Motorola G 3rd generation is dead slow

I bought the bike G 3rd Gen, about 2 months back. I've seen slowness at first, but thought it will improve with time, after the reboot. I've done several reboots, deleted all the apps, the phone is always slow. Even the operation of the basic phone such as receive calls, send messages is a daunting task for this phone. I miss important calls, because it does not even show the screen to take the call. Sometimes it leaves not even unlock the phone, just hangs there.

I don't expect such a product of poor quality of the inventor of the cell phone. now that there is no repair center, the only option is to send it to the repair center too is not a guarantee to get it fixed.

I am looking for fix this phone if I can perform measurements to make up to the mark. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. much appreciated!


Who has earlier also. Did it once more.

However, I'm wondering cache is implemented in systems to make them faster, and wiping cache should make more slowly, if not faster.

This wiping cache does not appear to have a major impact. Look forward to a few suggestion more, I just can't believe all motorcycle g 3rd generation would otherwise slow!, there would be something wrong with this particular phone only.

Thanks for your help srujan_moto!

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    The 3rd gen iPod "classic" has a great sound.  If you tried to do a restore already, its likely to be a hardware problem, unfortunately.

    These older iPods are easier to repair because they are assembled from items separated and not so integrated and miniaturized.  My work 3rd generation iPod was reassembled broken iPods that I bought on eBay, by swapping pieces.  The screen is not the thing that is broken, most of the time.  If you are somewhat technically inclined, you can remedy.  You can post back for more information.

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    That's how I was casting for the samsung tv before with 6 s iphone:

    iphone app - youtube-> cast-> select tv icon

    -Once I have sunk would be on TV, I can choose the videos I want to by adding it to the playlist. After that I'm done with the playlist, TB started playing videos and I can close the youtube on the iphone app and the TV continues to play videos and still has the playlist.

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    -With apple's tv3, when I do the same thing and close the youtube on the iphone app, videos stop playing and atv3 goes back to the home screen.

    -When the iphone screen goes to the lock screen, playing on apple tv3 youtube, the current video, it continues to play until it's over, after that, the playlist will stop.

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    -Read the youtube playlist without having to open the youtube of iphone app once the selection has been selected.

    -Read a random youtube video on iphone with youtube autoplay and they continue to play on apple tv3 youtube even when the screen of the iphone going to the lock screen. Currently, when the iphone goes to the lock screen, apple tv3 youtube AutoPlay stops too.

    Thank you

    You can't have the content of the AirPlay and turn off the phone, why not just use tube you app on the Apple TV.

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