do this in edit > models > model apply to the Page.
    6. You may need to "assign" a copy of regions can be changed at this stage.
    7. When you are finished with each model, test it by making a minor modification to the model and propagate the change on the child pages. Check the page of the child to ensure they update when the model is modified.
    8. If everything looks good, it's good. Shake your own hand and Pat yourself on the back in order to recover from a difficult situation.
    9. If that doesn't work, come back and we will think on this matter even more. But this looks like a reasonable course of action for action for me.


  • Updated the models encourage not updated on sync

    After talking with an assortment of people Adobe, I was advised to take my question on the forums to see if someone else might have a workflow that will accomplish what I am trying to acquire: a model master centralized control, out of which subsites can base their models. (I apologize ahead if my entry takes an arrogant tone.) For brevity, I'm being pretty straightforward - I'm not really a Dreamweaver-enemy.)

    Here's the full version:
    We are a large company, and the public Web site is all custom code. However, we have many departments, and many of them have their own public information sites. We use Dreamweaver on a departmental level for the public web site of each service, managed by a person designated by him in this Department. The idea is to have a "company" basic model that establishes the catch-all provision that each of my Department webmasters can use as the basis to create a template for the site of their Ministry. Theoretically, they don't would be concerned with the details for their Department and would inherit a widespread company container from the main template. (Currently, it's the Wild West, and each Department is responsible for their own model - you can imagine the wild variations in appearance through our presence on the web.)

    When I initially created each service to have a web site, I manually create their models / directory on the server and put the main template in this directory (in fact, each Department has just a symbolic link to master, but I digress). The permissions are such that they cannot edit this file on the server. (They obviously can change it locally, but it can never be replaced on the server - if I could lock it so that they could not accidentally change it locally, I would do it; but I don't know how to do such a thing without having a flag 'read-only' on the model or something Dreamweaver.) Yet once again, I digress.)

    In any case, what I want to do is the following: in the event that the main template on the server changes (which would result in the file of Templates/Master_Template.dwt for each service I placed there immediately appearing to have been changed), I might have users synchronize their site (that overused realization of Dreamweaver that changed the model), pull down the model and be invited to update their template Department (because it is based on the model of 'master' now-changed), which would be cascaded to update pages based on the model of their Department. Theoretically, this should work, because if you actually open the local copy of the Master_Template.dwt, change and save it, the update process works exactly as it should.
    In the real world, however, the "...". and update their Department model... "part is where the process stops, because when a template file is updated via synchronization rather than change manually, either this opportunity to update all dependent resources (potentially outdated) is presented.

    It was suggested to use Contribute for the Department, but Contribute sites with no knowledge of the elements of library or the modification of the model, it should be I have centrally manage * all * models instead of just the main template - and that's exactly what I'm trying to escape to do by delegating peacekeeping each ministerial department site.

    The only work around I can think of is this: in the case of an update of the master model, have each user synchronize their site, pull down the new master, open it, make a few simple changes (a space or similar), delete it (so the model can be saved) and then save the now-modified-but-not-actually-changed local main template file, which would engage the update that I'm looking.

    Such a process might generously describe "subject to error."

    I'm a little surprised that this kind of thing has not been processed (that I can find) front. If it was, I'd like a link. The solution is such a good fit that I'm reluctant to give up Dreamweaver and go with something else - looks like a lapse such small feature - but he tanks completely the overall strategy.

    Frankly, I think it is a bug. I don't think it matters how or by whom the changes made to the model - if Dreamweaver ever notice that the model is different, he should realize that any resource based on this template could potentially be stale and offer the possibility to update. Or, at the very least, there should be a way to "Refresh" the site - have Dreamweaver compare the State of each resource to their ancestor model (s) to check the consistency and offer the opportunity to upgrade at that point to the possible contradictions. Something else that "synchronize your site, open the main template, add a space, delete, save, updates start" would be a better solution to workaround.

    I can't wait to hear suggestions, however.

