More filling the screen image wide


Can someone tell me how to get several images side-by-side to fill the width of the screen? As under the 'Mission' and 'Council' on this page. Underwater island | Together at the abyss



I think you are talking about 4 images placed side by side in the example given by you.

This feature is not yet available in muse. One work-around would be to design this muse to the outside and then call as an Iframe.



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  • Force the Image to fill the screen when the user resizes the window

    I use flex and actionscript to create a site of photographer and I want the bottom to display an image that completely covers the bottom without distortion.  I tried just an image tag and characterized by the width and height to 100%, but the problem comes when the screen looks wider than the photo.  Thus, the height is reduced to 100% and the width is something less.  I would have rather it evolve according to what is most important, that is, if the window is too wide, the photo with a width of 100% on the scale and let the excess off the screen.  In this way, the photo is still cover the screen and there is no background color of distractrating showing.

    I was counting on the use of actionscript to indicate the width and height of the image so that I can compare it to the height and width of the window, but it seems that you can not get the dimensions of the photo.  I use application.width and application.height, but I need a way to compare it to the photo.  Also, is there an eventlistener that I should use to monitor when the user resizes the window or image resizing will be done automatically?

    Thanks for your comments,


    The application container inherit "resize" event of UIComponent.

    Application.application.Width will give you the size of the application in the browser window.


    function myResizer() {}

    img1. Width = Application.application.width;


  • Could not get the image format to fill screen TV is set to 16: 9 all other devices to fill the screen

    I can't get the picture size to fill the screen. The TV is set to 16: 9 and all other devices to fill the screen.

    Thanks for any suggestions that might help solve this frustrating problem.

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    The devices on which you are talking about, are you using AirPlay.

  • Make image fills the screen

    I want to make the picture fill the screen as, I want it to fill the screen, even when you zoom in and out


    did you check that

    Add a picture to the background of the page or the browser. Adobe Muse CC tutorials

    Check the link, under the title "working with width of 100% the value of the elements ' below

    Adobe help Muse | Using the fill options and fill out browser

    Let me know if you have any question.

  • Can I take pictures in my movie maker slide show to fill the screen?

    I use Windows vista and windows movie maker to create my first slideshow. my demo, whether seen full screen or not, the images have wide black borders left and right. is it possible to have pictures to fill the screen? If so, it will become distorted and pixelated?  Thanks - dave

    It looks like you may have a wide screen monitor
    16:9 and your photos are probably 4:3. If it's the
    case... Yes... the photos could be extended to read
    full screen unless they have been cut (up and down)
    to the same proportions as the screen of the monitor.

    FWIW... the freeware PhotoStory 3 built in the
    option of cropping photos to fit the screen... and
    It is a great application to create video slideshows.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    PhotoStory 3 for Windows 
    (works on XP, Vista and Win7)

  • Ideas: Insert an error code or give a brief description of what you are trying to accomplish or fix.__media center tv shows only tv in the Center 3 "inches of black on both sides how I filled the screen

    Television Media Center only one tv in the dark on both sides of Center 3 "inches, how do I fill the screen e-machines 600 GB

    Hello, Russell

    Windows Media Center will use as possible while maintaining the proportions of screen space. If you have a TV screen and watch a video 4:3 standard, it will keep the bars on the side.

    You can change the level of zoom in now the keys CTRL and shift and press 'Z' to scroll through the different zoom levels so that it fills the entire screen at your convenience, but keep in mind that you will not be able to see the full image if the proportions of the video does not match your TV.

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  • the screen image is slightly deformed on the widescreen

    I bought a new Samsung 23 "screen and select a resolution of 1440 x 990 as advised on broad implemented in the jubt menu.
    I thought that I had supported the silly PuTTY stretched images with this fix, but now I see, especially when I looked at a few pictures of myself that I look 20 lbs heavier because the screen image is just a bit too wide.
    I want full screen! In the window slider bar to adjust the resolution, there is no custom fine tuning number to pass to. I tried a bit slippery, and the choice of integer leapt to radically different numbers - not what I wanted.
    I need accurately and without distortion to my images since I use PhotoShop.
    How can I fine tune the "stretch"?

    Hello lizlauter,

    1. open settings display by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, appearance and personalization, customization, and then clicking display settings.

    2. under resolution, move the slider to the desired resolutionand then click apply


    Here is one link: which will give you some

    Tips to get your quality return to normal display. Once you get the set of parameters, also try to auto configuration button your monitor to fine tune the screen for

    your preferences. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

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  • The documents do not fill the screen.

    Why the documents that I opened not to fill the screen.  There is a border of 1/2 inch around the document.  If I optimize the document, it fills the screen.

    Make sure that the last act of this show is maximized when you close and also expanded the program and make sure that close the program until you hit shutdown.  The next time you use this program, it should open larger (but not until you close the program - if you do this and open another window before closing the program, this new window opens also not full screen) at least that you shut up when not expanded not or it ends badly.  Sometimes this happens when the program turning off incorrecctly or abruptly.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Windows 8 on AMD Radeon graphics card is not completely fill the screen

    Just installed Windows 8 Pro on a Dell Inspiron Zino HD with an AMD Radeon HD 4300 Series.

