More low, muffled sounds Couture.

I noticed that the sounds are lower, such as the notification looks like Facebook (sound view and refresh the page) as the sound of receiving a text message. Also get a 1 phone call and sometimes the second ring is very low/muffled and then it sounds normally.

It is since the 5.1 update.

I did a cleanup without help from the cache.

Before I try an fdr, I thought I would ask here.

Thank you.

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    The speaker inside my iPhone seems to be blown out and smothered. The quality is low and seems to not be as strong as before. Are there ways to solve this problem or replace the speaker inside the phone?

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    Try troubleshooting help here > If you hear no sound or distorted sound of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

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    I am editing in Premiere Pro CS4. If you see the images below, it will tell you a little more about the system and the parameters I use. I gave my client a DVD and she complained the audio. I asked him to send me a description of what she was not happy, and she wrote this: "with audio, the sound quality was lost, it was not loud and clear. And the base and the beats were very low. Came out very thud '. Now, I agree with her. One of my fellow editors that uses another system produced a video and immediately I noticed the sound was wonderful. I could feel the base and hear several instruments.

    My original audio peaked like this:


    I asked someone what was the best level to set in and he said that he peak at-6. So now my audio picks like this:

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    After the filing of the complaint, I asked a few more people, and they said that the green audio level should be level 6. So now my audio picks like this:

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    Now I don't know if the settings above have solved the problem, but at least on the computer, it sounds better.

    It's the Premiere version I use:

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    I hope that is enough info and I appreciate all help. Let me know if you need me to gather more information.


    Now, I agree with her. One of my fellow editors that uses another system produced a video and immediately I noticed the sound was wonderful. I could feel the base and hear several instruments.


    My question is, "How can I get my audio to sound more gutsy (base more, harder,)"


    you accidentally fall in love with talent?  Is not of the never before seen in the film industry... where criticism becomes something "personal" between the Director / shooter (you) and talent...?

    Perhaps you could get closer?

  • redownloading itunes previous more low-speed (128) buy newest bitrate (256)

    I downloaded itunes purchases years ago (maybe 5 or more) of a previous macbook pro to a 128 Kbps who say protected AAC Audio files.  Is it possible to re - download these songs to be the 256 Kbps (with much better sound quality and what do say these days purchases AAC Audio FIle). Whenever I go to the song in the itunes store, it is said instead of onnthe game where you buy the song that it has already been downloaded and it does not seem like there is much of an option to do anything, any advice on this would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

    Click here and follow the instructions.


  • The poor muffled sound quality 9.3.1

    New iPhone has terrible sound restless, far from quality.  Low volume.

    sound system that does not include ringtone FaceTime camera shutter (no sound).

    I went to the Genius Bar and they told me that it was environmental and not the hardware problem.

    Hart tried reset, restore, switched notice cancellation, change of LTE data.

    IOs 9.3.1

    2 new SE 64 GB iPhone

    I had the same problem with the sound of the shutter, you must disable the live pictures to get the sound pane.  At the top of the screen, you will see the live pictures option while taking a picture, uncheck it will return your shutter sound.  It looks like a bubble

  • Equium A100-147: very low volume (sound)

    Hi all

    Just bought a new A100-147 and found that the volume through the built-in speakers is extremely low, even when the scroll bar on the sound setting has been set up. I can barely hear anything, even my PDA has an output sound better than that. The problem exists for MP3, CD, and DVD. I noticed other assignments as well as on this forum with the same problem with other models (80 Equium and others), but cannot find a solution yet.

    It's a standard specific to a few patterns or problem with all laptops from Toshiba? My particular piece could be at fault?

    Any help appreciated.

    See you soon,.

    Don t be mad, but I smile now: ^ O :D
    In any case, thanks for the info

  • Problems of acquisition &amp; visualization: fails at 100 Hz, OK more low or more freqs

    Hi all

    I have some data acquisition & visualitzating problems.

    The acquired data is a voltage (0 - 10V) from RDP LVDT & conditioner. My pourpose is simple: I want to gain everything by visualizing and recording to disk. I use a card BNC-2101 & 6062E. I also use LabView 8.5 on Windows XP s.p.3. I tried three ways: my own .vi and examples of LabView with internal clock and the external clock. They all consist of two steps: aquire, visualize data on a graph. and my own .vi also saves the data in a .lvm.