    Posted by: newsgroup user
    I'm not aware anyway make it work the way you are the Template of DW engine
    describing. The Templates folder and its files of constitutive models MUST be
    in the root of the site.
    However, I confess, I have not read your post in full to extract all the
    the granularity that you offered. If I missed something, please let me
    don't know.

    No, has nothing to do with what I'm trying to do.
    However, I received a correction to part of my message of an engineer from Adobe:

    Hi Travis,
    I read your post on the forum and agree it would be nice to have this kind of functionality in Dreamweaver, but because this isn't the standard use case (a site other subsites of conduct), you have to pass through a hoop more in Dreamweaver, rather than simply synchronize.
    I don't think you have to do the steps, opening the modified model, bringing a change, delete, and save. On the other hand, it please try the menu item:

    Modify > templates > update Pages.

    This should update all pages according to the current state of the Templates folder. Thus, instead of your steps: "synchronize your site, open the main template, add a space, delete, save, launch updates. Please try:
    1. synchronize Site
    2. modify > templates > update Pages...

    I totally forgot this menu item - it provide a usable workaround.

  • 15 - a003sa from Compaq: compaq 15-a003sa


    I have a compaq 15-a003sa lappy, that has a motherboard model: hewlett packard 2190, processor: intel celeron 2810 n.

    I found slow, so I want to change my processor, but I could not find information about the processors supported on this motherboard.

    Can someone help me with this info?

    Yes. Happy to help but not sure you will be satisfied with the answer. Here is the Service Manual:


    Look at page 4. You have a model in Trail Bay which is a new type of low power processor family, which is the successor of the atom for netbooks a few years back. They use little energy and can be cooled passively. No need for a fan. They also tend to have less processing power, even though they are not nearly as wimpy as the atoms are.

    But also look at pages 28-29. There are many different motherboards (system boards) because each of them includes the processor. This means that the CPU is soldered to the. In practical terms, the only way to upgrade is to replace the card of the entire system. This seems ok until you start at this price. A card system origin of chains of parts will cost about new half to 80% of the cost of the laptop because of the economy of different distribution. Motherboards Pentium Bay Trail model like the N3520 to 2.4 ghz would be a big improvement on the Celeron, but that is not much say. It still wouldn't be a portable quick even with this upgrade.

    If you are interested in the Forum let us know.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Weighted average end days: how the sum in different currencies?


    I have to introduce a new column named "averages weighted days late" in one of the models.

    It was easily handled by the code in the Oracle report: Aging Ar: calculated as <? If: SUM_PAYMENT < = 0? > 0 <? end if? > <? If: SUM_PAYMENT > 0? > <? SUM_W_DAYS_LATE div SUM_PAYMENT? > <? end if? > UX f

    The customer wants that this weighted means against the different currencies for a single client: How do I implement that?

    Example: Client A - average weighted days late:-16-20 in USD and EUR. = > report displays only the first currency - in this case EUR = >-16 (which is not what is expected)

    Logic: I need to run (-16) +(-20)/2. The logic is simple. However, where should I create this change? Also, this change must be connected to the period during which the report is run for / just for the money? I guess it's related at the same time.

    Thanks in advance

    and then divide it by the number of transactions.

    That's your logic? If yes then ok

    I don't know full logic

    And this must be done in the sql used in the xml file, I guess. Is there an easier option to calculate the end of days average weighted by a modification of the model code? Curious.

    If you already have some fares in the xml file to recalculate, then you can do so by model

    If you do not have the rate, then you can add it to xml format and then calculate by model

    or you can calculate in sql (as an example of data model) and then only show models

    How will be used it is your decision

  • Weird button IRR colours in Internet Explorer (only!)

    When we go to a dialogue window 'Action' of an interactive report region, the colors of the button, for example, Apply, Cancel etc are dark blue with brown writing in IE only we've tested with IE 8 and 9.

    This does not work in FF, Chrome or Safari.

    Someone else has encountered this and anyone know of a fix. We're doing demonstrations this week and; It is not only aesthetic, the color combination is actually very difficult to read.

