More info on request of widgets

(1) how to return to the previous page in the application of widgets in tablets.

Like back in the blackberry phone button.

Or any other action such as closing coming for bevel cutting swipe.

(2) java native blackberry jar ext file will work on tablets to show the instance of screen and menu

You can specify your questions please?

(1) If you mean how to provide a 'back' function in app WebWorks on the PlayBook, we recommend you to add navigation to your application itself.  Unlike the Smartphone where there is a button 'back' physical, PlayBooks is a touchscreen device, so any sort of forward/backward navigation should be included as part of your application.

(2) If you ask if you can re - use custom extensions based on Java JavaScript on PlayBook, the answer is no.  It is currently not possible since the BlackBerry Tablet OS does not yet have a JVM.  A JVM will include at some point in time.

Hope that helps,


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    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
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    Media/student work
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    Hi all

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    Thank you


    Hi John,.

    If it helps, take a look at the following note:

    ORA-01422 exact Fetch returns more than number of lines requested in Hr_maintain_proposal_swi (Doc ID 1673527.1)

    Kind regards


  • OIM 11G: request more info attribute game


    The requirentment is looking for groups of applicant on request of data group in OIM11G.
    We have a group of query with a field called right. We must show payments to the applicant only on basis of its groups of IOM. IOM 10 g, we had "Applicant Information.User Login", by which we can get ID applicant on the shape of the object but it comes in OIM 11 g Null.

    Is there another attribute, by which we can get the applicant groups/ID on the Dataset query?

    Thank you and best regards,

    You can use search-query attribute of 'Law', where you can integrate query SQL and information of the applicant to obtain the role of the applicant.

    display field = "DISPLAY_NAME".
    Economy-field = "NAME" / >

  • more info on the DAQmx control task

    Today I came across an older post where I had some questions and Jeff· just Þ· Bohrer showed a good example, it's here:

    I doesn't pay attention to the DAQmx task manages the part, but now some new questions of time came to my mind, I hope someone can give me some explanations...

    Usually, when I'm working with some hardware with DAQmx driver, I simply specify the channel, and I use the VI of virtual channel create for my work I want to use.

    Recently I read about benefits use MAX to previously create some global (?) of the tasks (for example a cDAQ with many modules and i/o channels) and using these tasks in a LabVIEW project. In this case I can just skip the 'Create Virtual', begins with the measurement with a "Start Task" DAQmx and stopping a VI 'stop the task', correct? However in the link above, the VI "Task of control" (next), first used with a parameter "commit" and during the closing of the measure, with a setting of "Cancel" (and no task to stop vi was used).

    I threw an eye using the 'control', but the info it is not too detailed, where I can find a few more details, or maybe someone might highlight the use and benefits of this vi? Sounds a bit 'funny' aid, as for the parameter commit: "Programs the hardware as much as possible depending on the configuration of the task."

    So what is the difference between the use of the "task of control" in a code and do not use it (so when we use only the start and the stop task live)? Do we not the same behavior with the latter?

    Thanks in advance!

    Martins wrote:

    The overall task configured max subject: we conduct research, so I always just develop for our lab, we do not sell anything. However, I have some questions related to a task configured and saved to the MAX:

    • So I have a task created at MAX, I guess that this task will be usable only if I use it in a project of LV on the same PC? What if I need to move my application to another PC (but of course with the same modules cDAQ, etc., but perhaps under different numbers...)

    The task can also be used with a .exe. You can export MAX settings to a file (file, export...) .nce, and then import the settings to a new PC. If necessary you can tweek the numbers.

    • I would like to create an EXE from my code and don't run this EXE to our systems (not install). Y at - he tips that I should keep in mind when I create an executable from a project that contains a task of MAX?

    I can't think of something special. Personally, I prefer to load the name of the task from a configuration file, you can also use a control on the front panel to select the task.

    I have a feeling, when we need complete flexibility, the course of MAX isn't really practical, Yes? I want to say, if we want to for example programmatically recognize all our application materials and create tasks to ensure that all physical changes on the side of the PC in the future will not affect our code?

