More than one PC on a network

I was reviewing just some really good videos regarding the implementation of printers on wireless networks.  They were fairly easy for most of us to understand and follow, but something I need, but have not seen is how to add the printer to a second or third computer once it's on the network.  Are the instructions in the videos just to set up the printer on the network, and once that has done all other computers will see, or what I have to go through the same steps for each computer?  Thank you very much and best regards, Joe.


Once the printer is configured on the network, you can download the driver from here and save it on your computer.  A flash drive would be preferable if you have multiple computers to install, you could avoid the download of the file several times.  Once the downloaded driver run the installer, to tell him that the printer is on the network and it should find the printer and install the driver.  Repeat for each additional computer.

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    Trying to help someone: tried to implement a "Wired home network private.  Connected a laptop VISTA and Win7 desktop Ethernet Netgear struggling
    NR 2000 wireless router. Restart both computers with a wireless switch on laptop OUT to connect with a wired connection through a Verizon DSL modem router. Two internet access computers.
    Computer laptop (VISTA) is able to see and access files on the desktop (Win7) (part);
    Desktop computer (WIN7) is able to SEE, but is NOT able to access the files on the laptop. Test results received two:

    More than one device performs network address translation (NAT...) Reconfigure your network of

    Have seen many requests for help on this topic and no seems to have no idea how to fix it.
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    If I switch the wireless on the laptop, a wireless connection is established and the network functions are now OK (access, two ways of sharing files)

    Well guess what;  I found the problem.  The above result "devices (PC) is not configured to accept the file and printer sharing (SMB) port connections.
    I checked the properties for adapter WIRED on Win7 and VISTA and found files and printers sharing DISABLED on the VISTA laptop.  Checked the box, clicked on install (I guess that was not necessary, was probably installed but not selected), and then the re-verification properties, it has now been verified.  SO I tried to access the computers on both sides (dsktop > laptop, laptop > dsktop) and everything worked fine.

    Trouble had apparently NOTHING to do with performing NAT network address translation

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    HSPACE = "0" HSPACE = "0".
    WIDTH = "0%" HEIGHT = "0%" MAYSCRIPT > < param name = "USERNAME" = VALUE "ADMIN03 05 12 12 30 55 749" >
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    < PARAM NAME = "ENABLEEMF" VALUE = "true" >
    < param name = "failure_url" value = "failure.html" >

    JRE 6.0 or higher is required
    You do not have Java Plug-ins installed
    < / APPLET > < / form > < body / > < / html >

    Published by: Chio on 3 may 2012 12:17

    Hi Serge,

    Please change these lines:
    var printoperation = printop.newInstance ();
    printoperation.setPaperSize (printoperation. PAPER_A3);
    pProps.setOptions (printoperation);

    to the following:
    pProps.getOptions () .setPaperSize (pProps.getOptions (). PAPER_A3);

    and see if that solves your problem.

    The problem is that pProps.setOptions () overrides the printer that you set two or three statements earlier in the code.

    Thank you

  • There is more than one active network connection on your computer

    I have two ISP with 2 different IP addresses of course. With one I connect via cable, the other is wireless. Until a couple of days, I'd keep the Wi - Fi turned off on the front of the case, to allow the laptop to connect only to the cable connection.
    Some sites were not loading, indicating problems with DNS resolution. I checked for possible reasons online. I tried to connect to these sites using a webproxy and it worked, so I thought I would try the wireless connection. I turned on and sites would be load normally. However, when I checked my ISP number this shows that the active connection cable one.
    I hesitated to leave the switch turned on, but in order to leave these sites load, I thought I had no other choice. Needless to say that I am not notified at all or with the networks or computers.
    Everything seemed to work fine until the wireless connection has started having problems anyway, it stopped working (ISP issues), so stopped at new loading sites. I tried troubleshooting it and he said: "it has more than one active network connection on your computer" and suggested I would disconnect them. Naturally, I unplugged the wireless connection. Problems: I can not load the sites that seem to need to have wireless to turn on. Note that it does not need it to be active, only to have this switch.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to correct this inability to connect to the servers of some sites without the need to have that switch on. If there is no explanation for this behavior, which does not make sense. Again, I know nothing about networks or computers, forgive my ignorance!
    I use Windows 7 Home Premium x 64, my laptop is a Vaio. This happens on all my browsers and sites that have stopped loading were load normally when I 1st turned on the laptop the same day. To later that day there some sites stopped to load, which made me think it was a matter of site. Then I realized that it was not connect to twitter, which was not down, so I realized it was my problem.

    It looks at when you use the wired connection THAT DNS has failed.

    In order to clarify the names of web sites means absolutely nothing to a computer in itself, is completely useless. All comms on a network revolves around the IP addresses and the DNS service is a process by which the dedicated servers which addresses are known can tell your PC what is the address of a Web site. For some reason any on the wired connection your PC isn't getting the address to

    In family situations more of a PC it gets the IP of the router settings, of course I don't know if this is true in your case. If you open a command prompt and run ipconfig/all, paste the result here and we can check. This would include which server DNS to use that, as I said is normally the router. There are actually millions of internet addresses, and your router could not store them to remedy this it forwards a request for an address of DNS servers listed in its own configuration of IP internet side.

