Mounting network drive to the start time?

I have a network drive I have traced as a drive on my toshiba notebook nb205.  It works fine with one exception, startup time.

When the laptop is started it can never connect to the mapped drive, if I manually open the drive, it will then connect and be well.

My theory is that windows is trying to connect to the reader until the network connection is established.

Is there a way to delay the network drive connected to editing until the end of the implementation of network?


Try this:
1. click on start, then type the three letters cmd into the search box and press ENTER.
2. type these commands and press ENTER after each:
NET use / persistent: no
NET use * / Delete Yes
Notepad "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\netlogon.bat.
3 type the following lines:
off @echo
the value of time = 60
ping localhost - delay n %
NET use E: "\\SomePC\SomeShare."
4. Save and close the file

Eventually your network connections will be made 60 seconds (or whatever time you set) after that you connect. You must, of course, replace 'SomePC' and 'SomeShare' with real names. He must also be careful with your typing. The commands I used many variations will not be tolerated.

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    You can see a list of available wireless networks and then connect to one of those networks, no matter where you are. The wireless networks appear only if your computer has a wireless network adapter and driver installed and the adapter is turned on.

    If you want Windows to ask permission before attempting to connect to a wireless access point, you can Turn off wireless on the laptop.

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    Hope this information is useful. Please let us know if you need further assistance.


    Rehman - Microsoft Support

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    The script must set the current time property of the document, like this


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    Shortman43 wrote:

    I found the dictionary AppleScript of QT (1. Open the Script Editor. 2. Choose file > open dictionary. 3. Select the reader QuickTime Player.) and think I want to use the document, currently.

    Where I'm stuck, but I can't understand how to use the document command.  All other orders that I used (open game) end in a 'v' and the document ends with a 'n', which is probably relevant.  How, I have no idea.

    The v designates a file object.

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    document before playing

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    play tDoc - the tDoc variable contains a document object

    or with a block of tell

    tDoc said


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    tell document before


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  • My win xp sp3 displays this error 0X000000F4 (0 x 00000003, 0X80ED4020, 0X80ED4194, 0X805D2970) in the start time menu some time pc works without error after 2 or 3 p.m. shows this message what solution help me please

    My win xp sp3 displays this error 0X000000F4 (0 x 00000003, 0X80ED4020, 0X80ED4194, 0X805D2970) in the start time menu some time pc works without error after 2 or 3 p.m. shows this message what solution help me please

    This problem is solved replaced smps problem is resolved. Maybe the smps is not given the correct voltage

  • How to repair spinning blue circle on the network icon at the start of /wake of sleep

    How to repair spinning blue circle on the network icon at the start of /wake of sleep

    I get that occasionally. Never really found a "real" solution The best that works for me (in general) is to disable the device (network and sharing center - Center change the settings of the card) and then turn it on again or run the troubleshooting (right click on the network icon and "solve problems"). Usually, either one works for me, but unfortunately not always.

    Have you tried to update the drivers for the network device, this can also sometimes help.

    If you normally connect manually to your network, some argue that defining what it connects automatically helps (click on network icon - right click on your connection real connection tab - properties)

    I hope that someone may know a real difficulty.

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    Is it possible that I can export my photos from my lightroom cameras sd card and an external hard drive at the same time so I have pictures original/master in both places

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Robert!

    Looks like you want to make a backup during import. If this is the case, you can designate a different location for a second copy when importing.

    1. Check the mark a second copy of box in the management of the files Panel and choose your external drive in the menu drop-down
    2. Then you set regular destination of Lightroom in the Destination panel.

    However, if you mean that you want in the foreground images in Lightroom, but have them physically located on an external drive, then all you need to do is choose this drive in the Destination panel. Lightroom Catalog can be on a different drive.

    I find it useful, however, to use the automatic backup in file management Panel in case.

  • Where the start time is put in CC 2014.2?

    Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 16.35.27.pngCannot find the start time for the timecode in my last version of first.

    Thank you


    Found, sound in the tab sequence rightklik and there it is.

