I have a monitor 27 inch HP. When I installed Windows Pro 8.1 it reduces my monitor for a 24 inch with a black border around it. How to return a 27 inch again?


When Microsoft sent in their updates Tuesday he fixed the monitor and it is now a monitor 27 inch again.

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    Hi all! I find myself in need of a little guidance, and I hope that someone out there will have a quick n easy for me...

    I have a Mid-2011 27 'iMac. which has two ports Thunderbolt It is taken with a Wacom tablet that I use constantly, and the other is made by an external hard drive to a solid state, which has a built-in cable to Thunderbolt (no way to hang it on a different port). I also have a 27 "HP monitor that is currently connected via an HDMI USB adapter.

    The problem is that the HP monitor is actual "jiggy" - the USB does not seem fast enough to deal with requests for the monitor. It is almost unusable. I know I should run it via a HDMI adapter Thunderbolt, but as I have already mentioned the two my Thunderbolt ports are already in use.

    Someone at - it ideas? I need sort of three to two ports Thunderbolt hooks, but I can't seem to find anything for less than $300 that would work. (I am illiterate when it comes to the different cables, adapters, ports, etc., so I hope someone can point me in the right direction by using short words... Most of the products that I travel through list specifications that me Chicane).

    The monitor has two HDMIs and a VGA port, and my iMac has a Firewire 800 port, if that helps at all...

    2011 iMac have only 1 Thunderbolt port and there is no such thing as a Mid-2011, you must have an iMac of year later, if it has 2 ports Thunderbolt. All the 27 "iMacs, from 2012 to 2015 the current have 2 ports Thunderbolt.

  • MBP: monitor detected but no image except by VGA

    I have a MBP of Mid 2012 running latest El Capitan.

    When I connect to an external monitor, it is detected correctly in views (exact name, resolution, etc.), but the monitor doesn't detect any image from the portable computer. I tried the DVI - D and DisplayPort with various cables and monitors with the same result, but a picture appears if I connect to VGA. It started in the past week.

    The built-in display does not work normally.

    Looks like a hardware failure in the computer DisplayPort connector laptop, as the pins are worn or something?

    Any other ideas?

    Hi johngirvin,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. Sorry to hear that you had these display problems with your MacBook Pro. Looks like you've been on the right track trying to solve this problem. If you continue to have problems, you can find the additional steps described in the following article useful, up to and including contacting Apple Support if necessary:

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  • Activity monitor close unexpectedly when running in the background on the left

    Recently upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and Activity Monitor to close unexpectedly when running back plan left (do not smoke and open the activity monitor window) to a blank desktop when you use an application in another office. Clean install I tried but the activity monitor would still be down at random times when left running in the background to another empty office. Someone at - there experience this problem? For most browsing on the web using Safari on another desktop computer when Activity Monitor quit unexpectedly.

    Activity monitor also using a lot of energy since the upgrade?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Model: MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, early 2015)

    OS: macOS Sierra: 10.12 (installed via the upgrade, own installed after this problem).

    Do not forget that you are using the activity monitor version which was installed when you upgraded to Sierra. Activity monitor located in the your Mac utilities folder.

    If you have moved a previous version to a different location, it will not work.

    If you are using the correct version, post crash report. Error reports lies in the application of the Console under System reports or reports from usersand end in the suffix .crash. If you choose to do so, omit or hide any information that you consider personal.

  • monitors external macOS Sierra + MacBook Pro 15 "+ 3 = gel

    This facility has worked with El Capitan (2 Thunderbolts-> DisplayPort + HDMI 1 = 3 monitors).

    Update of macOS Sierra - as soon as I connect a 3rd monitor (any order) - it freezes the whole system. Two monitors works very well

    If I boot with three monitors connected, the screen goes black and I have to power down manually.

    My system: MacBook Pro (retina, 15 inches, end of 2013)

    Same problem reported by other users on

    Someone else had a similar problem? Everyone is running the same configuration without problem? All known resolution?

    There has been a lot of complaints of not being able to use the resolution full screen on 3 monitors of party, who has worked in El Capitan.  I've seen all the problems such as you report.

    However, I guess the graphics driver passed under changes in the Sierra, and it is possible, that this is yet another side effect.

    You may very well be a bug, so that developers know that there is still another problem with the graphics driver Sierra

    BugReporter (account free ADC (Apple Developer Connection) required for BugReporter)


    Anyone can get a free ADC account at:

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    I have a setup of 3 monitor for work. I need to have my video capture software, Media Express, on the primary and secondary monitor. On my 3rd monitor, I wish I had Final Cut for editing.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    In setting system preferences displays, displays as an extended desktop, and then drag one poster rather than another. For more information, scroll down to the last section on how to "implement some screens for implementing mirrored and extended desktop":

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  • 4 k monitor on macbook pro

    I have a MBP 15.4 (retina) and need to find a 4 k monitor that will work with my MBP...

    Hi Labecote,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple! For more information on the use of 4K displays with your Mac, including system requirements and specific models that are known to work, you can find the following article useful:

    With the help of 4K and Ultra HD TVs with your Mac - Apple Support screens

    See you soon!

