More large hard drive for Compaq Presario CQ56-103SA


I have a Presario, model CQ56 (103SA), the hard drive that I want to upgrade. Is this possible?  As the laptop has Windows 7 preinstalled, how can I do to get re-installed?

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The specifications indicate a hard drive of 250 GB. Yes that can be upgraded to a 1.5 to (6 times larger) or somewhere in between. 750 GB is the sweet spot right now or even 1 TB.

Also, your drive is a model of slow 5400 RPM so I suggest at least upgrade to a 7200 RPM model. This is the model 750 GB 7200 rpm:

This shows how to replace the hard drive physically:

If your old drive still works, you can burn recovery DVD in the HP Recovery Manager. If the Windows installation is still OK (no viruses or anything like that) we can show you how it is enough to copy the old drive to the new so that you have all your programs and data. This operation may take some special software and hardware but not expensive. We can also provide a Windows 7 reinstall only disk image, you can recover Windows and then get the pilots and others from this site. There are several options, in other words.

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    Hi, please help me find the right driver for my wireless network card.

    Hardware ID:

    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & SUBSYS_1467103C & REV_10
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & SUBSYS_1467103C
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & CC_0280

    Windows 7 64 bit

    Compaq Presario cq56

    Thank you very much



    Kind regards

  • New hard drive for compaq presario c500 running vista. I want to switch to windows 7

    I'm fixing my laptop aunts. He a presario c500 compaq running windows vista. I bought a new hard drive. I would like to install windows 7. She could get windows 7 discs for free when she got off the computer, windows 7 was not yet. They have offered free windows 7 for people who bought the PC just before its release. Is it too late? I guess it's too late. Is there anyway I can get windows 7 for free? Or is there any discount for the upgrade to vista. I can't afford windows 7 discs.

    In my opinion, it's too late to get a free version or price reduced from Windows 7. This offer was available about two or three years, if my memory is good.

    You can Contact HP and ask.

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  • I recently bought a new larger hard drive for my XPS M140 / 630 M.

    I recently bought a new larger hard drive for my XPS M140 / 630 M. I am unable to get windows XP to complete the installation on the new drive. How can I get windows install completely? Thank you!

    Hi A.P.ZG,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    Since you are facing a problem to install Windows XP on the new drive, it would be useful if you can answer this question to help you further.

    You receive error codes or messages during the installation fails?

    You can read the article and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    How to partition and format a drive hard using the Windows XP Setup program

    Note: If the disc contains all the data, make sure that you back up all your important data before you continue.

    You can also disconnect all the external devices connected to your system (except the keyboard and mouse) and check if it helps.

    If you need further assistance, please answer and we will be happy to help you.

  • WiFi lan driver for compaq presario cq57-408tu

    WiFi lan driver for compaq presario cq57-408tu

    It would help greatly wrote the operating system and the type (32-bit or 64-bit).

    The drivers for your laptop are located here.

    It's actually easier to install the driver from the Recovery Manager created by the program of building your computer laptop recovery disk or the original Recovery Manager Windows. The drivers to this recovery Manager are those corresponding to your laptop, so no guessing is necessary.

  • Drivers for Compaq Presario CQ56-102SE for Win Xp

    I installed Windows XP SP3 32 bit on my laptop Compaq Presario CQ56-102SE.

    Where can I find drivers, please

    This laptop model Compaq has only drivers for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. HP does not provide support for OS XP for this laptop in particular.

  • need CONTROLLER of BUS SM driver for Compaq Presario CQ57-339WM

    Hello Forums HP!

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this problem.

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ57-339WM

    Hard drive has failed and replaced. Installed Windows 7 64.

    I found all the drivers here, excpet for the integrated graphics chipset.

    I get the yellow question mark for "SM BUS CONTROLLER"

    I tried the Chipset and graphics drivers on HP, but none works.


    Graphics, I tried & Intel AMD

    I also watched upward the processor and the graphic information on this page:

    went to Intel page for drivers and none worked.