    If you can connect to the router and look its DSL or WAN configuration, you should find at least one or two DNS servers. Take note of them. If you can't connect to the router then look at the website from your ISP for their parameters.

    On your computer, go to the network control and Internet\Network connections, right-click on your wired card, and select Properties. Double-click Internet version 4 Protocol. In normal use get it 2... buttons should be selected, are they?

    If you change only the down one to use the following DNS server address and enter the fields, addresses that you got the router. Click OK twice, but leave the window network connections open as you need.

    Now, try to get your site into a problem. If you can then the problem is with your router. Instead of asking the router address you have bypassed this stage and went on the server, your router is configured to use.

    If you are still unable to the site then the problem is further down and your router may be OK. Then go back to where you set the addresses DNS and replace those that you got the router and turnkey primary DNS server address and in another address, OK once again two times and then try again the site. These 2 addresses are own Google public DNS servers and should work.

    If the ISP provided the router they should replace it. Explain what is the problem and the results of these tests, although I have no doubt that they insist on their own checks before accepting.

  • Error message is "There is more than one active network connection on your computer"

    Original title: barely internet connection

    Sometimes I can get on the internet, but most of the time not.  After some troubleshooting I get a message read 'your computer seems to be configured but correctily the device or resource ( does not' after continuing to shoot badly today I received this message: "there is more than one active network connection on your computer.  If any of these connections are not configured properly you may not be able to access the Web site, device or resource (isearch and the following message: "There is more than one active network connection on your computer" I don't know what to do with this information.


    Welcome to the community Microsoft and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, it looks that you are having problems with the Internet connection.

    Perform the steps mentioned below and cehck.

    a: Go in Control Panel > network.

    b: Then click on network and sharing Center

    c: Then click on the change adapter settings on the left hand side
    d: Right-click on the network connection , and then select Properties.

    e : select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    f: Click on the Properties button
    g: click the advance button
    h: uncheck the option which reads 'use the gateway on the remote network' in the ip settings tab.

    Meet us if you encounter any problems with the network connection or any other problem of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • Rename more than one printer on the same network wireless

    I use a HP Officejet Pro 8500 a Premium. We have more than one printer in our office who will use the same WiFi.

    However, it is difficult for the end user to understand on which printer to use as they both are the same except for a random string at the end. We cannot find any rename them so that they can appear with a location. Is this possible?

    Note: I use Mac OS X (Lion) (Hello). I found the 'active' name, but this does not seem to post anywhere. I am limited to the web browser interface, because there is no full software for OS X Lion still.

    Thanks for the reply. This solution renames ONLY for the current user as this information is stored on the local computer.

    However, I found the solution!

    Via the Web Interface, go to the network and then select Hello in the menu on the right. You can then rename the printer to everything you love.

    While you're there, go to Internet Printing Protocol and change these settings for windows machines. Also, click the host name and change the host name so that it might be better in a windows workgroup.

  • In my laptop network 2 and an office can I install Adobe products (that I bought) on more than one computer?

    In my laptop network 2 and an office can I install Adobe products (that I bought) on more than one computer?


    You can install and activate individual-licensed adobe programs, until, two computers at a time.

  • How to list all the vm with more than one network card?


    Is it possible to only list all my s vm in my environment with more than one network card?

    I tried using the Get-NetowrkAdapter cmdlet, but could not get the desired results.

    Get - VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Select-Object Name. ConvertTo-HTML-head $a - body "Virtual Machines < H2 > < / H2 > ' | Out-file D:\vms.htm

    Thank you

    Hello, AGFlora-

    Of course, you can do this with the standard as cmdlets:

    ## using standard cmdletsGet-VM | Select Name, @{n="NumNICs"; e={(Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $_ | Measure-Object).Count}} | ?{$_.NumNICs -gt 1}

    Or, if you want to get the results a little (or a lot) more quickly, you can use the cmdlet Get-view as:

    ## fast-like, using Get-ViewGet-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -Property Name,Config.Hardware.Device | Select Name,@{n="NumNICs"; e={($_.Config.Hardware.Device | ?{$_ -is [VMware.Vim.VirtualEthernetCard]} | Measure-Object).Count}} | ?{$_.NumNICs -gt 1}

    Those are both by selecting the names of virtual machines and their number of network cards.  Then you can direct this output to Export-Csv, ConvertTo-HTML, what you like.  What to do for you?

  • We have more than one PC connected to the same (IMAP) account, there is an error sending server and works as a single computer at a time.

