Monitoring of the Access Point

Dear all,

I have WCS and WLC with 90 LWAP Access Points. I joined the WCS and WLC and I am able to see all the LWAP in the GUI of WCS.

The requirement is, when ever some LWAPs are down, I want to get an alert somehow to report it. Now, without knowing how to do it, I just saw the total quantity and if some LWAP is off, I find it difficult to find one that is broken.

Can you please suggest me the appropriate method to get the solution


Hello rbk,.

for simplicity, you can try to change the name of the access point to their specific locations. draw the map of the ap. Once they are in offline mode you will immediately see that ap is declining and where they are, first of all by the names of ap, then by their current location.

It's better to do before setting the each AP. but still feasible if the AP is already set. you will have more work, however.

have your floor plan ready with the exact locations of the AP. Note the mac address you set the AP once the ap registers with the controller, you can match with the floor plan and change the name of the access through its exact location point. example Bldg1-GF-AP01-lobby, Bldg1-GF-AP02-Hall, Bldg1-1F-AP01-reception... etc...

import map in the WCS and assign the accordngly to the ap.

You'll know exactly which ap is turned off and where exactly.

hope this helps!

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    Since I bought a modem Arris 228 G and spent my 2 wireless, printers Canon WIFI unable to connect at Optimum!

    Canon said to contact my router creator (Apple Airport Extreme) for the name of the access point get return wireless, WI - FI printers.

    Help, please.


    (Mac Pro 10.6.8)

    The name of the access point is simply the name of the wireless network that provides AirPort Extreme.

    You can see the name of your wireless network by clicking on the WiFi icon at the top of the screen of your Mac and by checking that the name appears.

    There will be a check mark next to your wireless network name.. which is also known as a wireless access point.

    It would be the same name that you had before... unless you have changed some settings on the AirPort Extreme.

  • Cannot associate the Access Point

    I just bought a WUSB54GSC wireless adapter and try to connect to my wireless router, a WRT54GS2, but it gives me a message saying "can't associate with the Access Point.  I tried several times and tried to reconfigure the WEP key, just in case I screwed up somehow and get this message.  I tried the network unsecured neighbor (signal low, of course) and he gave me the same, too.

    What I know:

    (1) the problem is not with any part of my network, either from my lines (DSL), (ADSL) modem or a router, because I use a wired network right now with no problems and several other devices in my house with built-in WiFi to connect wireless to the same router with the Setup even very well.

    (2) the problem is not that I messed up the WEP key.  I rechecked it multiplies and even went to the router via an Ethernet cable to check what I entered compared to what he shows me, and they have a perfect match.  In addition, as previously stated, various WiFi compatible devices in my house using the same WEP key to connect properly.

    So, I don't understand why I can't connect what either.

    First go to device manage and check if the adapter is installed correctly or not... ? If it is installed correctly then, right-click on the utility of linksys (green square) on the toolbar and click on 'Use Windows to configure' and click on 'yes '...

    Now, if you have Windows XP... Click Start and goto the control panel and double-click on network connections, right click wireless network connection and click View available wireless networks and select your wireless network and click on connect... Now, it will give you the opportunity to put the network/wep key, make sure that you enter the correct network key and confirm... It will connect...

    If you have Windows Vista... Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > click on connect to a network, select your wireless network and click on connect, it should ask for your key/password network, enter the network and password correct key and click on connect... It needs to connect... Once you're connected, you must restart the computer, it needs to connect to the Internet...

    Also try to change the wireless channel of the router to 11-2, 462 GHz and then try again...

  • Mobile data does not and the name of the Access Point settings are not available

    I don't have a mobile data, not even the small up and down arrows or letters beside the sims signal bars appear.

    I tried all the troubleshooting settings and different type of network, the airplane mode is off, mobile data are no limit, no power save modes are on. Phone is dual sim so I tried on the two sims and tried to disable the other sim and changing the sim slots, both sims are loaded with a credit of data that works in other android devices. WiFi works fine. Factory reset does not help.

    There is that one thing that I can't not try troubleshooting. When I select settings > more > mobile networks > access point names, it says

    "Access Point name settings are not available for this user.

    Maybe if I could put APN I could get mobile data. How can I do or how I can try to get mobile data to work?

    Phone's Xperia M4 Aqua E2363 with build 26.1.B.2.102 thanks if you can help

    This text is a bit misleading, which is something that I have forwarded internally as your comments.

