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How do I buy more storage so I can download apps more?


Buy a larger phone

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  • can I delete photos on my iPhone that I saved on iCloud?   So, get more storage on my iPhone

    Can I delete photos on my iPhone 6 s which I saved on iCloud?  ... well, getting more storage on my iPhone?

    No, because it would remove them from the photo library iCloud

    You can try to save storage by going to settings > Photos and camera > storage optimize

  • How to transfer photos on external hard drive mac book so I have more storage I have clouds

    How TRANSFER photo to mac on a disk for more storage now I cloud?

    Do you mean the whole photo library

  • My iPhone 5 c has more storage, but should be

    Well when I adds up all my data is only about 150 MB but my iPhone should have 5 GB I have deleted all my photos text apps and contacts that I don't need, but it says that I have no more storage please help and thank you! If you need a photo of my data, please feel free to ask thank you!

    Restart your iPhone and then check the available storage space.

  • I have a MacBook Pro, beginning 2011, just upgraded to 8 Ram and have the storage capacity of 500 GB.  I need more storage for photos.  How much more can my grip of Mac, and it makes sense to add a computer that old?

    I'm trying to decided if I should try to add more storage to my lap top existing, or buy a new one with more memory.  I am a Photogaphy and need a lot of storage.  I have a MacBook Pro, in early 2011, just upgraded to 8 GB of Ram so I could upgrade to OSX E Capitan and add new software. I have 500 GB storage now and need a lot more. Would love 2 TB or more.

    What is the maximum I can add to my laptop? And does make sense to do?

    On the largest practical size warehouse readers coming always internally are about 1, 000 GB.

    To go more than you would have to decide if the portability was an important issue, because additional disks should probably be external. The Mac can support dozens of external hard drives. If you do not carry them, 'office' readers are faster and can be found in larger sizes. Their PIN 12-volt Motors require a lot more power that can be provided using Bus power, while they use their own power supplies.

  • Need more storage on iPhone 64 GB with 25.5 used for photos


    Need more storage on iPhone 64 GB with 25.5 used for photos.

    I signed up to 50 GB of storage iCloud, but there is nothing to help give me the opportunity to take more pictures on my iPhone.

    What can I do to be able to use my camera on my iPhone?

    Use iCloud photo library and configure the phone for pictures using optimized (this requires an internet connection to see photos high resolution since they will not be on iCloud and any device not using not optimized photos))


  • Cannot type password for buy more storage iCloud

    When I try to buy more storage via the iCloud pane in the system preferences panel, I can access the 'Complete purchase', but can only type the first character of my password in the field and nothing more.  I can't click the field to insert my rear slider to type the rest of my password, but I can click on the link "Forgotten?" for password recovery.  By clicking on the field to type in my password, it selects the box.  I don't know why this is happening, but it is not allowing me to purchase more storage iCloud.  Help, please.

    Thanks for the review!  -A

    The work around that was posted is to go into settings/iCloud on a device and make the adjustments there.

  • Bought more storage, but it has not appeared

    I just bought more storage (50 GB) on iCloud, but he has not appeared on my iCloud account, so I can't back up my phone... What can I do?

    Low contact left link.


  • How can I get more storage on my Aspire One Cloudbook 14?

    I have the Acer Aspire Ine Cloudbook 14 and I have no storage at all, I can't upload even my adobe or anything like that. How can I get more storage >

    There should be an SD card to add more storage.

  • How can I get more storage?

    I love the app! It's great for my editing needs, but I can't figure out how to get more storage. He says only: "low disk space" Please help! I love this app!

    Hi poisonedyouth00!

    You have some luck with the removal of the images/videos unnecessary and apps? Could you let me know how much you have left on your storage device? Also, what type of camera do you use?

    Thank you!


  • More storage for the team needed!

    We have a team and now filled subscription our storage of 100 GB. We need more storage! Where? How?

    Furthermore, Adobe claims '100 GB by team member' - TOTALLY NOT TRUE, this simply means, that each Member of the team has access to 100 GB total storage space of cloud of the team. So THIS I call a misleading total or even marketing lie. VERY UPSET about this. It is also stupid enough, that means, no matter if the team consists of 2 and 10 members, the storage remains the same tiny 100 GB. As if the other members would create no more data.

    I wonder if you use it properly in this matter as 100 is available for everyone? You can always use another system like Dropbox for businesses such as storage is obviously costs more money, but solves your problems

  • now the request more storage.

    This message follows the one I did last night, entitled "a measly 20 GB?".

    I really think that its time we were more proactive in demanding more storage. Post to the forums, e-mail, I don't know... but this is getting ridiculous. For years told us more storage is coming, or storage upgrade options are coming.

    The 'cloud' is that its all about - ideal for access to the files between machines. And yet, a cloud is hardly what we get. It's a patch of fog, it is what it is. As I mentioned in the previous post, Microsoft gives a whole terabyte with an Office subscription. One terabyte... for Word and Excel files. For graphics and video? Adobe gives 20 GB.

    I think that all the new mobile applications and improvements in line with all the features of the program and the CC interface have been impressive. But much more pressing is the absence of cloud storage, and it's time that adobe this issue a priority.

    [Post the same thing several times is spam... Locking of... MOD]

    [Post the same thing again and you will be provided]

    You can send your comments in Creative Cloud App product improvement of the comments

  • I just bought the photography package, hoping that it would be more storage for backup, etc. in CC. And now I can not even find where to buy them more storage cloud, the 2gig won't be enough for me.

    I just bought the photography package, hoping that it would be more storage for backup, etc. in CC. And now I can not even find where to buy them more storage cloud, the 2gig won't be enough for me. Where can I buy more storage?

    Currently, there is no option to purchase additional storage through the creative cloud.

  • I have the creative cloud for photographers that comes with 2 GB of cloud storage. Can I buy more storage on the cloud?

    My catalog is greater than 3 gigs. I wish I had more storage cloud. Can I buy more on my plan?

    I'm sorry that now there is no function for the purchase of additional storage, but you can still complete the Adobe feature request form to examine your wish in



  • My MacBook Air shows more storage, then I carrie


    My storage tells me that I use more than 330 GB for applications, the weird thing is that he showed in another sentence that I used only 35 GB. On the other hand my MacBook Air can take only 120 GB.

    Sorry if my English is bad

    Thank you


    Just another thing, I didn't install anything. It is therefore not a virus as far as I know.

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