    (Yes, I, too, wish IE would ever removed from the memory of the man)

    Thank you and hoping that,.



    Ironically, a combination of IE and Jive ate a long answer, as I did a few hours ago, and I wasn't able to post again at this time here.

    Joe Upshaw wrote:
    Sorry that this is more a matter of CSS and less of an issue of APEX.

    That's ok. I know more about many aspects of CSS that make about some of the APEX!

    We have a style sheet CSS who we are, including in the context of the application (via a modification of the model).

    When you say that mean you this style sheet replaces the default theme of the APEX CSS or to be applied later in the cascade to increase/override the theme?

    However, we have no conditional* CSS formatting. I'm not sure of the syntax. I know that I could stick the

    /* Older IE & IE8/9/10 */
    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(GradientType=0, startColorstr='#eee', endColorstr='#ddd');
    /* IE8/9/10 */
    -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#eee', endColorstr='#ddd')";
    /* Older Safari & Chrome */
    background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, 50% 0%, 50% 100%, color-stop(0%, #EEE), color-stop(100%, #DDD));
    /* Safari & Chrome */
    background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #EEE,#DDD);
    /* Older Firefox */
    background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #EEE,#DDD);
    /* Firefox 16 & IE10 */
    background-image: linear-gradient(top, #EEE,#DDD);
  • Problem of Flash movie

    I have a model .dwt including a Flash animation. Related to the newly created model htm files display a video in the browser. The registration of any kind of modification to the model results on-screen movie file is no longer.

    My problem is solved by removing the security content active browser scripts inserted by Dreamweaver.

    This is acceptable given that employment insurance is no longer blocking active content to launch.

  • modification of data cm14 models: badges (logos) conditional

    So the end of the game is that on the existing forms of cm14 we will need to insert conditional badges. I've seen some articles on how to do this with a new shape with the Word add, which seems to be another question, I'm going to.

    The solution I thought of is:

    1. create a field (or table) within the existing proj db

    2 edit model of data to include the url field in dataset (DM_DAI01a) renamed it

    3. change the sample data to populate the new field

    4 Insert the image using an attribute of field (text field inserted to show the value after that I was running into issues, also)

    5. overview with sample data and get the result I'm looking for

    6. save the model and raise it in cm14 when hit print or print preview (daily logs of reports). no url is in the text field, or that the image is not visible (white space)


    1. If I create a separate I dataset and join them I get an error when I go to preview before printing.

    2. If I take the dataset sql and run the query on the ms sql database, I get back, I expect.

    Don't know if I am missing a step or what, but any which way on editing of existing data models CM14 I think would be useful

    Just in case someone comes all this. It is, in my opinion, the best way to have conditional badges for each workstation without a lot of rework whenever you have a new project/job

    create custom fields for a logo/badge url (make sure you have enough characters) - cm ui

    Update field in each proj on the custom fields tab (should be a url) - cm ui

    update of the data (except with regard to trials) model - bi

    update the sample data with the new field - bi

    Open the form (except with regard to trials) - bi

    Insert the image using field, which will be the url (custom field). -bi

    Save the form - bi

    test - cm ui

  • Web ADI - Modification of the standard model FA additions problem

    Dear gurus,

    We are on Oracle EBS DB 10g on Oracle Enterprise Linux BOX 5.8...

    I changed the custom template to Addition of FA... Here's what I need and what I did...

    1. I have excluded from the scope of the mandatory clearing of the model account.
    2. I activated 1 attribute attribute 6 columns for display.
    3. permit to these fields for mapping as well.
    4. has created a new model.

    All I did is by adjusting the back-end information.


    I get the attributes in the layout creation page there I can select to show on the journal lines web adi spread
    but when I create the document attribute columns does not appear in the worksheet.

    I bounced the machine after making the changes has yet no results.

