Monitor screen upside down

All carrying my motorized mobile under my arm, I inadvertently you press a combination of keys that caused my screen to rotate 180 degrees. How can I reverse the screen.


Seems that you have accidentally changed the orientation of the screen. Fortunately, there's a handy shortcut for this problem.
Each of the different arrow keys directs the screen in a different direction when you press on in combination with the keys alt ctrl +.
Press ctrl & alt together (on the physical keyboard) keys while pressing the up arrow (ctrl + alt + arrow up) key.
Unlock all keys and your screen should now be correctly oriented.

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  • The screen upside down - why? How can I return it the right way up?

    My screen is upside down, no idea how it back to the right way to the top?

    Press Ctrl & Alt keys and use the arrows to rotate back.

    According to the graphics card on your computer, these can be alternatives.

    Right click on the desktop | Graphics options | Rotation.

    Right click on the desktop | Screen resolution | Orientation.

  • After droping the keyboard display on monitor is upside down. How can I change cela return

    Thin key board functions and the monitor did not.  Somehow the combination of right button on the key Board was struck as the wireless keyboard was expelled to the word of our 5 month old baby.  The display is now upside down, I was hoping someone might know how to fix this problem. At the age of 70 years it's hard to hang upside down to check my email.

    Press and hold the Ctrl + Alt keys and use the arrows to rotate back.

  • Computer laptop screen upside down!


    I have a laptop that is running Windows 7. When I turn on my laptop, the screen is upside down. I tried to do ctrl + alt + arrow key upwards and the other arrow keys, but it doesn´t work, it seems to be stuck.

    Can someone please tell me how I can resolve this issue!

    Very frustrating!

    It works for Vista:

    Right click on the empty desk > graphics > Rotation.


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    You are in the Vista Forums.

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    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • You can activate the monitor source upside down?

    We shoot a lot to the gimbal. Upright, you have images upside down. Our eyes and brain are crazy. Is it possible to pass the images in the monitor source of upside down to normal?

    Use the master Clip (vertical flip and horizontal flip).

    Adobe Premiere Pro help. Master Clip effects

  • The screen upside - down Satellite A110

    I bought a Satellite A110-159 and I am very happy with it so far, but happened Friday last something weird. After coming out of hibernation, my laptopscreen was backwards. I could have pressed some keys before that happened, but if so, I so unconsiously made I do not remember. Could you please help me in this problem because it is not ideal to work on it;).

    You certainly pressed accidentally a few keys that would change the position of the screen of laptop computers.

    The combination of keys depends on the graphics card that is installed in the laptop.
    It seems that the Satellite A110-159 has been delivered with the Intel GPU.

    In this case, you should check if you can change the screen using the combination like CTRL + ALT and upward or to the LEFT or DOWN or RIGHT

    Usually the display position can also be changed in the properties of the graphics card-> some where in the settings advanced

  • HP ENVY Smart Touch screen upside down

    Somehow, I hit a few buttons and now my screen on my laptop is backwards. How to switch this back?

    Will, achieve, welcome to the forum.

    You have to press on and hold down Ctrl + Alt while you press the arrow pointing upwards.  This should toggle your screen to the correct orientation.

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  • Computer screen upside down

    My cat was walking on my keyboard, and the next thing I knew that the screen on my desk was backwards.

    I tried CTRL + ALT + top/down arrow, but it does not work.

    I need to use my office as soon as possible so please help!

    PS: my desktop computer runs on Windows 7

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 23:56:22 + 0000, HaliPalmer wrote:

    My cat was walking on my keyboard, and the next thing I knew that the screen on my desk was backwards.

    I tried CTRL + ALT + top/down arrow, but it does not work.

    Try Ctrl-Alt and either the left or right arrow pressed twice.

  • Satellite Pro A120 - screen upside down

    Hi all I have a toshiba satellite pro A120 and my son took his hand on the keyboard and now the screen flipped over any ideas on what I can do thank you very much...

    Go to the graphics card-> of advanced-> ATI catalyst properties
    Select the quick settings, then the display Configuration tab and rotate the image of the office.

    There should also be a key combination which allows rotation, but it is not known to me

  • My cat turned my screen upside down, please help me!

    It is really difficult to provide details on backwards and even more difficult to read the answers.  I really understand with people with disabilities now!


    Right-click on an empty area of the desktop - graphics Options - Rotation

    CTRL + ALT + arrow key it also runs.

    CTRL + Alt + (up arrow), Ctrl + Alt + arrow (pointing down), Ctrl + Alt + arrow (left) and also Ctrl + Alt + arrow (right)

    I hope this helps.

  • opening screen upside down how do I reverse the trend?

    Turn on & desktop page backwards

    Turn on & desktop page backwards

    With the help of advanced controls for your video card software.
    Try Ctrl + Alt + down arrow.

  • Taskbar & screen upside down

    Some how my taskbar and my screen is stuck in reverse... very boring and I just can't think how get that back to normal... any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you =)

    Try pressing Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys pointing UPWARDS.

    Or a combination of keys Ctrl + Alt + each of the other arrow keys.

    Cheers. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Screen upside down

    Control Alt/directional keys did not help.  What can I do next?  Please email me with suggestions.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Try to right click on the desktop, select Graphics Options | Rotation | Normal

  • How do I trouble a photo upside down and find the task bars and their tools that were on to the top of my screen of brothers?

    Hello world
    I put a book on the top of my keyboard brothers and many of the keys were pressed. Now the image on my monitor is upside down, and if I want to use the tools at the top of the screen, I have to do my cursor touching the top of the screen.
    How can I fix these things so that they return to normal?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Nathan Danker

    Ctrl + alt key plus normal screen

    Or just ctrl + arrow, if she do the ctrl-alt-top

    Ctrl + alt + right key = screen rotated 90 ° to the right
    Ctrl + alt keydown plus screen rotated 180 degrees (upside down)
    Ctrl + alt + left button = screen rotated 90 ° to the left


  • a bunch of records fell on my keyboard and the screen is now upside down

    I dropped a number of files on my keyboard and all of a sudden the screen turned upside down... help... I have to turn the screen upside down, so I can continue to work!

    On Friday, February 10, 2012 18:10:25 + 0000, Henry Stiksma says:

    I dropped a number of files on my keyboard and all of a sudden the screen turned upside down... help... I have to turn the screen upside down, so I can continue to work!

    The ability to rotate the screen image is a characteristic of your video
    card, to help work with instructors who turn to the portrait
    orientation. Almost certainly, Ctrl-Alt and some arrow was hit.
    Rotate using these keys.
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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