Monitoring of the channels/signalstrenght


At the moment I only use my WRT54GL Wireless Access.

How can I track the channels and signlastrengh?


N ° you can not do without a wireless card on a computer, unless you install 3rd party firmware on the WRT54GL which did a study on place and shows the signal strengths. You'd also have to put the two devices in ad - hoc mode for them to convey what the router can receive and measure. But I'm not 100% sure if he would show a normal site survey.

In addition, probably the measure in this direction won't give you an accurate view of the intensity of the signal to the camera or the printer. Allowing you to measure the intensity of the signal of these devices received the WRT54GL. The intensity of the signal to the receiver depends very much on the strength of the issuer and the gain of the antenna of the receiver. Now, this is of course not symmetrical: Although you receive a signal in one direction, but nothing in the opposite direction.

The only real way to measure the signal strength of the wireless access point is to use a wireless client that shows it to you. The access point itself will not be able to tell you that.

The intensity of the signal also will not tell you how fast and reliable you can transfer data through the wireless link.

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  • Basic question on the monitoring of the slopes

    WARNING: I am a logic pro x newbie.

    I've set up an audio track:

    No matter if the route of entry of surveillance is on or if it is enabled, the sound does not come out when the device is 'play' (i.e. I pressed the play button).

    I would like to sound out so that I can practice parts and hear against the main device.  (If I press file rather than play, his fate against the main arrangement.)

    I would also like to be able to record a track while another track is simply monitored. I use this during the recording of the complex vocal parts. I like to play the game with a hand on the piano while singing.

    I understand there are solutions by always using the button 'record' and then removing the tracks. But this seems like a simple enough features that I think that it is probably a better way.

    Thank you

    Monitoring of entry

    If you have an active Audio track only the follow-up entry button and not the record enable button, then you should hear the o of that Channel input Strip regardless you are in play or record Mode.

    If you have the record enable button, then the behavior depends on the key 'Auto input Monitoring '. If active (recording ➤ Auto monitoring of entry), then the entry is muted during the recording Mode.

    Play with keyboard

    About reading as well as MIDI, while recording audio, you're right, you need to create a workaround and because it is not possible "out of the box.  To play your MIDI keyboard, you must select a software Instrument track. If you have active recording an Audio track for recording, then this software Instrument track is also recorded in the recording Mode.

    Installation program:

    Here's a pretty simple tip to have a dedicated software tool Track/Channel Strip which is always "playable (it requires a bit of knowledge of the environment):

    • In the environment, go to the layer 'click & Port '.
    • Create software Instrument Channel Strip and assign it to 255 Inst.
    • Load a Plugin Instrument (i.e. piano) on this channel strip
    • Drag an extra cable from the existing output of the object of "Entry Notes" to that Channel Strip object
    • (Optional) You can create a button object to control the Mute button of this channel strip. You can put this button on a separate layer of environment, make it a floating window and place convenient anywhere on your screen. You can even assign a button on your external MIDI keyboard to control this button so that you can play it "along keyboard' on and outside.

    What you have done:

    • Any incoming MIDI signal is now sent "parallel" to this software Instrument Channel Strip (255).
    • If you have created a track for this channel strip, you can have displayed it in the mixer (or you select the button display the mixer 'All')
    • When you play your external MIDI keyboard, it will be routed to the Channel Strip and you can set the controls on that strip of Chanel
    • Whenever you need to hear this channel strip, just mute it.
    • Your external MIDI keyboard will still be routed to any selected track in the track area and its MIDI signals can be recorded as usual.

    For more information on all procedures to record/monitor in logic or learn how to use the little custom environment configuration check my textbooks of logic in my series graphically improved manuals : "Logic Pro X - how it works" and «Logic Pro X - détails»

    Hope that helps

    Edgar Rothermich -

    (Author of "Graphically improved manuals")

    "I could receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, my recommendation or link."

  • Parameters of the Channel Express airport


    I use an Airport Express station and has some pretty gnarly wifi interference.

    It is my second router, so am convinced that it is a problem of wifi interference. Our girls monitor is the culprit in our room, I think.

    We now use an Airport Express station.

    Should what channel settings I use, ideally, on a 1000 sq 2 floor townhouse to avoid interference?

    We use iPhones, MacBooks, and an apple tv.


    From the airport, default base stations, use an "auto" for the Wi - Fi radio channels setting. This means that he tries to find the 'best' channel to use when there is Wi-Fi interference present. However, as you may have lived, this doesn't always happen.

    Most likely, the interference is on the 2.4 GHz band. If you have a newer 802.11n AirPort Express, it can run on this fact and 5 GHz bands simultaneously. In the United States, the 2.4 GHz band has 1-11 available channels to use; However, the only ones that do not overlap are 1, 6, & 11.

    To determine what would be the best channel, you will need to know which channel or channels is causing interference. To do this, there are a number of applications that you can use on your MacBook Pro to discover.