    Technical changes I did to achieve this:

    update of bne_interface_cols_b x
    Set x.DISPLAY_FLAG = 'Y '.
    where x.INTERFACE_COL_NAME in ('Attribut1', 'Attribut2', 'Attribut3', 'ATTRIBUTE4', 'ATTRIBUTE5', 'ATTRIBUTE6')

    update of bne_interface_cols_b x
    where x.INTERFACE_COL_NAME in ('Attribut1', 'Attribut2', 'Attribut3', 'ATTRIBUTE4', 'ATTRIBUTE5', 'ATTRIBUTE6')

    Please let me know what I need to do to make it visible.

    Kind regards

    Natacha Melchiade

    Thank you Leo your answer was really helpful.
    Here's what I did,

    Update bne_interface_cols_b
    Set val_type = null, GroupName = null
    where application_id = 140
    and interface_code = 'FA_MASS_ADD_INTERFACE. '
    and interface_col_name ('Attribut2', 'ATTRIBUTE4', 'ATTRIBUTE5', 'ATTRIBUTE6', 'ATTRIBUTE7')

    Walla it's show in web adi. I am able to download the data...

    but I am facing a new type of problem... When I transfer data using pre post
    data are downloaded, but I get this warning

    No descriptive to validate flexfield concatenated value.

    How to get rid of him?

    Kind regards

  • modification of models pdf

    I have several PDF files of present I have to update the copyright information on as well as adding the logo of our company updated. I only have the PDF files, none of the original source (Word or InDesign) files. Ideally I'd just be able to run a batch process to flush the headers/footers and add in one our new model

    Instead of the culture, it would be preferable to write the outdated content. You can then use add new content by adding a background. This means that the copyright info and logo are in the same places on each page or in each document. This can be done via the script in a batch process.

    To redact, an annotation of writing using the doc.addAnnot method:

    and apply using the doc.applyRedactions method:

    To add a background, you would use the doc.addWatermarkFromFile method:

  • OGG for java: how to use the token in a velocity model

    Hello community,

    I need help to solve my problem.

    I have an extraction process that extract data from a table only on the insert.

    I want to insert this information in a jms queue. but I need more information to reproduce, so I use sqlexec and tojken to store the information in the file exttrail.

    I use an extract data pump to read data from the exttrail file and place it in a jms queue using a velocity template.

    My question is: how to read "user fees" in a model of speed?

    Thanks in advance for your help



    Following extracted files and model speed







    TABLE "dbo." " HISTO_STATUT_WKF_MSG', COLSEXCEPT (_Timestamp),
    SQLEXEC (ID performance(1), QUERY "select CrMsgId, OrdrReleaseDtTm from cmc, HISTO_STATUT_WKF_MSG hswm CORE_MSG_COMPL where hswm.") IdHistoStatutWkfMsg =? and cmc. CrMsgId = hswm. IdMsg and IdTypeWkf = 3 and IdStatutWkf = 1 ", &
    PARAMS (p1 = IdHistoStatutWkfMsg)), and
    CHIPS (ORDRRELEASEDT = @GETVAL (performance(1). OrdrReleaseDtTm), CRMSGID = @GETVAL (performance(1). CrMsgId)));


    PFR2RJMS :


    SETENV (GGS_USEREXIT_CONF = "dirprm/")





    GET_USER_TOKEN_VALUE (OrdrReleaseDtTm, 8);



    Velocity model :

    # (This is a comment) if in "operating mode, then you can remove the outer loop,
    # and have only a 'foreach' iterate over the columns in the operation.
    < numOps transaction =' ${tx. Size}' ts =' ${tx. Timestamp} ">"
    #foreach ($op in $tx)
    < action type = "${op.» SqlType}"table =" ${op. " TableName} ">"
    #foreach ($col in the $op)
    < column name = "${col." OriginalName}"index =" ${col. " Index}", isKey =" ${col.meta.keyCol} ">
    < after >$ {col. AfterValue} < / after >
    < / column >
    < / operation >
    < / transaction >

    jmbien wrote:


    I have an extraction process that extract data from a table only on the insert.

    I want to insert this information in a jms queue. but I need more information to reproduce, so I use sqlexec and tojken to store the information in the file exttrail.