  • Strange shadows on the Sierra of the Mac OS on an external monitor

    After upgrading to Mac OS Sierra, I noticed that there are these strange shadows. It of almost like the gradient of a shadow is not fluid and smooth:

    Screenshots: DL = 0 DL = 0

    Is this normal, or is there a problem? Recommend a fix?

    I'm on Mac mini (mid-2011) and a screen LCD Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29 inches.

    ... However, if the screenshots are picking up, it seems less like a problem of monitor and more like an incompatibility of graphics cards with MacOS Sierra?

    This seems to be quite normal. The windows are translucent, and what I see, this is the result of the image behind the window.

    It was the same thing in El Capitan (and, I suppose, Yosemite, as well).

    You can go to system preferences - > accessibility-> display and select "reduce transparency" if it bothers you.

  • 1440 p monitor recognized as 1080 p over HDMI

    I've updated to Sierra yesterday, and now my ASUS PB278 displays 1080 p instead of its native 1440 p over HDMI. This monitor has worked flawlessly with El Capitan and Yosemite on HDMI.

    I also tried to connect more love at first sight with an HDMI adapter and that no longer works.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Well Yes. Exactly the same problem you described. In light of this + problems with drivers for my Performance MX Logitech mouse (restless as hell scroll), immediately restored to El Capitan.

    Will be held off the coast of the upgrade until this issue is resolved.

  • Running w / HR monitor AND headphones wireless w / Apple Watch 2 series

    Since obtaining Apple Watch series 2, I've been out running with wireless headphones Powerbeats2 alongside the screen TickR HR, both related to the watch simultaneously via Bluetooth. While this works great, I wonder if I can do even better and lose the style HR chest strap monitor. Has anyone had success with wireless headphones that double as a monitor of human resources (e.g., Bose Soundsport Pulse), and specifies how was the heart rate?


    Apple Watch includes a heart rate sensor built-in.

    If you have not already done so, you can try to use this instead of an external monitor. When you use the application of the workout, the heart rate is measured continuously during the training:

  • I have an old Mac Mini with a DVI Port that came with a VGA DVI-adapter.  Tonight, my monitor went down.  Brand new monitor works with that?  Can I use an adapter?  If yes should which adapter I?

    I have an old Mac Mini with a DVI Port that came with a VGA DVI-adapter.  Tonight, my monitor went down.  Brand new monitor works with that? Any recommendations? Can I use an adapter?  If yes should which adapter I?

    You can use any DVI monitor DVI port directly or have any VGA monitor with the power that you adapter. A HDMI monitor might work with an adapter DVI to HDMI in a pinch, but HDMI tends to be more fickle.

  • HP Z27q 5 K, that monitor is considered to be two separate monitors

    Just updated the operating system of El Capitan Sierra.  (2013 MAC PRO - 12 hearts - 64 gig Ram w/SSD)

    My HP Z27q monitor 5K, in the Sierra, (which used to work in El Capitan) is now considered to be two separate screens.   In El Capitan, I have an announcement file ( - to-mac-os-x-yosemite) to the override file and the wa it worked.

    However, Sierra I don't have rights to ad this file.

    Help, please!

    Hi PKscott,

    Have you tried to disable SIP protection and then installing the substitution file?

    1. Restart your mac
    2. until the apple logo appears press "r", hold "r" down until you see a progress bar appear
    3. When prompted choose English
    4. Click the Utilities menu
    5. Choose terminal
    6. in terminal type "disable csrutil".
    7. Press return
    8. You should see a message "the SIP is disabled.
    9. Click on the terminal menu
    10. choose to quit smoking
    11. Click on the Apple menu
    12. Select restart
    13. If you are prompted to select a startup disk select Macintosh HD
    14. Click on restart
  • macOS Sierra no longer supports monitors ultra wide angle?

    Just install macOS Sierra and the required resolution for this monitor ultra wide LG no longer appears. Anyone know of a work around?

    My problem with my monitor LG UltraWide is now that it will expand just the 1920 x 1080 rather than on el capitan, where he could go to 2560 x 1080, seems like Apple just ditches ultra wide support

  • App for free weights and the monitoring of sleep

    I'm new to Apple Watch and would like suggestions on application of lifting weight, and also for the monitoring of sleep.

    I had very mixed results with 'sleep followed' apps for the  watch. I landed on an application for the phone called sleep Cycle that uses the microphone on your phone, sitting on the nightstand next to you to track sleep instead. Don't ask me how it works, but it does. He also knows that my wife is using the application itself across the bed and that is not what we do mixed.

    Can't help much with weight lifting, sorry... I have gave for years ready. : PEI

  • Can I just buy a monitor Mac to use to anchor my MBA to?

    Can I just buy a monitor Mac to use to anchor my Mac Book Air in?

    Apple is no longer sell monitors.

    Which monitor do you think?

    The Sari 2102 middle and later have a Thunderbolt port and you can connect a monitor Apple Thunderbolt and with the adapter/cable a VGA, DVI and mini displayport and displayport monitor

  • HDMI EMPREX Monitor driver

    Where can I get a software driver for my external monitor

    No driver is required for monitors of today with the exception of some monitors with special features. The only features that I can remember is to divide the screen into four screens and picture-in-picture.

    Why do you think that you need a driver?

Maybe you are looking for

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