    I agree that you have as much flexibility, but for my applications most of the time MAX provides sufficient flexibility

    But this scenario could be documented for future users in the lab, I imagine, so what they have to do, is to recreate the overall task? What happens when we take the application as an exe on another PC and manually re-create the (I hope that quite the same) necessary global task with the same name that awaits the EXE? It works this way?

    Thanks for the very useful info!

    Edit: "Yes you can set a MAX task that includes several modules and channels so that they all have the same type of action."

    This is also a limitation compared to the creation of code depending on task, Yes? I mean, using the DAQmx 'Create Virtual', we can even combine for example analog inputs with for example in a cDAQ thermocouple hunts...

    No it is not a limitation, for thermocouple is entered analog. If you can combine them in LabVIEW, you can combine them in MAX.

    Edit2: I really miss other docs of type "real demonstration" of the NEITHER! I could imagine a sort of case study examples where different material handling OR would be explained... Of course we can hunt together pieces of mosaic, but a more compact image could help a lot for those who want to learn faster


  • More info on Java, bluetooth and matching.

    On other phones JSR82 I can perform communication bluetooth without pairing, but not on blackberries.

    Looking through these forums I see others bumping into this same problem, so I know that's how it is on BlackBerry and there is no simple solution.

    In my case, I need to my request - what is supposed to work on BlackBerry with bluetooth v2.0 and OS 4.2.1 or later - to connect with the many bluetooth devices and I can ask the user to associate each different device from their blackberry.

    Is there SOME sort of solution to this problem?
    -L'application itself can add to the list of the blackberries of the associated devices?
    -Could you the application manage the system PIN prompt?
    -When I launch a link out of the LCA, the blackberry OS first checks its list of pairs of bd_addr or it starts by trying a link key exchange?  Let me explain this issue.  The bluetooth 2.0 specification indicates that the PIN key exchange happens only if the link key stimulus / response fails.  If this were true for BB then maybe there is still hope.  I have a bluetooth sniffer, so I can't say if this is how it works with blackberries.  No one knows the answer or y at - it a document which deals with RIM OS bluetooth at this level?

    Thanks for your suggestions,


    Mobile devices blackBerry require a device to be paired before communicating with it.  There is no methods handled directly exchanged PIN, but you can use the EventInjector API to inject the characters appropriate in the PIN code request prompt displayed to the user when matching.

  • Feature Request: PayPal Widget

    I wish I had a PayPal integrated into my document EchoSign widget. Is this possible?

    I noticed that FormsCentral has the ability... but as long as this service ends... I hope that Echo sign will integrate the ability.

    Thank you!

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks to accentuate this feature. I took this as a feedback and will pass it on.

    Best regards,


  • More info on Photoshop optimized Retina display?

    Just checking back all the two weeks (or months) to see if there is more information about the availability of Photoshop CS6 optimized for retina display capabilities?

    I know it was probably a rush job, he prepares for the Apple WWDC, but I heard no more about whether or not he will actually be available in the future near or at the end.

    All marketing here? New information that could be shared?

    Thank you


    Photoshop CS6 13.0.2 update is now available for free to all Mac users. It supports the Retina displays.

    Photoshop for CS6 13.0.2 update

  • Questions of grounding more info

    First of all im going to talk about my setup. (If its even rellivent)
    I have my desktop with my 2 computer speakers on and the screen in the middle. To the right of these speakers (on the desktop), I put the 'ART USB Phono' preamp. Trendy top is from him to the PC USB cable.
    I use 'Line In' on the preamp with cables that go from the 'Phono' out on the turntable.
    The Platinum is on another office to the right of the mine, the turntable is placed between 2 big 'Behringer' speakers (monitors) but theyre off! If the deck is about a metre or 2 to the right of the PC on a desk different control.

    In any case, I went to register this morning of vinyl and even before to play the recording, I was getting a REALLY loud staticy interference noise. Has proved that it was the USB cable to the back of the preamp, so I unplugged/replugged it in and I was getting more static. First of all, what's happened? Was - it USB cable touch other cables on my floor or what?

    I did not upgrade to the Earth only because I don't know how it works and how to properly put in place...