    Display is a LG on HDMI monitor.

    Installation went well apart from my screen Windows does not fill my entire screen.  I don't think it's something to do with the resolution of the screen, it's just the way that 'image' does not fill the screen correctly.


    Did you install these legacy AMD official drivers?
    There is also a setting in the Catalyst Control Center associated with overscan (he has a slider).
    This one should expand your image to fill the edges of the screen.
  • Fill the screen

    I want that my background image to fill the entire screen. What is the size I need to do or there at - it a way to automatically fill the screen?

    You can use the picture as fill for browser so that it covers the browser screen and should be the same with any window size.

    Thank you


  • Fill the screen is too big

    When I zoom to fill the screen, the window develops under the layers panel.  Is there a way to stop on the Panel and not under it?

    Hi lesmuse,

    Welcome to the forum. Looks like you need to learn how to manage your panels in Photoshop. Here's a video that shows you how to organize and reorganize your dashboards:

    It might help to learn more about the use of the zoom so tool. This video, work with the Zoom tool, is part of a set of videos on Adobe TV, which will get you places and running in Photoshop.

    I hope this helps!


  • I want to take a 720 p file and expand it to fill the screens of 3 1080 p.

    I want to develop a 720 p file to fill the screens of 3 1080 p. The harvest of the file to make the 3 1080 p files to play side by side on three screens 1080 p.

    Is this possible?

    How to do in first Pro 3

    I tried to use the command SCALE PP3, but can not find the motion effect to select scale.


    You should be able to set your size of more than 100%.  Nothing special needs to be done, but drag the number or type one in.  I've never had it works NOT for me.

  • InDesign CS4 window fills the screen when opening

    I just installed Adobe CS4 Design Premium version 6.0.3.  When I open a document using InDesign, the window almost fills the screen 30 "on my Apple HD Display.  I would like to set the window size so that it frames a document of 8.5 "x 11" portrait with only a bit of margin all around. "  When I do that, and you save the document, it always opens to the same, large window.  It would be much more effective that I could put the size of the window to the required dimensions so that it would open in this configuration and not in the large version.  I can't get there.  Any ideas?  Thanks for any help you can give.  I am running 10.5.7 on a Mac Pro (early 2008) with 2 GB of RAM and a lot of hard disk space.

    Don't know how it will come around, but here's the Javascript (it works in CS3) - with my apologies to the author, whom I lost the name:

    DESCRIPTION: Returns the size of the active window or use the window before setting the default size.

    Check for WindowDefault.txt; If so use it to set the front window
    Otherwise, use the front window to put after checking with the user.

    myPath = app.activeScript;
    myParts = myPath.toString().split("/"); "
    myParts [(myParts.length-1)] = "WindowDefault" + app.version.slice (0.1) + ".txt";
    myNewPath = myParts.join("/");

    mySettingsFile = File (myNewPath);

    Before you begin, check that there is a window on the front
    Otherwise, offer the user the option to delete the current settings
    If (< 1)="">
    If (confirm ("no window is open; you want to delete the settings file? »)) {
    User says Yes; check that there is
    {if (mySettingsFile.Exists)}
    mySettingsFile.remove ();
    } else {}

    If ( ("r")) {}

    savedBounds = ();
    mySettingsFile.close ();

    myBounds = savedBounds.split(",");
    for (i = 0; i
    myBounds [i] = Number (myBounds [i]);
    App.Windows [0]. Bounds = myBounds;
    } else {}
    If (confirm ("settings file is missing. To set default to use the current window before? »)) {
    Said user: go at it.
    new leader (mySettingsFile); ("w");
    mySettingsFile.close ();

  • iMac (21.5 inch, mid 2011) programs do not fill the screen

    My windows does not fill the screen, as in there is a small strip at the bottom of my screen which is my desktop wallpaper (screenshot of control to the footer of this website) any application that I use, I still see a bunch of my wallpaper down. I love being able to see my toolbar I have a few apps running for the supervision of different things, which is why I do not enter the mode full screen as it hides everything. Is there a solution to this? I can drag the window down a little and then stretch her so it fills the screen, but a simple refresh my browser or a change in the program, it will break again with the small bar at the bottom again.

    Please post a screenshot of the page complete so we can see what you're referring to.

  • Firefox does not fill the screen


    Yesterday I had Firefox and explore (ugh!) browsers open at the same time, as I just changed my site on Yahoo Small Business Solutions and Firefox would not save the changes (as a result, the opening of Explorer.) After I finished with the Web site changes, I noticed that there are some changes on my page of Firefox. It does not fit my screen by about 1/4 "on the sides and bottom, and the top is not complete as if it was - the office's bleeding through in empty space up there. Help, please! Thanks, Qz

    Open Firefox-> click the maximize button to fill the screen completely-> close Firefox

    • Restart Firefox
    • Now, the window should open maximized

    Check and tell if its working.

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