Monitors to suck in energy saving mode

I have a Lenovo, the type of machine 7747, IdeaCentre K330B. When I turn on the PC, the monitor displays Lenovo, and then displays the power saving mode. I took the Lenovo monitor to another PC and it works fine. I tried a different monitor on the Lenovo PC and still get the power saving mode. Even tried a different cable and still got the same results. No idea as to what would cause this?

Yes, I thought he was in the PC. What I did to solve it's that reset the CMOS. All is well now.

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    Thanks, Garybuyit

    Hi garybuyit,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forums.

    Just so I'm clear, updated you the graphics cards in Device Manager? You have access to a Windows XP installation disc. If so, follow the steps in this document to make a scan of the SFC. This analysis will attempt to repair or replace any missing or corrupted system files.

  • SP2309W won't go into energy saving mode when connected via HDMI


    I just got 2 SP2309W, and I love them, the only problem I encounter is just one of them (the one connected via HDMI) is not in power saving mode, even when I turn off my laptop. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    I have connected the monitor via VGA and DVI and the energy saver works fine but it does not work with HDMI

    I have a XPS 1530, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9300with a 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT video card.

    My XPS has a HDMI and VGA input so I have a monitor connected via VGA and the other via HDMI and even when I go around, always one connected via HDMI is not in the standby power mode even if the laptop is turned off (or when he goes to sleep).

    Thanks for your help,


    We left three SP2309Ws on all night to disconnect the HDMI cable and in STFC mode and came this morning to see the message from MONIQUE always there. They all didn't say, 'no HDMI cable. This is normal. In fact, we have tested on several other models of monitors and they all do the same thing.

  • my computer keeps going to energy saving mode and TIME off

    each time my computer shuts down I have to turn power on wall to restart it and itgives me 10 minutes and will return to the mode and towers out of energy saving

    Why do you think a problem as it is related to Firefox?

  • My new ThinkPad Yoga comes with 3 energy saving modes. Who gives the best battery life?

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    Which one should I choose for use of battery? Blanaced, saving energy or Power saver? It is not very clear. Thank you!

    Classification of use (worse better) for the management of the power supply.

    1. high performance
    2 balanced
    3. power Saver
    4 energy Saver

    For example, energy-saving disable the hard drive on the battery in 5 minutes, while power saving mode turn off the HDD in 3 minutes.

  • b2375dfw energy saving mode

    So if my new b2375dfw is in power saving mode, how I wake it up if I want to analyze with it (I know it will always print from my computer automatically). I want to say in power saving mode is that all lights, indicators, and the screen are disabled, but energy saving button is flashing at me.

    I tried:

    -By typing all the buttons

    -Double tapping, tapping and long press on the standby power button

    -Tapping, dragging, double and triple by tapping on the screen.

    -The search for the manual "to service".

    Other clues?

    If anyone is looking for the answer, I found it. It doesn't seem to be in the user's manual, but you must go to:

    Save my settings ==> the configuration of the Machine ==> initial configuration ==> power ==> case of alarm

    and set it to on. There is a chance that he was initially set to on and I turned it off when I was trying to figure out something else. However, it happened, it was not well documented.

  • Why my windows xp stops leaving a message in energy saving mode

    If I run a virus scan or malware check the computer stops and it says power saving mode.   How can I fix it?


    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    · What is the exact error message or the error code that you receive?

    · On the computer which anti-virus are you running?

    · Who is the service pack installed?

    Your question does contain all the required information necessary for us to help you. Come back with more specific details to help you better.

  • Energy saving mode

    Energy jet 8500 Office of economy mode won't work, even if selected. Ads won't be turned off.  I believe that this has happened after an upgrade.


    This is a great news! Please consider marking my recommendation (#4 Message of this thread) as the accepted Solution, then the other members of the community who have the same problem can easily find a solution.

    Thanks again,

  • Monitor immediately goes into POWER SAVING MODE on startup

    Hello and HELP!

    Just unpacked a Dell Inspiron 530, I bought in January 2009 (long story).