    I don't know if the wire would be the preamp stage then to pc? Or the turntable to PC then another Earth wire of the preamplifier to the PC? How would this work?

    Please help guys...

    Thank you very much.

    Hmm... When it comes to cable signals, the ground is not the easiest thing in the world, however you look at it.

    The continuity of the Earth (or ground) in your system will ground turntable to the preamp, and from there to the PC via the USB cable. The cable itself has a shielded external connection, and which is attached to the case of jams. Any breach of this string (even just a slightly loose Cableusb) will give rise to the kind of static type noise that you got. The whole system is not be connected directly on the ground to work either - it's the connections that are important from a point of view of signal. Often, just having connections to earth potential signals about is sufficient when it comes to screening of interference.

    Additional ground would help? Answer is - very probably not. The reason is that if you join some of this equipment as well as separate ground connections, you create two paths to a common ground rather than just the one that you had earlier. And it takes very little of potential difference between the points of connection in fact to create what is called a "loop of UM ' (or ground loop) which will put in place more noise there is in the first place!

    Unfortunately, the Earth and signal security requirements lead screening pretty much conflict with each other - 'good' security invariably land causes hum loops unless you cut one end of each cable between each piece of equipment and rely on the receptacle grounding to provide the common point. Problem with that is that if you unplug an in-between of feeding equipment, you've broken the chain of signal grounding and you could easily end up with massive hums who has no intention of. That is why all sensitive material to the shield of the issues (such as your turntable) has a separate ground between her connection and upstairs preamplifier with the really sensitive part, isolated within the hub. Little separate wire that goes to the floor on the preamp is the only connection, you must use the land. But it creates this reference to the ground must be connected to the Earth of your PC, and happens via the USB screen.

    So if you want to try an arrangement separate from the ground, the only place where you could possibly get an advantage (only with the possibility of introducing some UM, as mentioned above) is having a connection separated between the Terminal on the preamp USB Earth with your PC - just a piece of wire is attached to the case; at least it could overcome the problem of loose screen on the USB cable connection. But quite frankly, change anything else is just as likely to cause problems such as cure them.

    If you experience, so whatever you do, do not try to remove any safety ground connection in the power outlets to get rid of hum, as some people do. It's simply asking trouble of the kind that you don't really want. There are always better solutions than that.

  • Need more info on the violation of the "AlertShow".


    First of all thanks for the great tool! It was really something that we all missed.

    I have a question related to the violation of the "AlertShow". I've had several of these violations and the description says

    'Do not directly call '. You shouldn't () directly. If an error has occurred in the system, you should probably use an ErrorManager to have a consistent way to manage these errors.

    What, exactly, is this violation? Could you please provide more detail, why this violation appears and how it should be fixed.

    Thank you!


    Glad you liked the project.

    So that we often people using whithout having a central ErrorManager class. Having such a class allows you to have a consistent way to deal with errors in your application.

    Alert.Show can be called from anywhere (view, model, orders,...), while is nothing else than a wrapped view.

    I hope this helps.


  • How to find more info Editor debugging error

    I've created a report and try to view it. When I click on the button show, I got the error message.
    The report cannot be rendered because of an error, please contact the administrator.  
    I know that I made a mistake when creating the report, but where I can find more inof for debugging?

    Is there a file of newspaper editor somewhere I checked but could not find a log file in the folder of XMLP.

    In the message, you gave this is clearly a problem of database Oracle.

    Otherwise, here is a howto to get a small newspaper to report BEEP:

    See you soon

  • [11] ask for more info about the records, research and the Datagrids


    I'm looking for info on the records, research and the Datagrids, I can't find a lot of research on the web.

    Thanks a lot if yo u can help.

    The FNDLOAD program creates scripts ldt is the kind of script you want to say. You issue a command to the program that tells it what kind of Application Oracle configurations you want to transfer to another instance and creates the script ldt that you use the target instance.

    See Support Oracle Note 274667.1 for orders to move configurations because I never used to move the datagrids.