    Heres directX Info:

    Intel Celeron CPU 1.5 ghz B800

    Intel HD Graphics Family


    You don't need the Intel chipset driver to install the smbus controller.  You may need to install it manually.

    Give this one a try... auto install.

    Manual installation if auto installation does not work...

    Download and unzip the file.

    Go to Device Manager and click the controller smbus needing drivers.

    Click the driver tab.  Click on set to update driver.

    Select her browse my computer for driver software option and navigate to the driver folder, that you unzipped.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and see if the pilot goes like this.

  • Compatible hard drives for the Presario 6350US with XP operating system

    Hi all.  Great support so far!

    Replaced the motherboard with a purchased on eBay, and it works very well.

    In my quest continues for speed and "new and improved", and because it is now 11 years old, I am looking to replace my old hard drive.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again and I do,.


    Thank you wb2001,

    A note aside before my supplementary question: Pavlov studies were on classical conditioning.  He used the meat powder in the dogs mouth to stimulate salivation canine combined with the sound of a Bell when the dogs became finally conditioned.  Once conditioned, the dogs would salivate upon hearing the Bell.  What you describe with the reward for behavior is the conditioning operating.  So what you want to say in the future be more precise, it's "I believe in right to Skinner" like B.F. Skinner.

    Be-that-as-TI-may, stick to your reference to Pavlov for now wb2001, you're a good answer away from getting the meat powder.

    (1) I replace a HDD of 80 GB, 127 GB would be just peachy.

    (2) I know that XP is to be DX would be next year.  Being attached financial short term, I just need this machine to putter along until the end of this year.

    (3) so I'm looking for a refurbished drive EIDE/Ultra style on eBay or Amazon, etc.

    Is there something else that I would like to know to get an EIDE/Ultra player that will adapt, be compatible and the fastest runner of the old dinosaurs?

    Added 27/09/13:

    You are looking for on eBay, I find some potential hard disks.  Please answer the questions following multiple-choice question.  If you get it right, right of Skinner, your needs will be satisfied immediately:

    Looking at the following hard drives, which will be compatible and fast running in the Presario 6350US:

    (A) 120 GB 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache PATA (EIDE) ATA/100 internal desktop 3.5 "Hard Drive-new

    (B) new 80 GB 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache ATA/100 EIDE-3.5 "hard drive PATA


    (D) Maxtor Diamond Max 60 GB 3.5 "internal Ultra ATA / EIDE hard drive 7200

    (E) Seagate 160 GB EIDE ATA 7200 RPM hard drive refurbished

    (F) none of the above

    (G) one him above including (complete):

    Eternally grateful and hoping you have a good sense of humor, I.


  • More large hard drive

    Can I replace 60 G Cdrive with a bigger hard drive. How can I transfer the operating system and programs installed to the new drive. HP 6 G drive may be removed or used.

    jonnbrown wrote: I can replace 60 G Cdrive with a bigger hard drive. How can I transfer the operating system and programs installed to the new drive. HP 6 G drive may be removed or used.

    Hello jonnbrown, you can almost always replace an existing hard drive with a larger capacity hard drive. There are a few considerations to know.

    You must know the limitations of the BIOS for a hard drive. Some allow up to 127 GB of capacity. Most more recent system BIOS will allow the larger hard disks.

    It may be possible to update an older BIOS so that it would accept a HDD capacity more than the limit of 127 GB.

    It is suggested that, whenever you replace a hard drive in a system, you perform a new installation of the operating system.

    Sometimes, you can use a program that does a disk hard image and save it to another device, such as an external hard drive and the use of this image to restore new hard disk. You cannot be to simply copy data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive.

    You may be able to use the 60 GB hard drive as a backup disk once the new hard drive is installed and the system works as it should, if you have a location in the case of another hard drive.

  • Low storage. Can I install more large hard drive?