    My question is: how to read "user fees" in a model of speed?



    TABLE "dbo." " HISTO_STATUT_WKF_MSG', COLSEXCEPT (_Timestamp),

    SQLEXEC (ID performance(1), QUERY "select CrMsgId, OrdrReleaseDtTm from cmc, HISTO_STATUT_WKF_MSG hswm CORE_MSG_COMPL where hswm.") IdHistoStatutWkfMsg =? and cmc. CrMsgId = hswm. IdMsg and IdTypeWkf = 3 and IdStatutWkf = 1 ", &
    PARAMS (p1 = IdHistoStatutWkfMsg)), &
    CHIPS (ORDRRELEASEDT = @GETVAL (performance(1). OrdrReleaseDtTm), CRMSGID = @GETVAL (performance(1). CrMsgId)));





    SETENV (GGS_USEREXIT_CONF = "dirprm/")





    GET_USER_TOKEN_VALUE (OrdrReleaseDtTm, 8);



    Velocity model:

    #foreach ($op in $tx)
    #foreach ($col in the $op)
        ${col. AfterValue}



    In the excerpt from the source, you have two chips, ORDRRELEASEDT, and CRMSGID.  On each operation on the dbo. HISTO_STATUT_WKF_MSG, these chips will be defined.  (Other tables will not have these value tokens.) To use the chips in the model, use $op.getToken ("ORDRRELEASEDT") and $op.getToken ("CRMSGID"). Similarly for the "getenv" values defined by GG, $op.getEnv ("GGENVIRONMENT", "GROUPNAME")

    In both cases, you can first check if the value is set, ${op.isEnvSet ("GGENVIRONMENT", "the GROUPDESCRIPTION")}, or ${op.getToken("ORDRRELEASEDT").isSet ()}; for example,.

          token value: (is set? '${op.getToken("MY_TOKEN").isSet()}'): MY_TOKEN= #{if}($op.getToken("MY_TOKEN").isSet()) '$op.getToken("MY_TOKEN")' #{else} (not set) #{end}

    There is one caveat, however: process GoldenGate trail of data as a continuous stream, a single operation (insert, update, delete) at the same time. The only way that the GG Java adapter can "loop" on the operations in a transaction is by buffering all memory operations and then loop over them at the end (Alternatively, you can write a formatter Java custom which formats the data happens, each operation individually, and not stamp anything; but that cannot be done in speed (, assuming that you do not want to set txn as a msg JMS, rather than individual operations, sent as JMS messages.)

    In general, there are two ways to format data trail in JMS messages: an operation per message, or of a message transaction.  Using a txn/msg may seem simple, but imagine if you have a few jobs in bulk on the DB which transforms 100 millions of rows in a table in a single txn; Then, your message JMS maybe 100 MB (or several GB) in size (there is no way to know in advance). The GG JMS client might be able to send the msg (given enough memory), but it will probably lower the JMS server, or JMS clients consume the (huge) message.

    But back to what tokens: If you loop on operations in memory swabbed and make a call to "getEnv" or "getToken", these are in fact reminders of NYI "extract" and will retrieve the value of getenv/token for the current operation - that is to say, the last operation as part of the operation - which is probably not what you want.  The solution is to format each operation individually - you can do this automatically using Velocity templates if sending a msg by operation; otherwise, you will need to write a custom Java trainer that formats the message that each operation is received (not at the end of the tx), and you can still run the WAD Manager "tx" mode (i.e., sending a tx by msg) If you want.