    On the first try, I was able to acquire data with sample on request mode. But I want to get to a known frequency, so I put 1-sample (controlled HW). I set the frequency and the number of samples as well as the number of samples is of approximately 1/5 of the frequency, for a rate of graphics path 5 times / sec., BUT I found the following problems:

    (1) for the acquisition in the low frequencies, say 50 Hz, there is a large gap between read data a shown in the data graphic: from 2 to 8 seconds.

    (2) for the acquisition to high and very high frequencies, say 20 kHz to 100 kHz, the graphic works OK. But in this way, the file I'm writing is too much. I don't understand why when I put the computer work harder, with more data, it appears without delay.

    (3) for the acquisition to 100 Hz, it does not work. An error (just know don't remember the #, is one who says this time-out has been reached whithout having given to read aviable). 99.9 Hz works, but not at 100 Hz or 200 Hz.  I really don't understand this point.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you for your attention,


    Just writing to tell you that we have tried with another computer and had no problems with the hardware and the same .vi.

    And have had no problem for the las 2 months.

    Thank you all for your dedication.

  • BlackBerry Z10 more low volume low enough

    Has anyone else noticed that the the lower volume for listening to music with headphones is not low enough?  I want the possibility of lowering one or two steps more silent, but it does go OFF from the level low.

    I was hoping that the main volume control was a master, but it seems to be the exact same as the command buttons on the side.  The main volume is back completely to the left (less a step).  I don't have any headphones with their own volume setting thus at the mercy of the BB controls (whether on the coast or on the screen).

    Y at - it any other ideas?

    tracee3 wrote:

    Yes, I have this option value.  Still not bring enough calm music as music makes earache when it is too strong, I quickly got it to FF :-/

    I tested mine with 3 different tips, one that came with the phone. Multimedia of BB (a separate volume controls) and a standard game without a microphone. All satisfactory work with music for relaxation (5 points) mid-term.

    If the next update to OS 10.3 does not fix the problem then send in repairs.

  • Muffled sounds

    Each audio file I import into my flash file ends up sounding muffled... I don't understand. I looked through all the settings and there is nothing I can change that I could find. Any help would be appreciated.

    See you soon,.

    You watched the publication settings?
    (under file)
    The default value of Flash is 16 Kbps - I never understood why because in 10 years, I have never
    audio compressed as much (it sounds horrible).

    --> Adobe Certified Expert

    ekora wrote:
    > Each audio file I import into my flash file ends up sounding muffled... I don't
    > Get it. I looked through all the settings and there is nothing I can
    > change that I could find. Any help would be appreciated.
    > Cheers,
    > B

  • 2011 15 "Macbook pro more low ram slot machine does not work. 3 beeps every time I start up my Mac.

    Hey guys,.

    Then Ive met this weird problem with my mac. While I was using the Mac at work for like 4 hours without interruption and then when it was time to go home, I just put the screen down and put the Mac to sleep. When I opened the Mac at home, he started with 3 beeps and it wouldn't start.

    After having panic for like half an hour, so I decided to take google on this issue. I found many queries, but nothing like mine. So I opened the back panel of the Macbook, deleted the two Rams and re-sitting (like one of the posts on google said to do) twice but it still did not work. I took off the piston down and tried to turn on a single cylinder high and it worked.

    A bit of history, Apple had this quality control program where all 2011 Macbook pros affected by a defective video card can have their logic boards changed for free by taking it to apple. My macbook was one of them and apple genius guys changed the logic board. Long and behold, after six months the lower slot of Bank ram has stopped working. My question is, can I use the Apple since its only six months, and if I order a new Board of the logic on their part, what are the chances that this will not happen?

    Any past experiences you guys could share to help me would be greatly appreciated.


    My question is, do I use with apple since its only been six months

    This is a user to user forum.  We are not employees of Apple.  Some users like you.  You will need to ask your question directly from the horses mouth.

    Call Apple Customer Relations - 1-800-275-2273.  Ask politely and firmly that you want to transfer to customer relationships.  Tell them exactly what you said in your post.  See what they can do for you!

    Good luck!

    If I order a new Board of the logic on their part, What are the chances that this will not happen?