    After all hang up, I turned it on. Monitor shows a brief moment, just a flash, AUTO DETECT (ANALOG INPUT) entering POWER SAVE, then it goes black and nothing that I bring him on.

    This Inspiron came only with a VGA monitor plug. The flat screen has a DVI and VGA and DVI and VGA cables sheets. I connected the VGA cable to the VGA connectors.

    I tried the fixes I found on this site: PC and disconnect the cable VGA pc and monitor, reconnect. Disconnecting power plug from the monitor, plug back. From the start, press the F6 key. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. He has been guaranteed.

    I noticed when the monitor is not plugged into the pc and I turn it on, it flashes the message AUTO DETECT (ANALOG INPUT) entering POWER SAVING again and stops.

    The cable would be bad? The video card would be bad? The video card could be on the DVI?
    I can't even enter and see the BIOS, blind without visual. The speakers are in the monitor, and no sound is coming from them. Don't know if run even Windows (Vista).

    Any suggestions?

    I pulled the cards memory, slightly rubbed copper with an elastic band, popped them back in and viola, the entrance to the screen the!   Found this tip on the web site of kioskea. Thanks for responding so Sujatha!



    My Photosmart 7520 is connected wireless to my HP Envy laptop m6 running Windows 8.  When turned on, it works.  I can send print jobs to the printer from my laptop and print.  But after the printer has been in this is the mode to save energy for a few minutes, the printer goes offline and I can't get this back online on the computer.  The error message on the computer, it's that the computer cannot communicate with the printer.  The only way to get it printed again is that I do, at the printer, release the mode 'sleep' and then turn it off and then new.  (Automatic shutdown is DISABLED as long as the printer on a wireless network).

    I had, during the last months of 2 1/2 a number of HP technicians has check the settings of the printer, the parameters of my laptop and HP even replaced the printer for me.  But I still have the problem.  Is that how the printer is supposed to work, is it a default in printers and is there a solution?

    OK, that's weird, it's a decent router.  Is its firmware updates?

    Have you set the static IP address in the printer or router?

  • How can I change the energy saving mode

    I have an Office Jet Pro 8600, networked (ethernet connection) and I am running Windows XP.  When I click on print, I receive a message that the document cannot print.  I click on the message to open the print window, which usually reads "error".  I also have another window which asks me if I want to cancel printing.  I close this window and wait.  After several seconds, the 'mistake' becomes 'offline' and after several seconds, it turns into 'impression', and the work is done.  Even if I print several documents in a line, this sequence happens at least 90% of the time.  I tried not even touch the window print on the printer to turn on the printer before printing, but the same sequence occurs.

    How can I change the settings of the printer so that the printer will stay on for a longer period of time between print jobs?  This sequence might be OK on the first document, because the printer is in save mode, but certainly not OK if I print several documents.

    Hello Dave89052

    Thanks for letting me know you will be available in 2 weeks. As I said using another computer is the best way to isolate or limit the problem.

  • OfficeJet 8500 W/less Pro don't up the energy saving mode

    Problems with the wireless device Pro Officejet 8500 lock up after 4 hours of inactivity. All the functions work well under normal circumstances - prints, scans, faxes and copies. It is currently configured to run wireless.  Once locked, the lights and the touch screen remain but the unit is completely frozen and controls the printer or touch the printer touchscreen or buttons he will wake up. Even the switch does not shut off the unit. The only solution is to unplug the printer and turn it back on. My first cat 1 hour of HP support has been a disaster and almost laughable. I'm afraid that something is wrong with the software unit powersave, but haven't seen enough comments think it's widespread.

    All others who encounter this problem?

    At this point, if you are satisfied with the LAN cable to connect your printer to the network, then you should delete the queue of your folder of the printer and then re-run Setup from the CD.  The reason why you need to do is that the passage of wireless LAN probably caused the router without wire-to assign the Officejet a new IP address, and unfortunately, the SW printer was not able to follow the change.

    If you are unhappy not to be able to run the printer wireless, we can try some other experiences.  In the WRT54G configuration, change the renewal period of group key from the default setting to higher value it accepts.