    Other smaller points:

    • If you use GG 11.2 adapter, then you need not of the «setenv (...)» Properties); If you extracted 'foo', while it loads of '' from the directory dirprm automatically.
    • GET_USER_TOKEN_VALUE is not used in the file of the prm. It's a value C user-output API callback (i.e., only used if C user-output (in C) coding).  (I'm surprised that the prm file that allows here.)
    • You can delete the 'getInserts' and 'ignoreInserts', because even once which is not used in this case.  Changes/insertions/deletions are always "obtained".
    • You may need to spend in all inserts/modifications/deletions (including 'before' values) to exit user Java so that the limits of tx be properly processed; This was necessary before 11.2 Java adapter, and IIR there is a bug that prevented these filters work as expected in earlier versions of 11.2.  Alternatively, you can write filters in Java, by adding them to the file property: gg.handler.my_handler.filter = com.example.custom.MyEventFilter (where MyEventFilter implements com.goldengate.atg.datasource.DsEventFilter)

    It will be useful,


  • change the model fades into the track edit window

    Let me repost with corrected language

    I opened to the top of track editing window for a track of the model. (audio) I can see in the editing window track fades, but when I try to edit them in any way it does not work.  Logic does strange things at this stage. For example when trying to remove a fade, it deleted all the fades in the editing window track, but they still showed in the way of the model. I can edit the fades on the trail of the comp itself but even if I use the gradient tool, I can not change, delete, fade in the window track editingetc.  It is with the button change the runway model turned on and off.  I hate to say this again, but I watched a video online where the fades were easily edited inside the editing window track, but I have tried everything I can think... any ideas?

    I finally understand what you mean and I do not know the answer and look like a bug. I asked this question on another forum to see if others know why this is happening. Very strange...

    I made a sample video and will provide to Apple if verified as does not not as expected.

    Thank you for your patience to explain this...

    Look at the fading in the arrange window as I "try" edit the fades in the track editor. After selecting the header, you should see all the (colorized) model in the editor of track (not if you select the region, but if you select the header) - and you do not have...  Hmmmmmmm...

  • Motherboard model H535 failure - the type of machine and the serial number invalid after replacement

    Does anyone know how to set the new Type of Machine and the serial number after a motherboard for a replacement model H535?

    The motherboard has recently failed on my model H535 (7 months after the expiration of the warranty - thanks, Lenovo). No local garage would agree to replace due to its nature of owners (thanks, Lenovo). I spent about four hours on the phone being bounced into back-and-forth between the many support staff (usually combined) Lenovo in sales, technical support, support of parts of IBM and various other departments (thanks, Lenovo), which one has suggested that I might have to try to find a motherboard on Ebay or Amazon for my computer in less-than-2-year-old. However, I finally get to someone at Lenovo, which has been able to sell a motherboard - for 2/3 of the cost of the original computer.

    Now, I installed the motherboard, and it works. However, during each boot, I get a POST with two beeps error which reads as follows:

    00CE error: Machine Type and serial number is INVALID

    Start of manufacturing sequence is taken if no selection is made

    I presume that the BIOS on the new motherboard must be programmed with the right Type of Machine and the serial number of my computer. I've read various things on the Internet about what to do, as updating the BIOS (I can not even find a BIOS under "downloads" of support for the H535 - thanks, Lenovo model), using WinPhlash (I apparently need one kind of BIOS ROM file to make it work, I don't have), getting a Lenovo hardware maintenance disk for my model (which apparently isn't available for other special people only me - thanks Lenovo), etc.

    The waiting time for Lenovo support are ridiculously long, and almost every customer support person is ridiculously uninformed on the difference between one of their computer models, and even less their motherboards (thanks, Lenovo). I am amazed and extremely frustrated. It shouldn't be rocket science.

    On a side note, I initially bought the computer from Staples with a credit card with extended warranty protection, which means I can get a refund for repair. Although the motherboard came with a packing list, no Bill has been provided by Lenovo, and I couldn't make them send one - or maybe even with success to explain what a Bill is (thanks, Lenovo).

    Well, Lenovo support was useless, and any alleged authorized suppliers were in fact still suppliers or could help with my problem. But I was finally able to fix it myself. Once I found the right piece of software, it has been fixed in less than a minute.

    My BIOS is by American Megatrends, and I discovered that they have a set of utilities that includes a called AMIDEDOS. It is intended for manufacturers to be able to change the strings of text stored in the BIOS for things like the manufacturer, product name, Version, number series, UUID, SKU number, family, etc., that is what I had to do. It is not intended for use by consumers, but it's there.