    A good fortuneteller adventure can answer this one!  FWIW, I had mine replaced guarantee also that extended repair program had expired for FREE3 or 4 years ago.  My MBP 2008 is till going strong.

  • Phone 6 more low speaker volume


    I can barely hear an opponent during phone calls. (No speaker, but as before, close to the front camera).

    I have to move to the speaker every time.

    Yes, the volume of durin, a call is @ maximum. (See screenshot).

    Maybe it are other software wanted to say that the lower volume that I'm not aware of? I don't want to think that this is a prob. material... = (())

    Just to cover all the bases... you take off the film on the front of the phone, did you? It covers the helmet speaker.

  • DV6 6c65se: hp pavilion dv6 6c65se RAM update more low-speed clock frequency

    Hi I dedided to chenage my original RAM memory to a

    Corsair CMSX8GX3M2A1600C9 NB Vengeance 8 GB (2x4gb) 1600 MHz CL9 DDR3 SO-DIMM two memory Module Kit Performance

    When I changed to RAMto a new and restart a system, I was surprised the classification System went down from 7.6 to 7.4 could someone explain to me why this happened if the old RAM was unbraned in trouble from China? Why my new performance as Corsair is defined by the hardware to work on the low clock speed, also is there nothing in the BIOS to change the clock speed of RAm etc.

    Could someone help me in this regard?

    Thank you


    I can't tell you why the performance of WEI memory went down, but he certainly wouldn't.

    The faster the memory will run in your computer laptop is 1333 MHz, because it is the fastest speed of the processor i7-2670QM FSB can run to, so installation PC3-12800 (1600) memory provides no advantage.

    The original memory regardless who did, should have been 1333 MHz.

    You need a PC with an Intel 7 series chipset and the 3rd generation of processor core to memory to operate at its rated 1600 MHz.

  • As soon as I open firefox low quality sound like an emergency vehicle alarm starts and will not stop.

    As soon as I open firefox one its musical cute begins which turns what sounds like an alarm of emergency vehicle. It won't stop no matter what page I'm on. Something has invaded the program (which I have re-installed) but this does not happen in Explorer. Clues?

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    is surfing on May 21, 2010

    audible alarm will not stop in firefox

  • T440p using more low-power AC adapter

    I recently got a T440p. The laptop came with an adapter 135W.

    I would like to order an additional adapter.

    When I search for compatible adapters on the Lenovo site by typing my model number, he mentions 65W and 90W, 135W 170W adapters. - compatibility...

    What would be the consequence of the use of a lower adapter 135W (of which the laptop came with)? Charges slower? Reduces the speed of the CPU? I guess that lower power adapters might work since Lenovo lists in the store when I searched for my machine.

    The machine has a quad core CPU and a discrete graphics card.

    Thank you.


    You can run your machine on the lighter for normal operations on an adapter 90 w, and the CPU must function normally in most of the situations. However, if the graphics are used as well, it will reduce the functionality / slow down the loading of your machine, and is certainly not an optimal situation for a powerful laptop such as you have.

    You need an adapter 135W operate at full capacity. Period. I had a T440p spruced up by myself and a W520 170W, and I would never cut corners when choosing an adapter for them.

  • My iphjone 6 makes more a clicking sound when I take a picture?

    My iphone is no longer clicks when I take a picture, ALSO the sound signal has stopped sound when I receive TEXT messages, I don't know if they are related, and the phone does not ring on incoming calls, it vibrates just and responsible?

    Check the side of the phone. It seems that you have enabled the "secret" key.

    Check out this link.

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  • To remove all music from my iphone

    I am eager to erase all my music on my Iphone 6. I tried to drag the songs and remove them myself, but when I backup my phone to my computer, they show once again. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Hello. So I tried to make XP SP 3 to work on my new desktop HP Pavilion 500-202eo. I have partioned the disk in two and was able to install and modify Windows 7 on the other partition, largely with the support of the HP drivers for my model successfu

  • DVD burner Mat * one 831 s: only 2 x write speed

    Hello! Is there a soloution for dvd loosy speedI have Firmware V1.02 brands I testedhas only 2 x write speed... I think toshiba will/does not help.Any suggestions?Perhaps other other internal dvd burners? Spirit

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