    Also, what version of the WRT54G do you run?  Have you updated FW from the router to the latest version?  I've actually updated the WRT54G in our lab to run the firmware of tomato which allows me to schedule the router restart at 03:00.  The defects of this operation has solved many problems related to a firmware of the router.  An alternative is to put the WRT54G Router on a light timer that turns off the router for a short period of time once a day.

    Finally, it is likely the printer radio has a failure.  You should consider sharing the printer.

  • Monitor goes into power saving mode or restarting PC

    I recently bought a Dell XP 8500 with 7870 AMD and Dell U241M monitor.

    When the computer is turned off for awhile (overnight, for example), the monitor almost always goes into energy saving mode while the PC starts in the AM (I do not see the BIOS/post visuals). If I stop the PC and power cycle a few times (turn on/off the monitor and the PC at the same time) it will generally work after 3-4 tests.

    "Sleep" mode on the PC is turned off.

    If I turn off the PC for the night and leave the monitor to go to sleep, the monitor wakes up fine when I move the mouse the next AM.

    If I turn off the PC overnight and also If turned off the monitor, PC restarts when I turn on the monitor of the AOS .

    If I turn off the PC or the monitor for a few minutes, it will work the next time it starts perfectly. The problems seem to be when he stayed all night.

    I have exchanged monitors and see the same problem with the XPS and another monitor, while the U2412M works fine on another PC.

    I tried DVI - DVI and DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable with no difference. I tried to plug in a different bar / food. I tried to replace the GPU and checked that GPU power cable connections are tight.

    So, I guess that the problem is in the hardware XPS GPU or PSU and I'm quite surprised it didn't fall Dell quality control (or it has been damaged during transport?).

    Any thoughts? I don't really want a backup and reconfigure a new Tower and thought that I would get away from this kind of problems by going with a Dell.

    Thank you


    For those who might wonder what was the end result, Dell has replaced the GPU and now it's fine.

  • Saving mode Intel I5 always on energy

    Hey guys please help me. Stutters my intel i5 cpu always on energy saving mode and in the games.  Please help me.

    Hi For3v3r,

    You model has switchable graphics, which means that it has two graphics cards. The integrated Intel card to manage the basic graphics tasks and another card to manage the bulk of the work. Battlefield 3 would be classified as heavy lifting. This document on the switchable on portable graphics equipped with Intel and ATI GPU will show you how to use the Catalyst Control Center to make sure that Battlefield 3 is set on High Performance, which should stop the delay.

    Thank you

  • Switchable graphics or in the power saving mode by default

    supportscreenshot.pngSo, I'm having some not if funny issues with first pro. Today, while trying to edit a video, I noticed that, while trying to read anything in the timeline panel, audio would be read only, and the video in the window of reference would update only after I stopped the video. I use a Samsung series 7 times with AMD Radeon HD 8770 M graphics card and a GPU of 4000 Intell. The problem is when I go in Center of Catalyst to change settings, it is locked on the energy saving mode. I went and changed the name of the executable file for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, which then allowed me to pass the program in high performance mode, but the same effect was still present. After a lot of research on the forums, I came across an adobe representative who suggested to try opening GPUSniffer in the directory Adobe\Adobe first Pro CS6\. and he ran. This is the screenshot I got when running it in command prompt, so my question is, does it perform a work around? Originally, when I bought this laptop 2 years ago, I have used the first pro without any problems like that. Yes, I would get occasional lag from time to time when there was a lot of effects and things to display in the timeline panel, but it was never as bad, until I had to change the hard drive due to a hard drive failure. The only thing different on this laptop is now than the hard drive itself, which has 1 TB more than the previous. It is still a samsung, and I can assure any and all other programs (which I use) that use graphics cards, use the AMD Radeon HD M 8770. First seems to be the only adobe with this problem product.

    Ridicule me. I found the solution. When I went to open a display window for which was planned on the timeline, I opened the resource monitor, instead of the program window: sequence. When I open program: sequence, the video would be read very well. Thanks for your time, will hide in the nearest corner.

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