  • ORA-000060: Deadlock detected. More info in file filename.trc


    DB: oracle 9iR2
    *** 2008-11-12 11:22:11.895
    *** SESSION ID:(112.20587) 2008-11-12 11:22:11.884
    Current SQL statement for this session:
    UPDATE SCM_MR_ENGR_DTL SET.........................(deleted space consuming)
    The following deadlock is not an ORACLE error. It is a
    deadlock due to user error in the design of an application
    or from issuing incorrect ad-hoc SQL. The following
    information may aid in determining the deadlock:
    Deadlock graph:
                           ---------Blocker(s)--------  ---------Waiter(s)---------
    Resource Name          process session holds waits  process session holds waits
    TX-00080007-000148b4        97     112     X             80     104           X
    TX-0004000a-00014e7f        80     104     X             97     112           X
    session 112: DID 0001-0061-000007BC     session 104: DID 0001-0050-00000733
    session 104: DID 0001-0050-00000733     session 112: DID 0001-0061-000007BC
    Rows waited on:
    Session 104: obj - rowid = 000079E2 - AAAHniAAGAAA7LrAAR
      (dictionary objn - 31202, file - 6, block - 242411, slot - 17)
    Session 112: obj - rowid = 000079E0 - AAAHngAAGAAA0lrABc
      (dictionary objn - 31200, file - 6, block - 215403, slot - 92)
    Information on the OTHER waiting sessions:
    Session 104:
      pid=80 serial=19532 audsid=971660 user: 45/NMS
      O/S info: user: matur, term: ANOP-KMCH-151, ospid: 3668:2272, machine: NMS\ANOP-KMCH-151
      Current SQL Statement:
    UPDATE SCM_MR_HD SET ................ (deleted space consuming)
    End of information on OTHER waiting sessions.
    is this block will be automatically released?
    It will cause any problem?
    What should I do?


    This lock will be automatically released. If you encounter a lot of blocking issues, you can increase the INITRANS of this parameter. We also had a blocking problem on a production database, we found was due to a trigger. So, you can also check the triggers.

    You can find some good Articles on Metalink:

    1 doc ID: Note: 164661.1

    2 doc ID: Note: 115467.1

    3 doc ID: Note: 62365.1


  • Satellite P100-221: want to know some more info

    I am interested in toshiba p100-221 and I also like the Qosmio F30-112

    I heard that toshiba used parts cheap in their laptops to reduce the price. Is this true?

    I see people complaining about the keyboard on the p100-221 problem. Is it possible to get rid of this problem?

    I am facing problem to decide which laptop to buy. What people do you propose? I'll be back for the Qosmio F30 or the Satellite P100-221?

    Please help me with this and give me some suggesstion with appropriate patterns


    As far as I know Toshiba use own coins in notebooks with a very good quality.
    I think that the parts are produced in different countries such as the Philippines or Taiwan or China to reduce costs. But all manufacturers do. The products are developed and produced abroad.
    You asked for on the P100 keyboard problems. I read a few topics, and it seems that the update of the BIOS will solve this problem.

    However, if you n t know what laptop you want to buy then I recommend you check the properties of the laptop. How do use you the laptop? You want a portable laptop for a trip or you want a laptop that you use only at home as a desktop PC? Do you want a laptop for gaming or just for office work?
    These issues are important and you need to deliberate what laptop you will buy.

    The two laptops are really nice with a good performance.

  • Security information, you want to display the nonsecure items?, Yes, No More Info

    I am trying to prevent a popup from system with the information described under the title above to appear. How can I keep this message from appearing?

    Go in Panel > Internet Options > Security tab and click on custom level, scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and mixed content display change Prompt to Activate, click OK and click OK , restart your browser.

    I hope this helps.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite A500 - switch WLAN and the FN keys does not turn the wireless

    I have currently problems try to activate the connection Wireless on my laptop. My laptop model is a satellite A500 PSAR9A O2J001. My laptop's physical wireless switch does not work and neither my Fn keys don't work (none of my function keys work not

  • The logic using Soundflower audio recording system

    Let's start with the agreement that I must be a fool. I found tutorials on the net for logic audio recording using sound flower and it seems very simple. I actually have to make what I want sometimes. For the life of me I can't recreate my past succe

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