    Here are some examples:

    Whether you use, you want to search for are other Wi - Fi networks in the region that have the strongest signal level and what channel they operate in. Then, you want to change the one you use at least 3 channels away. For example, if the culprit is operated on Channel 6, use channel 1 or 11.

  • Continuous monitoring of the mouse (USB) with fixed sampling rate (500 Hz)


    I'm quiet new to LabView and there are simple applications that I am still unconfortable with. I have to constantly monitors some analog channels to my DAQ and simultaneously to the value of X and Y of the mouse (USB). Signal acquisition of surveillance data are a simple procedure, but how to capture X and Y of the mouse as contibuous undulations sampled 500Hs (for example) so I can merge them to signal data acquisition? What is the synchronyzation of the signals of the acquisition of data and the extra-DAQ chanels created with data from the mouse?

    Thanks a lot for your help and your patience!


    Quick explanation:

    When I said "throw a timed loop around this" what I really wanted to throw a loop timed around "acquire input data.  I don't know how it applies to these screws (it certainly when you talk about material!), but generally when talking to a device we open/close only once and loop on the functions of acquisition/generate.


  • Session of the monitor on the chennel Port in Dell P6448


    I use Dell P6448 is my access switch with router on a stick architecture. There is a port-chennel between the dell switch and interfaces of the router LAN. Now my requirement is I want to sniff all traffic passes on this switch chennel port end and he mirrored to a free port. It is once I have set the source interface 1 moonitor session? It offers the possibility of physical interface only and port-chennel1 cannot be specified there. Secondly if we try the physical ports in the interface of the source of the session monitor command it gives an error that this port cannot be used as a source interface. I use Image.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Ashok Dhaktode

    There is a limitation of the port mirroring. A port channel cannot be the source of a mirror, which includes physical ports in the port channel. You will find that if you get rid of the channel of the port of the individual ports will be able to mirror.

  • Airport utility does not support my Airport - options to change the channel?

    I have an older Airport - extreme, I think, and the utility does not support.  I'm out of luck to change channel?  Time Warner said their modem did not support my newest Airport (? it's TWC) and now the internet keeps smoking at least once or twice a day.

    I suggest that you keep it simple.

    Your airport automatically analyze and choose the best channel to use when it lights up. So, if you have not done for some time, powering to the airport, wait a few seconds and then put it to the top.

    Even if you could change the channel... How would you know which channel to choose?

    Time Warner said that their modem did not support my most recent airport

    Time Warner will only support for a product they have received for you.  But this does not mean that a router from Apple will not work with their service. I've used Apple products for over 10 years with Time Warner.

  • Can I set up a secondary monitor to the HD on my iMac mid 2011

    Can I set up a secondary monitor to the HD on my iMac mid-2011 with no problems. I cannot afford to upgrade to the new iMac 27-inch and wanted to update my monitor.

    Is this possible on the Mid 2011 iMac?


    Your best option is to choose a good monitor that has Display Port or DVI input and shy away from those who only have HDMI and VGA input.

    For a display Port monitor you will need a Mini Display Port to Display Port cable if it is not provided with the monitor.

    For a DVI monitor you will need to a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter and a DVI cable.

  • Toshiba R100: External monitor as the primary display device


    I would like very much to have my 17 "external monitor (1280 x 1024) selected as main display device, unfortunately, the option is grayed out in the display settings.

    Moreover, I want to run 1280 x 1024 on the built-in-monitor and the external monitor and then turn off the built in monitor, but it does not seem possible either; the resolution changes again in 1024 x 768, when I try to turn the desktop on the external monitor.

    I've updated the display driver.

    I hope someone can help.

    Niels Grau


    AFAIK the Portege R100 has only 1024 * 768 under more resolution. It is therefore impossible to put the two monitors to 1280 * 1024. Sorry!

    Tried FN + F5 keys to change the output screen?

    Campino Bye

  • How can I change the channel of update?

    I want to return to the channel updates; currently on beta channel. I'm unable to implement your instructions online (apparently stale):

    Please notify. Thank you, Allan Leonard

    Just download the version you want to use and trash the current version to remove it.

    Download a new copy of the Firefox program and save the file on the desktop DMG

    • Trash the present application Firefox to do a clean (re-) install
    • Install the new version you downloaded

    Your profile data is stored in the Firefox profile folder, so you will not lose your bookmarks and other personal data.

  • Toshiba 46TL938G hangs suspended 20 seconds the channel volume or entry


    I recently bought a Toshiba 46TL938G. When I turn it on and try to do something the system hangs for about 20 seconds, a large rotating circular icon appears in the upper right of the screen (as if it is make a departure upward and informing me that I have to wait) then everything works fine.

    It's very frustrating because it only seems to happen when you try to do something like change the channel/volume/AV input. For example if I turn on my TV and leave it for 5 minutes, it will sit just idling on the program that is on.
    But the second I try to change the channel/Volume/entry/go in menu it freezes for 20 seconds, then do it of thing and let me go in my life.