    If you have no NPP stored the phone displays the text "the name of the Access Point settings are not available for this user" even if you use the owner account and have access to the settings.

    Try to download the automatic settings from settings-> more-> Internet settings and see if that helps.

  • Receiving the message "Wireless association failed because Windows did not receive response from the access point or wireless router" _

    My laptop was working fine yesterday, but when I started it today I get the message "Wireless association failed because Windows did not receive response from the access point or wireless router.

    I can see my network and I can connect to the internet using my desktop pc, but just to make complicated I can't even connect to the network when I plug the ethernet cable into my laptop.

    I think it might be a driver problem, but I have no idea how to solve this problem without access to the internet on my laptop.

    I'm running Vista and my wireless router is an Atheros AR5009 809.11a/g/n

    I need step by step instructions on this Yes please treat me like a fool!

    Thank you

    Laptop would not work at home thus concluded that it was a BT Broadband do not issue my driver (despite BT telling me the opposite last night)

    After the call to a fantastic Lady in BT it's all fixed and thanks to Jack I now know a lot more on connecting wireless to my laptop!

  • Could you let me know on 3850 catalyst to connect to the access point status?

    Dear experts,

    The 3850 catalyst to connect the Access Point.
    I checked the OCC, but I don't know to connect the access point directly or indirectly...
    Is that it must connect the Access Point to the 3850 catalyst directly?

    Could you let me know on 3850 catalyst to connect to the access point status?
    I want to know the ORC page on this subject.
    Best regards


    See below

    Q. does the Cisco Catalyst 3850 in charge of indirectly connected access points?
    A. No. switch Cisco Catalyst 3850 will always take the CAPWAP tunnel locally. Pass-through or indirectly connected access point mode is not supported at this time. Note that a model SFP Cisco Catalyst 3850-12 or 24 channels can be a good choice to act as controller of mobility for a stack of switches Cisco Catalyst 3850 ending CAPWAP tunnels locally.
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  • C4780 wireless printer cannot find the access point

    I have c4780 wireless printer.  It will print fine using the usb connection, but has never printed wireless.

    PC operating system is Windows Vista.  Wireless router is the linksys WRT54G.  The printer does not see the access point.  The security mode of the router is WPA Personal.  I have a unique SSID.  ISP is Timewarner Roadrunner.

    How do I get this to a wireless connection?

    Try this firmware update.

    In addition, sweat you are broadcasting your SSID and not using MAC filtering.

  • Updating of the access points in the environment, the models?

    I'm going slow in the environment by replacing the access points 80 AIR-1252.  I decided to replace our 1142 s at the same time so that the environment is up to date.  I was curious what the replacement recommended for these access points.  I see Cisco recommends the 1262 in lieu of the 1252.

    I work for an oil and gas company with locations across the country.  We use two 5508 s with Flex Connect runs the last code 7.3 7.4 into account in the next 6 months.  Our sites are a mixture of office space with warehouse or other environments difficult. I think 2602 s to replace the 1142 s and 1252 s mounted in offices, and I'm leading 1242 s to replace the 1252 s mounted in our warehouse/truck Bay environments.

    Well the 1262 did replace the 1252, but then Cisco came out with the 3502e and the 3602e.  Then maybe you should look at is using the 2602i in the office areas and maybe the 2602e in the area rugged or even look at the 3502e/3602e.  This way, you have all the AP that can sustain CleanAir.

    Thank you


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  • How to set up the access point 1602 I just bought

    Hello world

    Hope you can help. I just bought an AIR-SAP1602I-A-K9 with an internet provider. With her, I also bought a power injector. I tried to use it as a standalone AP. It does not come with any instruction, and I'm not good at Wifi config. I hope you can help... My requirement of adjustment is very simple:

    -Create and broadcast the SSID called MYCSL

    N ' not no authentication or encryption. (is this open authentication?... so that people just plug the SSID as the user can start to cruise internet without putting in any key.)

    -The access point does not have a static ip assigned, instead, he gets an IP from one of my dhcp server in the network.

    -How to connect my laptop to configure via web http?

    Can you tell me what should be configured? Although it is a new product from a legitimate retailer... Cisco said that they could not support it without any contract of Starnet... as a consumer... they should give the kind of grace period to support the new products... In any case, hope you can help me out here :)

    I thank very you much for your help in advance.