  • Creating a rule entry time custom to read the start time and the stop as entry time

    Hello world

    I hope this is the right forum to post this question.
    We are putting in place the time and work package, and we need to write a few rules of the time for this entry.

    The first of them is to have a rule that validates the start time and the stop time has entered the entry-level feature Self Service scorecard.
    So, I created a formula to achieve this objective. This formula eventually calls a PL/SQL function that checks for card points, the Start and Stop time values stored in the database.

    However, this is not what I intend to achieve. What I have to do is to get the value of time as she walked and apply the Validation

    This expansion in a scenario:

    1. the employee connects via the Self Service and access the timesheet feature to make a time entry
    2. on August 20, he entered 13:00 as the start time and stop time 20:00
    3. click on the button

    When he clicks on the button Save, (assume 20:00 is an incorrect time), an error message should be displayed to the user informing him of this

    Now, I have to spend the early hour 13:00 and the 20:00 in the formula stop time so that I can post it.
    This is where I run on issues that I don't know how to get these start and stop within the formula time

    Grateful if someone could help with this.
    It's quite urgent given the lead times for completion on that.

    Thks in advance folks

    l_timecard_info: = hxc_self_service_time_deposit.get_building_blocks;
    l_building_block_attr_info: = hxc_self_service_time_deposit.get_block_attributes;

    However, I do not understand this:
    If there are no parameters that are passed to these calls, then how the correct score card to be recognizable? I'm assuming that there is something like a Timecard_Id or setting Timecard_Ovn that allows to identify the correct sheet when reading this info.

    Pls advise me on this point, because I'm just not understand this bit.

    You do not need to pass all parameters. The overall picture of pl/sql is filled for the session before the rule of time entry. If you want to restrict, the formula will be an id_ressource of entry which is an employee self-service Person_Id. and compare this value against id_ressource in l_timecard_info.resource_id

    If this isn't an inconvenience for you, I want to understand how these function calls to keep the start time and stop time, and to access these variables, I would need to loop as a table through?

    The l_time_card_info of pl/sql table is filled exactly the same as how is stored in HXC_TIME_BUILDING_BLOCKS when save is saved / submitted. It's just that the pl/sql is here filled.

  • ThinApped application requiring a mounted network drive and get "Unable to connect to the sharedDbLibrary" when the application is running on W7 and the drive is mounted

    We have an application that needs to have a specific network drive, mounted with a the letter I:\. This support allows the application to access some of the files that must be available for the application to run.

    If the I: drive is not mounted then the application will not work and you get the following message if displays the runtime "Impossible to connect to the sharedDbLibrary.".

    We have the application on an XPSP3 box thinapped and everything works fine as long as the drive is mounted.

    The ultimate goal is to have the application thinapp running on a workstation of W7.

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    We checked that the drive I:\ is accessible and we also validated that the path is good. We were able to reproduce the problem in a Windows 2008 box, as well on the other hand the thinapp works fine on a Windows 2003 operating system.

    So basically with the drive I:\ mounted on XP and Windows 2003 the app big short thinapp. With the same drive I:\ mounted on W7 and W2008 application does not run and we get the same message that allows us to get on WXP and W2k3 when drive I:\ was not mounted and the app couldn't find the mapped drive.

    Anyone know how to start to solve this problem?

    Have you had a look at this blog post?

    It might help you to add necessary dll and get the app runs on Win7.

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    Firstly despite the option is hidden on the readers in the login items, Finder Windows still open when the drives are mounted at the start.

    Second, which is the real nuisance, is that readers are now be mounted twice on the desktop. I read a few others have the same problem with older versions of Mac OS X and tried their solutions to try to solve the problem that I see, but in vain.

    I was hoping that this issue could have been corrected by the 10.11.4 update... but I still have the same problems.

    Does anyone know of a fix, or if there will be another update to cure the problem permanently?

    Have you found an answer to this?