    When I ran the "DMIEdit.exe" program AMIDEDOS (clicked and ran as administrator from 10 Windows) and click on "System information" from the list, I saw "Product Name | STRING | Invalid' and ' serial number | STRING | NOT VALID ". The other fields appeared to have valid entries. I double-clicked on the fields valid and changed their "H535 model" and the serial number of my computer, respectively and then clicked on "Update all" at the top.

    Much to my surprise, he reported that he had successfully registered the new information. And, perhaps even more surprising is the fact that, when I rebooted, the double beep and the warning about the type of computer not valid and serial number have disappeared. In addition, the BIOS showed I had entered the new values, and the 'Manufacturing Boot Sequence' option (I understand can be much slower than a normal boot) had disappeared.

    Again, I'm a little surprised simple it was actually solve the problem once I got the correct software, or Lenovo part nor American Megatrends apparently offers to the owners, and it took hours and hours of research and research to understand. Use this information at your own risk, however, as playing with BIOS apparently can lead to problems not easily solved. That said, the modification of these text strings seems relatively safe.

    I will mention that I also ended up changing the method of "LEGACY" to "UEFI" boot in the BIOS after noticing that the selection.

  • Pavilion x 2 (2015) Trail of cherry


    I have a question about the Pavilion 2015 x 2. Initially, it was announced to use a new generation Trail Cherry pocessor, but currently ships with a trail of Bay one.

    Are there plans in the future to upgrade the tablet to use one of the processors of Intel 14nm?

    Thank you


    Well, I got sorta answers from different sources.

    The x 2 was indeed provided with a processor Atom x 7, but it is delayed by the manufacturer (not only for this model and not just for HP). There could be a CPU upgrade later this year. (fingers crossed)

    The SSD is MEM type, so it is integrated on the motherboard, no upgrade possible.

    The current Trail CPU Bay supports up to 2 GB of RAM, no luck here either.

  • Permission to use a model to iMovie?

    I need permission for a model of trailer I'm participating in a contest? I did a trailer using a model of iMovie, and I would like to enter in said trailer a short film contest. Of course there is a laundry list of "dos", "do not do", "cans" and "cannots" so, I would like to know if I have the right to submit the said trailer.

    Howdy lsjr,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple.

    I see that you are concerned about using a model of iMovie with a project that you enter into a contest.  The exact terms for the use of the content and digital documents in iMovie is quoted below:

    F. content and digital documents. Title and rights of intellectual property on the content displayed or available through the Apple software belong to the respective content owner. Such content may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties, and may be subject to conditions of use of the third party providing such content. Except as otherwise provided in this license, (i) this license does not grant you any right to use this content, or guarantee that content will continue to be available, and (ii) you must use, extract or distribute, commercially or otherwise, individually, all photographs, images, graphics, illustrations, audio, video or similar assets ("digital documents") contained in, or provided in the context of , the Apple software or other use of digital documents outside the context of its use under the Apple software.

    The iMovie software license agreement

    For the sake of clarification, this license agreement is saying that you may not commercially distribute the model itself and distribute it as your own design.  However, since you do your own content to the template, you are free to distribute the project to your competition.

    I hope that this clears up for you.

    See you soon.

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  • I just downloaded the version 6.02 and clicked on "Save" in the box that is displayed. Is this right?

    Usually, there is an option "Run" for a new file. I didn't not see an and wonder if the new version will now run on my computer, or if I just saved to my save files. I am a real novice at this.

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  • 70 d with diffuser - press the Flash does nothing

    I used my diffuser on my old XSI years and when I went to try it on my new 70 d the camera Flash seems to disable. When it comes to install in the shoe, and I try to press the flash button, nothing happens. As soon as I remove the button works.

  • Multisim - use z_load

    Hello how do I use z_load my circuit, I appear in the database Here, does not seem componente select en I want to do the multisim That's what I Here is not displayed Thank you