    Takami Chiro

    Hi Takami,

    Take a look at one of the previous announcement. I would be more similar. Hope this will help you keep started. If you are the kind of things anywhere you please come back the Forum and someone will be able to help you.

    Hope that helps.



  • Error message 'Please select the access point or wireless router to set up' when you set up a network

    Original title: set up a network.

    I want to create a wireless network for the games, and when I click on the network. A screen comes written on this "Choose the access point or wireless router to set up" and that "it might take 90 s for devices reconfigured to appear on your computer.

    But no device never appears below it, even after 90 minutes.
    Please help me with this.
    It was so easy in windows 7.

    Hi Manas,

    What is the brand and model of the Wireless Router/Access Point?

    Given that the issue has not persisted in Windows 7, there is a chance that the wireless router/Access Point is not compatible with Windows 8.

    Please check the links below on the implementation of a network.

    Answer please if you have any questions.

  • Tunnel traffic through the Access Point

    I "tunnelenabled" in the parameters of Access Points of JSON: true;

    And on the Access Point associated connection servers config guide recommends not allowing the tunneling.

    The end result is that the traffic is going through the Access Point and not crossing does not connect to the server. The client wants to keep the absolute minimum for the ports open between the objects, so I want to tunnel traffic from the Access Points through the connection to the server, and then click the virtual and physical machines internal who installed the agent to view. Even when I check the options of tunnel on the login server it always appears as if traffic is bypassing the broker for the connections and go straight to the agents.

    What the configuration change that I do have all the traffic goes through the access points and associated connection servers?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion-


    After a lot of trial and error reduced us to certificates that we created for Access Points. HTML5 Blast Bridge did not have other names of the object in the cert. Once we gave them a cert that had the URL and not the SAN (subject alternative names) with the real access Point server names that Blast started working again.

  • Launch of Lightroom 6 is not. error: "can't find the access point of the procedure _crtCreateSymbolicLinkW in the MSVCR110.dll dynamic link library.

    It says: "cannot find the access point of the procedure _crtCreateSymbolicLinkW in the MSVCR110.dll dynamic link library. What can I do? I have already uninstall and then reinstall the software...

    It is indeed a microsoft problem, check here:error "did not find the entry point _crtCreateSymbolicLinkW - Microsoft Community .

  • PIXMA mx350 is unable to find the access point

    My printer won't find any long my access point. You can find that everyone in the building, just not mine. I tried to kick it. Still no luck. My network is fine. My computer is connected properly. It was working fine and then it all came down.

    Hi again katandmouse,

    So we can help you, please answer with what operating system you have on your computer (Windows or Mac OS X version).

    For immedate assistance, please call 1-866-261-9362, Monday - Friday 10:00 - 10 pm et (excluding holidays) and a technical support representative Cannon will be happy to help you.  There is no charge for this call.

  • WAP 4400N cannot access the access point

    This problem just happened.  I am not able to access my wireless access point more.  I tried to access the web in my browser configuration as I have in the past, but I have no luck there.  I tried to reset it by pressing the button of reset for 10 to 30 seconds, and I have no luck with that.  What I noticed on the AP, it's that the ethernet light keeps going.  The only light that turns on my AP is the power and sometimes the ethernet light.  My AP is connected to my router that I am able to access the internet from all devices connected to the router except the AP.  I have a router (E2000), a WAP4400N and switch.  I want to keep my Wi - Fi separated from my business network.  I really need help because I can not get my WAP4400N want to work more.  Help, please!


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    Thank you!

  • Unable to find the access point or use any device to all wireless to connect to my BEFSR41 v4.0

    Hi well the problem seems to be that whenever I try to use any type of device and try to connect using a wireless connection to my router, I can't find an access point or no signal at all of it, but when you use a wired connection, it works perfectly. For example, I'm trying to connect my Wii to the internet via a wireless connection, but I can't find any access point so that it can connect to. So I went to my router configuration and I didn't know what to do to allow a shown access point or wireless to all activity. Theres no wireless tab or whatever it is to install, so I didn't allow remote administration, but still I could not find an access point. I don't know if im just made bad or I need an update of the firmware (mine is currently 1.04.02) or what else. If the help would be nice

    BEFSR41 isn't a wireless router... It is wired.

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