  • Changes of external drive to the starting letter

    When I turn on my computer the external drive I connected takes the letter J: who is assigned to a network drive.  I can't access the network drive unless I unplug the external and plug it in again.  After that, he must sometimes r: is the drive letter, I assigned with disk management or sometimes it takes k:.  I need to take r: every time.  Also my Helium Music Manager software will not magke modifications in the files on this drive.  These problems do not moved when I was with Windows xp


    It is not advisable to keep an external driver connected to the computer during startup. When a computer starts, and it detects an external drive it will assign the next available drive. While the network drive later loads the first available drive letter is assigned to the external drive.

    I suggest you to re - assign the drive letter on the external drive and then check if that helps, follow the link for more information.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Problems with the start time/Display Tune (r) / Vista Business

    Dear community of Mic,
    I have two problems that slow down my computer.

    (1) start time:
    After my computer starts, it loads quickly in the logon section. However, after I give my login information
    the HP computer HP monitor goes black for about two minutes, then the desktop.

    (2) display tune (r): after the desktop appears, I get an error box saying that "Display Tune (r) failed to load.

    I removed Display Tune (r) in the list of programs using the uninmstall tool in Control Panel.
    I even deleted display Tuner (r) additional files I found during a search.

    However, the error of Display Tune (r) appears after every start.  Even tried to reload the program, but to no avail.

    Any help would be appreciated gratefully.

    Thanks in advance.


    [Moved from comments]


    Thanks for posting the request in the Microsoft community forum!
    It seems that the laptop computer goes to black screen after login section and the 'Display Tune (r) failed to load. To get these fixed issue, try the suggestions.

    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    Follow the suggestions listed among the links:

    Method 1:
    If you have any external device connected to the computer, you can try to unplug the external devices except the keyboard and mouse and check if the problem occurs.

    Method 2:
    Step 1: Try to start in safe mode and check is that the computer goes to black screen.

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Step 2: If the problem does not occur in safe mode then you can perform a clean boot and check.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: After the adventures of shooting set the computer to start as usual by performing step 3 above to the Knowledge Base article.

    Method 3:
    If the problem persists, you can update all divers latest including the BIOS on the manufacturer's Web site and check if it helps.

  ' t-work correctly


    BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Please post if the problem persists, we will be happy to help.

  • Can no longer access network drive with the Explorer of Windows 7 Pro

    Up to what a week ago it worked fine.  After a weekend of not to use the computer, I noticed that my Synology and WD network drives were not under network in Explorer.  I tried to enter the IP address in the address \\ bar and it says windows cannot access
    It is visible and accessible from my other computers.  There must be some setting that inadvertently changed, but I can't.  It's all in the same workgroup.

    I can access the drive via the web browser and the software of the player.

    Any suggestions?


    Thanks for choosing Windows and thank you for providing an opportunity to help you.

    According to the description provided, you have problems with access to the network drive.

    Method 1: perform the steps described here below and see if it helps.

    a: Click on Start->Control Panel. Double-click on network and sharing Center.
    b: In the left pane, click "change advanced sharing settings.
    c: Make sure that "discover the network" is turned on.

    Method 2: temporarily disable the Windows Firewall and check.

    Turn Windows Firewall on or off (Windows 7)

    Warning: Firewall software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your firewall software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your firewall software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Answer to us if you have problems with access to the road or any other issue of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

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    Hello. I just got a 15b032el running Windows 8 Sleekbook. I am in a process of making a recovery USB drive and I want to just do it right the first time. I understand that it is only possible at the same time. I was wondering how many gigabytes of capacity must have the USB key. Anyone of you who knows? Thank you. Rgds.


    The USB Flash drive is 32 GB - for a complete description of the process of creating a recovery Image on a USB Flash drive, see the following HP document.

    Creating recovery media - Windows 8.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to synchronize the start time in the waveform graph

    Hi all

    I just find a solution in the forum to select the data you want in a grap of waveform with cursors, however, I don't know how to synchronize the time of beginning of waveform for the second graph. How can I extract start time of the waveform with the index data?

    Something like that?  It is a bit gross, but is what I think you're asking, should be able to use it as a starting point.

    The Max - Min is to make sure that the cursor is always valid.

Maybe you are looking for