    I have a Mac Book Pro, which has a very low storage capacity. I heard that I could have a larger capacity hard drive installed. Who sells it and who does it? Is it very expensive?

    It depends on which of the more than 50 called MacBook Pro computer you have EXACTLY.

     menu > about this Mac

    (the indicator showed is what is needed, but please do not post the serial number)

  • New hard drive for hp presario cq60

    Hi there I bought a HP Presario CQ60 Notebook
    P/N: NM584PA #ABG from the auction.
    It came with a hard drive and Im new to this and was wondering what type of hard drive I'm buying for this device?


    The player at the link below is an example of one that would be perfect for your laptop.

    Hard drive 500 GB

    The procedure to replace the hard drive begins on Page 51 of your maintenance & Service Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Replacing HARD drive for compaq hp 6515 b

    I'm just wondering if can replace with SATA hard drive, whose capacity is greater than 160 GB? I saw in the technical sheet it says 80/120/160, I am sure that I am I can exceed that.

    I'll buy a 320 GB one.

    Your response is appreciated.


    Why not more (capacity)? 320 GB or 750 GB only $30 more. Check and update BIOS first. 2.5 "HDD are now much cheaper (I bought a 750 GB month last for $199 due to flooding in Thailand.) This week, the same as that is only $155). In fact, you can now buy 1 TB (9.5 mm thick).

    Kind regards.

  • Copy an old hard drive for Compaq laptop.

    I have a Compaq Armada 7380DMT with a noisy (noise that feels like the dentist worn forest is in your head) drive hard 4gig. I want to copy it to a disk good 6gig, with diagnostic partition.

    What utility actually * operation * so that when I install the new drive it starts in ye olde Windows 95 b instead of saying 'Missing Operating system '?

    I tried Paragon Drive Copy 9 Pro with the copy of defining raw partition and Dubaron DiskImage. Or copied the disc correctly so it could start on partition 2, but he could start on the diagnostic partition if I held F10.

    The diagnostic partition is FAT16 with a very bare Windows 3.1 on it, with the Compaq utility as shell instead of program manager program. The other partitions are a primary FAT32 and an extended with a logical partition to FAT32 partition.

    The PC that I have to do the copy with host is a laptop computer running 32 bit Vista Ultimate SP1 and a couple of USB adapters IDE laptop.

    PS, I was do this kind of things computer since nearly 27 years and still have not seen all "fun and interesting" ways to complicate the life of a tech computer companies have set up!

    I couldn't find any disk copy utility that could copy all partitions AND create the thing correctly. Here's what I figure out to make it work.

    1. with the original disc in, press F10 when booting to access the diagnostic partition. Use the options to make the diagnostic and installation floppies.

    2. make a startup with Windows 95 disk, then make a copy on C:\ of MSDOS. SYS and change the name to MSDOS. BAK

    3. right click MS-DOS. BAK, click Poperties and uncheck the box system, hidden and read-only. Copy MSDOS. BAK on the startup disk.

    4. install the new VIRGIN hard drive and start with the diagnostic disk. It will take you through the implementation of a diagnostic partition and install the configuration files / Compaq PC diagnosis.

    5. Insert the startup disk and restart. Use FDISK to create partitions. PARTITION 2 MARK AS ACTIVE. It is 2. TWO. Not 1!

    6. Restart then FORMAT C:/s so the file system will be installed. To format all the others that you have created.

    7 A:\>attrib c:\msdos.sys s h - r

    8 A:\>copy msdos.bak c:\msdos.sys

    9 A:\>attrib msdos.sys + s + h + r

    10. remove the disc, connect it and the old drive to another PC by any means. USB > IDE adapters will work.

    11. on the old disk, use Explorer to go to the volume, which Windows 95 is installed.

    12. you need NOT hide all files and to display the name of Windows file extensions.

    13. press Ctrl a to select all files.