    All the world is the experience and knowledge of a fix? The firmware on my TV says it's up-to-date.

    Have you tried to reset the TV?

  • Capsule - save the channel selection

    Hi guys.

    I have Time Capsule 3 to with 7.7.3 firmware.

    If I change 'Radio channel Selection' to 'manual' mode and adjust the channels that I need and press the "Update" button - after devices it still restarts use automatic channel selection. Is a way to fix it?

    Thank you!

    Where do you stand in the world? It is Europe that has this problem.

    And I need to the right of the box model number, as that will include your area code.

    There are tougher laws to prevent people setting illegal channels in your area... so if you put a country with different laws of yours and set a wireless channel that is not legal in your area, the TC will close without applying the changes.

    Apple seems to have anticipated this rule change and still 2 years ago put in work in the 7.7.3 firmware.

    Test it using only 2.4 ghz, then set it to channel 8 as a channel that is legal everywhere... let alone 5 GHz for now... it works?

  • Problems with external monitor and the Satellite U200 - 10 d

    I have a Satellite U200 - 10 d running Vista Business Edition. When I attach an external display screen flickers (horizontal lines on the screen)... It's worse when you move the mouse on the screen. The monitor on the laptop is fine I just have problems with the external display.

    The screen that I is a model VG1930WM viewsonic (widescreen) here is the specs of res for this screen...

    PC VGA up to 1440 x 900 non-interlaced
    Analog analog/digital RGB (75 Ohm, 0.7 Vc - c) / DVI - D

    Anyone have any ideas? I checked the graphics driver for vista and this is the latest version...

    HM, it's a nice solution, I have a friend with a similar problem.

    We will try your suggestion, snipe and perhaps give feedback if it worked for us.

    Welcome them

  • Sort the channels in Toshiba 47L7453DG


    I recently bought a new Toshiba 47L7453DG TV and I tried to sort the channels, but it was impossible. I found in the user manual, the following note:

    "Renumber, move, sort, and delete functions are not available for the antenna channels. Renumber, move, sort, and delete functions are only available for the DVB - C in Germany. »

    However, as I read in other posts, Toshiba recommends the use of this software (version 1.04) ToshibaEdit.

    I followed the steps described below:

    1. I transferred the list of channels of TV on USB
    2. I have compressed files
    3. I opened the in ToshibaEdit
    4. I reorganized the channels
    5. I saved the zip file
    6. I unzipped the files to USB
    7. I transferred files from USB to TV

    So far so good. However, although the list of channels is changed, the TV shows 'No signal' message across all channels, and I have to re - set my TV or load the original files that were exported from the TV (the first time).

    Have you already tested ToshibaEdit L74 series? I saw a similar post somewhere on this forum and a user had the same problem, but you have not proposed a solution. What seems to be the problem after you have saved the files in ToshibaEdit? I followed all the steps exactly as described in the manual here, hereand here.

    Please for more help I've been banging my head for 3 days now and I can't find a way to sort the list of channels, which BTW, is a very basic feature for all TVs.

    PS. I upgraded TV for the last firware (T8_1_97_09_01_1).

    Best regards

    Recovery of the subject.
    I have the same problem on the same model.

    Maybe somebody has already invented how to sort strings?

  • Satellite Pro A660 - extended monitor on the left?

    I have some trouble getting the extended screen (2) to be positioned on the left side of my laptop A660:

    I have my new Toshiba (thanks to his monitor, call Lap1) set to the right of my big external flat screen (Ext2).

    In the nVidia control panel, I have the options like in the screenshot, that allows the Ext2 sit to the right of the Lap1, which means that my mouse goes to the Ext2 on the other side (the right side) of the monitor Lap1...

    Is there a way to get the Ext2 and Lap1 monitors (see screenshot: to the position of the switch for my Lap1 is extended to the LEFT with Ext2?

    Any help much appreciated!



    > Is there a way to get the Ext2 and Lap1 monitors the position of the switch so my Lap1 by Ext2 is extended to the LEFT

    To be honest, I don't know if it's possible to m.
    I n t have a laptop but the A660 and the external monitor is also connected to this laptop. I use the extended so desktop but eat t n for this scope on the left side.
    But I have an Intel graphics card. Even if the GPU driver has been updated, the Office may be extended to the right only.

    But I managed to make my external monitor as the MAIN monitor and the laptop as secondary display monitor.

  • How to change the channel of my SONY HDR-CX440 wireless?

    I'm live streaming video from my sony HDR-Cx440 to an iPAD using app "playmemories Mobile". Communication between these two seems to be on Channel 6 and which interferes with my other wireless devices. I want to change the channel from 6 to any other channel wireless. How can I do?

    Salvation TV,.

    Welcome to the community of Sony!

    We're sorry, but there is no way to change the configuration wireless from the camera to a different channel.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution. Thanks_Mitch

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