    We have three computers to check the same email account (IMAP) and when more than one is not working and try to send a message is displayed:. 'Server offline [email protected] that the server may have dropped or there may be a network problem.
    Right next to Thunderbird on other computers, with only a computer connected to the error disappears, and everything works fine.
    When that happens, sometimes gives error when sending an e-mail, "error save message in sent" and the mail is not stored in the thunderbird or on the server, but is sent.

    Menu Tools > account settings > server settings > asvanced and reduce the number of connections from 5 to say 2 and see how it goes. I m the connection altogether on the total machines is the question can be reduced then should help.

    Seriously have several concurrent users is not a good way to manage an imap account.

  • Why am getting started on the internet with the message saying that more than one computer using the same ip address

    am is started from the internet for 3 days pass with the message saying that more than one computer using the same ip address

    am is started from the internet for 3 days pass with the message saying that more than one computer using the same ip address

    Thatmessage normally means a another computer on your local network has the same IP as the computer you are on.

    You control your Local network?

  • Cannot have more than one item at the same time


    I have a WRT110. I have two laptops wireless and a wireless on a network printer. Whenever I turn on more than one thing, it's my connection drop. Example, I have my laptop and if I want to print something, I turn on the printer and bam, I lost my wireless connection. What I am doing wrong? Its to the point where if my husband is online and I turn on my Ipod it connect to internet and my husband ends. We continue to have to reset the router and the modem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    On all the computers in Win 7 disable IPv6 under properties cable adapters and wireless LAN.  Restart the computers.

    In the router, turn off UPnP, under settings wireless Beacon interval 75, RTS and Fragmentation threshold to 2304.  Save the settings.  Now connect again and test it.

  • more than one model can be applied to a target?

    Our company already uses OEM to monitor DB however followed OS was done with another tool.  We merge into OEM for all monitoring and the question came, if more than one model can be applied to a target.  I read where separate models of monitoring can be created for each type of target, as a model of headphones, a host model and so on.  If I understand that correctly then a server can have a host (processor, memory, network to think) model and a model of DB (earphone think and db); is that correct?

    My idea is to create a basic model for operating system control the essential elements, such as mentioned earlier, and then have other models of application of riding at the top of the base model of the OS.  The OS model alert the team responsible for the OS and the application model's enforcement team.

    I hope I used the correct terminology, I am new to the OEM.

    Thank you

    Yes, you can apply a 2nd model, but the last applied wins in what concerns the same measures.   Read up on the application options here -

    I also encourage you to look into the Group of Directors and the Collections available in 12 c model.

  • Can I manage more than one license of creative cloud on the same adobe ID account or better create many ID adobe for my employees? Thanks for your response

    Can I manage more than one license of creative cloud on the same adobe ID account or better create many ID adobe for my employees?

    Thanks for your response

    In addition:

    Adobe uses based on the identity of license with a technology that will not support multiple licenses of the same type on an AdobeiD.  You can buy only one membership per Adobe ID. If you need two memberships creative cloud, you can buy each with a unique Adobe ID. You can also buy a creative cloud for membership of the teams, which allows you to buy and manage several places under an own account.

    Creative cloud for teams is for small and medium size organizations and is available as full a membership. Cloud creative teams is available on and through a global network of resellers. Learn more about Creative Cloud to teams.

    FAQ: Where can I get information on creative cloud for the enterprise, education, Government and teams?

    I hope this helps.

  • Photoshop can open more than one chart at a time without crashing

    I get the error:

    The instruction at "0x7c918af2" referenced memory at "0x00000010". The memory could not be "written".

    Whenever I try to open more than one image in Photoshop, at the same time, no matter how I do - no matter if I choose the image and 'open in photoshop"or if I am in photoshop and go in"to file/open ".

    This is Photoshop CS3. I already uninstalled, restarted the computer and reinstalled. I tried to 'fix/change' Windows, but it asks for the cd of CS3 and CS4, I don't since I use CS3.

    It's quite frustrating because it would be nice to be able to merge the photos and the myriad of other things you can do with multiple images at the same time, if their opening not to crash your program.

    I saw a post where they can open only one document at a time and had random crashes.  The problem was solved by changing the default printer to something that is always available (not a network printer).  Maybe check what your is defined.

  • Having more than one user affect the speed of my MacBook Pro?

    I have a MacBook Pro, which is now painfully slow 2011.

    I have three users each journal entry/exit in the required form.

    Having more than one user affect the speed of the Mac or not?

    Thank you

    If you open a session there should be no impact.

    You can view a report of etrecheck for more Analytisis

Maybe you are looking for

  • pictures page Firefox does not only show the text and links

    New office (not this one) with windows 8.1 Pro, 29 of Firefox, Norton Internet security. When I go to a lot of these images of pages of Firefox are not displayed, only the text and links. This is true for the addons page of 'get '. I can search for A

  • The secure bank site unreadable e-mail

    I have a weird problem with emails sent to me by my bank on their secure website. So far I was sent to 4. The numbers 1, 2 & 4 came, and when I chose 'VIEW' of the site Web of the image was unreadable slipped into a coded format. If I choose to downl

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