    14 hold CTRL and click on IO COMMAND.COM. SYS AND MSDOS. SYS to deselect them.

    15 drag with the RIGHT button of the mouse on the new drive, release and click on copy.

    16. when it's done copying, stop and then install the new hard drive in the laptop. Start up and you should be to the old windows on a new drive.

    This process works even to switch to Windows 95 and 98 on a new disc using the Win 9 x computer is running. You must move the page file to the root of C:, or to another drive is not in the Windows folder. Format the new drive with the /s switch and when you copy everything, deselect MSDOS. SYS, so it will copy the basic version FORMAT installed.

    It took me a lot of research to find the last disk of Compaq PC Diagnostics making SoftPaq to the Armada 7300 series, because HP does not have it on the downloads page for the driver of the laptop. This is the version 10.40 a, sp16085 number here the version removes the diagnostic partition configuration option. 10.39 version has, sp12906, keeps the installation program. It's here. FTP://

    I found these SoftPaq numbers on this page.

    Victory over HP trying to prevent people from getting the last partition Diagnostic utilities! Download page of the Setup disk that SoftPaq is listed on the Armada 7300 series.

  • HP930c driver for Compaq Presario again with no parallel port but...

    I have a HP 930C printer, which works very well with as a local printer on the Dell desktop computer. I just bought a new laptop Compaq Presario CQ57, running Windows 7 Edition Home Premium, which I have "networked" to the Dell. Everything works fine BUT I want to print on the Compaq 930c, 'through' the Dell printer.

    In other words, using the 930c as a network for the Compaq printer, never as local Compaq printer.


    to do this, I need a 930c on the Compaq driver: the original driver is on a DVD / CD that tells me that Win 7 is not up-to-date enough to Win 7 process, download the drivers from HP tells me the driver built into Windows 7 (!), but Win 7 can not finish installing the driver because the process requires that the 930C is connected to the device of Win 7 (Compaq). But the Compaq has no parallel port (only USB) so I can't plug it! And nor would I, I want to do all my printing via my network domestic (IE "by the Dell).

    Useful thoughts or suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated - please!

    Best regards


    Hi dutchted,

    Try following the steps below to manually add the shared printer:

    First step: find the host name:

    Since the Dell PC, right click on computer and select Properties.
    Take note of the name of the computer.

    Second step: find the share name:

    Enter the control panel > devices and printers.

    Right-click on the 930c printer, then select printer properties.

    Enter the sharing tab, and take note of the share name.

    Third step: define the shared printer on the client computer:

    1. Enter the control panel > printers and faxes.
    2. Click Add a printer.
    3. Select this option to Add a local printer.
    4. The bottom of the screen, create a new port by selecting the local railway.
    5. Set the port as \\COMPUTERNAME\SHARENAME name using the above values.
    6. Search for deskjet 930C nder H, if you do not find the driver, Windows Update, click wait several minutes until the list will reappear and select the printer Deskjet 930c, and then click OK.
    7. Follow the steps to complete the wizard, and try to print.


  • All the driver for Compaq Presario with OS Windows XP Profesional

    Hi admin and all,.

    In this case, I am the new office. Where is the computer I use a desktop Compaq Presario CQ3138L with operating system Windows XP Professional PC brands. After the re - install all drivers are not available. After browsing the site HP Web is not available for Windows XP. I'm waiting for all his help. Thanks for the solution


    What you expect and that you end up with, are two different things.

    No HP PC consumer in the past 7 years has support for windows XP.

    When you use a PC for work that you can buy a PC company that normally support for other windows operating systems.

    You will need to find XP drivers individual available Web sites by the hardware manufacturer.

    I'll try and help you find the drivers, but no guarantee of success.

    First install the Intel chipset driver and restart.

    Then try this graphics driver: * & DownloadType = drivers

    Audio: Accept the contract, download and install the file 3rd on the list (first shown in green).

    Network: Download and install the driver for the second on the list.

Maybe you are looking for